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The Fairy that appears will completely heal Link. Since the sandstorm will disable your map, try not to steer away much from your intended direction. In Lorule, behind the Bomb Flower Store, there is also a Great Fairy Fountain where the Great Rupee Fairy resides, who will give Link an Bottle after receiving a total of 3,000 Rupees, restoring her body's form. Sealed Grounds Walkthrough Faron Woods Next to the Kikwi Elder is a hole in the giant tree that you can crawl under. Another aspect that makes the Fairy's Fountains different from previous Zelda games is that Stray Fairies cannot be put into a bottle, but the Fairies can heal him. The easiest way to reach this fountain is to start from Tabantha Tower, which itself is just south of Rito Village. To open the fountain, he must give an offering of Rupees, with each successive fountain costing more than the previous. A weekly roundup of the best things from Polygon. You need to come to the Queen Fairy and get these arrows before attempting to get the equipment to access the Earth and Wind Temple. Head to the northwest corner of this area and cross the stream until you encounter a Peahat. Hence, shes the easiest one to find. There are four Great Fairy Fountains in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, plus one bonus Fairy Fountain where you can meet a very strange and powerful being. In Majora's Mask, Link must find Stray Fairies in order to summon the Great Fairies (who are identical to the ones in Ocarina of Time). Once the Great Fairy is restored and regains its true power, it will appear as soon as Link approaches the fountain. Some fountains only contain . Where to find Great Fairy Cotera, Mija, Kayasa and Tera. Once you defeat it, you . Jump beyond the gate and you'll find a sign that says Dead End, with a boulder behind it.Blast the boulder and crawl into the Great Fairy Fountain. Great Fairy Fountains are also often surrounded by different plants, such as Silent Princesses or Armoranths. They have appeared in almost every game in The Legend of Zelda series to date, providing a good source of healing for Link in which he can recover his Hearts at once or store the Fairies in Empty Bottles for later use. After Link has received the upgrades or power-ups from its respective Fairy Fountain, the Great Fairy will no longer be at the fountain. Malanya Spring also features a flower bud resembling a Great Fairy Fountain, though this is in fact where the Horse God resides. The first Great Fairy Fountain that players will likely come across is located near Kakariko Village, one of the first areas players will reach as part of Breath of the Wild's main quest. Four of them can be found hidden in Caves behind a wall that must be opened with Bombs. Great Fairy Fountains appear nearly identically to those of A Link to the Past, with some even located in the same locations. New to Shacknews? Fairy's Fountains are known as Fairy Fountains in Majora's Mask. You can come back at any time to upgrade almost any piece, so be sure to visit often. After Link has received the power-up in its respective Great Fairy's Fountain, he can go back and get his wounds healed and Magic Meter replenished by the Great Fairy. Once you find her in a small plateau, you can just glide to her. Many of these are located in the same locations. She will give you Ice arrows and Fire Arrows. Head into the. You can unlock the fountains in any order as long as you have enough rupees. Phone: (314) 535-7800. Fairy Fountain-like areas inhabited by a pair of Fairies appear in the islands of Gamelon in The Wand of Gamelon. There are four Great Fairy Locations found across Hyrule. Horse God Malanya can be found in the region of Faron, south of the Guchini Plain and east of the Nette Plateau. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. If youre starting out from Gerudo Town, hop aboard a sand seal and head directly to the southwest and you shouldnt have too much trouble finding this fountain. One is in South Hyrule Field behind some tall grass by the river, another is between two rocks in the lower level of the Trilby Highlands, a third is in the northeast of Mount Crenel's Base between two trees, and the fourth, which has a Piece of Heart waiting in the middle of it, is between jagged rocks at the base of the Crenel Wall in Mount Crenel. A fairy will appear and asked if you threw a golden bomb, a silver bomb, or neither. This page was last edited on November 4, 2022, at 01:21. Finding all of the Great Fairy Fountains in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is important for armor upgrades. Underneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton, you will see the giant flower bud that will eventually bloom into Teras Great Fairy Fountain. The best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: release date, trailers, rating, and more. We recommend adding a pin to skeleton you see on the map and then riding a sand seal straight in that direction. Fairy Fountains in this game required certain items in