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COVID-19 vaccines can also be co-administered with other vaccines, such as the pertussis vaccine, if required. Our maternity unit supports women to birth naturally where possible. Most womenmake their pregnancybooking-in appointmentwhen they are around12 weeks of pregnant. This should ideally be done before by 14 weeks to allow for 18 week appointment if required. Copies of this form can be obtained by contacting the GP Liaison Midwife on 07 3163 1861; by email Completed referrals may be faxed to 07 3163 8053 or posted to Mater Mothers' Antenatal Clinic, Raymond Terrace . Central Referral Hub. Manchester Children's Hospital. Liverpool NSW 2170. This is a follow on antenatal clinic from the miscarriage team based in the gynaecology department and is staffed by a consultant and a specialist nurse.Location and clinic times. There is an optional ultrasound known as a Nuchal Translucency that screens for your risk of Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21, 18 & 13, a chromosomal anomaly) and is done between 11-13 weeks. Visit the Telehealth website to join these classes is listed below and the Class code will be provided to for your allocated classes. You will need to bring all your blood test and ultrasound results to your booking in appointment. He has an interest in the diagnosis and management of fetal anomalies, antenatal screening for chromosomal anomalies, growth restriction, stillbirth and the management of certain high risk pregnancies. All other visits will be with your GP who will refer you back to the hospital to see the Obstetrician if any problems arise. Outpatients If you receive a referral letter from your doctor for a consultation at Liverpool Hospital outpatient clinic, you will need to contact the clinic directly to make an appointment. Liverpool Hospital Genetics department has recently updated their referral form into the service. Held in the Antenatal Clinic at Liverpool Womens Crown Street site on a Tuesday between 1.30pm and 4.15pm. You must be referred by your general practitioner (GP) to access antenatal care. These include women who develop complications after 20 weeks of gestation such as (but not limited to): The Antenatal Assessment Unit also assesses women who may be in early labour. From time to time, this facility also lead or participates in research trials that women and their newborn can be involved in if they provide consent to do so. Daisy Hill Hospital Antenatal Clinic on 028 3083 5000. Mersey Care (Halton, Warrington, St Helens and Knowsley) - 01925 275 303. GPs are to organise a patient's blood tests, first trimester screening, dating and anatomy scans. Pregnancy often causes some anxiety that is considered normal in antenatal women [1].Anxiety disorders are also common during antenatal period partly due to increased susceptibility of women to early onset or relapse of such conditions during pregnancy [2].Antenatal anxiety disorders (AADs) are often due to women worrying on parenting and/or maternal role, the wellbeing of the . The safety notice can viewed in full via the Clinical Excellence Commission. The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team comprising two consultant obstetricians and a specialist midwife/coordinator, a consultant endocrinologist (diabetes specialist), two diabetes specialist nurses and a specialist dietician - all working together to ensure each woman receives an individual plan of treatment and care. From your first visit to any follow-up appointments right up until the time you leave our care, your welfare is extremely important to us. Outline the screening and diagnosis options, and discuss the difference between screening and diagnosis;4. Floor: Level 2 At this consult the Obstetric team need to discuss: Please ensure all your COVID-19 recovered women have attended an O&G review post isolation before returning to ANSC. Assess if the woman has identifiable risk factors and needs to be referred for early specialist consult. [PDF] You will need to send us a referral for pregnancy care from your Local Doctor (also called your GP - General Practitioner). Referrals for patient appointments come to us in different ways depending on the nature of the referral or the specific procedure being requested. Although we will have a limited staff presence on this date to deal with patient enquiries, we kindly ask that anyone with appointment enquiries only contacts the Trust if it is urgent. Antenatal Referrals and Contact Information Further Referral Information, Supplements and Screening Urgent referral pathways for pregnant women Anti-D How to organise routine & sensitising event administration Also see Women's Health and Antenatal Clinics Also see Clinical Practice Guidelines Also see Antenatal Triage and Models of Care Disclaimer Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust Being able to access maternity services directly has been recommended as a way to ensure women access care as early as possible. Childbirth and Parenting Education classes, It is highly recommended that you attend some childbirth and parenting education during your pregnancy to prepare you for birth, breastfeeding and parenting. The outreach obstetrics clinic is held at the Liverpool Women's Hospital. This gives the midwife a predicted delivery date