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A PPM allows you to have complete control over the process including packing your own household goods and choosing which moving company you want to use (if any), but it also gives you more time to complete the move - an added benefit if you've received last minute . e. Trailers weighed attached to prime mover (no passengers aboard - weigh entire unit at same time). EFMP and accommodating quarters. If fail to do so, I voluntarily consent to collection of all government costs of this move from my pay. PAID . If you're doing a PPM, look at the company's insurance rates. A weight ticket is an official certificate stating the weight of a vehicle and its contents. She and her husband chose to DITY in 2008, before the change in reimbursement, and they made $12,000. Both companies usually offer military discounts. MUST obtain a certified/legible full weight ticket that contains weigh master's signature and date along with your full name and rank. Information about weight tickets for dity move by the required to the dity move reimbursed for your orders they will continue to you moveyour hhg. Using a CAT scale, how do you fill out the information on the weighmaster? Before your move, talk with the local TO so you weigh the truck at the right time. Josh, They're being really stubborn about it, we've called them twice. Check with you based local transportation office to be completely sure on the proper procedure. If a TSP cannot. Contact your rental location for assistance. Penske gives you the right truck at the right price, and makes being a DITY mover easy. If you drive it yourself you can call U-Haul, Penske, and Budget. I know different branches can be picky about this though. It infuriates me that there anything so called carriers out firefighter who made military families. Nathan, under the definition for HHG, the JTR says: 6. This is when you should talk to your leadership. Provide Rental Contract (not required for Air Force and . And you still save money with this DIY choice. However, you can claim some of those costs on your taxes.. Some options come with handcarts and blanketstheres lots of variation. One of the biggest obstacles people face in a DITY move is knowing what to pack and when to start. Want a chance you share your opinion about a moving company? Use modest amounts of healthy fats, such as olive oil, vegetable oils, avocados, nuts, nut butters and nut oils. You just have to know how to PCS with a horse to make it happen! (2) Use the constructed weights in par. If you need help in those areas you can likely find someone with experience who charges a reasonable fee. Expenses (optional) Eligible Expenses Eligible expenses will be tax deducted from the total payout for HHG. Weight tickets must be collected at a . They notify him laugh in stock room staring at high wall. Required fields are marked *, HITHERE! Its possible for TMO to construct the weight of your stuff by other estimations but youd have to talk to them. It actually drives me nuts how they dont council you guys over there. PCSgrades fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. When hiring help you may come across companies that look like moving services, who offer all the things youre looking for, but they are actually brokers, and complete scam artist. New boxes are sold in lots of places. We will get hell more detail about impact center of gravity shortly. rowboat, sailboat, outboard/inboard motorboat) and/or the associated trailer.. Make sure that you let your relocation specialist know when booking so that they can help you with the paperwork for the military dity move portion. And you won't have to pay back what you don't spend, meaning you could pocket thousands of dollars by doing a move yourself. Learn how to prepare for and complete your move, and discover the advantages to, Need to estimate expenses for your military move? Carolee is so helpful to share all she has learned through her experiences with the hopes that it helps your family during this crazy PCS season! You can save money on packing supplies by scrolling through local Facebook pages to see when people are getting rid of moving boxes. You can either do it all yourself, have a professional handle tasks, or some . Copy of Paid Rental Agreement. i tried contacting the weight stations and they have no records. DD 2278: Application for DITY Move & Counseling Checklist; Certified Weigh Tickets, one for Gross (full) weight and one for Tare (empty) weight. Drive around local base housing the night before trash day and check the curb, you might get lucky some weeks. Set a goal of packing a few boxes each day. Copyright 2023 Military With Kids All Rights Reserved, Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, 10 Temporary Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home, Traveling with Kids Made Easy with Military Lodging, DITY Packing Schedules to Make Your PPM Smooth. Is this the case? Weigh stations are generally used by commercial truck drivers, you will need to follow the following procedures to secure repayment for the outstanding costs of your move. Thanks Jake, I appreciate your time. For more information or additional copies of your tickets post-move, contact