maui beach conditions

High Surf Advisory. At the resorts clustered in South . MM-14 (Olowalu) is looking like the best spot with Kamaole 1, 2, and 3 coming in second. Sunny this morning with increasing chance of clouds this afternoon. Theres only a small chance of clouds later. Be aware of powerful waves on the more exposed beaches & the waves are expected to pickup throughout the area sometime today. Mile Marker 14 is looking great! Winds will be super strong causing rough seas & extremely strong currents outside of these bays. Mostly sunny with increasing clouds & maybe isolated showers this afternoon. Mostly cloudy this morning with scattered showers. Mostly sunny this morning. Ulua Beach may be the prime snorkeling spot in the South Shore. Extremely strong winds are blowing out to sea. There is a little south swell causing little waves & stronger currents in areas, especially out near the rock tip. Kahekili Beach Park is also looking good this morning. Operations may resume today to remove the shipwreck at Honolua so it is unknown when & how big an area may be closed. Wailea Beach 9. Waves are breaking throughout the Zone. Still some shore breakers to be cautious of & avoid, however the waves are much smaller today. The rain is coming in sideways. The skies in Kaanapali are looking mostly sunny today with some isolated showers in the AM. Light winds in the morning and will get stronger in the afternoon. Scattered showers are possible but not very likely. It looks like heavy rain is on the way. Check the current weather, surf conditions, and enjoy scenic views [], Live webcam from Honua Kai Resort & Spa in Lahaina, Hawaii on the island of Maui. Just keep an eye out as the waves picked up slightly & may get a bit bigger later in the day. Waves are rising again & ocean conditions are getting dangerous in areas with waves. Forecast update in 2 hr 28 min 22 s. Big Beach surf forecast is for near shore open water. Its highly likely to stay sunny with light winds for most of the day. Black Rock & Kahekili have the calmest water for snorkeling. Today's Big Beach sea temperature is 76 F (Statistics for 27 Feb 1981-2005 - mean: 76 max: 77 min: 74 F) Live Wave Height ( ft) The waves are smaller & more manageable today but still be extra cautious. Snorkel in the PM may be preferred and exercise caution if you choose to snorkel. Kihei has the smallest waves for playing in today. Currents are stronger in deeper water. The storm is getting closer to passing & clearing out. Mostly sunny with increasing winds this afternoon bringing a chance of isolated showers later. Mostly sunny day, with calm wind. watch out for debris such as branches on the road. Currents are extremely strong, especially out near & beyond the Rock tip. Sunny skies throughout the day are expected but the afternoon may bring some isolated showers to the South Shore. Maui is Turtle Ready today with great snorkeling all over the island. As usual the currents are strong out past the tip of Black Rock. We aware of haze effecting the zone. Inside Kapalua Bay is best. For surfers, the map shows the most powerful swell tracking across near-shore open water and not the peak waves experienced by boats out at sea. If the rain falls today, ocean conditions will get worse so please be cautious. Its best to stay out of the water. Kai Kanani - Molokini Wailea, Maui - Hawaii View Cam. Waves are smallest along Mile Marker 14 & the Kamaole Beaches. Although the winds will relax this weekend, surf along east facing . Happy New Year!!! Ulua and MM-14 may have alright conditions be caution is advised! West Maui and South Maui tend to have calmer ocean and beach conditions, although dangerous conditions can occur there, as well. The waves are still too big at most spots. Theres the usual stronger currents out near the rock tip. Winds will most likely become super strong & seas rough by this afternoon. Below are storm photos from what the National Weather Service reported as Maui County's "heaviest rainfall." . 