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ACL surgery is a type of canine knee surgery. When a dog injures its anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or canine cruciate ligament (CCL), the costs can quickly escalate. How can I prepare for the cost of ACL surgery for my dog? From spaying and neutering, to vaccinations, microchipping, and more, our medical professionals never cut corners to keep your pet in great health. The two ligaments cross over one another and allow the knee to function properly as a joint. Some CCL injury treatments occasionally used are: Never try to self-treat a CCL injury at home. Exercising too soon can damage the knee further or cause other complications. Dog knee surgeries cost an average of $2,000 to $2,500. Skin staples are removed in 10 - 14 days. The vet will examine the injury and recommend a treatment plan. Many communities have fundraising events specifically for pets in need of medical care. Schedule one today! Special pricing is available for pit breeds, feral cats, and rescue organizations. Typically, the cost includes not only the surgery but also pre-surgical bloodwork, anesthesia . This may include limiting your dogs activity level, providing them with physical therapy, and managing their weight. Learn how to recognize and treat pulled muscles in dogs. Dog Health Bolognese is pretty calm and does not need a lot of exercise. Not only do these injuries cause pain and mobility issues, but they also destabilize the knee. There may be longer wait times for appointments, especially if you need emergency services. The Animal Medical Center offers a variety of payment options, including financing, to help make the surgery more manageable for pet owners. Its worth asking your veterinarian about this option if youre unable to pay the full cost upfront. Orthopedic Surgery Select Our world class orthopedic care is rooted in six distinctive services: Surgery, Revision, Diagnostics, Emergency, In-hospital Care, and Rehabilitation. Eye removal. The clinic is located a bit further away from downtown, so it may not be the most convenient location for everyone. Pre-surgical Bloodwork $75. A torn ACL is a fairly common bilateral condition in dogs that can cost you anywhere between $750 to $5, 000 . Here is what you need to know if you ever find yourself in this stressful scenario. This destabilization can lead to further injuries and joint breakdown over time, too, including additional ligament tears, menisci damage, and arthritis. It is titled ACL Knee Surgery and there is an email address on the web page to contact us should any clients that view it have any questions. Unattended, a torn ACL might not properly heal and could lead to arthritis. Dr. Allen has been performing ACL surgeries in dogs since 1977. You may need to crate your dog or confine them to a specific area of your home to prevent them from running or jumping. The key to successful recovery without surgery is to catch the injury early and provide proper care. I don't think I have enough nice things to say about our recent experience with Countryside and Dr. Allen. How Much Does Dog Hip Dysplasia Surgery Cost? When that is not enough, here is a list of ways a cash-strapped pet owner might raise funds for larger veterinary costs. Try natural supplements Fish oil, turmeric, and joint supplements are excellent supplements known to reduce inflammation and joint stiffness. Do you think getting a sink a second opinion is worth it. entire guide to my journey treating my own dogs ACL injury, from diagnosis to surgery and recovery. He is doing great. Large or very active dogs arent good candidates for this procedure, as they risk prematurely breaking the fake ligament. At Animal Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on deeply caring about you and your pet, and we want you to feel this every moment you are with us. Its best to discuss these factors with your veterinarian to get an accurate estimate of the surgery cost. Depending on the type of operation, dog ACL surgery ranges from around $1,000 to up to $5,000. This includes state-of-the-art surgical equipment, which means less risk and faster recoveries for your pet. Millie had torn the CCL in both of her back legs, and her surgeonChad E. Spah, DVM, DACVS, at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Des Moinesrecommended the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) procedure, the most popular type of dog ACL surgery. Their team of highly trained and experienced vets are knowledgeable in treating dogs with ACL injuries. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits of surgery with your vet to determine if ACL surgery is the best option for your dog. Sometimes breeds and genetics can play a role in ACL tears, as they seem to be more commonly found in larger breeds such as English cream golden retrievers and labradors. To find the web page go to facebook.com and search for Thor Lear, scroll down the page until you find the only video on his page. The laser treatment as our dog received it, involves short and continual movements over the affected areas. The Surgery department at MedVet offers state-of-the-art facilities, fully-equipped surgical suites and an expert staff, who remain dedicated to ensuring each patient receives only the most comprehensive and advanced surgical care available. The first step in helping your dog with a torn ACL is to understand the injury. Banfield Pet Hospital is known for their commitment to providing high-quality care for pets, so you can be confident that your dog is in good hands. Some veterinary clinics specialize in low-cost CCL surgery. 