us at. Trailers and vehicles may be allowed but could require separate weight tickets depending on your branch, rank, and other details. The point of these tickets is to figure out how much your HHG weighs. In its announcement of the new contract, the DoD said they hope this GHC contractor will make necessary changes to the military moving process. (An expanding file like this is easy to have in the car along the move for important documents and receipts to all be in one place!). I work in admin (coast guard) and have never had issues with hhg this bad until people had to use services from the army or airforce. Or maybe you are one of the many military families this year being forced into a DITY move unexpectedly with this current PCS moving crisis. In some cases, a PPM (formerly a DITY move) may be the best way to ensure your belongings make it to your new destination on time.. If simultaneous are using a senior company, as your move meets the testament and distance requirements, servicemen are required to forge a briefing. Dear Military Spouse, What You Do Is Important. Hopefully no issues with that, haven't been paid yet though. If youre choosing the Personally Procured Move (PPM) option for your military move, several important things are required for reimbursement. Email your PPM final claim packet He inquired what the wheight of my world was. Keep rental receipts of expenses $75 or more to turn into your transportation office. Weight Certificates Are Unobtainable Next they schedule a drop off at the new place, and give you 3 days to unpack. However, many service members utilize a moving company, like U-Pack, for do-it-yourself (DITY) moves. Be organized and use lots of checklists for yourself. Contact the moving company and see if they can give you any sort of weight documentation. Youre probably used to saving receipts for your taxes, but getting weight tickets may not be as familiar. If you are reading this youve probably been asking yourself just how you can possibly do a full Personally Procured Move PPM or DITY move without losing your mind. Boxes are only good for about 4 moves, so if youre going to do PPMs often youll need to replace boxes regularly. You might be able to salvage a box thats been cut open, but leave crushed boxes on the curb. IIRC the regs provide for an estimated weight based on trailer size. This allowance covers both service members and their immediate family taking part in the move. Get active, stay active. If you stop at restaurants or hotels, you risk these items getting stolen or compromised. There are a ton of them around the U.S. so it should be easy to find one. ID or SSN and signature of weight master. Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure you have a smooth move to your next base. COST COMPUTATION . My recent PCS had a phone brief. SSIC 4050. A full PPM, that is, actually packing a moving truck and driving it yourself, results in a much more substantial reimbursement. What is an MFR? Does anyone have any experience similar to this at all? A great resource for your DITY move questions is the PCS Like A Pro Your Smooth Move that has military spouses from all branches working together to navigate the chaos of PCS seasons. Talk with your TO as soon as possible. Either way will require unloading at weight station and loading backup. Budget: U.S. military members traveling with orders can receive 20% off their truck rental with the discount code USMIO. Ask how they are charging you for your move. A government-procured move covers $6 per pound up to several thousand dollars. Hello, who wholesale a pilot in either Navy. Being a military spouse requires persevering through loneliness, enduring times of high stress, and having great patience. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. determine the constructed cost. Will they accept multiple loaded tickets on the same car? By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Does it that they able to three types of your time consuming hanging up. The average weight allowances for a PCS are based on rank, dependency status and move type. The bad news is, if you forget to do some of the steps, you could end up having your reimbursement . We obtained a letter from abf stating they have contractual agreement with the government exempting them from needing a 3rd weight ticket. Be careful if you have items not secured in a boat or other open vehicle. We had to rush to move because the only movers available in my area were only there for a few days during my leave, otherwise I would of been late (impossible to move with no help and a screaming one year old). You'll need a weight ticket for your vehicles, both empty and fully loaded, at your current duty station and your new one. Receipts for rental equipment, fuel, tolls, and fees for weight tickets . In addition, you'll also get other standard travel allowances for your family. f. DITY moves require DD Form 1351-2. g. DD Form 2278 and weight tickets must be submitted to paying office/TMO/ITO to receive incentive payment. Choose low-fat dairy products and lean meat and poultry in limited amounts. Weight tickets are big. The number of people you hire depends on how much stuff you have; if you have 10,000 lbs or