order to reveal their cleverly-covered entrances. It does not matter which order you unlock them in. There are four Great Fairy Fountains in Breath of the Wild. There are seven Fairy Fountains in The Minish Cap. He finds a little orange stray fairy and returns her to the Great Fairy's Fountain to be restored to her full glory. Location: Lakna Rokee Shrine is hidden in the forest with the fairy fountain directly east of Kakariko Village by a Sheikah sphere platform. The fifth Great Fairy in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is different in that it doesn't upgrade Link's armor. Her fountain is in the far southwest of the map, just beyond an area called Dragons Exile. The entrance to her fairy fountain is located unde. Game8 - Your Go-To Platform For All Game Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides. These Great Fairy Fountains look exactly like the regular fairy fountains from Ocarina of Time. The appearance of Fairy's Fountains in Majora's Mask are more similar to the Fairy Fountains in Ocarina of Time. They do not contain Great Fairies; instead, there are many normal fairies that can be caught in a Bottle. Just look for the small pool of water in the northern part of the forest, and you'll find Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain. Sorry, an error occurred during subscription. In various Scenarios, the Hyrulean Forces or the Skyloft Forces will attempt to use the Fairy Fountains to call upon the aid of the Great Fairy to weaken the opposing Forces or, in "The Sorceress of the Woods", to save the Deku Tree. Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on October 23, 2018: Very useful, as some of these are really tough to find! Link can also encounter the Queen of Fairies by using the Ballad of Gales to warp to Mother and Child Isles. Be forewarned: For each Great Fairy you find, theyll need an increasingly larger amount of rupees to wake up, topping out at 10,000 rupees! Fairy Fountain Great Fairy Cotera in her fountain from Breath of the Wild, Great Fairy Kaysa in her fountain from Breath of the Wild, Great Fairy Mija in her fountain from Breath of the Wild, Great Fairy Tera in her fountain from Breath of the Wild, Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication, https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/index.php?title=Great_Fairy_Fountain&oldid=442362. Instead of upgrading your clothing, Malanya can ressurect any dead horses that have been under Link's care. These Great Fairy Fountains must be unlocked with cold hard rupees, and only after getting paid will the fairies within provide Link with armor upgrading assistance. The fountain that is Beneath the Well contains regular Fairies which can be put into bottles. In order to reach Coteras Great Fairy Fountain, you can warp to Taloh Naeg Shrine near Kakariko Village and follow the path going east. Located 3 Blocks east of the Fabulous Fox Theater. When you meet the second, either Great Fairy can upgrade armor to level two and so on. The best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know from the locations and solutions for every shrine to Captured Memories, the best meal in the game, The Master Trials DLC and more. Youll need to give each Great Fairy a certain amount of rupees to grant you her power, which increases with each fountain you find. Youll get there even faster if you ride a sand seal. Head to the far Southwestern tip of the map (and note that your map functions may not work in some of the sandstorm areas. There are four Great Fairies throughout Hyrule. Approach the bud, and a voice will ask that you . She is the most difficult to find as you will need cooling effects to survive the hot temperature.A Sand Seal will make travelling easier. The Legend of ZeldaA Link to the PastLink's AwakeningOcarina of TimeMajora's MaskOracle of SeasonsOracle of AgesThe Wind WakerFour Swords AdventuresThe Minish CapTwilight PrincessA Link Between WorldsBreath of the Wild [4] They are easily spotted since the ones that are out in the sea look like houses shaped like seashells. Location: Western Hyrule. 3037 Locust Street St. Louis, Missouri, 63103. Her Great Fairy Fountain is located in the forest directly northeast of Kakariko Village. If you talk to Pikango, the old man working on a painting in the village, hell give you a quest to find the fountain and even lead you in its general direction. The Fairy Queen's Fountain from Link's Awakening DX. Location map of Tera's Great Fairy Fountain. The first fountain will cost a paltry 100 rupees, the second will be a more significant 500 rupees, the third fountain opened will cost you 1,000 rupees, and the fourth is a whopping 10,000 rupees. Head into the forest, and there you will find her. Related Location(s) Great Fairy Mija can be found in the western Akkala region, overlooking Lake Akkala and right by Tarrey Town's plot of land. Other appearance(s) This includes rare and legendary horses like the White Horse, Big Horse, and Epona. Great Fairy Mija is located to the northeast, directly east of Akkala Tower. There is