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William James (c1754-c1805) 9. Wikimedia CommonsThe reward poster for Jesse James. [13] [14] [13] Jesse's surviving children with Zerelda were Jesse Edward James and Mary Susan James. Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Barr BETTY'S FIRST LINE OF JAMES ANCESTRY Background of a Bandit by Joan Beamis The operators assistant identified it as a portion of an animal trap. The group attracted 50,000 members. After the malicious wounding of a woman and the death of a boy, the Pinkertons withdrew, having been utterly defeated by the James brothers. The James farm led a quiet life for the next decade or so, though that quietude did not mean peace. Grainy video from a camera snaked into a tunnel off the shaft showed potentially man-made structures and possibly reflective material. A metal detector capable of penetrating 25 feet was pinging and showing large metallic targets. Wikimedia CommonsJesse and Frank James in 1872. KidCharlem 7 yr. ago. Geneastars | Facebook. lis! Jesse Woodson James was born in Missouri on September 5, 1847. Pisgah Baptist Church, near Excelsior Springs, MO, 1 of the founders of William Jewell College, Liberty, Clay Co MO[5], First church position in Missouri: New Hope Baptist Church, Clay Co MO. Self published by the author, 1954. Research genealogy for Jesse James Butler of New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, as well as other members of the Butler family, on Ancestry. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create . Gathered from those who lived during the same time period , were born in the same place, or who have a family name in common. Jesse James had two full siblings: his older brother, Alexander Franklin "Frank", and a younger sister, Susan Lavenia James. Henry Louis Gates Jr. is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and founding director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. With Jesse, it was crime plus politics, Stiles says. It had been raining. That morning, the James-Younger Gang rode into town and converged on the bank. But I also found that I was invested, too. Within several days, after Getler, the Richardses and I had left Ohio, members of Bowsers family relented. When he needed money, he suspended digging to remodel houses or cut firewood. A portrait of Jesse James wearing a suit. Joan Beamis found the Jesse James family tree among the artifacts of Mary Louisa James-Burns, Joan's grandmother. Ill see you tomorrow. He came back the next morning and had the money for her foreclosure. FamilySearch Family Tree enables all descendants to share information that others might not know and add sources to confirm correct information. Ive got to see it to believe it.. She then married Dr. Reuben Samuels in 1855. 2. There were carved rabbits rabbit trails being a reference to paths leading to treasure and a pair of Js carved back-to-back, which, according to Jesse James treasure lore, depicts the outlaws initials. I think growing up they were ashamed to talk about their past, and the only information they shared was that we were related to the Younger outlaws who ran with Jesse James. The Knights of the Golden Circle really did exist. 1 of the founders of William Jewell College, Liberty, Clay Co MO. T.J. Stiles, author of the groundbreaking biography Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War, told me that the treasure hunters get at least one important thing right about the outlaw: He was a much more significant political figure than standard accounts portray. Brewer, whod retired from a Navy career including combat service in Vietnam, believed that some elders in his extended family in the early 20th century had been sentinels guarding caches of supposed KGC gold. Deceased persons are not concerned by this provision. The Kentucky Younger group (previously thought descended from the Younger gang group, but the DNA does not match); 3. Jesse's daughter Mary married Henry Barr and had four children. Public DomainA portrait of Jesse James wearing a suit. Much of it is not definitive. So far, the findings seemed promising. Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude. Getler conceded the devices they were using werent as sophisticated as the equipment that the FBI drew upon at Dents Run he couldnt afford that technology here but the Ohio technology had obtained readings at Dents Run consistent with the results that convinced the FBI to dig, he said. Also, because many of the Younger brothers participated in the Civil War, it would be wise to search through the Missouri Confederate pension applications and Soldiers Home applications, also available free through the Family History Librarys website at FamilySearch. They even discussed how they would document the discovery, should there be one. He was among the founders of William Jewell College in 1849. James was born Alexander Franklin James in Kearney, Missouri to Baptist minister Reverend Robert Sallee James and his wife Zerelda (Cole) James, who had moved from Kentucky. [2], Note by Lilly Martin, Aug 18, 2018: Robert Sallee James had 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl. We dont have heroes today., To many in the James family, the outlaws legend has been a burden including stories of buried treasure and periodic Hollywood glamorization, such as 2007s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, starring Brad Pitt. Jesse james family tree descendants. 