14 Financial Assistance for Dogs With Cancer, 7 Free or Low Cost Nearby Vets for Dog Broken Leg, 7 Free or Low Cost Nearby Vets for Cat Broken Leg, 19 Pet Surgery Financial Assistance: How Can I Fund, 6 Free or Low Cost Nearby Knee Surgery for Dogs, 8 Free or Low Cost Nearby CCL Surgery for Dogs, 8 Free or Low Cost Nearby Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs, 8 Free or Low Cost Nearby Dog Glaucoma Surgery, 7 Free or Low Cost Nearby Dog Eye Surgery, 8 Free or Low Cost Nearby Cherry Eye Surgery. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can a dog live comfortably with a torn ACL? VCA Animal Hospitals have a great reputation in providing top-notch veterinary care to pets. Its also best to discuss the surgery cost and payment options with your veterinarian before the surgery to avoid any surprise bills. Meet Our Specialists The Orthopedic Surgery Service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals treats dogs and cats with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Some organizations offer grants to help cover the cost of medical care for pets. Some pet owners have also reported that the prices for Banfield Pet Hospitals services can be higher than other low-cost options, so its worth shopping around and comparing prices before making a decision. The tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) is a common procedure that treats ACL injuries in dogs. It could be a condition called vestibular disease. Does pet insurance cover dog torn cruciate ligament surgery cost? Is your dog suddenly wobbling or unwilling or unable to stand or walk? Its essential to monitor your dogs weight when they are recovering from a torn ACL. It may be suggested by your veterinary surgeon over TPLO because of the shape of your dogs tibia, too. 8 Free or Low Cost Nearby Heartworm Treatment for Dogs. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery is a type of surgery that repairs a torn or damaged ligament in the knee joint of dogs. We are here to get your pet through the surgery and back into the hands of your full service veterinarian. The least expensive option is the lateral suture (ELSS) which hovers around $1,000 or $2,000, but this surgery is most often performed on small dogs under 35 pounds. This should help you rule out the possibility of a CCL injury in some cases (though your pooch may still need veterinary attention). If left untreated, a torn cruciate ligament can cause long-term pain and mobility issues for your dog. Its best to consult with your veterinarian to determine the actual cost. Look into these programs to see if you are eligible for any financial help. Around four to six weeks after surgery, your dog may begin physical therapy to help them regain their strength and mobility. Ask your local veterinarian if they are an AVMF partner - if so, they can . VOSM was one of the first canine orthopedic sub-specialty groups in the world. Ohhh, also worth noting, not only was DR. Allen great but EVERYONE we came in contact with at Countryside were great. Forever Vets Surgical Services For pet surgical services, contact our experienced and compassionate veterinarians at our Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St Augustine, St Johns, Nocatee FL or Orlando to help when your pet needs it the most. Surgery can be costly, but its often the best way to ensure a full recovery and prevent future injuries. A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery for a dog can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the severity of the injury and the location of the surgery. However, its essential to continue monitoring their progress closely and attending follow-up appointments with your veterinarian. In some cases, it can result in the loss of the pet, as symptoms . Although they offer low-cost ACL surgery options, they may still be more expensive than other veterinary centers in the area. Yes, getting surgery for your dogs torn cruciate ligament is usually worth the cost. After 12-16 weeks you can gradually make their walks longer, but they probably wont be completely back to normal for the first six months. Learn what to expect, from treatment options to out-of-pocket costs. Second, ES surgery is much less expensive for the ownerat my practice, I charge approximately $2100-$2400 for most dogs, which is an all-inclusive, out-the-door cost. Depending on the severity of the injury, your veterinarian may recommend using a brace or splint to help stabilize the joint and prevent further damage. They have a comprehensive care program that includes physical therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery for your furry friend. Its easy to confuse the cranial cruciate ligament with the caudal cruciate ligament, as they sound somewhat similar. During torn cruciate ligament surgery, your dog will be placed under general anesthesia. You can also provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest, such as a soft bed or cushion. It is also important to consider the potential cost of not treating the injury, as untreated ACL injuries can lead to further complications and increased long-term costs. MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets is a well-known and reputable veterinary center with experienced veterinarians and cutting-edge technology. Get tons of great dog training tutorials, canine gear guides, and the latest doggy discounts. Its possible to negotiate the cost of surgery with your veterinarian, but its not always guaranteed. The Humane Society of the United States has a list of organizations that offer financial assistance for medical care, including the Mosby Foundation and the RedRover Relief program. straps: a smaller one that goes. We provide a full range of services - from screening and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation - for conditions including hereditary joint disorders, cruciate ligament tears, patella luxation, Additionally, you can start saving money each month in a dedicated emergency fund for your pet to help cover any unexpected costs. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! But, this is a small price to pay for affordable ACL surgery for your dog. Our team goes where you're most comfortable - to your veterinarian's office - to . $1,278. Limited services: Although ASPCA Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services, they may not have the same level of specialized equipment and resources as a more expensive animal hospital. Its also important to monitor your dog closely during this time to ensure they dont re-injure the knee. She lives with a menagerie of furry and not-so-furry kids, including three dogs, some cats, a grumpy turtle, and her husband. Modern facilities: The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and cutting-edge technology, ensuring the best possible care for dogs undergoing ACL surgery. Thank you very much for this article it was very informative and clarify so many things for me. It is essential to plan ahead and make an appointment well in advance to avoid delays. Refer to our table below to see which each procedure may cost. Appointments may take two to four hours . TPLO Surgery Cost. In rare cases, both ligaments can be injured at the same time. Will my pet insurance cover the cost of torn cruciate ligament surgery for my dog? Make sure your dog is eating a healthy diet and is not overeating. Your vet may also recommend the use of a brace or splint to help support the knee during the healing process. There are three main types of surgery that a vet can perform to repair a dog's ACL, including traditional surgery, TightRope surgery, and TPLO surgery. 6. in July. While these arent in every state, theyre something to look for if youre in a pinch. This price range is significantly lower compared to other veterinary clinics, making it an attractive option for pet owners on a budget. However, some veterinary clinics may charge more or less. Price was very much an issue for us. A Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) in dogs is a procedure that is often used in medium sized dogs with a torn CCL, or those that require specialty care due to the shape of their tibia. I just got back from a walk in the woods with Luna and took a few photos of her in action. Are there different types of ACL surgery for dogs? If I could give them more than 5 starts I would! Nonprofit clinics like Emancipet generally don't offer surgerical procedures except on a case-by-case basis. Physical therapy is also an important part of recovery without surgery. This complex injury has a long recovery window and treatments, including surgeries, can have steep costs. Thanks again, Coleman, Joy, Taylor, and Kendall Smith (and especially Luna!). The clinic has state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure the best outcomes for your pet. Dont be afraid to reach out to your community or local animal welfare organizations for help. Its crucial to have an estimate of the cost of your dogs surgery beforehand, as it can help you budget accordingly. Its also the surgery of choice for obese dogs, athletes, and those who have torn or damaged both CCLs. VCA Animal Hospitals offer affordable ACL surgeries, ranging from $2,500 to $4,500. Additionally, many vet clinics offer financing options, which can help make the cost more manageable. Based on these factors a lateral suture technique can cost between $1100 and $2500. Schedule an Appointment. I thought you'd like to see just how happy she is. From TopDog's research, this surgery for dog ACL tear can cost anywhere from $1100-2,500. Its important to note that overall costs will likely be even higher due to the necessary diagnostics and postoperative care. The extra pounds can also make your dogs exercise more strenuous, which may lead them to live a more sedentary lifestyle. The cost was a major factor for us at first. Many veterinarians are willing to work with their clients to create a payment plan for necessary medical procedures. VCA Animal Hospitals offer low-cost ACL surgeries without compromising on quality. Tightrope Surgery: $650 USD. The anterior cruciate ligament, more commonly referred to as the ACL (technically known as the cranial cruciate ligament or CCL in dogs), is one of the main ligaments that connect the tibia, or the lower leg bone, to the femur, or the upper leg bone. On top of providing affordable care, Low Cost Pet Vet offers quality, friendly care for our pet patients and their owners. Hannah Elizabeth is an English animal behavior author, having written for several online publications. )Most dogs require very little aftercare when using this technique.

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