for your babys birth and also confirms that there is a heartbeat. Research Qualifications: Preterm Fetal Behavioural States and risk of SIDS-awarded a Doctorate of Medicine University of Bristol. Unwell patients (for example those who are haemodynamically unstable or experiencing severe pain and/or heavy bleeding) should be referred directly to Armadale Health Service Emergency Department. Pregnancy, Birth and Baby can also refer to local face-to-face health services relevant to your needs, such as early child health or speech therapy. Your booking appointment may last around 60 minutes so there is a small tea bar, a childrens play area and baby changing facilities for your comfort and convenience. Thats why here at Liverpool Womens we offer a comprehensive range of specialist antenatal services and clinics. PO Box 4195. Evidence demonstrates that co-administering (i.e. Alternative contact numbers for the Maternity Unit. Referral process. COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy For Information on COVID19 vaccination during pregnancy please download our fact sheet: She was the co-ordinator of the pilot team which implemented Changing Childbirth at the Liverpool Women's Hospital in 1996. You will be given a referral form for a blood glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes at 24 weeks of pregnancy. Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust Appointments for the Bedford Clinic, where we care for women seeking a termination of pregnancy, are administered through a central referral system telephone 0151 702 4184. Antenatal Clinics. Special interest: stillbirth and its antecedents. This clinic is held every month for women with a history of blood or blood clotting problems and a high risk history of such problems in their family. Those unable to attend the classes on weekdays can attend two weekends each month where all four sessions are covered. Dr Dalal is a Staff Specilaist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals and conjoint Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney. Macclesfield Maternity Unit Cheshire. This is a weekly clinic for women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more. This includes ensuring that the women have appropriate supports around her during the birthing process; to assist the woman in achieving her goals, where possible. Crown Street Our Boodjari Yorgas Midwifery Group Practice is an award-winning service run by midwives that seeks to empower Aboriginal women through their pregnancy , birth and postnatal period to support new mothers in a culturally appropriate manner. Blood tests are a routine part of pregnancy care and provide your health care team with information to plan the best care for you and your baby. More information. It is important that you bring: The timetable of appointments for pregnancy care will depend on your individual needs. First Appointments Centre Antenatal Clinic Integrated Antenatal Service Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Wing University College Hospital Tel: 0151 708 9988, Copyright 2017 Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust | Specialist antenatal services for women with medical conditions (including diabetes, maternal cardiac disease, raised BMI, haematology, renal, HIV, neurology, maternal medicine) Antenatal appointments information Community based antenatal clinics Checks done at my antenatal appointments The Pregnancy Book The clinic benefits from interpreters as well as a telephone interpreting service. Education will be provided, and you will be supported to run quality improvement initiatives for Diabetes. Only children to visit are your own. Location and clinic times. Tel: 0151 708 9988, Copyright 2017 Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust | We are confident that women and their babies will benefit from having access to maternity care sooner. 3. This facility has approximately 3,100 births per year and provides care for women with low risk through to women with a range of complex health needs. Waiting times in clinics can vary and having to wait a long time for an appointment can be particularly . Videos are not to be taken during the birth of your baby without the approval of the staff present for the birth. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - Information for you For more information on templates and e-referrals via secure messaging, view our Frequently Asked . The results of these tests must be sent with the referral or request a copy of the results to be sent to the Armadale Health Service Antenatal Clinic. If your call is relating to an urgent matter (on 8th March only) please call 0151 708 9988. Unison members of staff at Liverpool Womens will be taking part in industrial action on Wednesday 8th March 2023. If you have a very high-risk pregnancy, we will arrange for your referral or transfer to the closest and most appropriate hospital. GP Priority phone line: 07 3163 2200. We are a non-government, not for profit organisation that receives funding from NSW Health, administered by South Western Sydney Local Health District. Some women will chose to see a private Obstetrician for pregnancy and childbirth care or want to continue pregnancy care with their family doctor. The Birthing Unit at Liverpool Hospital provides care for women over 20 weeks gestation with any pregnancy related problem, through to the birth of their baby. Support people will need to provide their own food. Contact Liverpool Women's on 0151 702 4180 or 0151 702 4178 Pregnancy Support Clinic This is a weekly support clinic for ladies who are more than 10 weeks pregnant and have a history of recurrent miscarriage, usually three consecutive miscarriages. Pregnancy self-referral form for St Helier Hospital Pregnancy self-referral form for Epsom Hospital Cord blood stem cell collection Postnatal care . Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (07) 3646 8111. Gynaecology & Gynae-Oncology Study Day- John Hunter Hospital, Free Prenatal Screening and Down Syndrome, South Western Sydney Integrated Diabetes Case Conferencing,, COVID-19 vaccination decision guide for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy -UPDATED-, ANSC Exclusion Criteria V2 Updated April 2022, ANSC Protocol (Updated June 2019) (256 KB) (pdf), ANSC Guidelines (updated October 2020) (2.3 MB) (pdf), ANSC Exclusion criteria V2 -updated April 2022- (617 KB) (pdf), Antenatal Clinic Boundaries by Suburb (updated Jul 2021) (605 KB) (pdf), SWSLHD_Breastfeeding_Guidelines.pdf (5.96 MB) (pdf), Breastfeeding Resources in the SWSLHD2022.pdf (360 KB) (pdf), COVID19 ANSC GP Guidelines V5.0.pdf (179 KB) (pdf), SWSLHD GDM Policy October 2020 (451 KB) (pdf), Clinical Guidelines for the management of substance use during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, Updated referral guidelines to Antenatal Services at Bowral Hospital (223 KB) (pdf), ACM Consultation and Referral Guidelines 4th Ed (1).pdf (784 KB) (pdf), Resolving Feedback for a SWS ANSC Provider V1.0.pdf (713 KB) (pdf), MoH care pathway for women concerned about fetal movements GL2021_019.pdf (869 KB) (pdf), Identification and management of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum (373 KB) (pdf), Thyroid disease in pregnancy.pdf (218 KB) (pdf), Measurement-of-cervical-length-for-prediction-of-preterm-birth-(C-Obs-27)_Board-approved-March-2022.pdf (336 KB) (pdf), World Breastfeeding Week crossword 2022.pdf (457 KB) (pdf), *NEW* SWSLHD Breastfeeding resources & referrals in 2022 (291 KB) (docx), *NEW* Clinical Genetics Prenatal Referral Form -Dec 2021 update- (681 KB) (pdf), *NEW* Clinical Genetics Referral Instructions -Dec 2021- (700 KB) (pdf), Antenatal Clinic Referral Form.pdf (92.3 KB) (pdf), FMU Referral Letter 2019 v1.3.pdf (521 KB) (pdf), Diabetes Contraception & Pre-pregnancy (DCAPP) Program, Movements Matter-Safer Baby Bundle (315 KB) (pdf), Side Sleeping- Safer Baby Bundle (989 KB) (pdf), Food Safety During Pregnancy (3.43 MB) (pdf), Protecting your baby against influenza starts when youre pregnant, Whooping cough vaccine protect your baby (932 KB) (pdf), Movements Matter Arabic-Safer Baby Bundle (352 KB) (pdf), Side Sleeping Arabic- Safer Baby Bundle (249 KB) (pdf), Food Safety in Pregnancy- Arabic (524 KB) (pdf), Antenatal Expressing Arabic (144 KB) (pdf), GBS pregnancy screening Arabic (326 KB) (pdf), Protecting your baby against influenza starts when youre pregnant- Arabic, Whopping cough vaccine protect your baby - Arabic (875 KB) (pdf), Movements Matter Vietnamese- Safer Baby Bundle (371 KB) (pdf), Side Sleeping Vietnamese- Safer Baby Bundle (412 KB) (pdf), Food Safety in Pregnancy- Vietnamese (3.49 MB) (pdf), Antenatal Expressing Vietnamese (160 KB) (pdf), GBS pregnancy screening Vietnamese (343 KB) (pdf), Protecting your baby against influenza starts when youre pregnant- Vietnamese, Whopping cough vaccine protect your baby - Vietnamese (818 KB) (pdf), AusCDEP - free diabetes online learning modules (including pre-conception care), First trimester screening in general practice, Provide pregnant women with flexibility, choice and continuity of care, Cater for the preferences and needs of women from culturally and diverse backgrounds, Enhance the skills of general practitioners caring for women during pregnancy, Promote communication between general practitioners and the participating hospitals. These weekend sessions usually start at 8.30am or 1.30pm. He is affiliated to the Feto-Maternal Unit at Liverpool Hospital and is a visiting faculty member. These classes will enable you to make an informed choice in relation to pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting to help you achieve a more positive experience as you enter parenthood. The primary objective of this procedure is to assist the Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) Operations Group to identify and immediately address feedback or concerns raised about a General Practitioner (GP) with regards to the provision of antenatal share care. Held in the antenatal clinic at Liverpool Womens Crown Street site on a Wednesday between 9.30am and 11:30am. If you have chosen to have your maternity care at Liverpool Womens you will be invited to attend our antenatal clinic before the twelfth week of your pregnancy, where your individual plan of care will be discussed with you. As a specialist Trust, we receive many referrals by letter from consultants at other hospitals. Module 2: Helping you and your baby through pregnancy and birth; Module 3: Getting to know your baby in the womb Your completed referral form can be posted, emailed or faxed to us using the details below. The study day is available