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Hes one of the few surviving Birdcage Corsair pilots. Lastly I finished up the Light Gray undersides, repainted the tail, and sprayed the leading edges of the wings with unlightened Blue Gray, representing a touch-up job. Tamiya seems to me to be far darker and closer to black than the Model Masters which leans more towards blue. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It would be like my own little Vought assembly line! I wanted to represent the chippingbut not just to bare metal. There is definitely a change in colour between the flanks of the fuselage and the spine of the fuselage and people have differing opinions what may cause this. After the war, Lucy divorced her husband in order to marry Boyington, but at the proverbial last minute he dumped her in favor of a blond bombshell, Frances Baker. I then laid down the first layer of mask, sprayed the white, and then went back to cover the areas that would remain white to spray the blue. I've heard of folks using the Testors Enamel from Wal-Mart but they have a pretty limited selection of colors. Plug-in two-piece wing; A quick build, full scale composite ARF. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Thanks! Tape a straw to the spray can's nozzle and spray it into the jar. I've never used MMP so far but it seems they perform much better on spraying smooth edges/mottling than other acrylic paints like vallejo or AK/MIG (with these paints i was never able to get a cloudy finish as it should be). The other weathering technique is purely accidental. For the F4U-1 Birdcage Corsairs, photos taken at the time show the cockpits being a very dark colour, most probably black. To speed the process, I made a masking frame out of a post-it note. The paints still a little too thick but I was OK w/it. for my corsairs i tend to use gunze and mrp colors, The MMP colors for the 3 color scheme are. Ive used Oramask on every one of my builds where Ive painted markings, thus far, and have not seen this issue before. In this case, Gunze Super Fine Silver. Thinning in accordance with the instructions on the bottle (as this was my first time using their primer) I sprayed a light, dry coat followed by a heavier, wet coat a few minutes later. There is a photo of that plane in CV archives. James N. Cupp) September 1943 - Munda, Solomon Islands FS35042 FS35164 FS37875; VMF-215 Spirit of 76 (Maj. Robert G. Owens) August 1943 - Munda, Solomon Islands FS35042 FS35164 FS37875. Im going to give your method a try. The hardest to obtain part of this build was the Tamiya Flat Clear paint. Another curiosity is the presence of these markings at six points. Jesse Folmar flying a Corsair from VMA-312 was able to destroy one of two MiG-15s that had bounced both him and his wingman. U.S. warplanes would retain this marking until 1947. on NorthWest Scale Modelers Show Version-2023: Come on Down! parts of two wings and generally spent an inordinate amount of time mixing paints to get some semblance of an overall paint scheme that didn't include too much, or too little variations and hues of blue. After seeing two recently published videos on Youtube (courtesy of Plasmo and Scale-a-ton) I was destined to use some methods of theirs, and also make a pretty beat up looking bird. I did buy Gloss Blue, and Gloss White Testors Enamel. Those colors would be ANA 603 and 613 respectively and 610 or 602 below. If youre interested, heres the formula: I lightened by Blue Gray with some white and then went to town, painting in my usual manner of tight, random marbling followed by more general blending coats. This was prior to flying to the East Coast for deployment to the Pacific. Boyingtons deeds in the Southwest Pacific were inspired by Lucy Malcolmson, a former showgirl he met aboard the SS Brazil in 1942. I'm planing to build the F4U-1 as VF-17 and Tamiya says i have to use AS-8, AS-19 and AS-20 . This allowed me to place the mask, place the frame, and spray very quickly. By I left them in but over time, the oils in my hand would soften those marks up and they become more natural looking. In January 1944, Boyington, outnumbered by Japanese Zero planes, was shot down into the Pacific Ocean after downing one of the enemy planes. After I finished the cockpit I took a few days offI had strained my eyes working at this very intently over a week or so.What I did not do here, that Ive seen in a lot of other versions of this, is to create the mess of wires and pipes that actually occupies a Corsair cockpit. In January 1943, units were ordered to paint bar extensions to either side of the insignia, and then to surround the entire affair with a red border. F4U-1A Exterior Details Eduard. If you know how to place decals and use CA glue without gluing your fingers together you can use Quinta Studios decals. This was then subjecting to the same chipping procedure, but far more carefully. This is an acrylic based varnish so it is a good base for further weathering if youre going to use oils and odorless thinners. It's not air, it's propellant! But Lulubelle was not the correct name. The first scheme that the F4U missed (the first production airplane did not fly until mid 1942 and the prototype doesn't appear to have been repainted) was an overall Light Gray scheme with white markings that marked the prewar change to low visibility in early 1941 as illustrated by this Grumman F4F Wildcat. The first step in the painting