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Though I will be hospitalized probably a long time, Alexis is getting excellent care. Several ships were purchased to serve as the quarters of the newly created "Sea Org". Despite her shock and humiliation, she felt compelled to return to Hubbard. Lafayette Ron Hubbard is a controversial figure. Her body was cremated two days later and her ashes were scattered at sea off the California coast,[2] where L. Ron Hubbard's ashes had similarly been scattered in January 1986. [53] Mary Sue, who had last met with her husband a few months before his disappearance, never saw or heard from him again. Add a Comment. [56] The Messengers, who were mostly in their teens and early twenties, became Hubbard's sole means of communication with the Church. David was an original deputy to the late founder L. Ron Hubbard and had been working in the upper hierarchy of the Church since he was a teenager. According to the Church of Scientology, Hubbard himself did not find out about Mary Sue's resignation until five months later. Mary Sue was promoted to the position of Controller "for life" of the Guardian's Office in January 1969, with one of her subordinates, Jane Kember, being appointed to Mary Sue's old post of Guardian. [46] In March 1976, she approved an illegal plan to obtain "non-FOI data" from the government, meaning classified documents not available through the Freedom of Information Act. That's it. In 1984 she acted as an "intervenor" in the Church of Scientology of California's lawsuit against Gerry Armstrong. Drug addiction set in fall 1950. Or whatever. Fortunately for Northrup as it was the peak of the McCarthyite "Red Scare" Hubbard's allegations were apparently ignored by the FBI, which filed his letter but took no further action. I want her always. "I thought he was pretty. . There he wrote a letter informing the FBI that Northrup and her lover Miles Hollister whom he had fired from the Foundation's staff and, according to Hollister, had also threatened to kill[54] were among fifteen "known or suspected Communists" in his organization. She kept saying to me, 'What is he worried about?' He accused Communists of destroying his business, ruining his health and withholding material of interest to the US Government. [36] This eventually became the first draft of Hubbard's book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which marked the foundation of Dianetics and ultimately of Scientology. It is thought to have been written around 19467 as part of an attempted program of self-hypnotism. "[65] He accused Northrup of having conspired in a bid to assassinate him and described how he had found love letters to his wife from Hollister, a "member of the Young Communists." That title that states that L. Ron Hubbard built the Georgia Guidestones is absurd. L. Ron Hubbard and Sara, his second wife, aboard the schooner Blue Water II, June 1946 in Miami, Florida. Hubbard had a personal steward, as did Mary Sue and the Hubbard children, who all had their own cabins. I went back several times later to make sure that she wasn't going to rat on him. Wife was Ledora May Waterbury (1885 - 1959). She personally handled large quantities of cash on Hubbard's behalf. . He wasn't married to her. I thought she was going to blow my head off. You are a greater person. L. Ron Hubbard PO Box 24152 Tampa, FL 33623 28 November 1980. In three years of marriage to Hubbard, she had set up home in seven different states and had never stayed in one place for more than a few months. - Creston, Kalifornia, 1986. janur 24.) Alexis will get a fortune unless she goes to you as she would then get nothing. By that time, however, he had moved to Wichita, Kansas. [11] Northrup also became pregnant but had an abortion on April 1, 1943, arranged by Parsons and carried out by Dr. Zachary Taylor Malaby, a prominent Pasadena doctor and Democratic politician. 