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Where Roman Catholic doctrine is in full concord with the Undivided Church we are in full agreement. And in the testimony of survivors this meant, The majority recounted negative experiences, some of which were specific to Lambeth, others more general in relation to the Church and its processes. THAT WHICH APPEARS TO BE INSIGNIFICANT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN MATTERS OF (CORRECT) ORTHODOX BELIEF. Today, after the all but inevitable delay, the SCIE have published their findings. In both instances it has been suggested he was Mandated to replace men who had done significant work before his arrival. Check out a regular podcast on the continuing Independent Sacramental Movement. We in the Western Rite have our own Patrimony which grew up in concert with the Eastern Rite over the Centuries in other Countries. St. Aristobulus one of the Seventy Commissioned by Our Lord Jesus Christ whom He sent forth to Spread the Gospel spent many years in Missionary Work in Great Britain. Rev. The lack of confidence that the Archbishop of Canterbury means what he says is at the root, not just of this catastrophe, but of the wounds inflicted on the whole Communion. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. The Diocesan Library houses approximately 4,000 volumes. The Salisbury Pontifical as used by the Bishops of the Sarum Corinthian-Rite which grew up alongside of the Pontificale Romanum in the Gregorian Tradition is used for all Ordinations and Consecrations by our Bishops. [1] Subsequently, Goodrich established the "Independent Catholic Church of Canada" which was legally renamed "Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod)" in Supplementary Letters Patent in 1988. We have never come upon an Eastern Rite Parish using the term Holy Communion or Holy Mass for their Sunday Divine Liturgy. A History of the Diocese . We are not sympathizers of the Anglican Low Church Party nor do we recognize Sacraments celebrated by Ministers who do not possess the Historic Episcopate. THE CHURCH OF THE EAST AND THE CHURCH OF THE WEST ARE ONE CHURCH AND WE (SEC) LIVE OUT THIS AS OUR BELIEF DAILY AMONG OUR MEMBER BISHOPS. Several small religious orders and chaplains are affiliated with the Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod). However, to further Declare our Position as Staunch Defenders of BIBLICAL BOOK OF ACTS ORTHODOX TEACHING, the first three glaring differences are; we do not Perform same Sex Unions. We Pray the Roman Catholic Church lead by the All Good and Life Sustaining Holy Spirit returns in Unblemished Form to Holy Orthodoxy from whence she came. Canon Samuel Daw had by then retired and was out of the reach of the Bishop's discipline. The Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod) (IACCS) is an Anglican jurisdiction with a presence in Canada and the United States of America. We are living proof in action that you do not need to become Greek, Russian or Ukrainian to be a member of the Holy Orthodox Church. Peter Goodrich, Archbishop of Ontario, was elected primate of the Canadian Liberal Catholic Church International at the Canadian synod". Whether they be currently celibate or living openly in this lifestyle. The Low Church factions identify with Protestant Evangelicals among whom the addition Filoque has never been a consideration. And that the East and West respected the well Established Tradition and Custom of the other in Print and Deed is well Documented and Chronicled. Confirmation is reserved to our Bishops who under normal circumstances confer the Sacrament during annual Parish Visitations. Specifically, of particular concern to us is the offering of valid sacraments to those in need. After all, the whole Purpose of his Journey to England was to Establish the Church in the waste lands inhabited by pagans. The various Sources which Document the Early History of the British Church present an most fascinating possibility. "The Church of England has departed from the Anglican faith and are now false teachers," Ugandan Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba said in a statement earlier this month that described "a crisis . The wives of our Clergy are honored as Mother or Sister, not as Episcopa, Presbytera or Matushka. Each for their own selfish gain and without regard for the Truth of Holy Orthodoxy looking to completely strip her of her Glorious Patrimony. The IACCS is not in communion with any other independent Anglicans. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT WE OF THE WESTERN RITE AND OUR EQUAL (BUT DIFFERING IN CUSTOMS) EASTERN RITE BRETHREN HAVE A COMMON UNDERSTANDING AND COME TO TERMS WITH THE REALITY THAT WE ARE EQUAL WITH THEM, BUT DIFFERENT. Imagine, if it is possible, a parish church or primary school that does not yet have even half-decent record-keeping arrangements or safeguarding training. You are either with us or you're with the Western world, Speaker Anita Among said, announcing that legislators would show support by raising their hands when the bill eventually is put to a vote. This Order has a long History dating back to Hippolytus of Rome in the 2nd century. This church has merged with a series of other Anglican bodies in the United States over the past half-century. Even couched so politely, such a sentence can only cause any reader to wonder how it could possibly be that money is spent on Public Relations rather than minimising the survivors pain. St. Perpetua had the task of Ministering to the Woman and Children there while being a Help-Mate to her Apostle Spouse. This would have been circa 44 to 47 A.D. UK. All rights reserved. You will find Continuing Anglicans who tout themselves as Evangelical Low Churchman who are nothing more than Baptists or Presbyterians in the practical manner of Exercising their Ministry. The VIA MEDIA (Middle Way) of Mater Orthodoxa Ecclesia Anglicana has been safely Protected and Secured within our Humble, but Sacred Walls. St. Peter was busy Teaching, Preaching, Ordaining and establishing local Missions. They make horrific reading, most of all for the survivors of abuse within the Church of England. If there are two ++ BEFORE the Christian name (as in ++Clive) it denotes that I am an Archbishop. In each case Orthodox Doctrine and Historical continuity with the Universal Church as defined by St. Vincent of Lerins appears to be Irrelevant in this Matter. This division and the tiny group of faithful who were True to Holy Orthodoxy have remained at odds until today. [para 6.2.10]. To identify the status of clergy, a cross (+) is used: If the + is AFTER the Christian name (as in Clive+) it denotes that I am a Deacon or Vicar. Mary and Martha and St. Lazarus of Bethany (whom Christ wept over as He Raised him from the Dead) were the first Missionaries to arrive in England. During the 16th Century you had the Bishop of Rome on the one side and the Puritanical Calvinists on the other looking to hijack the already compromised Religious System that existed in Ecclesia Anglicana. According to its website, the Independent Anglican Church, Canada Synod 1934 was formed in 1934 after two successive bishops of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara had been quite intolerant of a few parishes and priests that were too "high church," meaninag that they used incense, rang bells during the Consecratory prayer, and dared to participate in such other Catholic practices as Confession . WE MUST NEVER MINGLE OR CONFUSE THAT WHICH IS THE TRUTH OF HOLY ORTHODOXY AND THAT WHICH IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD IN TERMS OF PAROCHIALISM, POLITY, LOCAL CUSTOM AND LANGUAGE. The other Bishops at this local Synodical Council marveled at the arrival of these unknown Churchman. Founded in 1998 and registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the United Kingdom since 18th June 2008. Never will you find any of those in the Byzantine Tradition attempt to co-mingle Liturgical Customs and Vestments or use terminology that appertains to the Western Tradition. The most significant being those in the 19th Century. SINCE 1951 THE STANDING EPISCOPAL CONFERENCE OF ORTHODOX BISHOPS HAS PUT THIS IN PROPER PERSPECTIVE AND HAS BEEN A WITNESS OF FULL CONCORD AND UNITY. The Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide was created to promote a Traditional Anglican Communion, as handed down by the preceding generations of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of England; by adhering to the orthodox Christian faith, through witness and service to the community, in this age of religious liberalism, and secular decadence. Today, after the all but inevitable delay, the SCIE have published their findings. Heaven and Hell are Real and at some point in time we will be judged Worthy of the One or Reduced to the Consequence of the other. Peter Wayne Goodrich of Niagara Falls, Ontario is its Primate. We have held firm and fended off the Intrigues attempted to be inflicted upon us by the Papal Council of Trent and the Calvinist Puritanical 39 Articles of Religion of the Protestant sympathizers. In March 2022, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) conducted an independent audit of Lambeth Palace's safeguarding arrangements. This was to insure that the Work of St. Joseph be secured and given additional Episcopal oversight. That we would maintain otherwise would in effect deny sincere albeit errant Christians of the Benefits of Christs Redemption. The stated policy of the IACCS is not to encourage members, either clergy or lay, of the Anglican Church