305 Likes, 11 Comments - Maui 24/7 (@maui247news) on Instagram: "KAIHALULU (Red Sand Beach) BEACH: Report of a 26 year old male that was pulled from the water at" Today is looking partly sunny but showers are expected before noon. Powerful waves, extremely strong currents & undertow. Wind advisory is issued for South Shore. Kamaole Beach Park # 1 and Ulua Beach are looking calm this AM. South face of Black Rock and Mile Marker 14 (Olowalu) are looking like the top spots today! Sunny skies & light winds are expected for most of the day. Winds should stay light to medium in strength. The north end of Ulua Beach also looks good. Select a beach from the map or list to learn more about current conditions and activities. Kindly take all necessary precautions. Maui has really nice snorkeling conditions where the winds are calmer. The morning weather is set to be mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms and showers in the afternoon. Makena Beach Surf Report and Forecast Hawaii Maui North-West Maui Live Data Current Surf Report for Makena Beach 1 ft 30mph Very Strong, Offshore Primary Swell 0.6ft at 16s Secondary Swell 0.5ft at 13s Wind Swell 4ft at 8s Clear Air 73f Sea 75 f Tide Location Makena, Maui Island, Hawaii - 1.26 miles away Please be extra cautious if you have to drive somewhere. In the United. Kahekili beach has smaller, surging waves that are still strong but snorkeling is decent if the waves arethoughtfully avoided. Were starting the 2023 off with absolutely beautiful beach weather! Wind (km/h) Wind gust (km/h) 24 Hr Rain Sun 02/26 Mainly sunny 23 23 21 0 % 35 NE 52 <1 mm Mon 02/27 Chance of a shower 23 23 21 40 % 35 NE 53 ~5 mm Tue 02/28 A Few showers 23 23 20 40 %. Kahekili Beach has good visibility but currents are super strong due to wind. Mile Marker 14 will have the smallest waves. Kaanapali & parts of the South Shore are looking great for snorkeling this morning! Conditions expected to hold throughout the day. There are some slightly elevated waves at times to take care & avoid, especially around Kahekili. 1 among US beaches for 2023. Waves will likely calm down more later. The winds are expected to become very strong at some point & may cause hazardous currents later. South face of Black Rock and Kahekili are the best spots today but be cautious of strong currents and wave all around Maui. Sunny skies & light winds this morning. You can see Maui LIVE right now, by clicking on the Maui Webcams on this page from Jon's Maui Info. There is also a yacht that crashed on the reef up the point. The Kamaole Beaches are also good this morning. Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Ka'anapali, HI. Please avoid rough or murky water. Waves occurring across the zone with strong currents and undertow. The morning brings some scattered showers, but mostly sunny conditions. The south face of Black Rock will have the calmest water today. There is a small south swell causing elevated waves at times, mainly in the Makena area. 12 Day Weather and Surf, issued 7 am Monday 27 Feb 2023 HST. Powerful waves & strong currents. Happy Aloha Friday on Maui! Waves are powerful in the more open ocean exposed beaches & points. Cloudy skies with rain likely to return off & on. Surprise waves will wash high upon the shoreline. Sunny skies & light winds through the morning. The south face of Black Rock & Kahekili are looking really good this morning. Conditions: Choppy/sideshore current with. Happy Aloha Friday on Maui! Strong winds this afternoon & maybe scattered showers. Big waves are washing high upon the shoreline. Currents are strong at most beaches as well. Average Temperature and Rainfall in Kauai. The Kamaole Beaches, Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are all really nice this morning. Brown water with lots of debris & pollution. There are still strong currents out near the rock tip. Mile Marker 14 has the calmest water today. Kaanapali will be mostly sunny today with very strong winds. Winds are expected to become very strong this afternoon & will likely cause wind waves & rough seas. Both Black Rock and Kahekili Beach Park are looking amazing today. The middle of Honolua Bay may look calm but waves are breaking over the best part of the reef & it will likely become super dangerous soon. The average temperature in Kauai ranges from 68F-87F year round. South & north swells are making Napili extra hazardous. Currents are strong out past the rock tip. Its still quite hazardous. Strong currents and wind waves at Kahekili Beach Park. Air Temperatures: 82/66 Water Temperatures: 79F Windward: North - East Skies: Variably cloudy, with off and on showers some locally heavy with possible thunder Winds: Locally windy Waves: Small to lower medium north shoreslarge and rough east shores Air Temperatures: 79/66 Water Temperatures: 78F Happy Aloha Friday! Mile Marker 14, Kamaole Beach # 1, 2 and 3 as well as Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are all looking really nice. Check out the live cameras below (on the emailed report). Kapalua Bay Beach 3. Explore our interactive viewer and data graphs! Stormy with heavy rain showers at times. Kahekili Beach park & the south face of Black Rock are the most calm & clear this morning. Mostly sunny skies are expected although scattered showers are possible. A south wind will cause choppy conditions & strong currents. However, it is still unknown if the shipwreck