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I read another post here recently about disassembly of parts to record markings for the data sheets. c. Thoroughly clean and lightly oil all metal parts. Step 2: M1A Cleaning If this was my gun and I wanted it to be 100 percent, my next step would be to take it to a gunsmith or a specialist shop like Fulton Armory for them to troubleshoot it. Or you can follow the TM and wear out valuable parts. For a higher-resolution version, click the picture. efficient functioning of the carbine: c. First of all, use an original GI-issued Carbine. The failures to eject are typically the stove pipe variety. Primarily ground combat weapons, primarily small arms and man-portable crew-served weapons. FAS AR611 Air Rifle Manual (English) View . Every once in a while, when you run the charging handle to clear one of these issues, you actually induce a double feed. Slide the bottom plate out (you can use a screwdriver for leverage, just be careful not to bend anything), holding it securely before removing it. Id like to thank my Father-in-law for the use of his Carbine for this article. It was published by the War Department April 23, 1944. weaponsman.com/wp-content/uploads/2013//M1_Carbine_TM9-1276.pd page 38 covers where on the rifle to grease and when. Majspud. Usually, that is defined as original GI magazines. With the feeding failures, usually the round just hangs up on the feed ramp and you run the charging handle and its good to go. HK SR9. surfaces of barrel and operating slide. It discusses all this (and offers that ATF is probably a better lubricant than motor oil for gun applications). You are using an out of date browser. The barrel is also Inland and its stamped with an import mark that reads Blue Sky, Arlington, VA.. If your M1 rifle has a metallic tinny sound when cycling the op-rod; this is a good indicator that additional grease is needed. So that is what were talking about today. Last time, I talked about using the M1 Carbine for self-defense, and a kind of left you hanging with the issue of reliability. M1 Carbine 100 Yard Target Diagram (also described as Target "A") - this is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the target diagram used for the M1 Carbine rifle. Using machinists blue, coat the trigger engagement surface and inside hammer hooks and cycle the trigger to check hook contact. waterlogged, were SEE THE LINK BELOW. That person used it and abused it for many years and passed it on to a relative and that relative happens to be my coworker. But the military has looser requirements than you might think, and one characteristic of these requirements is that a weapon in the hands of troops is not required to meet standards of a weapon freshly rehabbed, or one being mothballed (figuratively) for that matter. Our Custom 1911 pistolsmiths have over 200 combined years of experience and individually hand fit every major component of your firearm. You know, these things: This edition of FM 9-1276 was published in 1947 and it contains a lot of useful information, including the overhaul flow chart weve already shown you, and the very interesting inspection and rebuilt-weapon serviceability standards. M1 Carbines are not known for their reliability. Both my carbines function well just lubed with clp. A must for every true M1 Carbine . It does, and magazine failure is a real thing. Universal Manual (3 MB PDF file) - Early non-GI changes, like the 2 recoil parts listed below: (5) Contact When you are ready to shoot, run a dry patch through the bore first. BASIC FIELD MANUAL: This is the "War Department Basic Field Manual" for the U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 M1 and M1A1. Those are still fairly plentiful and not crazy expensive, though they are not always easy to track down. So its only a sample size of one but I think it might be of some value to some of you, especially if you are considering maybe purchasing one of these. Former Special Forces 11B2S, later 18B, weapons man. QUALITY GUN CLEANING MAT - This M1 Garand gun cleaning mat by TekMat is made to exacting standards. Aat Verhoog Happy shooting! Aside from that, if you can find some of the original GI magazines that are still in the wrapper and unused, those are probably your best bet. Just says: "Wipe all surfaces clean with cloth, then wipe all surfaces with a patch or cloth that has been very lightly oiled." The site owner is a former Special Forces weapons man (MOS 18B, before the 18 series, 11B with Skill Qualification Indicator of S), and you can expect any guest columnists to be similarly qualified. Keep the bottom of the mag covered with your hand before removing the plate because the spring will want to shoot out once you remove the bottom plate. 1.Periodic cleaning: Follower and exterior Luckily, after most trips to the range, you really only need to provide cursory maintenance to your M1 carbine magazine. Push and hold the exposed plunger out of the way and then pull the magazine catch out. Hmmm. We have much higher expectations of our hardware. Wipe down the outside of the magazine, and use a soft nylon or brass cleaning brush to lightly clean the follower. I have drawings for the A1 lower around here, and I have drawings for the Sten MkII. For example, when the M16A1 was standard issue, one could be turned in for higher-echelon maintenance if the barrel was shot out. But what is the "proper" lubricant for this weapon? These old guns get little gremlins in them and theyre hard to track down. Re-moisten it from time to time. example of an early manual! The next suggestion is to use good magazines. The depot didnt want to see it if it could still achieve seven (!) Attach it to the cleaning rod, dip it in the solvent, and run it through the barrel's bore several times. Read the part about when grease is recommended. This begins with the waterproof, scratch proof, fade and oil resistant dye-sublimation printing. 