24 Award-winning Authors and Illustrators 3 Bonus Short Stories by Kevin J. Anderson L. Ron Hubbard S. M. Stirling Art and . The Hubbards had four children: Diana (born 1952), Quentin (19541976), Suzette (born 1955), and Arthur (born 1958). Although Hubbard himself was much admired by Scientologists, his wife was said to be much less popular. . Meanwhile, Ron and Betty have bought a boat for themselves in Miami for about $10,000 and are living the life of Riley, while Brother John is living at Rock Bottom, and I mean Rock Bottom. Yet she was the head of the Guardian Office for years and among other things, authored the infamous order "GO 121669" which directed culling of supposedly confidential P.C. He told me how he had met Northrup. Nothing of this known to me until a few weeks ago. She did, however, resurface on a few occasions during the remaining years of her life. Within a day of Mary Sue Hubbard's resignation, senior GO officials secretly met with Mary Sue Hubbard and conspired to regain control of the GO. [31] Hubbard returned to the United States, living under a false name in New York City while Mary Sue and the children remained aboard the Apollo. A change in the visa regime in the UK enabled foreigners to remain indefinitely if they had sufficient means to support themselves. [85], Neither Northrup nor Alexis made any further attempt to contact Hubbard, who disinherited Alexis in his will, written in January 1986 on the day before he died. A curly haired, middle-aged woman - who US magazine National . In April 1969, Mary Sue was promoted by Hubbard to serve as the captain of the Royal Scotman and ordered to cruise up and down the coast of Spain to train the vessel's inexperienced crew of Scientologists, who had made a string of mistakes that infuriated Hubbard. Despite her complicated feelings toward the man, Sara was overwhelmed with grief and sadness. [42] Mary Sue continued to manage the GO from her various residences aboard the Apollo, and the villa in Tangier. whom I believed to be my wife, having married her and then, after some mix-up about a divorce, believed to be my wife in common law. David went ballistic at his wife while she . "[77] He notes as an example of "this apparent erasure of Sarah Northrup from his mind"[77] a 1968 interview with the British broadcaster Granada Television, in which Hubbard denied that he had had a second wife in between his first, Polly, and the present one, Mary Sue:[77], HUBBARD: "How many times have I been married? 4. . The O.T.O. Mary Sue Hubbard died on November 25, 2002, aged 71, at her home in Los Angeles. "I just ran across the airfield, across the runways, to the airport and got on the plane. Worried about the chances of his own prosecution or being served with lawsuits, Hubbard slipped away into hiding. In August 1978, she was indicted by the United States government on charges of conspiracy relating to illegal covert operations mounted by the Guardian's Office against government agencies. This, plus her absolute control of the GO, made it difficult for the Church missionaires [Sea Org staff dispatched to achieve a target or specific goal] to get anything done. He moved in with me about two months ago, and although Betty and I are still friendly, she has transferred her sexual affection to Ron. "[79] Hubbard also gave a new explanation of why he had been involved with Jack Parsons and the O.T.O. When she first came to me with this wild story about how her husband had taken her baby I was determined to help her all I could. The boat was soon sold to ease the couple's shortage of cash. Therefore, the worst possible penalty a Scientology child molester could receive in a Scientology religious arbitration would be a Suppressive Person declare. [19] His health and emotional difficulties were reflected in another, much more private, document which has been dubbed "The Affirmations". According to his public relations assistant, Barbara Klowden, Hubbard became increasingly paranoid and authoritarian due to "political and organizational problems with people grabbing for power. . [27] The Royal Scotman was later renamed the Apollo. By this time Mary Sue was pregnant for a fourth time and gave birth to her final child, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard, on June 6, 1958.[17]. But the Church of Scientology denies the existence of this woman,. [2], Although she later remembered her childhood with warmth, Northrup's upbringing was marred by her sexually abusive father, who was imprisoned in 1928 for financial fraud. [64], The convictions of Mary Sue Hubbard and the other GO staff executives were upheld by a federal appeals court in October 1981,[65] and in November seven of those convicted dropped their appeals but not Mary Sue, who continued to fight the charges. She gave Hubbard an ultimatum: get treatment or she would leave with the baby. "[42] He began an affair with the twenty-year-old Klowden, much to the annoyance of Northrup, who was clearly aware of the liaison. He walked right in there and bought it for me, cash! Fiercely loyal to her husband, brusque and autocratic, she could be a dangerous enemy. Northrup's daughter Alexis, who was by now twenty-one years old, attempted to contact her father but was rebuffed in a handwritten statement in