at Honolua Bay is leaking fuel or other debris yet. Powerful waves in Makena & Wailea this morning should start to calm down later. Light winds this morning. Light winds will increase in strength over the course of the day. It is very hazardous. Expect Isolated showers and mostly sunny skies. Black Rock and Kahekili Beach Park = Turtle Ready! Maui Island Beach Weather in Maui Island, Hawaii, United States 22 24 Kapaulua Bay, United States 22 24 Kaanapali Beach, United States 22 24 Hookipa Beach Park, United States 22 24 Kahului, United States Best beaches for the next 14 days 1 24 24 Hookipa Beach Park, United States Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected in the PM with winds growing in strength throughout the day. The waves are very small & winds are light this morning. Maui, known also as "The Valley Isle," is the second largest Hawaiian island. Sunny skies & light winds at in South Kihei, Wailea & Makena. Ocean conditions around Maui have calmed down considerably! Currents & undertow are strong. Each of 810 renovated guestrooms, 31 suites, affords Hawaiian elegance with private lanais and panoramic views. Sunshine will be present in the South Shore to enjoy Ulua, Kamaole #1, 2, and 3. Waves continue to be breaking throughout the Zone & currents are strong. Clear sunny skies are expected at least for most of the day. Rain is expected throughout the day. The Maui Beach Park also offers two parking lots, restrooms, and picnic facilities. Enjoy live scenic views of popular beaches & resorts in Hawaii. Be mindful of strong shorebreak. Be mindful of strong currents outside the bay and wind waves. Water visibility is looking pretty good along the south face of Black Rock. Mostly sunny with light winds this morning. East winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. Extremely strong winds. Ulua Mile Marker 14 is best in the Zone. Clouds may form sometime. Currents are stronger out past the rock tip. Be aware that an extra large & extremely powerful northwest swell is starting to fill in. The size of a beach naturally fluctuates, but building too close to the shoreline and erecting temporary structures to preserve buildings disrupts the movement of sand and leads to beach loss Tiare Lawrence, a West Maui resident that took photos of the erosion, says the best solution is managed retreat, which would require moving the hotels inland Mostly sunny with a chance of isolated showers, mainly this morning. Ulua Beach, Charley Young, Olowalu (MM-14) are all looking nice today. (Weather station: Kahului Airport, USA). The waves are a little smaller today but are still too powerful & currents are still too strong! The waves, currents & undertow are super strong & extremely dangerous! It is highly recommended to stay out of the water today. Check out the details below. The south end of Kamaole Beach Park # 1 has only small waves as well. Popular Islands & Beaches Maui Honolulu Oahu Island of Hawaii Kauai Lanai Waikiki Beach Kihei, Maui Kaanapali Beach A Wind Advisory is still in effect on Maui. Looks like sunshine for most of the day with possible scattered showers later. Choose the appropriate rating based on your activity. Cloudy & rainy. Mile Marker 14 will likely remain calm unless the winds pick up later. Scattered clouds. It could still rain heavily at times. Winds gusting up to 30 mph are causing super strong currents further out from shore & outside of the bays. The south end of Kamaole # 1 is looking pretty calm. There is Flash Flood Watch in effect with a chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms in the PM. Clouds may move through later. Isolated showers before noon. Popular Islands & Beaches Maui Honolulu Oahu Island of Hawaii Kauai Lanai Waikiki Beach Kihei, Maui Kaanapali Beach 10 on the global list and No. Located on the Southside of Maui, off of Makena Alanui Road, Big Beach claims our vote for the best beach Maui has to offer. Another beautiful sunny beach day on Maui! There are strong winds to be aware of and have the potential to increase in strength as the day goes on. Today is looking mostly sunny with some chance of isolated showers. Two ratings are calculated for each beach. For hotel rates, November is once again in the lower quartile of the cheapest months. It is raining this morning. High Surf Advisory Issued. A little south swell is raising waves a little bit & kicking up some sand. There are occasional 2 foot waves in areas & avoid. Winds may affect Kahekili later. The waves are not huge, but are powerful in the more open ocean exposed areas. Black Rock is #TurtleReady today and there is a great spot to snorkel in every zone today! The water colour and conditions are similar in west