is plogix gallery legit

1 of 2. I have been inundated with messages from the people on here trying to send me this blog and ultimately destroy the chances I have been given with this establishment. OMG! If the comments here seem of value use them, and if not disregard them. Shes very bitter and twisted and has been on a rampage for some time now. Especially in contrast to all the other galleries out there. Well, I had the same problem. I have already presented my experiences in a long text above. All the best. is plogix gallery legit Author: Published on: toyota land cruiser hzj 73 technische daten June 1, 2022 Published in: nymphensittich hat gleichgewichtsstrungen I think its so easy to let the negative overcome the positives that a lot of artists seem to be having. They told me to hurry to send them all the documents. This is the form she sent. I told them first i would be happy to join the platform and since then, they literally harass me by e-mail and on instagram !! PLEASE STAT AWAY FROM EAP!!! The director of the company attacks artists who complain. Your page has been created and hard work has gone into it, you will NOT be provided with a refund for this reason. andIve told you the procedure, if you dont want to do it darling you wont even be considered for a refund.. So I think I will pass. I complained because my request was again not granted. Thats how it seems. I find it very bizarre that you are trying to find negatives rather than looking for positives. There is NO gallery in Great Portland Street. There is an admin fee for thisbut commissions and quantities of work that artists are told they can put up are apparently made up on a case by case basis, and it is almost impossible to find work unless an artists name is already known. The gallery being 'legit,' though completely unprofessional, is the 'front' of the business, everything else is dodgy, especially Jazz Jade. The downloaded file is safe and does not contain viruses. Wish Id found this link first. I paid 50 pounds and did not recevie any kind of confirmation that I had paid. For a very small fee (from 4.99 / 9.99 per month) artists may exhibit an art selection of their choice, with the possibility to . This is where you make a claim for any money that the emergingartistplatform has stolen from you. The gallery is in the habit of sending unsolicited emails just as many other vanity venues do. EAPs explanation was that this page is being written by only one person a liar named Anonymous. If you know a lawyer, solicitor, celebrity, MP, anyone of influence who can stop these criminals and make them pay up for the amount of money they owe artists, ex staff and everyone else who has come in contact with them, PLEASE REACH OUT TO THEM and ask for help. This company (the emerging artist platform) has nothing to do with him. They just want as much as money as they can when the year is up and your subscription re news. I would simply like to make sure other artists do not get duped into this and also wnd up receiving unnecessary abuse from them. Jazz Davies and Lucien Hector are professionals at dodging debt. Plogix Gallery (@plogixgallery) on TikTok | 22.3K Likes. A few of us have suffered similarly. They take your money and dont pay you. Your email address will not be published. I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing that her entire existence is about how she can con you out of money and then verbally beat you up when you decide you have had enough. Yes I am also not in the UK and have had money taken from my account. If everything was great you wouldnt be reading this, right? it all makes sense, Jazz. We sat and worked from home just messaging as many people as we could they wanted as many people to sign up so that they would get more money when the payment automatically renewed after a year. Friendly floor personel Forklift Operator (Current Employee) - Mechanicsburg, PA - June 19, 2014 No safety requirements followed. I also confronted EAP with the link to that page. In July I did extensive search onling about Emerging Artist platform in case they were scam but found nothing at all. I also reacted to that the INstagram account @missartcurator suddenly changed name from Abi to Jazz and so I tested it and sent to Abi and Abi responded on the account now having Jazzs name on it. Definitely a member of EAP again. Now I come across this webpage sharing the same complaints. First of all, dont do business with this company! Hodooi ERC721. Can we make Facebook groups and post more on Instagram so warn others of this. 6.4K Fans. In comparison to saatchi theyre far superior. Murdaugh was led to the Colleton County . Showcasing your work to thousands of collectors with Online Galleries like Plogix Gallery. You steal peoples money and you bully and speak to people horrifically. Super fast download and conversion speed. More young girls. 