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The Ama placement seemed strange at first, but preformed on the bump without dragging or pearling. The most popular OC2 in the world! Downwind there is nothing like it effortless, fluid, perpetual. This is a fast canoe! BEAUTIFUL GUN SHIP GREY WITH WHITE ACCENTS. It provides stiffness and durability in a lightweight sandwich structure. No scratches. refresh results with search filters open search menu. includes 3 paddles CRAIGLIE Boats, Yachts and Parts More info $ 900 Outrigger canoe Price dropped from $1200 to $900 need gone asap Single seater outrigger canoe with paddle Pick up kalynda chase. This is an all carbon OC2 built by Outrigger Zone in 2016. Nothing beats trad~ Delivered anywhere in USA Amazon - Since today Price: 24 $ Product condition: New See details Aloha from waikiki Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. It can be steered from either seat, individually and at same time.Good condition, no major dings/issues.I am the original owner, purchased in 2018.Exclusively river use (no salt water), but would be great at the coast o, Three man tradtional Hawaiian outrigger canoe in alii red and yellow. More used the better. This is a fast, fun and seaworthy craft. OptionsFully painted hull and amaPainted hull and ama with clear 3K twill carbon cockpitPure carbon, no paint used minimal cosmetic blemishes may occur, FeaturesCarbon iakosHigh strength Dyneema steering cablesIntegrated bottle holder Self adjusting draining valve, no water entering the cockpitAdjustable EVA foam seatCover set for hull, ama and iakos. Ozone Tempest Two Person Outrigger Canoe for sale.This is an all carbon OC2 built by Outrigger Zone. This action will also remove this member from your connections and send a report to the site admin. It's painted white with Awlgrip Marine Paint. Fresh water lake use only purchased 11/2018. HYPR Vantage OC-1 Outrigger Canoe - $1,800 (Allentown Pa.), OC-1 Outrigger Canoe - $1,400 (Allentown), Hypr Vantage OC-1 Outrigger Canoe - $2,395 (Kill Devil Hills), Outrigger Canoe - Tempest OC-2 for sale - $4,000 (Portland), 15 foot tradtional outrigger canoe - $1,000 (Salem), Outrigger/Paddling Canoe - $2,200 (Kalamazoo), OC-1 (V-1) Outrigger Canoe Tahitian - $3,500 (Murrieta), Kamanu Composites Pueo X Outrigger Canoe - $5,200 (Santa Barbara), Outrigger Oneman Canoe - $4,200 (San Clemente), Albatross OC-4 Outrigger Canoe Kevlar 32 120# - $9,000 (Pompano Beach), Outrigger Canoe, OC-1 - $1,700 (Edinboro), Tiger II Two-Person Outrigger Canoe (OC2) - $1,750 (Wheat Ridge), Fai Vaa Tahitian Outrigger Canoe V1 FAI 3X (Tahitian made) - $2,900 (Redwood City), Raddison Canoe with Outrigger - $700 (Corning). one man outrigger canoe for sale one man outrigger canoe for sale. paddle questions? The cockpit is exactly the same and just as comfortable. Hypr Vantage OC-1 carbon fiber outrigger canoe, specifically "Autoclaved Carbon Divinicel Foam Core Construction". for sale. 3/1 . Great condition, very stable in surf. Kai Wa'a canoe and kayak designs by adventreprenuer and world champion paddler Kai Bartlett. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. $399.00. In sprint canoeing and Dragonboat, he won multiple national, European, and international medals. antiques; appliances; Long, weighs 21lbs~ Torrance eBay Price: 3 800 $ Product condition: Used See details Koloa surf mens Koloa surf mens. $ 800 Outrigger Canoe 23ft outrigger canoe (OC3), glass over ply, recent re-fit - no rot paddles and surfs well! In open ocean the Gemini has a lively performance into the swell and maintains great glides running with the swells (bumps). In very good shape with a few cosmetic scratches toward the tail and on the bottom of the nose. Main hull bolts together with 2 - 16 sections. The hull weight is approximately 205 lbs. We were very impressed. Local pickup in Wrightsville Beach NC Only! It can be steered from either seat and comes with two rudders. On the weekend myself and paddlers of the Mandurah Outrigger Canoe Club had a fantastic adventure. $50-$70k salary, 2 weeks PTO, medical, 401k. The Gemini felt solid, stable and comfortable. Tasks include detailed inspection, wet sanding, buffing, stickering, repairs, rigging, polishing, grinding, cleaning, organizing, and anything else that can help build great canoes. Which is a feature we havent seen in the world of inexpensive face shields. February 27, 2023 | In meteor 60 seconds poki | . We might need a new fixture, or a custom rolling cart, or heating and curing solution. The Tempest is a proven performer both in flatwater and surf. MEET THE TEAM Providing canoes, kayaks and paddles created by champion paddlers and designers Ozone makes Canoes, Kayaks and Paddles designed by Kai Wa'a, Puakea Designs, Mike Giblin Canoes and Palafamala, all accomplished paddlers who are driven by performance and quality. Not only will this increase PPE capacity in Hawaii, but it enables us to help provide needed jobs. The seat has lots of adjustment, I am around 5'10" and the fellow I originally got it from was over 6'4". Fourteen (14) foot Raddison Canoe with two hard foam seats and one nylon seat, two paddles, anchor, and outrigger apparatus for balancing. SpecificationsLength: 6,35m / 2010Beam 0,41m / 16100% prepreg carbon autoclave construction. 