and south Maui and you can get "perfect blue water with perfect waves" in both areas. The north little corner of Ulua Beach will probably improve this afternoon. Maui has clear visibility in areas of each of the 3 Snorkel Zones! Kahekili Beach is great this morning with clear visibility. And Makena Beach (aka Big Beach) in South Maui is one of Maui's most scenic beaches, but . See more current weather. With three miles of white sand and crystal clear water, it's no wonder why Kanapali Beach was once named America's Best Beach. This information is important to beach goers, swimmers, snorkelers and surfers. Using current weather, surf, public safety alerts and beach conditions we calculate hazard levels at nine Maui beaches. The rain let up a bit this morning but will probably return & could be heavy at times. $299 a night was the 2019 daily average hotel rate in the West Maui area. Today's Kihei Cove sea temperature is 75 F (Statistics for 02 Mar 1981-2005 - mean: 76 max: 77 min: 74 F) Live Wave Height ( ft) Live Wind Speed ( mph) + -. Anything is possible, but it probably wont today. Tonight: Windy. The winds will become extra strong again today. The sun may pop out at times but overall we have stormy conditions with heavy rain at times. The waves are breaking in areas. Check the current weather, surf conditions, and [], Live Cam from Maui Luxury Real Estate. >The Snorkel Store received the Hall of Fame Award from Trip Advisor for 5 straight years of excellence in Customer Service. Still looking like a wonderful beach day but exercise caution near the water. The inside of Kapalua Bay will offer the calmest water if the sun comes out. The waves are still too big at most spots. However scattered showers are still possible, its not very likely. Receive a FREE boogie board or beach chair rental when you reserve 2 or more snorkel sets online. Maui 14 Day Extended Forecast. Water junkies can certainly try their hand at surfing at various beginner surf breaks or enjoy stand-up paddleboarding . Its possible afternoon showers blow down off the mountain but not much rain, if any, is expected. Small south swell causing waves that are still a bit elevated, especially in the Makena area. The West Maui beaches beyond Kapalua, like Mokuleia and Honolua, can be very dangerous, particularly with high winter surf. It is a lovely day for snorkeling at most spots such as Mile Marker 14, the Kamaole Beaches 1,2, and 3, Ulua Beach, as well as Makena Landing today! Check the live weather, beach activity and surf conditions. Sunny skies & light winds are expected all day. The south face of Black Rock has a beautiful area of calm water & should stay nice all day. Black Rock has a pocket of calm water on the south face. Mostly cloudy day with showers likely throughout. Increasing winds will probably cause wind waves & rough seas this afternoon. The south face of Black Rock is looking good. Kahekili is looking good with small waves but the currents are very strong. Swell Period. Expect showers in the Northwest Zone today with mostly cloudy skies. Please be wise on the roads. Going to be a mostly sunny day complimented by calm winds. Kapalua Bay may appear to have smaller waves but the currents are super strong & bigger waves are making it in at times. Winds is expected to be light. Extremely powerful waves, currents & undertow. Skip to content. The south face of Black Rock is really good too, although there are elevated waves in areas & pushing toward the rock. Visibility is clear as the waves are pretty small inside of the bays. Snorkeling is generally not advised in Kaanapali today. Partly sunny day with light winds. Kahekili Beach has clear visibility as well. The waves will keep getting bigger & ocean conditions more dangerous throughout the day. More rain is expected & it could be heavy & stormy at times. The waves are smallest inside Kapalua Bay but theres a lot of water moving around. Winds will gust over 40 mph & could blow some scattered showers down off the mountain. Conditions are looking really good along Mile Marker 14, the Kamaole beaches & Ulua Beach. The south face of Black Rock has a nice area of calm water. Maui Beach Bundle From $35.00. Maui has more swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian Island. Lots of rainbows are expected as the storm starts to clear. Sunshine & light winds are expected for most of the day although stronger afternoon winds could create wind waves & stronger currents later. DST Changes. it could calm down for a while this morning. Calm & clear water throughout South Kihei & Wailea. The north corner of Ulua Beach is looking OK. Take extra care to avoid waves & be cautious of currents. The south face of Black