1 boy died in childhood, and the other 2 boys lived to adulthood, as did his daughter. There are 41 generations in total, divided into 3 sections as follows: Each section contains 14 generations. He is also co-founder ofThe Root. 3. Family tree of Jesse JAMES Bandit, burglar, crook, privateer Born Jesse Woodson JAMES American outlaw, gang leader, bank and train robber and murderer Born on September 05, 1847 in Clay County, Missouri, USA , United States Died on April 03, 1882 in St Joseph, Missouri, USA Born on September 05 40 Deceased on April 03 34 Public DomainThe James family home in Clay County, Missouri. What lies between skepticism and credulity? I asked one morning, as Getler and I sat beside the shaft Somers had dug, while Brad and Bradley Richards took more detector readings to pick a spot to start drilling. Digital Public LibraryAn illustration by Donald Jay, dated 1882, depicting a train robbery by Jesse James and his gang. I think we can all agree that we need a little hope right now, he told me on the phone, before I went to Ohio. In 2018, a father-and-son treasure-hunting team said they had detected a large cache of gold in a forest at Dents Run in northwestern Pennsylvania: as much as $50 million in suspected gold stolen from a mule-led Union Army pack train in 1863. Jesse Woodson James married Zerelda Amanda Mimms, a cousin, April 24, 1874 in Kearney, Clay, Missouri. The treasure hunters also cited a letter from Howk to another participant in the 1949 Zanesville treasure search. I sat with him on the ground and contemplated the carvings, wondering if the discoveries to come would confirm the story he thought the trees told. Jesse had 15 siblings: Mattie Love Medford (born James), Joel Brackenridge "Brack" James and 13 other siblings. A popular theory in treasure-hunting circles is that the KGC may have had a hand in the matter, and that the group also buried much more gold from other sources in multiple locations. Local law enforcement was already converging on the scene and the gang fled. Founded 2 churches: In the same year that the raid took place on the James farm, Frank James joined up with a guerilla organization that rode into Lawrence, Kansas, and slaughtered around 200 civilians. Her mother was L.V. gnalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, When I saw his name on the tree, I trembled and tears came out of my eyes, he recalled. These records have been microfilmed by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and are available free online at FamilySearch. In the end, the FBI said it found no gold. He explored the forest, looking for a place to dig. The KGC was founded in the 1850s by a Virginia doctor transplanted to yes Ohio. contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. If you would like to view one of these trees in its entirety, you can contact the owner of the tree to request permission to see the tree. The rope delivered me safely to the ledge by the shaft, where I found Somers crouching beside his makeshift tunnel braces. In response to a lawsuit filed by the treasure hunters, the agency has been ordered to start releasing documents related to the dig later this month. The FBI found Dorothys stolen ruby slippers. At least these are the reasons that the Ford brothers cited after the death of Jesse James. After Belle died, her daughter Flossy moved to Wichita and opened the finest brothel in town. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, an angry man stalked onto the scene. The end of the war saw Missouri occupied and under martial law. That there was something in his writing, in his future . Getler made a last visit to the beech trees. From the Kansas Heritage Group, we learned that Henry Washington Younger was born in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Ken., on Feb. 22, 1810, and died in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo., on July 20, 1862. Biography. Bersheba Leighton Fristoe was born in McMinnville, Warren County, Tenn., on June 6, 1816, and died in Missouri on June 6, 1870. He was joined by Brad Richards, a retired high school history teacher from Michigan who had appeared in two seasons of the History channel series The Curse of Civil War Gold, and Warren Getler, a former journalist and longtime investigator of Confederate treasure claims who had been a consultant on Disneys 2007 treasure-hunting blockbuster National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Somers had invited Getler for his prominence in the field; Getler brought in Richards, a friend from previous historical treasure investigations. He snaked a camera deeper into the hill, and as this story was going to press, he was sending back images that he and Getler interpreted as signs of objects and tool work. This could make family connections especially difficult. Birth xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxSpartanburg, South Carolina, USA No publicly available family members 25People1Record1Source Contact Tree Owner Jesse James Jesse Jamesfrom tree Kelly Jones Lathrop Lewis Archive File 2 Record information. He ordered the digging to halt and everyone to leave the property. The Marcus Younger group from Essex/Halifax County, Va.; As more individuals get tested, the DNA signatures will be updated. Probably the biggest factor in James rise to fame was the symbiotic relationship he fell into with the publishers of the Kansas City Star, a firmly pro-Confederate paper that constantly editorialized anti-Reconstruction policies. 