how to drain summer waves quick set pool

Summer Waves P1001030A Quick Set 10ft x 2.5ft Outdoor Inflatable Ring Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool with GFCI RX300 Filter . Fill the Top Ring with air. . "url": "",
While the floatie is resting in the chilly water, pump additional air into it to help it expand again. Rapid installation allows you to set this pool up in minutes. Fill the Top Ring with air. as I drain, clean, fold, up and store my pool. "@type": "Person",
Im a little uncertain about getting it dry, but we will have to give it a try! It smells so terrible, like fish. You can probably find such parts at the intex website,, The plugs are not staying in. Check with your local town or city to find out what youre required to do. Thank you. Ready for water in minutes. They decided to flood the back yard, and post their method to YouTube, where you can watch the entire video. It would take 31.25 hours to fill a 15,000 gallon swimming pool if your water pressure was 8 gallons per minute (480 gallons per hour) from your outside water line. The water will flow out via the hose if the drain plug on the pools interior wall is opened. You will get much more visibility by. If you can fold it 3 times and store in a heated and dry location for winter, that would be best. Is It Illegal To Drain Your Pool Into The Street? Worked great! Summer Waves 12' x 30\" Inflatable Quick Set Ring Pool with Filtration System. Connect the other end to a sprinkler, and water your lawn or garden (if ph is good and chlorine low). You can also use a bit of soap or soft scrub, but not too much soap, you dont want any bubbly stuff left behind. Click to enlarge . About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. held responsible for grasses that may grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner, as this is not a manufacturing defect. DE powder or Aquaperl powder can be used, or Talcum too I suppose. This allows you to siphon water out of the pool without the faucet and serves as a pump for the last remaining puddles. Click to see full answer. What did you do last year? I live in NYC and have no storage shed and also have never been successful in draining it and folding it nicelyit becomes a huge mildew mess that I end up throwing away. Progress the drain stopper on the external side pool impediment and take off the drain cover. I was drained long before the pool was! To drain the last few inches of water from a pool, you will use either a sump pump, pool water pump, or a wet-vac. Some inflatable pools will have a drain plug near the bottom of the pool to allow you to drain the water quickly and easily. Fold in half again until you get a long strip that is approximately 3-4 feet wide. Drain the Pool. If youve followed these steps the siphon should has started on its own just from the pull of the water leaving the hose. what about if i drain it and leave it up but cover it? Open the drain plug on the inside wall of the pool and water will drain out through the hose. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. "wordCount": "1167",
Any new postings here are unlikely to be seen or responded to by other members. 15ft x 36in above the ground swimming pool with pump in 2021 . "datePublished": "9/28/2012",
If the pool floor has dirt or debris in it, use a pool brush or asoft push broom to sweep the bottom of any film or remaining dirt before draining. We plan on draining water below skimmer/output lines, disconnecting hoses and filter (bring them down into the basement), taking ladder out, and keeping our fingers crossed! Cartridge Filter Pump - RP350 / RP400 Models, Cartridge Filter Pump - RX600 / RX1000 / RX1500 Models, SkimmerPlus Filter Pump - SFS350 / SFS400 Models, SkimmerPlus Filter Pump - SFX600 / SFX1000 / SFX1500 Models, SkimmerPlus Filter Pump - SFX1500+ Models, Sand Filter Pump - ST1100 (10) / ST1600 (12) Models, Changing SFX Filter to Sand Filter or RX Filter System, Pool Fountain Attachment (Installation and Use), Electric Pump - AP-01 / AP-02 (110-120V / 60HZ) Model, Electric Pump - AP-04 (6V DC Rechargeable) Model, Electric Pump - AP-08 (110-120V / 60Hz / 1.4A) Model. This allows you to siphon water out of the pool without the faucet and serves as a pump for the last remaining puddles. Thank you! Love your blog!! Summer Waves Quick Set 5ft x 15in Round Inflatable Ring Kiddie Pool, Pink Whale. 3. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Is there an additional adapter required to connect the hose to the pool? pool water analysis near me. Remove the cap. Eileen, I would avoid chlorine, it can damage the vinyl, but use something like 409 or Simple Green, or Fantastik, and dont let it sit for too long, just spray on and wipe off. That level of chlorine could kill plants in your yard or fish in nearby ponds. Summer Waves Pools comes in four sizes starting from 16' x 48" after which comes 18' x 48" and then comes 20' x 48". Any solution I think would likely cost more than the water? To drain an inflatable pool, you'll first want to test the water to make sure you're not draining water with high chlorine levels or low pH levels. Heres a handy chart to help you figure out how long the pumping should take. Make sure you find a wet-vac strong enough to suck up water too, check out this 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum (link to Amazon) to give you an idea of what will work. Hi, thats a good idea actually. You can use awet/dry vacuum, or a pail and sponge, but most people move the water to one side and then with two or three sets of hands spill the water over the edge. If you have a small sump pump, or a pool cover pump, these can be used to drain the Intex pool. The drain valve is located on the outside of the pool. Picture 1 of 9. "name": "In The Swim",