4) what promotional work will be happening to promote my paintings and when? The actual truth is the opposite: I was trying to have them to organize the shipping but they totally failed to do that. They have never promoted or posted my work on their Instagram page @emergingartistsplatform although they seem to post a newcomer almost every week. So, maybe no money spent but depressing for that reason that its fake. I wish you have a great day. Its a shame your small mindedness has prevented you from experiencing the same, Jaz I will not be going back and forth anymore. People from all over the world have congratulated us the artists for the great new connection and getting to the next level on our careersand it turned out to be nothing. It isnt what they tell you and there is clearly something very much wrong with it. They will continue to run away and avoid accountability for their actions. #Hansford&Sons are NOT art experts from London. Let me remind you this entire chat is being shared online. I was scammed by EAP too. There are so many artists signed up alreadyIf I was the owner or the superior of the company I would apologize on behalf of the whole company and would give a strict warning to the person writing such things. Could you please link it again. Planning to have my credit card company deal with getting reimbursed for services not received. The last blog post was from August. So so rude. If so, I want to clarify a few things. Art Gallery. Im ashamed to say that I used to work for this company. Different opportunities arise at different times, it all really depends, this makes the when side of it hard to confirm, The questions you are asking cannot be answered head on because there are many different opportunities and chances of features and exhibitions. I hope they rot in hell for what they are doing. They also owe months and months of rent to the landlord of the establishment in Milton Keynes where they had a gallery (which was only open to create a facade of integrity for their scam business). They are basically making fun of the people who have been concerned FOR REASON for losing their money and not receiving what has been promised. Well, this is my EAP link. Its all a sham and I cannot wait for the day when Jaded Jazz and her fraudulent team go down the drain and hopefully to jail too! And I cant believe it but Ive sold a piece of work even though Ive only been live for less than 2 weeks. Pros Great work enviroment Cons Shut downs Was this review helpful? Ive also lost 50 to them. I have been approached on Instagram by this company few weeks ago and felt something wrong. EAP faked posts in this chat, which is supposed to have a positive effect on the company!!!!!!!! I simply dont do business or waist my time with this kind of person. This is my experience too. Re post. Basically they have taken the money from my collectors but then they fail to organize the shipping., I think its so reassuring to read this. Interesting. I have done a sale and they didt even notify me. everything that is written about the artists on the homepage is created by the artists and not the employees of EAP. Im sceptical about the situation. International artists report not being paid for work sold, and buyers not receiving work. This all pisses people off! These are being requested for by Lauren and co. since all the bad publicity kicked off. Established in 2018, it has an immense network of art enthusiasts who share artworks, network with art collectors and organize a series of virtual art events all over the world. We share our opinions and, above all, our experiences here. ATTENTION: I am very sure that the above post from EAP resisted because you have known this page since that day !!!!! It is obvious that the EAP isnt taking seriously the feedback they have been given and dont give a damn about their concerned customers. spiteful. A gallery wall designed by Beth Diana Smith. The whole business seems to be very unprofessional if its not a scam. There is now a emerging artist platform scam group on facebook, How can I find this facebook page? I am relieved to know that I wasnt going crazy and that I am not alone in this disgusting scam..I never received any exposure with their scam and despite cancelling my second year they still deducted it from my account. Im not giving up even after all the threats, Everyone needs to CANCEL THEIR SUBSCRIPTION so that they dont automatically get paid and re new another year with them. Bye Jaz. Thats my question !!! I so wish I read this feed before I signed up to them. You are situated in Greenwich Market . I will share this information with my cooperation partners and ask if anyone knows more about it. Any comment on this blog that disagrees with what you vultures are saying, you simply reply with must be Jazz. They abuse anyone who questions them. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Jazz is awful. I want to thank everyone for speaking out here. Please let me know your comments and thank you again for this valuable resource, I will continue to share this link widely. I know its on Stony Stratford high street but not sure of the actual address, You cant miss it its on the high street, I report to police station about crimes and send in Instagram request to block them. . Please do elaborate. I would probably be on edge too if I had to keep up with all the lies, dual identities ( many different Instagram accounts with different pics and names however its all the same person) and running a scam operation. , THERE IS A WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM PAGES THAT YOU CAN REFER TO AND SEE CONSISTENT ADVERTISING. We