a fifth Great Fairy in Hyrule, though she has nothing to do with armor upgrading. In Second Quest there is an additional Fairy Fountain where Level 5 used to be located. The Great Fairy Fountains are off the beaten trail and easy to miss. The Fairies live in the Fairy Pool, but were imprisoned when the fountain was frozen by the Three Witches. Thats where youll find Great Fairy Mija. newsletter, How to complete the Encrypted Cipher quests in Fortnite, Crack the code to decipher the quest locations, Paizo bans AI art and content in its RPGs, including community-created work, The Pathfinder and Starfinder company commits to work by human professionals, Heres those Hieronymus Bosch tabletop miniatures you were looking for, Turns out this is just the tip of the alt-minis iceberg, Sign up for the On the map, youll see a small pool of water surrounded by trees. Youll find Great Fairy Teras fountain beneath a massive dragon skeleton. They bear a slight resemblance to the Waterfall of Wishing from A Link to the Past, and they also play the same role. The names of the Fairy Islands in which the Fairy Fountains are located, along with the upgrades received are: A special Fairy Fountains, which houses the Queen of the Fairies, is located in the Mother and Child Isles. Great Fairy Mija can be found in the Akkala region. Like Great Fairy Cotera's Fountain, Mija is surrounded by a forest. Thankfully, Nintendo has given us a few new glimpses into what we now know will be called The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is finally nearing its release in 2023. Best Locations to Farm Fairies Sealed Grounds Inside the Sealed Grounds next to the old woman are pots that you can break. If Link succeeds, he is given an upgrade to a specific item. Fairies found in these fountains, with the exception of those in Majora's Mask, can be bottled and used as recovery . Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Look on your map for the Lake of the Horse God, and at the end of the path leading past the lake, you'll find the Great Horse Fairy Malanya. Moreover, her Great Fairy Fountain is very easy to spot. A Great Fairy will also reside in the canopies of each game's respective Maku Tree once they have grown large enough. After Link provides the Great Fairy with enough Rupees (100, 500, 1,000, or 10,000, depending on how many Fountains he has found), the bud will open, revealing a small pool of water in its center which the Great Fairy will emerge from. Fandoms aside, the race between the two major consoles is closer than you'd think. [13] Link can revisit the Fairy Queen anytime to swap between the two tunics, but he can never regain his green tunic. 100. Great Fairy Fountains are the only locations in Hyrule where Link can upgrade his armor. Paraglide from Tabantha Tower until you reach the giant flower bud that will eventually bloom into Kayasas Great Fairy Fountain. There are three Great Fairies that give Link a different brain teaser to solve. Continue up the path and run between the trees on either side until you find a large flower bud in the middle of a clearing. Find the Fairy Fountain, Flown the Coop, and By Firefly's Light. There are five (5) Great Fairies around Hyrule, including a Horse God that offers a different but useful service. Starting from the tower, glide all the way across the lake to the east and land in the small forest on the other side. Unlike previous Zelda games, the Fairy Fountains in Twilight Princess are not located inside Caves or other well-hidden places. If this is your fourth Great Fairy Fountain, youll have to pay Tera 10,000 Rupees in order to restore her powers. The fountain is located on the path that runs beside the shrine north-northeast of Kakariko Village. Just finding the locations of the Great Fairy Fountains wont be enough to use them. Want to contribute to this wiki?Sign up for an account, and get started!Come join the Zelda Wiki community Discord server! We recommend you take time to explore the world at large in-between the main objectives you are given. Before you get to use a Great Fairy's service, the player should donate rupees first to unlock a Great Fairy Fountain. They are places where Link can recover health by the use of fairies. Location map of Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain You may encounter a sandstorm along the way, which will disable your map. Upon doing so, the Great Fairy Cotera will emerge, and in thanks, will offer to upgrade your armor should you have the necessary materials for each armor piece. The easiest Great Fairy to find in Breath of the Wild is Great Fairy Cotera. Her Great Fairy Fountain is located on a grassy patch within the rocky outcrops northwest of Piper Ridge. Great Fairy Kaysa is found in the Western areas of Hyrule, in the rocky and mountainous region of the Tabantha Frontier. Video Guide: All Fairy Fountain Locations. It is located along the Southeastern lip of the lake, just to the East of Dah Hesho Shrine. This will add a star to the armor - showing that it has been upgraded. Please provide a valid email