which Hubbard denied that he was her father: "Your mother was with me as a secretary in Savannah in late 1948 . Sara Elizabeth Bruce Northrup Hollister (April 8, 1924 - December 19, 1997) was an occultist and second wife of Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard. Why is he lying about this? While previously published books have mentioned part of this . Apart from captaining the Royal Scotman for a period, Mary Sue's duties included managing the sprawling empire of the Guardian's Office agency within the Church of Scientology and serving as the chair of an executive group known variously as the Commodore's Staff Aides, the Aides Council, and the International Board of Scientology Organizations. Mary Sue Hubbard was removed from her post before she went to jail. [57] In May 1981, he met with Mary Sue to tell her that her position as Controller of the Guardian's Office was untenable. She made a striking impression on the other lodgers; George Pendle describes her as "feisty and untamed, proud and self-willed, she stood five foot nine, had a lithe body and blond hair, and was extremely candid. I cared for her rather deeply but I have no desire to control her emotions, and I can, I hope, control my own. [51] Around the end of February 1980, Ron Hubbard went into hiding[52] and remained in seclusion in the small town of Creston, California, for the remaining six years of his life. She and Hubbard eloped, taking with them a substantial amount of Parsons' life savings and marrying bigamously a year later while Hubbard was still married to his first wife, Margaret Grubb. He thought I had thrown in with the psychiatrists, with the devils. His wife is Mary Sue Whipp (30 October 1952 - 24 January 1986) ( his death) ( 4 children), Sara Northrup (10 August 1946 - 13 June 1951) ( divorced) ( 1 child), Margaret Louise Grubb (13 April 1933 - 24 December 1947) ( divorced) ( 2 children) L. Ron Hubbard Net Worth The Hubbards returned to the United States in November when their visa expired and moved into an apartment in Philadelphia. "[13] Ken Urquhart, who worked for the Hubbards as their butler in the 1960s, commented that Mary Sue "could be very sweet and loving, but also very cold. Father of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. [4] She was sexually active from an unusually young age and often said she lost her virginity at the age of ten.[5]. [33] She later recalled: "I would often entertain him with plots so he could write. Northrup told Cooper that Hubbard was a dangerous lunatic, and that although her own life had been transformed when she left him, she was still afraid both of him and of his followers,[92] whom she later described as looking "like Mormons, but with bad complexions. The Hubbards continued to carry out auditing of each other and in February 1960 Mary Sue wrote to a friend to inform her that her husband had discovered that she had been the writer D.H. Lawrence in a past life. By that time, Hubbard had separated from his first wife, Margaret "Polly" Grubb, but he was still legally married to her when he proposed to Northrup. It is now in the Stephen A. Kent Collection on Alternative Religions at the University of Alberta. For more than a decade, the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, the reportedly missing wife of Scientology leader David, has been hotly debated. My wife Sara."[74]. L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers Of The Future; Tuesday Trash And Trouble ~ The Friday Night Mystery Club by Joanna Campbell Slan; The Adventures Of Winston The Pig: Meet Winston ~ Guest Post And Giveaway; No Small Murder ~ A Mini-Meadows Mystery by Lena Gregory; Invocation: Days Of Iron & Clay by Aileen Erin ~ Cover Reveal And Giveaway; categories Had been friendly with many Communists. Things like, "Be his wife, have a family that looks good, not have a divorce." members, Northrup's usurpation of Helen's role led to conflict between the two sisters. [76] Mary Sue Hubbard continued to be active in Scientology well into the 1990s; in a 1994 Scientology magazine, she was listed as a "Patron" of the International Association of Scientologists, indicating a donation of $40,000. Margaret "Polly" Grubb (1933-1947) Sara Northrup Hollister (1946-1951) Photo by the Miami Daily News. His search was unsuccessful and he released her at Yuma Airport across the state line in Arizona. Her achievement was commemorated in a special tribute edition of the Scientology newspaper The Auditor, titled simply: "Mary Sue Hubbard Clear #208". According to Russell Miller, "The crew worked to the point of