process is priming. There is an illustration in Francillon's Vietnam book of an F3D Skyknight with the same scheme, confirmed by the same markings on the Falcon 1/72 kit. All-in-all, Im quite happy with how these builds turned out. Despite the fact that I de-tacked the masks before placing them on the model, when they were peeled off, there was an adhesive residue left behind on the model. Got this model from my daughter as a fathers day present. We are an authorized Harder & Steenbeck reseller. Vought F4U Corsair Series: Solomons Theatre 1943-1944 by Michael Claringbould (ISBN 13: 9780648926238) Available from Amazon. List of surviving Vought F4U Corsairs identifies Corsairs with status of air worthy, on display, and in restoration by country; including model number, bureau number, fuselage markings, and location. ChrisK89, John B has never built a Corsair in his life. Yes, there's photos of an AU-1 that was painted in a gull grey and white scheme during the sixties, I believe. No one makes it but Testors Model Master RLM23 is close. Copyright 2023 TacAir Publications, LLC. Ive forgone it for the last several builds and have had great success. It took a bit careful placement of the fingers and thumbs to line everything up, ensure everything was level, and not create any finger prints in the plastic. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now I can do it a little different from my friends. There is an illustration in Francillon's Vietnam book of an F3D Skyknight with the same scheme, confirmed by the same markings on the Falcon 1/72 kit. 4) If you look closely, you will see that the armored glass has been removed. I then purchased a Brassin cowling to give some detail to the engine cowlingsparticularly the engine cooling flaps. At 1001hobbies, we share your passion Analysis of some crashed examples of F4U-1s indicates black, while the factory Erection & Maintenance Instructions called for Dull . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Marketplace NorthWest Scale Modelers Show Version-2023: Come on Down! The two-color scheme was blue-gray over light gray. The weight of opinion sure seems to be an extended application of Sea Blue, but I dont think black is out of the question and I will likely use it when I build a -2 just for variety if nothing else! Short version of the story is, one of the position lights on the wings was burned out, giving the LSO an erroneous indication of the planes lateral orientation. Where the variation came in to play was the aft half of the fuselage. The engine was painted in Alcad Silver and I washed the cylinders (and engine body) in Tamiyas Black panel liner (liberally). The paint and finish work is impressive beyond your expectations. Hi, I'm wanting to paint a GWS Corsair in the 3 color, Dark Blue, Light Blue/Gray, White scheme. It was taken while VMF-214 was on R&R, between VMF-214s first and 203215559383 I can't help you with paint colours, I did mine with the recommended Tamiya mixes (Xf range) and then faded and shaded till it looked good to my eye. Is it not Green zinc chromate? If youve not used these yet, I highly recommend them. Bob wrote an excellent article for THE HOOK a few years back, which stimulated my interest in night fighters in general. Wow The model accurately reflects the new F4U-1A seat position and accompanying . I detailed painted the bolts and dry-brushed silver on any black component. What i really notice here is too much "wear" (most will be hidden so I'm not going to "un-wear") and how the paint wears off the hard edges as we handle our models. Bob just turned 94 and is sharp as a tack and still in good enough health to appreciate the kind of work we do. I actually procrastinated for some time, unsure how to approach what I had in mind, until some experimentation showed me the way. Most of the 34 F4U-2s arrived at the Naval Aircraft Factory in the Earlier ANA Sea Gray over ANA Light Aircraft Gray paint scheme, and were repainted at the depot level. F4U-1A Corsair cockpit set for Trumpeter Number: 2021 Scale: 1:32 Type: Detail set Barcode: 8591150003710 (EAN) Topic: Vought F4U Corsair Propeller (Aircraft) Designed for. The progression here for slides 1-6: Sprayed a thinner/deck tan mix to start weathering gas caps, stains off access doors, etc. They still hold up in terms of quality and ease of build when compared to newer tooled kits. Photo Gallery Related posts: Focke-Wulf FW190A-5 "Green 13" Corsair Markings and Nose Art of VMF-512. Thanks!! Construction of my second 32nd Birdcage has begun. I use it on some of the places I expect fuel, oil, or other fluid/stain marks. My father was chief electrical inspector for Vought. 02710, Modex 10. For decades he was right. The show lasted three seasons and propelled Boyington back into the national spotlight, making him a popular attraction at air shows across the country. The kit itself is meant to have retractable gear and folding wings. The Painting flow I used to get this chipping done: Alcad aluminum->chipping fluid->Dark Green weathering preshade->mix of yellow and green (their cockpit color) as directed in the instructions. Reasonably good plan but youll see later. Recently featured in the movie, "Devotion," the FG-1D . Which are my favorite and the subject of my Tamiya Corsair in the Corsairs GB. Nevertheless, as told by Warren Thompson in his book F4U Corsair Units of the Korean War, on Sep. 10, 1952 Capt. Over the entirety of the model, I used highly thinned paint and did some light shading with an almost buff color to simulate sun fading. If you're interested, here's the formula: I lightened by Blue Gray with some white and then went to town, painting in my usual manner of tight, random "marbling" followed by more general blending coats. Boyington had appointed Lucy as the executor of an allotment for his children from a previous marriage, and by 1945 the deposits added up to some $15,000. on Dr. Strangebrush Goes On the Bench with the Chaps from Down Under, on The Dragon 1/35 SdKfz 234/4 Panzersphwagen. I have also received the same kits you have and have been looking in to the color schemes. 