trust you will make smart and intelligent choices. My name is Karina. The telephone number on their website does not work and google brings up the number as a nuisance caller. I have now reported EAP as well to the police. Facebook. This is so obviously written by Jazz Jade herself! Lets see where it gets you , Jazz to me They take 0 accountability for their actions and ignore requests to cancel subscriptions to their fake art promotion service, thus continuing to charge users against their will. Have any of you even have the balls to say who you are? Jade has a team of rats working for her. Easy to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files regardless of whether you are . Artists are approached usually via Instagram and invited to display work on the #emergingartistplatform. It seems there are many many artists that are unsatisfied with the service or the lack of it. Plogix Gallery is an online art gallery and art group made up of the finest modern artists. It is unbelievably immature and unprofessional how the group of young ladies are now all fuzzing and mocking in the IG about how they really arent fake people after all. Please supply confirmation of cancellation and full refund. Money grabbing vulture. Can you not seen what you do and what you have done to people. It simply doesnt make sense to me. Just to update too. They contacted me recently via instagram, looks good, thought id do a bit of research before jumpping in! For legal reasons we do not mention specific individuals and gallery names. Please provide a full refund and I will be spreading the word in how poor and unprofessional this has been, It took around 6 weeks to get my page set up with many mistakes along the way. Reading this Im reassured that I am not alone with this very odd experience with the EAP. However Ive had a great relationship so far I was interviewed on a video call & virtually met Jazz. They were so nice and happy at first, getting all my info and sucking up. She made a number of wild accusations as well as the usual bullying and threatening. Me too. I signed up last month after being approached by a young girl called Lauren, great and chatty. If a petition is created, then I will participate. The gallery is rented. I used to work for them and this is so that when your annual subscription automatically renews they will make a lot of money. Jazz is a very disturbed and hateful woman. Ongoing Auction. And I must say, to me it looks very much like the staff is writing these nice reviews (including the angry one). The curator who set up my page advised me about getting more work put on my page, but the link he set up did not work because of a typo! Obviously someone from the Emerging artist platform-team. I told them to calm down as i am working. Thats got to make you feel comfortable knowing a struggling actor is checking out the artwork. EACH INDIVIDUALS PAGE CLEARLY HAS THEIR FACES ON IT AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE CAN BE SEEN IN THE GALLERY OR AT THE EXHIBITIONS THEY THEY HOLD? Its infuriating!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If any of you have any ideas of how to fix this, let me know! Jazz operates as so many different people posing as artists, happy customers, members of her team. You name it. Sadly it looks like many artists may not get their money back. Green Envy - Crypto Penguins 4/20. Nobody sold anything. No one messaged me so far so maybe everything is ok. Yes Jazz was also super abusive to me and tried saying I was sexist. The EAP is really missing the point of the whole criticism that has been presented here and elsewhere. Jazz rarely goes to the art gallery and it is mainly 1 young woman in there. Advice from Michael About An Email Scam Please please save yourself the hassle and look for a professional company. if you look on the Companies House website for registered businesses, it shows that the company has applied to be struck off the register ie they are closing the business. Only when I threatened to file a report with the police did she promptly write back to me. Total scammers. Supports all browsers and devices Same here! They dont deserve to still have a presence online, please report them on Instagram for fraud so their page gets shut down. I believe this was all to hide the fact that the work had been damaged as I decided to leave the work there, since there was a buyer and then I could not pick up the work straight away due to other commitments. This couple know exactly how to avoid law enforcement on their criminal actions. Surely this is enough evidence to take them down? I know this because of some of the messages I received. When I ask them How they proceed the shipping, they told me i ask too many questions and do not to worry about !! YOU WOULD THINK THESE PEOPLE HAVE ASKED YOU FOR HUNDREDS OF POUNDS, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF TALKING ABOUT INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND IT WOULDNT SURPRISE ME IF EAP REPORT THIS BLOG. If you are impressed by the side and can take away more positives than negatives, you have to make your own experiences. I feel like they have some real artists for sure but when it comes to new one who are abroad, they behave weirdly ! Maybe