exhaustion, the food was meager and no one was allowed to wash or change their clothes. Suspected only. The house was torn down. His first wife had not obtained divorce until '47 and he was married in '46. [20], Northrup later recalled that the boat had been caught in a hurricane in the Panama Canal, damaging it too badly to be able to continue the voyage to California. By this time, Mary Sue had become a key figure within the nascent Scientology movement. Because of his "crazy misconduct" she was in "hourly fear of both the life of herself and of her infant daughter, who she has not seen for two months". I need a magical partner. [9], In June 1941, at the age of seventeen, she began a passionate affair with Parsons while her sister Helen was away on vacation. Mary Sue Hubbard, third wife of L. Ron, was sentenced to four years and given a fine of $10,000. On the other hand her credibility leaves much to be desired. "[59] On April 19, as Barbara Klowden recorded in her journal, Hubbard telephoned her from Wichita and told her "he was not legally married. Mary Sue Hubbard signed a letter revoking her resignation and condemning the actions of the CMO. [25] The difference in the quality of living conditions between the Hubbards and the crew was stark: Most of the crew lived in cramped, smelly, roach-infested dormitories fitted with bunks in three tiers that left little room for personal possessions. [36], In October 1976, Hubbard's eldest son by Mary Sue, Quentin, died by suicide at the age of 22. [46], The marriage was in the process of breaking down rapidly. [41] The Dianetics Foundation was making a huge amount of money, but problems were already evident: money was pouring out as fast as it was coming in, due to lax financial management and Hubbard's own free spending. She is heavily sexed. The late wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard left her home to her prized pooch, who survived its master by 11 years and lived it up in a multi-million-dollar Los Angeles pad. John Sanborne, who worked with Hubbard for many years, recalled: Earlier on (before the divorce) he made this stupid attempt to get Northrup brainwashed so she'd do what he said. And since then, the Church of Scientology has maintained in biographical . [29], The Hubbards moved ashore in March 1972 after three years traveling aboard their ship from port to port in the Mediterranean. She may have a record . Although she was not yet twenty-four years old, she exercised considerable power within the Scientology movement and people around Hubbard quickly learned to be wary of her. In June 1951, she finally secured the return of Alexis by agreeing to cancel her receivership action and divorce suit in California in return for a divorce "guaranteed by L. Ron Hubbard". [32] Northrup had no idea of Hubbard's first marriage or why people were treating her so strangely until his son L. Ron Hubbard Jr. told her that his parents were still married. As part of a wider strategy codenamed Operation Snow White, the GO succeeded in infiltrating a Scientologist into the IRS to steal files about the government's litigation strategy against Scientology. His wife was in prison and his estranged son believed he was either dead or insane. There is no other reason for this statement than my own wish to make atonement for the damage I may have done. With 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than 350 million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most enduring and widely read authors of our time. This was done before his divorce from his first wife, Polly. [70] Her reunion with her daughter was uncertain to the last, as Hubbard had second thoughts about letting her go as he drove Northrup and Alexis to the local airport. member living in the commune at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue: "Betty went to almost fantastical lengths to disrupt the meetings [of the O.T.O.] I just wanted to be free of him! . Fearing arrest, he fled to Washington, D.C. with a handful of aides while Mary Sue was left behind in Florida continuing her day-to-day management activities. He kept her sitting up in a chair, denying her sleep, trying to use Black Dianetic principles on her, repeating over and over again whatever he wanted her to do. Thanks to a kind contributor I have acquired a scan of a rare 36-page pamphlet, written by Mary Sue Hubbard (the third wife of L Ron Hubbard). I can never pronounce her name. He had visited 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue at the behest of Lou Goldstone, a well-known science fiction illustrator, while on leave from his service in the US Navy. Maybe he should be reincarnated as a rabbit. View Gallery. January 8, 1983 Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the founder of the Church of Scientology, was sentenced in federal court here yesterday to four years in prison for her role in a conspiracy to plant. Mary Sue was grief-stricken, though she later attempted to persuade friends that Quentin had died from encephalitis. In the late 1990s, Hubbard fell ill with breast cancer and died in 2002. ismertebb nevn L. Ron Hubbard amerikai sci-fi -r s a szcientolgia egyhz alaptja. 