address to continue. You could grab a PlayStation 5 and enjoy its killer lineup of exclusives or dive into the Xbox Series X's deep game library (not to mention the fantastic deal that is Game Pass). The Great Fairy Fountains. These large flowers are also often surrounded by the familiar pink Fairies that you can grab if you sneak up on them quietly. To find the Great Horse Fairy Fountain you'll need to go to the Lake Tower Region of Hyrule. Activating a Great Fairy Fountain comes with a price so make sure you're packed with rupees when you find one. The Legend of Zelda features three Fairy Fountains across Hyrule. The locations of the Great Fairy Fountains as well as the upgrades received are as follows: Great Fairy Fountains are all found inside different floors of the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. Use the Golden Gauntlets to remove this pillar, and enter the Fountain. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the only way you can enhance your armor equipment is by seeking help from the great fairies that live within the various obscure great fairy fountains. Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity. Fairy Fountains are recurring locations in the Legend of Zelda series. A special fountain called a Mysterious Pond in A Link to the Past, Deku Link in North Clock Town's Great Fairy Fountain, filled with Stray Fairies, from Majora's Mask, Ikana Canyon's Great Fairy in Fountain, filled with Stray Fairies, from Majora's Mask, The Great Dragonfly Fairy's fountain in The Minish Cap, The Great Fairy Fountain from Twilight Princess, The Great Fairy and Link speaking within the Fountain in Twilight Princess. NPC characters will give you clues for some of the fairy fountains, and at least one of them you'll probably be led to during the main quest. To find her fountain, you just need to head northeast of Kakariko Village. Take a look at our Sheikah Tower Locationsto unlock the whole map of Hyrule. If this is your third Great Fairy Fountain, youll have to pay Kayasa 1,000 Rupees in order to restore her powers. Why do they only upgrade clothes? As mentioned earlier, a Great Fairy can offer to upgrade Link's armor to increase its effects and defense. Located on the pathway leading to Hyrule Castle.Reach this area from the Market and then climb up the nearby vines. Want to contribute to this wiki?Sign up for an account, and get started!Come join the Zelda Wiki community Discord server! From the Ka'o Makagh shrine, follow the road headed east then turn right once you reach a fork in the road. For every upgrade, you'll get another star. In order to reach Kayasas Great Fairy Fountain, you can warp to Tabantha Tower on Nero Hill. Upon finding a Great Fairy, you'll find that the reclusive fairies won't be able to reveal themselves until they can gain power - which involves a monetary transaction. There are also special fountains called Mysterious Ponds where Link can get upgrades for weapons such as the Golden Sword or Magical Boomerang. Where to find every substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Location: Minish Woods. The Legend of Zelda, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game.The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department.We refuse the right to reuse or repost content taken without our permission such as data or images to other sites. Great Fairy Cotera can be found in the West Necluda region. Since most of the great fairy fountains are hidden, it can be quite difficult to locate them all simply by roaming around or following the central storyline. The appearance of the Fairy's Fountain in Majora's Mask is rather similar to that of Fairy's Fountains in Ocarina of Time. If Link fails on a question that two of the Fairies ask, the Fairy will either take all of his Bombs or Arrows depending on which one it is. Fairy Fountains are recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series. [14] Each Fountain can be reached by using the Warp Zones that appear after defeating the boss of that particular Stage. There are also several seashells aligning the walls, keeping to the outside characteristics of the Fountains. Fairy's Fountains are known as Fairy Fountains in Majora's Mask. And while the Switch might not be the competitive powerhouse that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are, it still offers an incredible library of multiplayer games. Unlike in past games, these Great Fairy Fountains are not hidden inside of caves - instead, they are large flower buds that are out in the open, surrounded by orange, glowing mushrooms. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Finding the first Great Fairy Fountain is simple enough, with some pretty clear signposting in one of the villages youll come to earliest in Breath of the Wilds story, but finding and unlocking all of them will take a good deal more work. The cost of unlocking them depends on the order of finding one, with the exception of the Horse God, who will only ask for 1,000 rupees regardless of whether you've unlocked other Great Fairies. The Horse God Malanya is similar to the Great Fairies, except it looks like a horse. Instead of restoring his health and Magic Meter, they leave behind lots of normal Fairies that can be caught in a bottle or just used as replenishment to health and Magic. Great Fairy Cotera can be found in the West Necluda region. Her Great Fairy Fountain is located in the forest directly southeast of Lake Akkala and along the Kaepora Pass. This fountain is easy to spot from the tower, so glide to it from there using Link's paraglider to meet the Great Fairy Kaysa. Check your map for the small pool of water, and you'll find your target. [16] Great Fairy's Fountains are rather small compared to its predecessors and are usually very easy to find. To quickly find Great Fairy Mija's Fairy Fountain, either scale or wapr to Akkala Tower and glide to the west. The fountain is in the woods past the Tal'noh Naeg Shrine, which sits on a hill just above the village. Last edited on November 4, 2022, at 01:21, https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/index.php?title=The_Legend_of_Zelda_Fairy_Fountains&oldid=431239. In order to get the Great Fairy to appear from the fountain, "Zelda's Lullaby" must be played with either Ocarina while standing on top of the Triforce symbol. Its a straight shot from Gerudo Town, but you might hit a sandstorm on the way there, which will disable your entire Sheikah Slate, which knocks out your map. As in other games, they gladly heal Link, but they cannot grant any upgrades. There are four Great Fairy Fountains that can be found throughout Hyrule Kingdom in Breath of the Wild: in the woods above Kakariko Village, south of Tabantha Tower, in the woods south of Tarrey Town, and among the Leviathan skeleton in Dragon's Exile in Gerudo Desert. Once you find a Great Fairy Fountain, the locations of which you can find below, you'll need to pay a certain amount of rupees before the Great Fairy within will assist you. If Link throws a certain item into the pond, the Great Fairy will upgrade it to a Level 2 item. The only exception is the fairy in Clock Town, who only had lost one Stray Fairy because of the Skull Kid. This page contains information on an alternate main quest - Find the Fairy Fountain. Once free, Malanya will let you resurrect any horses you have registered that have died under your care. If you climb up the Tabantha Tower, look along the South side of the tower and you should be able to spot the large green flower bud below you on the ridge across from the tower - and you can glide all the way to it. Reservations & Waitlist Hours: Mondays - Closed. Digital Trends Media Group may earn a commission when you buy through links on our sites. Mija's fairy fountain is found due east of the Akkala Sheikah Tower. Since the Great Fairy living within was shattered into Stray Fairies by the Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask, it is up to Link to gather the missing Stray Fairies from each of the area's dungeons in order to receive the respective power-up from said Great Fairy. He won't be terribly impressed - but thankful nonetheless. Fairy Fountains appear in several Stages in Hyrule Warriors. Head over to Kakariko Village and find the Tal'noh Naeg shrine on top of the hill. If Zelda owns a Canteen, the Fairies will refill it with Water of Life. Great Fairy Kaysa's Location: the Great Fairy Fountain in Tabantha. Damp is the gravekeeper and lives in a small hut within the . The benefits are much like the ones in Ocarina of Time: Link can get a new power on his first visit and a health and Magic Meter replenishment on his re-visits. They restore Link's health. They are not as well-hidden in comparison to its predecessor, for they are easily found inside a Cave in plain sight. After paying the Horse God a measly fee of 1,000 rupees, it can revive any of the dead horses that have been under your care. Speaking of Ganon you'll need quite a bit of health if you hope to take him on, and the Great Fairy of Courage is here to help. If Link owns a Canteen, the Fairies will refill it with Water of Life. After you've collected all 15 Stray Fairies in Great Bay Temple you can visit the Great Bay's Great Fairy Fountain to put the Great Fairy of Courage back tog. Great Fairy Fountains are found all over Hyrule in A Link to the Past, either inside caves or holes, with some of them being more well-hidden than others. Breath of the Wild is a very open-ended game, a first for the series. The fountains are located in different provinces and must be opened before Link can speak with the Great Fairy inside. As long as you were heading in a straight direction from Gerudo Town, youll eventually see the skeleton Tera is hiding under. Conditions: None. To restore her powers, you have to pay Malanya 1,000 Rupees. One is located in Clock Town, while the other four are located in each of the four cardinal directions of Termina: Woodfall, Snowhead, Great Bay, and Ikana Canyon. We could not find the message board you were looking for. If youre low on cash, simply check out our rupee farming with bowling guide. You took a picture of the Great Fairy Fountain Pikango was looking for and showed it . However, Malanya also requires patronage, and you'll have to pony up 1,000 rupees before she'll provide her services. In the Cave of Ordeals, there are 50 floors filled with various enemies that Link must fight his way through. Thursday 11:00am - 10pm. It's a fantastic time to be a gamer when it comes to platform choice, there have never been more options available. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough Team, Breath of the Wild 2 Release Date and News, Breath of the Wild Prequel "Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity" News, How to Shield Surf | Best Shields for Surfing, Pokmon Sword and Shield Walkthrough Wiki, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) Walkthrough Wiki, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Walkthrough Wiki, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Walkthrough Wiki, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Walkthrough Wiki, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough Wiki. Upgrade Tier Access. As part of an optional side quest, players can talk to the artist Pikango, who paints in the middle of town between Impa's house and the Goddess Statue. Here, Link can throw the Boomerang, a Bottle, and a Fighter's Shield into the pond to make a Great Fairy appear and receive better items in return, such as the Magical Boomerang, Medicine of Magic, and the Red Shield. As he starts going up the path above, he'll eventually run out of breath and say he can't continue - but asks you to look around instead and take a picture if you can. Only one power-up is required to proceed through the game, being the one in North Clock Town during the first 3-Day cycle, which introduces the Magic Meter. Warp to the Mother and Child Isles using the Ballad of Gales (It will be located on your map for sure). Great Fairy Cotera can be found in the region of Necluda, northeast of the Dueling Peaks. The Fountain on LocUst. There is a Great Fairy Fountain known as the Pond of Happiness located inside a cave on an island in the middle of Lake Hylia, which is home to the Queen of Fairies, Venus. Malanya first appears to be another Great Fairy, trapped inside of a giant flower bulb. The fountain is located on the path that runs beside the shrine north-northeast of Kakariko Village. How to get the best horses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The best Zelda games ranked from best to worst, The best upcoming Nintendo Switch games: 2023 and beyond, How to find Rococo the Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy. Many armor sets will give an additional bonus like a boost to climbing speed or stealth once you upgrade each piece in the set to level two, so its a good idea to find the Great Fairy Fountains and upgrade them that far as soon as you can. Link must play the Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce marked pedestal in order to make the Great Fairy appear. You'll need to be on the lookout for a large skeleton under which both the Hawa Kosh and Fairy Fountain are located. The pond asks Link how many Rupees he would like to throw in, which would then tell him whether he would have good or bad luck. Every time Link reaches the 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th floors, he'll encounter a Great Fairy who will cause Fairies to appear in different Light Spirits' Springs. They're all located in the four cardinal directions of Termina: Woodfall, Snowhead Region, Great Bay Region, and Ikana Canyon, including Clock Town as well. Ultimate Walkthrough Wiki, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Walkthrough Wiki, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Walkthrough Wiki. This email address is currently on file. Thank you! Once her powers are restored, she will be able to upgrade your armor equipment by up to four tiers. Fairy Fountain-like areas inhabited by a pair of Fairies appear in the islands of Koridai in The Faces of Evil. Starting from the tower, glide south-southeast and you should see the large green plant that Great Fairy Kayasa lives in from the air. Please enter a valid email and try again. In Twilight Princess, Great Fairy Fountains are not scattered across Hyrule in secret caves as usual, but are rather hidden in one big secret cave called the Cave of Ordeals. Great Fairy Mija can be found in the Akkala Region far in the Northeast. newsletter, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest guide and walkthrough, Puss in Boots: The Last Wishs directors let Shrek inspire the series reinvention, Valorants new Agent Gekko can remotely plant or defuse the Spike, A cross-counter punch ties Creed III to one of animes greatest tropes, Anime Awards 2023 name Cyberpunk: Edgerunners as Anime of the Year, Triangle of Sadness, A Man Called Otto, and every new movie you can watch at home this weekend, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3s first episode is now on Crunchyroll.

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