16535 TM9-1005-205-12 OPERATOR AND ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE MANUAL . Some deviations from mil-spec are improvements. Apparently that's the "official" advice. So obviously, that takes a little longer to clear. And it was. Just as vague as the original manual, apparently. Best Practices for M1 Carbine Reliability If you look into how to make these guns more reliable, you'll run into a few of the same recommendations over and over. The M1 and the fully automatic M2 carbine were fairly widely issued to US client armies and militias in Southeast Asia; its light weight made it a decent choice for small-statured local levies (padi farmers and hill tribesmen with protein-poor diets). I had a slight problem with the bolt cycling, but that was shooter induced and I've corrected it already. Cock the hammer and gradually squeeze the trigger up to the second stage. Furniture Set Options: We didn't have any experience with semi automatic rifles and how to take care of them. Click on the image above to learn more about the M1 Carbine, M1 CARBINE For a deeper look into the M1, M2 and M3 Carbines and its intricacies, you can view the Technical Manual HERE. After the retirement of the M1 Carbine, it was still in use by police departments around the world. Loctite won't work either.again the high heat will just cook it. I also shoot my carbines a lot. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail with your order number. Fax: 1 (937) 835-0223 E-Mail Foms to: sales@inlanddepot.com. Luckily, after most trips to the range, you really only need to provide cursory maintenance to your M1 carbine magazine. PREPARATORY TO FIRING. He mentioned that the concept of reliability back in the WWII era was probably different than it is today. Pfc. Looking for tips on how to keep your M1 Carbine in tip-top shape? I have a new Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine, never had a M1 Carbine before. 2.The deep cleanEvery few hundred or few thousand rounds (or at least once per year) you should give your M1 carbine magazine a deep clean that will require disassembly. It may not display this or other websites correctly. It was written when the Army had depots full of parts and people to change them. However, if youre worried about bending it, feel free to use a nail or punch. Note the carbine mounts a US rifle grenade launcher, and the Chinese stick . Follow the arrows to proceed with the trigger group takedown. I just wanted to say thanks for these M1 etc. From all the feedback Ive been able to find, those those magazines work just as well as the GI magazines on average. Then somebody bought it at a gun show or something in 1980s. HK P7M13 Armorer's Manual. M1 Carbine. Search the history of over 797 billion Disassembly is, fortunately, easy. If its dry, you may be able to use compressed air to dislodge any present debris. Manual (7 MB PDF file), http://www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_universal.html, Second Generation I shot about 300 rounds of that particular brand and had just one malfunction. If it wasnt maintained, fouling, dirt, moisture, and oil would have corroded the barrel, gas system, bolt, and probably the trigger assembly over time. QTY. Maybe not quite as many as before, but definitely not an acceptable number. So, for $35, I ordered an M1 Carbine bolt disassembly tool. Copyright 2023 SARCO, Inc. All rights reserved. Universal M1 Carbine Operation and Maintenance Manual Universal M1 Carbine Information Page MaxIcon First Generation Universal Manual (7 MB PDF file) - Thanks to Jim at http://www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_universal.html for this great example of an early manual! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Grease makes absolutely no difference in how any of them function or shoot. Whether because of their age or inherent shortcomings in the design itself, frustrated M1 Carbine owners frequently deal with problems like failures to feed and failures to eject. But from everything Ive heard of them, they work just as well as you can expect any M1 Carbine to work. Motor oil is not a grease, but for applications where oil is called for, is a very good firearms lubricant and 100X cheaper than "gun oil". A clean gun will last for decades if not longer and will continue to fire faithfully. Most of it was the S&B and the PPU. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Close the action so the bolt is in the forward position. HK USP Armorer's Manual. Check the chamber to make sure the weapon is safe. I also grease the receiver rails and locking areas. These magazine brushes typically have stiff but soft bristles and a long, flexible tip that can be used to reach into tight spaces. You can wipe down the inside of the magazine at this point, too. type 1 - early stocks with high wood and I-cut oiler recess. All right, so that does it for the M1 Carbine. springs and the new slide, but with a screw for the slide key. Any grease will do. . Attn: FFL Department 6785 W. 3rd St Dayton, Ohio 45417 Inland Depot / Inland Manufacturing, LLC. For current prices, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). I do use a light coat of oil in the bore, the bolt lugs and the slide lug, slide rotation cam and channels are the most critical and a little oil on the extractors. Our focus is on weapons: their history, effects and employment. HK SL81. the 1942 M1 basic field manual, Red high lights are mine). HK VP70Z. And carbines didnt kill them. You can reach us at 610-250-3960 - but be sure to check back in our blog periodically for more tips, tricks, and interesting historical information! 30CAL M1 Carbine Magazine, 5rd. b. All Rights Reserved. I've found my milsurp equivelent loads with H110 to fall between 15 and 15.5 gr depending on the lot of powder. An original 15 round magazine thats compatible with the platform? The M1 carbine and its variants, which were officially in United States service from 1942 until 1973, served with distinction in the hands of U.S. troops throughout several critical engagements, including World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. That is a common recommendation for those magazines. There's a 1953 also but I can't readily find a link to it. Watch the video below for all the details, or scroll down to read the full transcript. Barrels display various import markings, some may be attached to remnant receiver section. HK USC45. Like many such posts, it was set-up in the local school. When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Antifreeze, Weapons Usage: The False Lure of Symmetry, Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Peter Laidler Armorer Articles, When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Knives. I used the guide rod and it was fine. TM 5-9341A - Repair Instructions for SNIPERSCOPES Models M1 and M2 August 1951 - This is one of two manuals dealing with the operator and the organizational mechanic (lower down the page you will find TM 5-9341), plus field and depot level maintenance (this manual, TM 5-9341A).

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