95 quotes from L. Ron Hubbard: 'Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of mankind.', 'When reading a book, be very certain that you never go past a word you do not fully understand. She worked with her husband, completing tasks for him and helping to dull his temper when he raged at other members. As Scientology's "first lady," Shelly Miscavige took on many duties. ", "Court upholds convictions of 9 Scientologists", "Church of Scientology of California, Plaintiff, Mary Sue Hubbard, Intervenor, vs. Gerald Armstrong, Defendant Memorandum of Intended Decision", "Son of Church Founder Is Sued by Stepmother", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mary_Sue_Hubbard&oldid=1139846347, This page was last edited on 17 February 2023, at 05:30. [21] Parsons subsequently resorted to more conventional means of obtaining redress and sued the couple on July 1 in the Circuit Court for Dade County. [67] She met him in Wichita to resolve the situation. When she ran off with another man Ron followed them and they locked him in a hotel room and pushed drugs up his nose, but he managed to escape and went to Cuba. Northrup's attorney filed another petition asking for Hubbard's assets to be frozen as he had been found "hiding" in Wichita "but that he would probably leave town upon being detected". Hubbard blamed Klowden for the suicide bid and told her to forget about him and the Foundation, but resumed the affair with her again within a month.[48]. In July 1949 I was in Elizabeth, New Jersey, writing a movie. It was horrible. The attach did not act on the request; having asked the FBI for background information, he was told that Hubbard had been interviewed but the "agent conducting interview considered Hubbard to be [a] mental case. "[76] As Downsborough put it, he portrayed himself as "a constant victim of women". They spent most of their time working; there was very little socializing. [58] After a fruitless six-week search she finally filed a writ of habeas corpus at the Los Angeles Superior Court in April 1951, demanding the return of Alexis. [89], The church continues to promulgate Hubbard's claims about their relationship. She filed for divorce in an effort to try and create a false record that she had been married to him." L Ron Hubbard was an American author, philosopher, and the founder of the 'Church of Scientology.' He started as a writer of science fiction but later moved to self-help and psychology-related topics. He and Mary Sue moved initially to Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1975. They set up a business partnership on January 15, 1946 under the name of "Allied Enterprises", with Parsons putting up $20,000 of capital, Hubbard adding $1,200 and Northrup contributing nothing. Mary Sue enforced the rules rigidly but shared the privations, and was scrupulously fair and popular. The reactions of Parsons and Helen towards Northrup were markedly different. Such conduct was expressly permitted by the O.T.O., which followed Crowley's disdain of marriage as a "detestable institution" and accepted as commonplace the swapping of wives and partners between O.T.O. Various Scientology experts are now comparing David's disappearance to that of founder L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986 after spending years dealing with lawsuits and legal battles until he became . In this same year, Hubbard launched a new religion based on two books he had written, Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science, and Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Playing along, she told Hubbard that he was right and that the only way she could break free of their power was by going through with the divorce. [23] Hubbard's relationship with Northrup, while legal, had already caused alarm among those who knew him; Virginia Heinlein, the wife of the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, regarded Hubbard as "a very sad case of post-war breakdown" and Northrup as his "latest Man-Eating Tigress".