23 Stirring Maya Angelou Quotes That The World Needs Now More Than Ever, 50 Interesting Random Facts That Will Melt Your Brain And Shock Your Friends, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. Hangings, lynchings, and scalpings were routine on both sides. He died in 1850 when his son, the infamous Jesse James, was three years old. Results of my tree-measuring test: ambiguous. The map appeared to show geographical features of the Ohio property. Probate records show that at his death he owned six slaves and was a commercial hemp farmer. discoveries. But for a very limited time, RootsMagic is offering RootsMagic 9 at the special price of $20 . Contrary to his usual habit, he brought his revolvers to the table with him, suggesting he sensed trouble. But treasure narratives have infinite powers of regeneration. This is all great information you can use to try to connect your Younger family to the infamous Younger outlaw family. You, however, are looking into the possibility of another black connection: That at least one of the Younger brothers has African-American descendantsyou among them. Tunnel, tunnel! exclaimed Getler, standing on a berm above the hole. Was the bark too wet or had he even been here? Simpson family genealogy as well. (Getler is the son of the late Michael Getler, who was a deputy managing editor and ombudsman at The Washington Post.) Moved from Kentucky to Missouri, bought a farm of 270 acres there. Masters degree in 1847. Their children were Alice, 6, Richard, 2, and Daniel, 1. Portrait of Frank James, Jesse James older brother. Circa 1864. An illustration that depicts that grisly death of Jesse James at the hands of his criminal collaborator, Robert Ford. He and his older brother, Frank, fought with the guerrillas during the Civil War. Learn more today. When his six slaves and 100 acres failed to make him a millionaire there, he packed light and moved to California to get in on the Gold Rush. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. You can contact the owner of the tree to get more information. Was I feeling treasure fever? Im not saying everybody can go out and find a treasure like this, but Im saying that with the right mind-set and determination, the things they think are out of reach might be closer than they thought.. Family descendants of Belle Starr still live in the area today. Or you can say, Hmmm, what if theres something rather profound here? And gold bars are a touchstone for it all. Finding gold in Ohio would be a vindication, a demonstration that his theories are correct and that our understanding of history must be adjusted. But the co-owner soon contacted her as well and let her know he disapproved of digging for alleged gold with a track hoe and cutting a road to get to the site. However, one way some arborists estimate a beech trees age is to divide a trees circumference in inches by 3.14 (or pi) and multiply by six. Citing Getlers KGC research, an FBI agent filed an affidavit seeking permission to dig up and seize the gold as stolen federal property. Your great-grandfather Paul Younger was listed as 1 year old in 1880. Each Member's genealogy is stored in a separate tree. Jesse James and his brother Frank were notorous outlaws during the heyday of the American West. All the evidence about him personally has to be delivered with a caveat, so that also means that hes more susceptible to revisions, and sometimes weird revisions. The men inside the bank dropped what they were doing and, pausing only to shoot the clerk whod held them up, made a run for it. As the Civil War raged out West, wild bands of raiders and outlaws struck deep into each others territory to slaughter civilians without mercy. Jesse James (right) poses with brother Frank James (seated) and Charles Fletcher Taylor (left); Frank is wearing a Civil War studio costume.. Now, in Ohio, as a journalist rather than as a dad, I was forced to confront whether the power of this story lay in its truth or its creativity and I knew my job was to be on the lookout for signs the magic was an illusion. Somers scrutinized faint hand-lettering at the top of the map that appeared to say Battle Site. He noticed the stem of the letter B was detached from the curves, which could make it 13. And attle was written in such a way that could be read as oHio. Rather than Battle Site, did it say 13 Ohio Site, with 13 coinciding with the plat number of the property? We may earn a commission from links on this page. That bomb killed Jesse James younger half-brother who was sleeping at the time and injured his mother. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each persons profile. This database contains family trees submitted to Ancestry by users who have indicated that their tree can only be viewed by Ancestry members to whom they have granted permission to see their tree.These trees can change over time as users edit, remove, or otherwise modify the data in their trees. In addition, Somers and Getler proposed that when the map was turned to reflect the north-south direction of the creek in Ohio, the N in the locational note From Nashville could become the Z in From Zanesville.. A bit of bullion would be nice, of course. L.V.s father, Paul Younger, was born on Oct. 25, 1880, and died on Jan. 11, 1938. Earlier I had called Scott Aker, head of horticulture and education at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, for a briefing on the age of trees. The trees carvings told a story in three acts, he said, depicting how the group brought the gold up the creek, buried it and certified that the outlaw was their leader. Login to find your connection. Since the death of Jesse James, the outlaw has been portrayed as a frontier hero or a Robin Hood figure who balked against corporations and stood in defense of the poor farmer, but nothing in his history suggests that he did either of these things. Her mother, Fannie Gerald, was born on Nov. 27, 1888, and died on March 9, 1976. And he wanted to know why. Somers began excavating by hand, crawling into tunnels and voids. The elder James then died in California in 1850, never having made the fortunes he was hoping for, and his widow took three-year-old Jesse James and his older brother Frank James back to the family farm where she remarried within a couple of years. James became a folk hero in his home state of Missouri after waging a guerrilla campaign against Unionists during the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. Jesse James Prater passed away on 3 January 2014 in Gainesville, Alachua, Florida, USA. Id like to know if I am related to the Younger brothers who ran with Old West outlaw Jesse James and his brothers in the James-Younger gang. Im the last person to say this is all neatly integrated, seamless. Frank and Jesse James recovered from the Northfield disaster but didnt keep much of a low profile as they continued to rob trains, stores, and the like. Thats where I say ambiguity is our worst enemy. Previously too young to join in the rebellions, perhaps this personal act of violence against James was the impetus for his joining up with the Confederate guerilla militia. The James brothers were both born in Missouri, the sons of Robert and Zerelda (Cole) James. Also, Cyril Edward Cain compiled Four Centuries on the Pascagoula in 1983, and W.Z. Getler led me down to look at the carvings on the beech trees. It would be incredibly exciting to be a part of discovering and illuminating hidden history. He adds that hes the skeptical one. Im not big on looking at grainy video footage and being 100 percent certain on anything. Frank (right) and Jesse James in 1872 The American Civil War began in 1861, when James was eighteen years old. James and his men spent several years robbing banks all over the region, retrofitting their criminal exploits to garner as much attention as possible while portraying themselves as heroes of the Confederacy Robin Hoods, of sorts catering to the lost voices of disenfranchised Confederates. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Jesse James Watlington (1912 - 1984) . The notorious gunslinger had been a Confederate guerrilla during the Civil War before turning to robbing banks and trains. He came to be seen as a noble Robin Hood who was so slick he may have faked his own death. People around Purity laughed at him, thought he was wasting his time. Its become my legacy, its my lifes work, says treasure hunter Warren Getler about his search to find gold that he believes was buried by Jesse James. He died in 1850 when his son, the infamous Jesse James, was three years old. This was just when Jesse James was making his own transition from wartime Confederate guerrilla to postwar, politically inspired, anti-Union bandit and killer. And the sad part is, until you pull up bars of gold in Dents Run, or Ohio, or [a third active site in] New Mexico, its just, for some, a lot of hot air, or wild speculation, or some might even say a fools errand.. Lawrence Henry Barr & Thelma Duncan 4. Mary Susan James Married 6 March 1901 to Henry Lafayette Barr. He probably thought the gold had been buried, because mineralogists have determined the area is not suited for naturally occurring gold, the family member said. Birth place should read: Whipporwill Creek, Logan County, KY. 3. Wikimedia CommonsAn illustration that depicts that grisly death of Jesse James at the hands of his criminal collaborator, Robert Ford. In 1904 Paul Younger married Fannie Gerald, and the two were living with their young children in Yazoo County, Miss., in 1910 when the U.S. census was enumerated. Years ago, when I first discovered Getler and Brewers book on cracking the KGC code, I read portions of it aloud to my eldest daughter, then age 10.

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