to attend both face to face or virtually. The care provided within this service is collaboration between the woman and her treating team to ensure the optimal and appropriate care is provided for the health and safety of the woman and her baby. Address: Elizabeth Street, LIVERPOOL, NSW, 2170 Contact: Ph: 02 8738 5632 Today's opening hours: 8am - 3pm Closed now Opening times: Monday: 8am - 3pm Tuesday: 8am - 3pm Wednesday: 8am - 3pm Thursday: 8am - 3pm Friday: 8am - 3pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm For public holiday hours, please contact this service. Phone: 02 6562 0221 Phone: 02 6562 0223 Postal Address: Liverpool Hospital. There is a range of classes to choose from, for more information see Childbirth & parenting Education Classes or you can email WSLHD Parenting Classes, Healthy recipes and meal plans on a budget, Multicultural Services for Women at Westmead, Mandarin Speaking Positive Birth and Parenting Workshop, Childbirth and parenting education resources, Perinatal Advice, Referral and Liaison Service (PEARLS), Westmead Institute for Maternal Fetal Medicine, referral letter for Womens health clinic by mail or fax, initial antenatal tests, e.g blood tests, early dating scan or Nuchal translucency ultrasound, Please click here to check if you are within the Westmead Hospital pregnancy care access area, if you need an interpreter, please ask your Doctor to write this on your referral, stating the language you speak, for enquiries call Women's Health Clinic on 02 8890-6508, proof of address (e.g. Alternatively you can call us on 0151 702 4328 to arrange your first appointment. You will be referred to the hospital antenatal clinic for a booking-in visit before 12 weeks plus a visit at 36 and 41 weeks. Download referral templates. Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)clients benefit from the extra time allocated during these appointments to allow for language interpretation. Where will I have my appointments? As a teaching centre of the University of New South Wales, Liverpool Hospital is proud to be training consultant dermatologists and doctors of the future under the guidance our consultant dermatology staff. The Birthing Unit at this facility provides care to women and their families during pregnancy, birthing and during the early stages of the postnatal period for families residing in the Liverpool Local Government area. Please note: If you have any of the following, please see your GP before referring yourself: Changes in your bladder and bowel habits. Once stable these patients will be internally referred to the EPAS Clinic for ongoing assessment, treatment and support. When you decide to book your care with us here at Whipps Cross Hospital, we ask that you complete antenatal self referral form Whipps Cross hospital [docx] 186KB which you can either hand in to our Antenatal Clinic reception or email to us at can also ask your GP to refer you to us but this may take longer. As well as a pathway of care created to suit each individual, other support networks include parent education and parenting classes each week before clinic and a weekly sexual health clinic. Women with straightforward, low-risk, pregnancies may find all the care they need within their local community but if you face a more complicated route you may need some extra support. serial fetal monitoring for pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Contact Liverpool Womens on 0151 702 4180or 0151 7024178. 45-47 Goulburn St, After review by an obstetrician and specialist renal consultant, a plan of treatment and care will be agreed. For the past 2 years he has undertaken the role of Head of Department O&G. Although we will have a limited staff presence on this date to deal with patient enquiries, we kindly ask that anyone with appointment enquiries only contacts the Trust if it is urgent. You will also have a Cardiotocograph (CTG), bedside ultrasound and a vaginal examination to assess cervix. To make an appointment telephone the antenatal clinic at the hospital where you want to have your baby. Referrals to Liverpool Hospital Dermatology can be made via post: Suite 7, Level 1 45-47 Goulburn St, Liverpool NSW 2170 or Fax: (02) 8738-4639 Patients will be triaged on a need and availability manner to ensure safe and appropriate management of all patients in the health area. If you have anyparticular medical needs you will be able to access a hospital antenatal clinic whereyou will be seen by a midwife and an obstetrician so that an appropriate plan of care can be implemented early in pregnancy. In his current role Dr Dalal facilitates care of high-risk obstetric women from the Macarthur region, including tertiary level perinatal ultrasound service at the Feto-Maternal Unit at Liverpool Hospital; with antenatal, birthing and postnatal services being maintained at Campbelltown Hospital. Antenatal Care. If you need to rearrange or cancel your appointment, please contact outpatients on 0151 702 4352 or 0151 702 4328, between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. The service won a National Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in 2012. Here youwill be seen by the midwife that will provide the care throughout the remainder of yourpregnancy and in the postnatal period.

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