of Canada to leave the Anglican Communion. That bill in its original draft had called for the death penalty for some homosexual acts. Sexual Relations are Confined to a Man and a Woman who have a Lawful Marriage Sanctioned by the Church. People described not being listened to, feeling disbelieved, being treated with cruelty rather than compassion. [para 2.2.3]. We read in the Didache, DO NOT KILL THE UNBORN CHILD. None of these arrangements lasted more than a few years, after each of which the IACCS returned to its earlier status. [2] It requires that all clergy subscribe to the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. THUS, IT IS HOLY TRADITION SUPPORTED BY HISTORICAL TESTIMONY ~ LONG BEFORE ST. PETER WAS EVER ALLEGEDLY IN ROME HE EXERCISED HIS EPISCOPATE WITH WIFE ST. PERPETUA IN ENGLAND RESIDING IN THE PATRIARCHAL-ARCHIEPISCOPAL SEE OF GLASTONBURY. They make horrific reading, [] The Most Rev. Within a few short years he and his Congregation joined the Independent Anglican Church-Canada Synod and leadership fell on his Coadjutor ++Josephus Johannes Palumbo, OCR who became the third Archbishop Metropolitan. Since early 2006 The Anglican Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in America (formerly known as the Anglican Independent Communion) has remained small, but steady and stable. Whether this is due to ". THE ARCHIVES OF THE EASTERN CHURCHS HAVE PROVIDED EXCELLENT SOURCES BASED UPON HISTORY AND SACRED TRADITION WHICH GIVE US TREMENDOUS INSIGHT INTO HOLY ORTHODOXY IN 1ST CENTURY ENGLAND. Two service books have been published for use by IACCS congregations: the Book of Common Prayer, 1991 Canada, and The Psalter, Psalms and Canticles Pointed and Set to Anglican Chants, were both published in 1991. We welcome the encouragement and, quite rightly, the challenge from SCIE to continue our ongoing learning and improvement of safeguarding practices.. Apparently, had Justin Welby and the Palace devoted more resources to such independent, experienced and expert advice, public and private missteps made by the Archbishop, could have been avoided. This collection features books and information about virtually every religion, having been collected over the past forty years by Archbishop Goodrich. The Order of Deacon and the Holy Priesthood which bestows full Sacerdotal Power on the Ordinand have in one form or another been a part of the Historic Ministry from the Churchs earliest beginnings. According to Archbishop Henry Chukwudum Ndukuba of Nigeria in a statement on Sunday (Feb.12), "History is about to repeat itself. At the Final Judgement each Soul standing before the Creator and given his Eternal Destiny. Our Bishops do not carry the title of Mar or employ the term Vladyka as a form of address or reference. The lack of confidence of staff in using the whistleblowing procedure is of concern." We are traditional Anglicans. Since early 2006 The Anglican Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in America (formerly known as the Anglican Independent Communion) has remained small, but steady and stable. The new parish was named St. Francis of Asissi, a reflection of the Daw's High Church leanings. In short, we Believe to look back to 1976 with the mind set that this is the Year Christ Founded the Church is nonsense and ludicrous. Rev. He met with groups of Clergy and Laity alike and formed Missions in several States as the need arose. Talk to our agent about your options. Turn Faith Into Action The Rt. The legislator, Asuman Basalirwa, said his bill would punish promotion, recruitment and funding related to LGBTQ activities. Holy Tradition, early sources of Christian Antiquity and Documents suppressed by the Vatican for centuries give him (as well as St. Peter as cited above) a unique role in the Evangelizing of the British Church. This is Irrefutable Evidence of the Teaching on Abortion during the Apostolic Era. Although often times the Western Rite has used the Greek word Liturgy in referring to the Communion Service or Holy Eucharist. And that he was sent by those Apostles to Evaluate the Work already Established and to do what he could to see it Prospered and Flourished. Your IP: All three scenarios are attested to by Holy Tradition and each equally plausible. It has been fittingly termed the Probationary Order throughout the Centuries. At the Anglican Church USA we strive to be a home and a family for those who are seeking a relationship with Christ. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for Independent Anglican Church of Cambridge, ON. The Laity were innocently caught up in the midst of it all looking only to Worship in the Parish Churchs at the hands of Dedicated, Honest and Vigilant Clergy. They still exist and are active til this day. As we write this, the Episcopal Church (ECUSA) is conducting talks with the United Methodist Church, The Presbyterian Church of the USA and the Congregational Church. THERE WOULD BE NO MOTIVE ~ OTHER THAN BEING FORTHRIGHT FOR THESE GREAT HISTORIC EASTERN RITE COMMUNIONS TO MAKE THESE MANUSCRIPTS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD. Friday, March 3, 2023 | 7:49 p.m. LONDON Two senior clergymen in Jerusalem have consecrated the holy oil that will be used to anoint King Charles III during his coronation, as the Anglican . Details of its specific provisions were not yet immediately available. Over the Decades this strife has given way to much Schism and further splintering among themselves. Since that time PECUSA (now ECUSA) has entered into Full Ecclesiastical Communion with the Lutheran Church in America. There is a third Tradition which maintains he was there during both time periods. The title of Pope as used by the Bishop of Rome (i.e. Not withstanding the efforts of Rome to suppress this knowledge to bolster her claims of Primacy and God-like Authority above all other the other Churchs. They exchange Ministers and Celebrate all Sacraments as having one and the same Ministerial authority. How can it be that such authority and platforms has availed so little? This is a common practice and began in England in the late 1880s when the term in the Greek became so common that it fell into a generic usage as one more designation of the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. As is stated elsewhere recitation of the Nicene Creed separates us from the Episcopal Church and Continuing Anglicans. It is found in the individual who believes in the fullness of Apostolic Faith, Order, Witness, Mission and Ministry as left to us by the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ under the Protection of the Holy Spirit. History bears Witness to the Reality that the differing practice of the the Eastern Rite and Western Rite Orthodox Communions was always acknowledged by both. We have a Document called the Didache of Christian Antiquity to rely on when it comes to Abortion. We are traditional Anglicans and seek to be your spiritual foundation and haven in an ever. ALMIGHTY GOD SAVE THE UKRAINE AND DELIVER HER FROM THE ENEMY, BY APOSTOLIC DECREE & ARCHIEPISCOPAL MANDATE ~ WE ARE THE ANGLICAN RITE METROPOLIA OF THE UKRAINIAN AUTOCEPHALOUS ORTHODOX CHURCH ~ AOC ~ A MEMBER OF THE STANDING EPISCOPAL CONFERENCE OF ORTHODOX BISHOPS ESTABLISHED IN 1951 ~ THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF AMERICA & DEPENDENCIES, TITULAR ARCHIEPISCOPAL SEE OF GLASTONBURY ~ WHERE THE OLD WORLD AND THE NEW COME TOGETHER WITH DECENCY AND ORDER ~ BRINGING RELEVANCE & MEANING FOR THE CHRISTIANS LIVING IN THESE CHALLENGING TIMES OF MORAL DECAY AND CIVIL UNREST ~ A SAFE HAVEN AND A BEACON OF LIGHT & HOPE FOR CLERGY AND LAITY ALIKE ~ ORTHODOX IN THEOLOGY ~ BOOK OF ACTS IN MISSION ~ CATHOLIC IN COMMUNION ~ ANGLICAN RITE TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC ORTHODOXY THAT PRE-DATES THE CHURCH OF ROME BY DECADES ~ WHERE TRADITION HAS MEANING AND THE ENTIRE SACRED SCRIPTURES ARE BELIEVED IN THEIR COMMON SENSE UNDERSTANDING. History and Tradition have given us the ability to look back over those troubled Times and piece together the story of the beginning of Western Christendom at the Holy City of Glastonbury. St. Paul wrote of the Sign of the Cross in his Epistles. LIKE A PRECISE FINELY TOOLED SHIPS NAUTICAL COMPASS LEADING TO THE CORRECT DESTINATION EAST AND WEST POINT THE WAY TO HOLY ORTHODOXY. Victims and survivors, both clerical and lay, gave testimony about the range of circumstances in which they had experienced bullying behaviour at the hands of both clergy and lay people, at all levels of seniority, and described to the auditors the devastating impact it had had on them. Owen and the Right Reverend Wilmot Broughall. Where all of this will end up is anyones guess? Questions and Supplemental Explanations for those encountering us for the first time: We are Members of the Standing Episcopal Conference of Orthodox Bishops. Click HERE to visit the Mother Church website. The Church of England at the time showed a profound interest in becoming more familiar with the customs of the Byzantine Church and as a result the High Church Party routinely adopted the term Liturgy. Once regarded as the church's flagship seminary, General's position receded as the school's enrollment decreased. St. Simon the Apostle also known as Simon the Zealot has some interesting connections to the the Primitive Church in the British Isles. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Click to reveal It was either shortly before St. Peter arrived (circa 50 to 55 A.D.) or shortly after (circa 60 to 65 A.D.) he departed. In March 2022, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) conducted an independent audit of Lambeth Palace's safeguarding arrangements. Neither being proper Lawful Spiritual claimants to the tarnished See. In the Western Rite we make the Sign of the Cross in a manner that is backwards according to the way our Eastern Rite Brethren perform this Sacramental Act. This is purely a Pastoral matter which has stood the test of time for Centuries in the West prior to the Schism of 1054. This has led to disappointment, frustration and anger for many victims and survivors. There is strong Evidence (as maintained above and below) to suggest that nearly two Decades before the Church of Rome was Organized, the Archiepiscopal See of Glastonbury was a Living Parochial Reality standing on Her own Apostolic Foundation within Holy Orthodoxy. There are several suffragan bishops. For the sake of clarity and fidelity to our Glorious Patrimony, the Anglican Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America ~ Anglican Rite Metropolia (other than usage of the word Liturgy as explained above) avoids the mingling together the customs and traditions appertaining to our Eastern Rite Brethren. We welcome all; all who come seeking such a way. Fidelity to Holy Mother Church is not measured by the use of Incense, Candles, Holy Water, Laced Surplices or the Ringing of Bells (High Church). IT HAS CAUSED STRIFE AND DIVISION OVER THE CENTURIES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED BT THE EAST & WEST. And yet, according to the SCIE amongst the army of expertise, one area is noticeably missing. This Communion will offer sanctuary to the frightened and vulnerable in our society, regardless of background, and offer the hope of salvation to the disenfranchised and ex-communicant from other denominations within our society; through friendship, fellowship, and by offering material assistance to those in need. The Ancient Liturgies do not need to be Modernized and Diluted nor stripped of their Splendor and Dignity. Bishop Gains and his parish later joined the IACCS as did Bishop Michael Fedechko, formerly Bishop Primus of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Canada, along with his parish in New Liskeard, Ontario. The "High Church" practices at the parish incurred the wrath of two successive Bishops of Niagara; the Right Reverend D.T. Under the Guidance of the Spirit of the Living Christ all was not lost. Fast forward to the USA and the state of the Episcopal Church in the 1970s. So, are you now Roman Catholics in waiting or Evangelical Protestants who have arrived at your intended destination? The Sacred Scriptures in their Entirety and Holy Tradition are the Standard of Christian Doctrine and Morality. The report sets out that, Lambeth Palace does not have, and is not part of the, comprehensive complaints system which is needed for the whole church. As was made abundantly clear above, you do not need to be born a particular ethnicity to become a member of the CHRIST FOUNDED HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH. The discipline and public worship of the church is described as ranging from Anglo-Catholic to (Low) Evangelical. While there may have been good reason for why he was unable to act, given the lack of managerial authority of the Archbishops role, it can seem to reflect ongoing denial by the Church about what is needed to create a safe Church and rebuild broken lives of victims and survivors of Church abuse." Anti-gay sentiment has grown in recent days amid alleged reports of sodomy in boarding schools. THE ANGLICAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ARCHDIOCESE OF AMERICA, Anglican Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America, The Prelacy ~ The Manse & Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene on the Hill, Order of Christ the King ~ Chaplaincy Programs, Respectfully, that is the way we view Eastern Rite Faithful in performing this act of pious Devotion. We do not acknowledge the Bishop of Rome as having any form of Universal Jurisdiction. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Regarding the Differing Pastoral Practice and Custom of Baptism & Confirmation in the Eastern & Western Rite and The Manner of Making the Sign of the Cross. . The Anglican Episcopal Church International was created in England to promote a traditional Anglican Communion, as handed down by the preceeding generations of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of England and to adhere to the orthodox Christian faith, through witness and service to the community, in this age of religious liberalism and He finally gave up in despair, realizing all his efforts were for naught. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) for Somis Christian Community Church is 770039617. GOD FORBID. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2d3e5d7dd12d47 We Love, Honor and Venerate the Theotokos-God Bearer and call her the Blessed Mother Mary or the Holy Virgin Mary according to Western Custom. Continuing Anglicans who are not Papal Sympathizers or do not hold to an Evangelical approach to Ideology are also at Home with us. A companion Holy Week and Other Services book was published by the church in fall 2000. The Anglican Church is at the threshold of yet another . The Independent Old Catholic Church (IOCC) traces its roots through the European Old Catholic Churches to the Apostolic Era. "In this country, or in this world, we talk about human rights. You might say it is where East meets West. The Independent Anglican Church is an Anglican jurisdiction with a presence in Canada and the United States of America. It is ecumenically in full communion with the worldwide Anglican Communion while still maintaining its independence as per their concordat. In part it is that refusal to speak out, but there is an arguably worse problem when Welby professes to do so, "This positive picture has been undermined on occasions when the Archbishop is perceived to have not followed through on commitments he had previously made publicly on behalf of the Church, when he has appeared to change his previous decisions or statements, or issued contradictory statements about safeguarding-related matters in which he may have been personally involved. Harsh anti-gay legislation enacted in 2014 later was annulled by a panel of judges amid international condemnation. Somis Christian Community Church is a tax-exempt organization located in Simi Valley, California. This is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the Veracity of what we have detailed thus far of our History and Patrimony. Mark Windon, D.D., OSH, We Are One The Most Rev. SINCE THAT TIME AND ITS ACCEPTANCE BY NEARLY ALL DIOCESES IN THE WEST HAS BROUGHT DISCORD AND SCHISM WITHIN THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH. The Cross of Crucifixion at Calvary is central to the Christian message as is the resurrection. Engaging in the polemics of Theological diatribe regarding the differing practice of the Eastern Rite would be an inane undertaking. The IACCS was legally constituted as the "Independent Catholic Church of Canada" by Letters Patent in 1978, by Peter Goodrich, then Archbishop of the Liberal Catholic Church. The parish was a High Church congregation which was under the direction of Canon Samuel Daw, a native of Newfoundland. But it is not just the victims and survivors who see this as a problem: "In his national leadership role, the auditors noted that the Archbishops public statements were not always consistent, nor seen through. According to their own Words and in Deed, the fullness of the Historic Episcopate is no longer retained in Heretical ECUSA. (Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. The Restoration of the Creed in its original form could have easily been made by Continuing Anglicans from their early beginnings. Some authorities maintain they were both in the British Isles during the same period of time and their Paths did in fact cross. This would have been during the later part of his stay in Great Britain while in Glastonbury or in close proximity thereto around 55 to 60 circa A.D. Independent Anglican Church, Canada Synod 1934 (2007 until 2008). We should be counted, and we are going to vote by show of hands on this matter, she said. [para 7.1.7]. It is not in communion with the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) or the Church of England.However, it is in full communion with the Church of South India, and embraces and recognizes . THIS IS UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST APPROVED & BLESSED A MARRIED EPISCOPATE. Neither is it to be measured by the elimination of them (Low Church). (Other major differences have been detailed on the Tutorial for Clergy Page and continue below.). In 1978, the Ottawa Journal reported Goodrich's consecration as Primate of the Liberal Catholic Church: "Most Rev. Just as dreadful, the report reveals, that, "Bullying emerged regularly in interviews as a significant issue within and across the Church, in respect of both clergy and lay staff, or members of wider Church communities. A lack of understanding of what it means to be a survivor resonates throughout the report. It should be noted that under the present Archbishop ORTHODOX was added to our name to emphasize our Unique place within Western Sarum-Corinthian Rite Jurisdiction within Holy Orthodoxy. The Anglican Church in Singapore pointed out that Anglican churches do not come under the authority of the Church of England and has revealed that it will not change its position and.

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