you could collect an email list of all the artists (very hard work though) that are involved with the EAP and let them know how you have been treated. Thank you. The people on the website dont have individual contact information, not even an email address. Thanks! There is no Hanson & Sons art gallery or expertise, only a virtual office in London and phones that are dodgy/not answered. Im so glad Ive found this chat. they are using an image of me without my permission. I KNOW I DO AND HAVE SEEN MANY OTHER ARTISTS DO THE SAME! I was sceptical at first but booked a video call with them and they were great. They have a physical gallery at 73b High Street Stony Stratford. Theyve probably been signed up a month with them. I simply wrote my story and now it is up to the authorities to decide what to do with this. Scam scam scam scam scam. I am self taught artist, if I can call myself this way. Dont go near this company! UK Govt. 2. they have attacked verbally over artists by blaming them to be liars, twisted etc. Online art galleries can be a valuable resource for artists, as they offer a convenient and accessible way to showcase and sell their work to a global audience. just horrible. I am based in Sweden and have never had any issues with them. Doesnt it sound wonderful and such a lovely compliment to oneself. Please contact the police in the UK about this on 0300 30 30 159 or visit My recent experience with this platform has been completelly awful. Anyone who does not think this is a total scam needs to wake up. what is a fosdick ward in a british hospital. has global traffic rank of 4,572,916. I have had an ABSOLUTELY BAD EXPERIENCE with EAP. How would you know if our service is poor and unprofessional if you havent even had it yet? Like someone said in this platform earlier it is most likely that just one or two people running this whole thing with multiple fake ids and made up story about having this well organized team of ART FINANCE MANAGER, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, HEAD OF MIDDLE EASTERN MARKETS etc. I booked it through the email they gave me when offering me a place- Im meeting them at their gallery soon. A genuine artist who had good feedback to provide would have nothing to hide, Does anyone have any further advice on how we can take this further I feel enough of us have been scammed and it would be great for them to deal with the consequences of treating artists like this, Do you have an Instagram page that you would be happy to share, What your insta name, it would be nice to see everyones like you say so we know whats real and what isnt. I did consider that maybe they are short staffed because of Covid19. I have an show lined up in September in one of their galleries this costs me nothing but commissions. They did the usual to me, took my money and then I never heard back from them until finally getting this Jazz character for a brief back and forth. There was nothing to worry about. Your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect. honestly dont bother wasting your money I wish I read this a year ago, I wouldve dodged a massive bullet. Statement for us to circulate to warn artists: Artists, have you been approached by the #emergingartistplatform run by #Hansford&Sons? Im hearing more and more shocking stories about them. The menacing messages she left meshes mentally unwell, and needs to be stopped. then once it was up it had a ton of mistakes. Thanks for letting us know. Sadly, they are run by amateurs for amateurs and artists who have problems with them are attacked and threatened. Same here. It all makes perfect sense. Artwork I have added are missing photos and links do not work. With the rising awareness of device security, people attach great importance to personal data. If nothing shows until 25th, Ill call my bank, stop the transaction, and report scam. I am signed with them, have a solo exhibition lined up and a virtual exhibition and I havnt had a problem with them? They really werent interested in our art but our money. As a conclusion I am not sure what is it with this whole company. unfortunately that turned out to be untrue. First of all I never cancelled anything. Her is a statement you can use on your sites to warn other artists about EAP. Seriously ?? Vultures? The only way the both of the buyers managed to get their money back was by contacting their own bank and credit card company and asked them to cancel the payment. I was simply fooled by this company. I am an artist in Stony Stratford and Ive heard nothing but good things about Luke and Ive had great dealings with him myself too. A company established a year ago, minimum capital, claiming to be a leading specialist on the market with odd organization structure and multiple fake ids Sounds curious and worth investigating for sure. Jazz and lucien are money grabbers. I agree with the previous speaker inform yourself well about this gallery and do not unsuspectingly bind yourself and your name to any company! Think Im just going to report them to the fraud team. Log in Popular topics Comedy Gaming Food Dance Beauty Animals Sports Suggested accounts The gallery being legit, though completely unprofessional, is the front of the business, everything else is dodgy, especially