[24]. My wits never gave way under all you did and let them do but my body didn't stand up. [4], She became pregnant in February 1952 and married Hubbard the next month. She told him: "All right, I'll marry you, if that's going to save you. The Hubbards moved to a new house in Elizabeth to be near the Foundation. The arrival of Hubbard and Northrup three weeks after the divorce was filed scandalized Hubbard's family, who deeply disapproved of his treatment of Polly. Although she was a committed and popular member, she acquired a reputation for disruptiveness that prompted Crowley to denounce her as a "vampire." Her salary was relatively modest, amounting to $30,430 ($150,732 in 2007 prices) between 1970 and 1972, though she did also benefit from tens of thousands of dollars a year in living expenses paid for by the Church of Scientology. In the world of speculative fiction Your favorite authors Have selected best new voices of the year. [deleted] 6 yr. ago. Hubbard rescued a girl they were using. It is, of course, rather ironic that the person who authorized G.O. Alternative_Effort 7 mo. "[69], On June 12, Hubbard was awarded a divorce in the County Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas on the basis of Northrup's "gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty", which had caused him "nervous breakdown and impairment to health. "[72], After divorcing Hubbard, Northrup married Miles Hollister and bought a house in Malibu, California. Mary Sue was appointed by her husband as Guardian (later Controller) of the Guardian's Office (GO) in March 1966. Northrup and Hubbard had frequent rows and his violent behaviour towards her continued unabated. [50] Her husband avoided being indicted but was extremely concerned that Mary Sue would betray him. In 1960, Leni Riefenstahl and L. Ron Hubbard briefly collaborated on a screenplay that was to be a remake of her popular 1932 film directing debut, Das blaue Licht ('The Blue Light'). L. Ron Hubbard was previously married to Mary Sue Whipp (1952 - 1986), Sara Northrup (1946 - 1951), Margaret Louise Grubb (1933 - 1947) and Margaret Grubb.. L. Ron Hubbard was in relationships with Barbara Kaye (1950) and Mary Sue Hubbard.. About. "[70] She did not give evidence but was awarded custody of Alexis and $200 a month in child support. [8] In October 1953 they returned to the US where Hubbard gave a series of lectures in Camden, New Jersey and established the first Church of Scientology. He succeeded in escaping in May and turned himself in to the FBI, making a full confession. "[13] Concluding that she was a vampire, which he defined as "an elemental or demon in the form of a woman" who sought to "lure the Candidate to his destruction," he warned that Northrup was a grave danger to Parsons and to the "Great Work" which the O.T.O. At six-twenty-five I would go into his office with a jacket for him to wear to table and after dinner they would spend an hour or so watching television with the children and then he and Mary Sue would return to work in their separate offices. Parsons took an immediate liking to Hubbard and invited him to stay in the house for the duration of his leave. She played a major role in the creation of Dianetics, which evolved into the religious movement Scientology. There followed a turbulent period during which Ron successfully wrested his materials from the early boards of directors. [27] The trip had the air of a punishment detail and was dubbed the "liability cruise"; conditions on board were reportedly appalling. About 22 yrs, 6', 180 lbs. [78] In December 1995, Hubbard had a mastectomy of her left breast. . [54], She died of breast cancer in 1997 but in the last few months of her life she dictated a tape-recorded account of her relationship with Hubbard. In 1947, Polly filed for divorce and was granted the custody of her children . Before starting his church in 1954, L. Ron Hubbard earned his living as a pulp fiction writer, churning out story after story across numerous genres. Mary Sue Hubbar He told her that she was "in a state of complete madness" due to being dictated to and hypnotized by Hollister and his "communist cell". [43] She left Wichita as soon as Alexis was returned to her. After the vessel had been renovated by Scientologists, Mary Sue and the children moved into the upper-deck accommodation in November 1968. [54], Hubbard nonetheless remained active in the management of Scientology. Hubbard was an Eagle Scout. I have not at any time believed otherwise than that L. Ron Hubbard is a fine and brilliant man.

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