100 . I am wondering if this is actually the case. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek by checking out my Instagram page @spruecuttermodels. Michael de Boer - Aviation Photocrew. Use Model Master Teal or Boyd Chezoom Teal for the paint match. They were a departure from my normal process, which at the end of the day will make me a better modeler. Aircraft is listed at Rechlin for 1944 under repair. For the most part, the pattern was the same on both aircraft (18 and 831) when it came to the engine cowling and outer half of the underside of the wing. skee907 2 min. Size US 8-12 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane Seamless . I broke out my computer, fired up the Cricut Design Space software, found suitable files online, and created a template for masks to paint on the markings. Then they switched to the overall Sea Blue Scheme. FG-1D 92050 coded 94 was airworthy, previously with the Wings Over the Rockies Museum . 1) The plane appears to have had the upper cowl flap modification installed very late in the game, as it has not yet been painted. Thanks mate. (He had just quit the AVG; she was married to a much older GM executive in Bombay and was traveling to safer shores.) I tried a few different things between streaking some maintenance fluids/oil, gun staining, etc. So my question remains the same: I'm planing on building VF-17 and VMF-111. Good wiring in the engine is analogous to great detail in the cockpit. Sorting out the interior colours of the Corsair is particularly tricky. F4U Corsair Socks Taking inspiration from the US Marine F4U Corsair Squadron VMF-312, these socks resemble the aircraft's paint scheme and markings. Link to full-size photo: F4U Corsairs in the three-tone paint scheme - 1944 Site statistics: Photos of World War II: over 26800 aircraft: 63 models tanks: 59 models vehicles: 59 models guns: 3 models units: 2 ships: 47 WW2 battlefields - 12 weapon models: - equipment: - people: - The problem are the above mentioned colors where Tamyia gives us their stupid rattle cans instead of X/XF paints Model Master Paints are out of question for me cause i can't buy them in the shops where i usually buy so i have to get other brands. The first step I took and this was another departure from my normal process was to spray the national insignia. Boeing and Read More, I will say this - and I know a lot of other Navy guys that Read More, The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has not specified whether the weapons are intended for Taiwans Read More, Swashbucklers and Black Sheep: A Pictorial History of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in World War II, Flying Tigers (1st American Volunteer Group), Naval Aviator explains why Russian 4th Gen Fighter Jets dont have a chance against US 4th Gen Fighter Jets, Air Mobility Command Planes Are Now Operating Without Tail Numbers, Most Markings (And Are Alarming Government Watchdogs), Boeing, US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopters Achieve 5 Million Flight Hours, Equivalent to Flying nonstop for more than 208,333 Days or 570 Years and Nine Months, US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator explains when a submarine reactor can be run at higher than 100% (and why the 105% on the reactor ordered in The Hunt for Red October movie would not be worth any risk to the ship and crew), Former US Navy F/A-18 pilot explains why although during his era the Hornet was the best airplane on the carrier his fun meter was most pegged flying the A-4 Skyhawk, Taiwan to get 100 AGM-88B HARM missiles and 200 AIM-120C-8 missiles for its F-16 fleet. After spraying the XF-4, I attacked it with a brush dampened with water. The F4U-2 arrived at a time of transition within the Navy to what is generally referred to as the Graded 4 Tone Scheme, consisting of Non Specular Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue, Semi Gloss Sea Blue, and White. Getting the theme of this build so far? I also spent time making sure I had lined things up better. Scroll through these to see the progression. Unknown to Boyington, some of his pilots jumped into the Corsair for their own hero shots. For many years, the photos remained hidden, but eventually they revealed the truth. Cockpit: FS 34151 Interior Green. New to this sub and getting back into scale modeling. After this it was time to start slinging colors! When Bob received the Cut Signal, Bob was too far to starboard, and in the dip for the deck, struck the island superstructure, flipping the plane upside down. Next, I placed the stars inside the roundels, and painted them with Gunze Insignia Blue. The earlier F4U-2s featured a very high degree of blending of the Non Spec Sea Blue with the Intermediate Blue.

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