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He was arrested again in October 1976 for possession of illegal weapons after he and some of his associates were pulled over by the police. Good book for what it was Mr. Untouchable Nicky Barnes story of his rise to power, his forming of the council to distribute heroin in Harlem and other parts of NYC and his decision to turn informant and bring them all down after he feels that they have betrayed him after he is sent to prison. And his new identity was all the more convincing because he seemed so content to be living it. The daughters were able to be in periodic touch with Barnes. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Nonetheless, his wealth, power, and connections kept Barnes fairly protected from the law for a while, at least. Mr. Lucas loved it. Also during his time at Green Haven, Barnes made friends with reported Mafia crime boss "Crazy Joey" Gallo. Heroin, rubber bands, tape and surgical masks were confiscated in a drug raid tied to Barnes. With both parents in prison, the daughtersthen aged 10 and 8were placed in foster care. 1; he had charisma, Sterling Johnson Jr., a federal judge and former special narcotics prosecutor in New York City, said in 2007. Shutterstock. Untouchable, is booked at a Bronx police station. He had a record of 13 arrests as an adult with no convictions. Barnes gave an interview to The New York Times around the time of the book's release and described his new life. Both daughters remember him playing with them and occupying a big part of their lives. Mr. Barnes himself became addicted to heroin for several years in his 20s until spending time in jail, when he ended his addiction. Untouchable of Heroin Dealers, Is Dead at 78.. By November, the Council had generated $100 million in heroin sales, a fact which inspired the DEA to ramp up its investigation of . Released after more than two decades behind bars, his flamboyance a thing of the past, Mr. Barnes readily adapted to the witness protection program. Nicky Barnes is not around anymore, said Barnes in 2007. This Is Nicky Barnes. He is also survived by one daughter and son-in-law, Crystal and Charles Meade of Union City; two sons and daughters-in-law, Rance and Patti Barnes of Union City and Micah Barnes and Heather . Barnes was released in 1962 and sought to expand his underground operations. I also knew his chief rival, Frank Lucas. Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. Astrological Sign: Libra, Article Title: Nicky Barnes Biography, Author: Editors, Website Name: The website, Url:, Publisher: A&E; Television Networks, Last Updated: June 1, 2020, Original Published Date: April 2, 2014. Leroy Nicholas Barnes (October 15, 1933 - June 18, 2012) was an American crime boss, active in New York City during the 1970s. My God, the guys got holes in his shoes, one defense lawyer said. Barnes helped to indict 44 other traffickers, 16 of whom were ultimately convicted. Legendary Harlem drug kingpin Leroy (Nicky) Barnes wants you to know who the real "American Gangster" was. A jury convicted Mr. Barnes later that year in a wide-ranging drug conspiracy case and a judge sentenced him to life in prison. Barnes claimed that he had been set up by the police on the possession charge in his autobiography. Barnes admired their attentive and loving parenting style, so different from what he had experienced while growing up amidst a myriad of social ills. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. VALRICO, Fla. - Six months ago fate found 78-year-old Gary Barnes when a woman named Olivia Robles found him. The accompanying article was titled "Mister Untouchable." And that reinforced a continuing difference between him and a good number of his co-workers. The ability to choose.. He pursued a daily routine as if it were a route to redemption. Untouchable of Heroin Dealers, Is Dead at 78 , Nicky Barnes is not around anymore, said the balding, limping grandfather in the baggy Lee dungarees.Nicky Barness lifestyle and his value system is extinct, he went on, speaki, Trending Press News (@trendingpress1) June 8, 2019, This is Nicky Barnes, it read. His two grown daughters, who had been in foster care after their mothers arrest, were also given new identities under the witness protection program and moved to be with him for a while after his release. He would try to do homework with us over the phone, the younger daughter says. That same year, he was played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the film American Gangster, which, to Mr. Barness irritation, focused not on him but on his leading challenger for peddling dope and bragging rights, Frank Lucas. Death. The story of his rival Frank Lucas also made it on to the big screen in the crime drama American Gangster. He was later arrested for possession of burglary tools and then for breaking into cars, which earned him a three-year sentence at the Manhattan House of Corrections, more colorfully known as "The Tombs.". That is not a part of my life. Nicky Barnes is a former professional boxer who was born in the United States of America. President Jimmy Carter saw the cover and is said to have ordered the Department of Justice to make sure Mr. Untouchable did not also beat federal charges that were then pending against him. President Jimmy Carter, who had just been sworn into office in 1977, was reportedly so displeased with Barnes pompous disrespect that he ordered the drug lord to be prosecuted as harshly as the law allowed. This week, after learning of Mr. Barnes's death, Robert B. Fiske Jr., the United States attorney in Manhattan in 1977, recalled him as having overseen "the largest, the most profitable and the most venal drug ring in New York.". Mr. Barnes posed for the cover of The New York Times Magazine in 1977, an act of defiance that offended President Jimmy Carter and caused the Justice Department to step up efforts to prosecute Mr. Barnes. He became a federal informant and agreed to testify against the entire organization, the girls mother included. He stayed out of prison for another three years after this incident. I left Nicky Barnes behind.. Convicted in 1977, imprisoned for more than two decades, he ultimately testified against his former associates, ensuring their convictions, and was released into the federal witness protection program under a new identity. Has been dead in fact since 2012, but because of his participation in the Federal Witness . Kind of like that larger-than-life presence, and I was so little, the younger daughter says. He became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977. He was so grateful to be able to go to work everyday and not look over his shoulder., The older daughter notes, He didnt want that untouchable persona any more.. In the