Jazz Jade. Who else feels like they have been verbally abused by Jazz Jade! When you say they didnt do anything for you what do you mean? You need to contact Thames Valley Ppoce in the UK and ActionFraud and all the relelvant bodies that can help. If you are a leading specialist on the market one would assume you have a team with the proper contact information on the website? It feels embarrassing to admit to the audience that the wonderful new gallery connection in London and the leading specialist of the field was a total scam. is plogix gallery legit. Ive also heard they scammed the previous gallery that had the property before. I think you are most likely one of the people behind the emerging artist platform. Someone should look into the team that has been introduced on The Hansford and Sons Fine Art website. Lauren contacted me at the beginning. Youre very knicker-twisted Jazz. Stay away from EAP Scammers! Information from expert art sites are pasted into #Hansford&Sons web pages to give the impression that they are experts, but they appear to be a group trawling the internet for artists to subscribe to their platform. Your attitude is very anti and to be honest Im sensing that it will be very hard to work with you! Super fast download and conversion speed. parabola del figliol prodigo attualizzata; regolamento pesca lago d'iseo 2021 I have been a member for almost a year and yes at times I found it difficult to get through. only jazz jade has been holding her face in the Instagram camera since today probably as a reaction to this chat here. Jazz Jade is an elusive character Im still waiting to hear from her in regards to a refund. Bullying people (calling people names and such) is absolute no go for me. Please keep sharing and contacting artists. It was very easy to do via the online reporting system. Shes vile. The owners are Awful AWFUL nasty people they deserve everything thats coming to them. Side note they have since requested a refund but to no avail. I have been trying to contact them for the last month because I want to cancel my membership, but there has been no response so far. The Hansford and sons (company) has been found just a year ago or so. Please contact me, I am writing about this. Please do file a complaint with the police: These kind of contradictions added with for example the information that has been shared in this forum does make the company look a bit shady. I hope you have a pleasant evening and at some point calm down and take a step back and realise this isnt how you treat customers. i have had much better experiences with keeping myself fully on instagram and etsy as a sales platform. People want to see their art on the wall in an exhibition and are prepared to pay for this - just as authors are prepared to pay for their book to be printed. They told me that i should feel lucky to be part of this shit ! The points of the criticism were that. Its despicable how she talks to you and tries to make you feel like your the one in the wrong. Plogix Gallery is taking a leap into the world of physical Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and is positioning itself as a pioneer in this new and exciting field. They have well earned all the criticism they are getting. So many of us with the same experiences, over and over again., All nice! Thank you for letting me know just in time. But all the artists are listed on their pages and website and you can have a video call with them? Emily lists them at the end of her blog. Their professionalism is terrible, I doubt they are even a real business, it all just seems like a MASSIVE SCAM to be. Ive suffered the same. Has anyone heard anything recently? There is my name and link to my Instagram. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If youre approached by Gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio Run! Jazz and lucien are nasty. I provided EAP only with few of my paintings. She needs to be stopped. Those links again: The gallery being legit is the front of the business, everything else is dodgy, especially Jazz Jade. this is the way to make it public, share this whole thread far and wide For an upfront fee, artists are given space to display their work. My page took around 6 weeks to get set up. Has not replied to messages regarding what has happened. Im so glad I found an area where other people have the same issue and that Im not alone. I will make sure to include in my posts that your company is well aware that I was bullied growing up and have mental illness (depression) this is all in my bio. only one person is active as an actor on twitter. People also do get angry if their time has been wasted, not only for the small amount of money they have lost. Chancers are everywhere too. Nisha Kapoor is an International award winning artist with affiliation from UNESCO (a United Nation's body). The picture they give about their business is far from what it actually is. All I can tell you on my side is that I am well established criminal attorney, I dont make things up or appear twisted as Jazz has put it. this is a homepage for people who want to find out more about galleries in advance. I can confirm jazz is a bully. I dont know why.

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