Rock is going to have a nice pocket of calm water as the rock is tall enough to block most of the strong north winds today. Kahekili Beach & the south face of Black Rock have great snorkeling conditions. Kaanapali is starting to improve. Kamaole # 1 has the smallest waves. Super nice snorkeling conditions at Kahekili Beach Park & along the south face of Black Rock. KIHEI MAUI, HI FACING: W Maps Media CURRENT CONDITIONS 73 N 6 mph Today's Forecast Buoy 51213 3.3ft @ 9sec Buoy Map LOW 9:37 AM HIGH 2:22 PM Tide Data 76 Trunks Ocean Temps Sorry, the video player failed to load. Ulua Beach is good but has some waves in the shallows. Sunny skies & light winds are expected all day. Maui only has seven beach parks with lifeguards. East shore surf will steadily decline tonight through the middle of next week, with flat conditions expected by the end of the upcoming work week. Light north wind. Currents are strongest out past the rock tip. Mile Marker 14 is very calm & clear early this morning. Kamaole Beach Park # 1 and Ulua Beach are looking calm this AM. Please always avoid brown water & swimming in heavy rain. Mostly sunny with scattered showers & strong winds. A Wind Advisory has been issued! But it looks like the bulk of the storm has passed. Its a beautiful beach day on Maui! The south face of Black Rock may be a pocket of calm water throughout the day. Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots. Deluxe Snorkel Sets $35.00. The south face of Black Rock is doing its thing by blocking most of the wind & creating a very nice area of calm & clear water. The south face of Black Rock has a little pocket of calmer water. Waves are surging onto the shoreline. This will cause dangerous ocean conditions to most of the shoreline today. South face of Black Rock OK in AM. Beautiful Maui rainbows are expected as the skies have cleared up a bit this morning in the 3 Snorkel Zones. For today, seas remain rough with powerful waves & the currents are super strong. However, currents are strong & theres lots of water moving around. Sunny skies & a light north breeze likely all day. However there are waves & stronger currents on outer edges. Inside Kapalua Bay theres some calm water but still waves at times above the shallower areas. Kaanapali has improved a bit & may get better this afternoon. Wind waves may occur throughout the day and currents further out are to be avoided. Highly likely it will stay sunny with light winds. In front of Kahekili Beach Park & the south face of Black Rock are the most calm & clear today. Simply write your selection in the notes at checkout. It could get rough during rain squalls. They should start getting smaller today but be careful, as the waves start to get smaller there will be longer periods between the bigger ones. Light east wind will provide a gently respite from the sunshine. The south face of Black Rock will have the calmest water for the longest today as the rock will block much of the wind. Scattered showers are possible but the mountains may hold it off for most of the day. Heavy rain is expected & conditions will change quickly. The waves are smallest inside Kapalua Bay but theres a lot of water moving around. Mostly sunny skies with the winds picking up throughout the day. The most powerful waves expected at Ka'anapali Point in the next 12 days are 8ft 7s and forecast to arrive on Wednesday (Mar 08) at 11AM. Kaanapali continues to have the nicest snorkeling conditions. The waves have also picked up enough to kick up sand & sediment. Mobile Cabana Sets From $50.00. However the winds are blowing right out to sea & there are some wind waves. Strong waves across the zone and strength is expected to increase throughout the day. Before you go to the beach in Hawaii, check out this useful guide with important things you can do to respect our ocean and stay beach safe. The nicest conditions on Maui for snorkeling can be found in Kaanapali all day & South Kihei this morning. The northern swell is still affecting the Shore Shore today. Near the Rock tip is where currents get super strong. 