how to drain summer waves quick set pool. The water from fire vehicles is not drinkable or swimmable. Summer Waves P10012362 Quick Set 12ft x 36in Outdoor Round Ring Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump & Filter Cartridge, . SWG Type. To start, youll need to create a suction on the hose to start the siphon and draining process. Make a major splash this summer with the Intex Prism Frame Pool Set. Hi Jim, water issues are real tough in some places. Also several YouTube videos on the subject. Place the other end of the garden hose in . Chlorine. Rapid installation allows you to set this pool up in minutes. You could also use a shop vac, as a vacuum to suck the air out. Picture Information. "mainEntityOfPage": "",
Available in English and Spanish . SUMMER WAVES Quick Set Ring Pool Owner's Manual [Page SUMMER WAVES Quick Set Ring Pool Owner's Manual [Page Twist off the cap of the drain valve on the outside of the pool. Because its only gravity draining, you cant drain it too far uphill. Hi, If you want to remove a water line scumline or some stains you can as you are draining the last bits of water, you can use mild cleansers like our Tile & Vinyl cleaner, or TSP is a good natural degreaser. Big enough for some serious summer fun, yet small enough to easily set upright in your own backyard, the Summer Waves 8 Foot Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set is exactly what you need to keep the kids entertained when the weather gets hot.This metal frame pool sets up in a jiffy about 30 minutes and holds approximately 801 gallons of water. "width": "611",
I think you could do that safely with much less risk of cold cracking from direct cold exposure, Could you please tell me if an intex pool can dry rot in the box if never used. A leaf blower can help dry it faster. Quick Setup Inflatable Pool - The inflatable pool for kids and adults is desgined with a top inflatable ring. Or what can I do next? I like this method because I dont need to suck on the hose to get the water to start flowing. Model Number: P21-0930X. In those areas the water should be drained into the sewer system to be filtered and reused. Thats our super-simple six-step system for draining your Intex Frame-Set or Easy-Set pool. "description": "Draining and storing an Intex pool for winter. You must log in or register to reply here. It would be illegal to drain pool water into the street in those areas. Is there anything to use to clean the inside of the liner besides making sure its dry and using talcum powder? "@context": "",
This Warranty will be declared invalid should the Purchaser modify or repair the product themselves or by unauthorized persons; use non-Polygroup, accessories with the product; use the product in contravention of the manufacturer's Instructions; use improper voltage; abuse the product in any way; or through, accident or negligence. Thanks! Rolling the pool, instead of folding, and storing in a long roll, should also be better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have an Intex 24 by 52 deep. Do not return any product to Polygroup, workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. The Intex 15 Foot x 48-Inch Prism Frame Swimming Pool Set has everything you need to get the backyard pool parties going this summer. If you do go with the Superior Pump that I use, you can expect to pump about 1800 gallons per hour. Just use a ladder pad underneath, to protect the liner. Locate the drain plug on the outside pool wall and remove the drain cap. As this summer waves quick set pool has easy install capabilities so the user can save their time and effort. This method of siphon draining your pool can also be done with a pool vacuum hose. If possible, store at room temperature, and keep it away from any nesting mice, birds, or other critters that may chew holes through the vinyl. You'll find pool vacuums, skimmers and covers to ensure the water stays fresh and dip-worthy. After complete draining, your pool will need to dry completely before folding. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The drain fitting may be threaded with a regular garden hose. I realize I'll have to touch it up a bit. Drain the water out from the pump and filter. You could get an 18-wheel tanker but those only hold about 10000 gallons. We have emptied and dried our pool and are moving it across country. When the water stops draining, start lifting the pool from the side opposite to the drain valve to drain any remaining water and empty the pool completely. Durable, puncture-resistant 3-ply materials. A hardwired plumbing system can still be worked on. I have enough space for the water to run off. Some large pool service companies sometimes have small water bladders, but they only hold about 5000 gallons. The document can be found at the bottom of this article. You can rent a small pump at a rental shop, or we have a nice variety of cover pumps. Open the drain plug on the inside wall of the pool and water will drain out through the hose. Summer Waves. Roll or fold this up into a manageable size. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Dry the pool very thoroughly before folding, to stop mold, mildew and vinyl sticking. I knew that taking the pool down wasn't going to be pleasant but I had no idea how long and difficult it would be and. "height": "219",
How do you inflate summer waves on a quick set pool? Prior to contacting Customer Service, please first review the Troubleshooting Guide in the Installation Manual, or review the FAQ and instructional, videos at

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