less 2-3 people should do it. The .gov means it's . He filed a dity move weight ticket! (2) The net weight or the members authorized weight allowance, whichever is less, is used to You have a couple options. Your email address will not be published. And that the loaded weight at the origin should be the same at destination. Two certified weight tickets for each vehicle moving HHG: one empty & one full. Save during your moving documents and paperwork in general place, marking pens, it can also won an concern to shelter and travel as well. Things to set friendly and pack once before bed next partial DITY move. move on a basis other than weight. You keep the only key. Over the last 25 years, U-Pack has helped military members and their families move across the country, and our moving consultants have worked with each branch to ensure service members get what they need to be reimbursed. Our review identified New York and the City of Chicago as requiring certified weighmasters. With a DITY move, the government will reimburse you for 95% of what it would have cost for them to move you, or the Government Constructed Cost (GCC). Maybe go to the company and ask for the invoice? (4) If the constructed weight is unreasonable, the Service may base reimbursement on a reasonable We obtained a letter from abf stating they have contractual agreement with the governmen It lists the member responsibilities. All real estate commissions are negotiable. So we did a DITY move and what a nightmare! Save up to 10% on your military move. That can add up to a substantial amount. If youre doing a PPM, look at the companys insurance rates. Please while the URL and powder again. 1. Some branches dont care when you weigh the truck, as long as you get both full and empty tickets, but some require specific timing. Personally, weve taken advantage of bad duty stations, Read More Traveling with Kids Made Easy with Military LodgingContinue. Who is responsible for getting weight tickets? This contract is active through 31 August 2025. ITO/TMO provided . A member can recover $5,000 per shipment, or $4 times the weight of the shipment in pounds up to a maximum of $50,000, whichever is greater, as compensation. Your certified weight tickets (empty and full) Official PCS orders. . Talk to your TMO office and see what they say. Access moving company reviews by and for military families. Dont forget to ask for military discounts, and dont forget to discuss and get weight tickets. First, click on the Quick Links then Find Public Scale Locator. You can also use CAT Scales website or app Weigh My Truck if you cant access move.mil. Arrange for any rental equipment or moving services you need. of this move. will I get any reimbursement? Hold on to the weight tickets until after moving and submit them with the rest of the PPM paperwork. CLOSEOUT What if something is lost or damaged? I estimated 4000 pounds and they said $2200 or around $.55 a pound. lost weight tickets for dity move. And used packing paper is extra cushioned because of all the folds. Vehicle/trailer identification. Government travel cards can be used for some PCS expenses (always double check with your branchs finance office first). I know the requirements for weight tickets varies between the branches, so I would definitely go off what your travel or finance office says. Are used must be declared at the actual move the move they able to be go to allow you. Firearms, sentimental items, cleaning supplies, kid and pet essentials--these are all things you will have in your vehicle and can claim on the partial PPM. Save all the receipts as you can claim packing materials on your taxes. So ensure you finish find that information, and sandwiches or pizza for lunch. One way is to weigh your vehicle(s) empty before loading your stuff, then weigh it after it is full, either at your current base, gaining base, or somewhere on the road. A DITY will earn you an incentive payment of up to 95% of what it would otherwise cost the government to move you and your stuff. Dislocation allowance (DLA) can be paid as a partial advance before your move to help offset initial costs. e. Trailers weighed attached to prime mover (no passengers aboard - weigh entire unit at same time). Sometimes theyll price match their competitor; it doesnt hurt to ask! How many weight tickets so the. If it would cost the DoD $10,000 to move from your losing installation to your gaining installation, then the GCC is $10,000. Nail down these arrangements as soon as possible. I run Military With Kids as a resource and community for military parents as we all experience the ups and downs of being a military family. EMPTY and FULL weight tickets must be obtained at origin. One benefit of moving with, There are more than 600 certified scales across the United States. Claims for DITY moves must be supported by the Service member's statement of expenses actually incurred. You pay by the linear foot (how much space you take up in the trailer.) Cleaning the place you move out of can be very time-consuming. itemized expenses that may be directly related to the DITY move such as tolls, weight tickets, etc., are deducted from the incentive payment to .

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