15ft 10ft 5ft. Calm winds are likely but scattered showers in the afternoon with increasing winds may make for a trip to Kaanapali for snorkeling. The waves are small but its not looking like a good idea to for snorkel today. Full story on Waves in areas. Partly sunny skies and isolated showers. With warm weather year-round and miles of soft sand, the island is a sunbather's dream, but active travelers won't be disappointed. Patches of blue sky mixed with scattered showers. Partly sunny conditions in the afternoon with scattered showers in the AM. The Makena & Wailea areas are quite hazardous. Light to moderate winds expected with widespread haze. Sunny skies & light winds expected. Looking like it will be mostly sunny in the Northwest Zone with scattered showers before noon. Get that umbrella ready for today! Maui Surf Forecast map for predicting the best wave and wind conditions across the region. Definitely the go-to zone on Maui for snorkeling today. Honolua Bay has the best wind protection but waves are breaking over the shallow reef. Strong currents and powerful waves throughout the Zone. But you gotta know where to go. There is a small pocket of calm water on the south face of Black Rock but strong currents out passed the point. Looking like a mostly sunny day with some isolated showers before noon. Theres a Wind Advisory due to gusts reaching 50 mph. Flood waters are super strong. A small area inside Kapalua Bay may calm down but theres a fine line where currents are very strong. Please always be careful not to go out too far from shore. Whether you want to re-experience a past visit or see what awaits you during a future visit, we invite you to view our webcam, which broadcasts live daily from 5:00am HST to 7:30pm HST and re-broadcasts a time-lapse of the day during the evening hours. The Kamaole Beaches, particularly Kam # 1 are looking calm this morning. But it looks like the storm will continue to bring lots of rain & strong winds today. However, there is likely rain runoff pollution. Be aware though that a powerful west swell is filling in & could affect here as well sometime today. As the winds picks up so will currents. As usual currents are stronger out near the rock tip. The south face of Black Rock is the spot today as the rock is blocking most of the wind. The Kamaole Beaches, Ulua Beach, Wailea Beach & Makena Landing are all looking great this morning! Powerful waves, currents & undertow continue to make ocean conditions super dangerous! The most hazardous waves are in the Makena area. West being Kihei side beaches and East being Wailea side Beaches. Kaanapali has the most sunshine & the calmest water for swimming with turtles today! Steady rain and occasionally heavy rain & possible thunder storms. Sun & Moon. Sarento's On The Beach Kihei, Maui - Hawaii View Cam. Kaanapali has the calmest ocean conditions today! An incoming small long-period northwest swell will give a slight boost to north shore surf today, with minimal surf then expected Saturday through Tuesday. Extremely nice snorkeling conditions this morning! Waves could pickup later. The south face of Black Rock has a nice pocket of calm water and Kahekili Beach Park is looking good in the AM. March is still in the Hawaiian winter season which means you . Weather Hazards; Beach Safety for Families; NEWS. As usual currents are strong further out from shore. Ulua Beach 10. Strong winds & a good chance of scattered showers off & on throughout the day. Sunny skies & light northern breeze. Heavy rain is likely off & on. During the winter time I have had the best luck seeing whales very close to shore off these beaches. Be aware that there could be 10 minutes or longer between the big waves, however they are breaking. Its likely going to take a day or so for the water to start to clear up. Light winds will make for gently swaying palm trees as the sun shines on the beaches. The best snorkeling conditions are found in Kaanapali at Black Rock and Kahekili Beach Park. Honolua Bay is to be avoided due to a shipwrecked yacht leaking fuel. Waves are smallest closer to the south face of Black Rock but still powerful at times. It will probably remain sunny today. Theres still a slight chance of scattered showers at some point as well. Exercise caution in and near the ocean throughout the day, in all zones. Currents will likely remain very strong. Forecast update in 2 hr 47 min 23 s. Kihei Cove surf forecast is for near shore open water. Water is moving quite a bit so be cautious. Winds should increase in strength throughout the day as storms and showers effect the zone. With temperatures that summer between 75 and 80 degrees all year, Maui is by far the most reliable place in the U.S. to dive, dunk, swim, and snorkel in comfort. These wind protected bays should stay nice today. The north end of Kapalua Bay is the most calm in the zone. Kaanapali will have the calmest water for snorkeling. The best snorkeling conditions are at Kapalua Bay today. Have a great day and enjoy yourselves. Kapalua Bay tends to clean up pretty quickly although its best to stay out of the water today as it is too rough & polluted. Super nice & calm conditions at Kamaole Beach #s 1,2, and 3. Kahekili Beach & the south face of Black Rock have fantastic snorkeling conditions.

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