18 width and very fast for surfing the smallest bumps. If the demos that Kai had were not already taken, I would have taken one home in a heart beat! And of course, we aim to teach paddlers something new every day and leave them with smiles on their faces. We did a bunch of tests in every condition and with a variety of paddlers. no hidden. are fine. I will definitely be putting the Gemini on my next to buy list to go along with my hubbys Antares and my Ares!, The most impressive thing in this canoe for me is the comfort. Thanks!! loading. A computer-controlled cutting machine is used to precut all materials. Our techniques are a bit unusual in that you spray a mold, so you never see the final product until days after your painting is complete. Interest in water sports and the products we build is always good. But we are crazy or naive enough to believe we can build an organization that's vertically integrated and sustainable. In the flatwater she glides well and cuts through the headwind chop with ease. all hawaii. Need More Help? You feel snug in the seat and in the big stuff you dont feel like youre going to get bucked out of the canoe., I had the opportunity to demo Kai Waa new OC2 Gemini this past Saturday on flat water and then again on a downwind run and I absolutely fell in love. Following lamination, the molds are vacuum-bagged and placed in autoclaves, which use three times the air pressure and heat to cure the boats.This results in a superior bonding between the layers, resulting in a light, sturdy, and dependable structure. Copyright 2023 NALU CANOES. What Ozone Says; TEMPEST It's hard to be modest when describing the Tempest - it's born to run. We are open, however due to social distancing requirements and because our Kailua shop is a manufacturing facility, please make appointment before visiting. Evolved. Ozone Gemini OC2 for sale at Paddle Dynamics/Ozone Midwest Description The Ozone Gemini outrigger canoe is the newest OC2 on the market and is designed by Kai Bartlett. boats 2; general for sale 1; sporting goods 1 + show 42 more + hide 42 more. Ready to hit the water, but has a few places that could use some TLC depending on how particular you are. An outrigger canoe is a canoe that has one or two buoyancy supports attached to its side. We now have over 800,000 face shields on order and have been ramping up production as much as possible to meet that demand. The Nalu Supersonic is the result of 15 years continuous development of the sonic line in our portfolio. The next step for him as a technically inclined person was to design and build his own canoe.He has the know-how to do it correctly and assemble the finest possible structure using high-tech materials and state-of-the-art techniques as a technical product designer in Composite Engineering, working on projects in the fields of Aerospace and Motorsports. Weight: 45kg. for sale. Ozone Tempest Two Person Outrigger Canoe for sale. Can you make it happen? We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Generally speaking, it's a 4pm-9pm shift and works well for part-time schedules. The Gemini will be the first seamless OC-2 on the market. The boat is 23 long and has beam of 17. Some days are easy (all white) and can be done in 4 hours, while others require 15 hours of attention. She really is a great canoe., Its like riding the Ares. This OC-2 was built in 2019 and is in great shape. ), Ozone Outrigger Canoe Parts & Accessories, Stellar Kayak/Surfski Parts & Accessories, Misc. It has a few minor scuff marks here and there, some bubbling of the epoxy finish in spots but overall pretty superficial. If you're interested in any open positions, please email keizo@kamanucomposites.com with a cover letter and resume. boats 33; general for sale 6; boat parts & accessories 5; sporting goods 4; materials 3 + show 40 more 10 . Outrigger Zone - Outrigger Canoes, OC1, OC2 & OC6 Outrigger Canoes, Surfski & Paddles By Ozone Welcome Paddlers Ozone has been hard at work perfecting the art of canoe and kayak construction for over 25 years. Kai Wa'a canoe and kayak designs by adventreprenuer and world champion paddler Kai Bartlett. post. It both gave us a concrete way to help with the pandemic and also allowed us to keep our people employed. no favorites. 2023 - Paddle Monster, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MaHoe OC2 Keokea OC2: Outrigger Connection Fusion OC1 Fuze OC1 Zephyr OC1 Stingray OC2 Makaha OC4 Mirage OC6 : Bladerunner Bladerunner OC1 Bladerunner OC2 . The original on-the-water OC performance monitor, the SpeedCoach OC 2, offers athletes accurate, high-contrast information about speed, cadence, and glide in a completely waterproof package. Choose from our many one or two-person outrigger canoes and surfski models. It's great in flat water, upwind and downwind. There is one repair that is left primer white, not painted. Outrigger Zone (Ozone) Tempest OC2 Outrigger Canoe. En route to being shipped to CA it suffered some cosmetic damage. I noticed paddling both in flat and on downwind, the canoe would take off, even with little effort in my stroke. The Ozone Gemini outrigger canoe is the newest OC2 on the market and is designed by Kai Bartlett. NAI'A IKI NAI'A IKI NAI'A IKI OC1 - The Nai'a Iki (Little Dolphin) is our third one-person outrigger canoe designed for the lighter paddler. With this style of fabric, there are no gaps between fibers, and those fibers lay flat. Easy to get around. New OC2s typically cost in excess of $5,000 / first $1750 takes it home. We use all the tools and technology available to us. Can you fix it or make a better one? In the surf, the Gemini performed beautifully, it would drop into the wave with barely any effort and noticed that the nose did not stuff and would pop back out. The first thing I noticed was the layout and shape.. it looked very much like the Ares but made for 2 people. Please note: 2-person canoe, incl. Our goal is to produce 900,000 face shields by the end of the year while continuing to produce four or five outrigger canoes per week. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other.

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