thousands of pounds, Barnes replied. Barnes was then transferred to another facility with a special witness protection unit and testified in several cases. Mr. Barnes posed for the cover of The New York Times Magazine in 1977, an act of defiance that offended President Jimmy Carter and led to stepped up efforts by the Justice Department to prosecute him. "I live within my paycheck. The Constitution doesnt allow prosecutors to convict people because theyre doing something morally wrong, said Barnes. [10] The Council had a rule that no council member would sleep with another Council member's wife or mistress, so in response Barnes decided to become a federal informant. The trial was the first federal case in which the jurors identities were kept secret to protect their safety. You may also light a candle in honor of Thelma Grant or send a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral service. Nicky Barnes, an ostentatious New York City drug lord who was played by Cuba Gooding Jr in the Ridley Scott film American Gangster, is dead. And he may have been right. For him to be with us just answered so many prayers we had as little girls, the older daughter says. During the 1970s, Barnes would control the Heroin trade in Harlem. She grows up with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, falls in love along the way, and transforms herself into a hero. Nicky Barnes didnt. By Amanda N'Duka. Infamous Harlem Drug Lord Nicky Barnes played by Cuba Gooding Jr in the Ridley Scott film American Gangster is reportedly pronounced dead. It is no longer a mystery. He was 79 and had been free for 15 years. When they were out walking with him, they would suddenly realize he had fallen behind. The notorious drug kingpin got rich by flooding Harlem and other black neighborhoods of the 1960s and 70s with heroin, then smartly invested those profits in legal endeavors like real estate. Flush with cash, Barnes was known to live the high life. Once a dope fiend himself, he kicked the habit, and became the main distributor of heroin in Harlem, NY. His choice now was to focus on the positive, not on what might have been, but on what could still be. YouTubeFrank Lucas was another highly-successful heroin dealer in 1970s New York. On October 28, 2020, Guy Fisher was released from federal custody on a . The daughters now had children of their own. Untouchable as being the same person as our dad, they said. As he testified, more about his own criminal past came to light. Sure, Id love to have more money, but I am not willing to do anything but go to my job to get it.. Nicky Barnes lifestyle and his value system is extinct. He had been a junior high school dropout and then a drug addict for a time before being sent to a federal treatment facility in Kentucky. In 1972, Barnes formed The Council, a seven-man African-American organized crime syndicate that controlled a significant part of the heroin trade in the Harlem area of New York City. Courtesy of Holly Foster Wells. In 2007, Barnes and his former competitor, Frank Lucas, sat down with New York magazine's Mark Jacobson for a conversation between men who had not spoken to each other in three decades. In 1966, Barnes received a 15-to-20-year sentence, and went back to Green Haven State Prison. The elder daughter remembers him teaching her how to swim and how to write her first and last names when she was no more than 5. You cant have The Times write about you if you are a gangster and expect to get away with anything, said columnist Pete Hamill of the 1977 article. And after his prison days ended, he started taking control of Harlem. After a two-month trial, Barnes and 10 of his co-defendants were found guilty. The daughters of the Harlem drug lord speak for the first time about his later life as a Walmart employee, and a family man. Its hard for us to think of Mr. Mr. Barnes was known to hand out holiday turkeys in Harlem like a Tammany ward heeler and proudly keep bound volumes of his courtroom testimony. Shraman Mitra. He later testified that he helped import and distribute tens of thousands of pounds of heroin. Inspired by the Italian Mafia, Barnes helped bring together a group of African American drug dealers to form "The Council." In it Barnes tells his story. He stayed out of prison for another three years after this incident. But, by his daughters account, Barnes had been happy to be making an honest living. - YouTube 0:00 / 5:57 Harlem's Nicky Barnes Died in 2012 at 78 Years Old According to His Daughters!!! The daughters figured their fathers amazement as well as his surprisingly slow pace resulted from his years behind bars. According to one of his daughters and a prosecutor in the know, Barnes died of cancer in 2012 at the age of 78 or 79 a fact only confirmed now due to his secret life as a witness following a long and violent life of crime. That December, Barnes was pulled by the police. He drove to work in a used car, lived in a mostly white neighborhood and put in a 40-hour workweek. Other imprisoned big-time criminals who won their freedom by becoming big-time informants have reverted to their old ways while seeking easy money. Mr. Barnes was born in Harlem on Oct. 15, 1933, and grew up around Eighth Avenue and West 113th Street. I want to get up every day and get in the car and go to work and be a respected member of my community, Mr. Barnes said. First came the Tom Folsom book Mr. Untouchable, a documentary of the same name, and then the Ridley Scott film American Gangster in 2007. Two days later, the police were extremely happy to get a complete confession from the suspected perpetrator. Name: Nicky Barnes Birth Year: 1933 Birth date: October 15, 1933 Birth State: New York Birth City: New York City Birth Country: United States Gender: Male Best Known For: Sometimes called Mr.. And through it all, Barnes certainly lived up to his nickname, Mr. Advertisement He had been driven from his Harlem home by an abusive alcoholic father and had been arrested for robbery before he turned 10. He told his neighbors he was a bankrupt businessman. Barnes, in the film, fingers the bullet on the desk in. With the first hand testimony of the Godfather himself, Nicky Barnes. Leroy Nicky Barnes covers his face as he leaves the Bronx Supreme Court for lunch, with a WPIX reporter (left) following him out. Untouchable, a book he wrote with Tom Folsom, and a documentary by the same name. When he was incarcerated in federal prison in Marion, Ill., he earned a college degree, taught other inmates and won a poetry contest for prisoners. Nicky Barnes has a pungent earthy taste with fuel undertones and slight musk aroma. I interviewed Frank Lucas several times in the mid-70s including in the Times cafeteria for a possible book.

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