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I didnt want the fairy tale to end., Alexander also hired a private investigator, a former Pennsylvania State Police detective named Frank Murphy. Benita was loyal to and supported Paolo when his professional life took a dark turn. As for Keziah Shorten, who suffered from trachea cancer, Paolo Macchiarini did a transplant on her on July 13, 2010, which failed the very next year. So, how much is Paolo Macchiarini worth at the age of 64 years old? This is how NBCs Meredith Vieira put it in her documentary about Macchiarini, appropriately called A Leap of Faith: Just imagine a world where any injured or diseased organ or body part you have is simply replaced by a new artificial one, literally manmade in the lab, just for you. This marvelous world was now within reach, thanks to Macchiarini. Seven of the eight patients Paolo inserted tracheas into have died. Hundreds of Americans are estimated to die each year because techniques like stents, surgery or lasers cannot heal their damaged tracheas, and they suffocate when airways narrow dangerously or collapse. Selena died in a hospital due to a loss of blood and cardiac arrest, two weeks before her 24th birthday. Paolo Macchiarinis income source is mostly from being a successful . Acquittal is therefore difficult to defend., But Gerdin says the verdict is not unexpected. Benita first met Paolo at the bar at Bostons Mandarin Oriental hotel in February 2013, when she was helping coordinate an interview for an NBC special on regenerative medicine. According to a witness report, Paolo operated on a 45-50-year-old woman of Middle Eastern origin in a private clinic in Barcelona in the fall of 2008. Filipino MMA fighters By 2011, he was working in Sweden at one of the worlds most prestigious medical universities, the Karolinska Institute, whose professors annually select the winner of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. Any replacement trachea must be rigid or itll collapse like a straw in a McDonalds milkshake, Dr. Genden said. Nevada Macchiarini has consistently claimed he is innocent. The official report into the matter dubbed this the bandwagon effect. Tokyo Macchiarini was fired in 2016 amid allegations of fraud and scientific misconduct after many of his transplant recipients died. Not just that, Paolo was also entangled in several other controversies. It is fitting that Macchiarinis career unravelled at the Karolinska Institute. The maximum prison sentence for causing bodily harm is 4 years. How did the GameStop stock spike on Wall Street happen? But it did not work, and a court in Sweden has found him criminally liable for the harm inflicted on a patient. A life-saver and a game-changer. Georgia The secret sauce in his approach, he said, is transplanting not just the donor trachea but also its attached esophagus (food tube), thyroid gland and thyroid arteries. 2023 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Kevin Belingon "I have to tell people. Macchiarini, they claimed, wasnt really doing clinical research. Keep up with your favorite shows delivered to your inbox! The verdict is the latest development in Macchiarinis stunning fall from grace. Benita decided to get in touch with private investigator Frank Murphy. It relieved a little bit of burden from him.. Dr. Paolo Macchiarini became a star by creating a bioartificial windpipe. The operations were hailed at the time as a breakthrough in regenerative medicine, although some observers remained skeptical. Its a problematic idea with unfortunate side effects. The couple had traveled extensively, but there were a The university board was dismissed and even Harriet Wallberg, whod moved on to become the chancellor for all Swedish universities, lost her job. Philippines The court had to apply the intentional indifference standard for the assault charges, he says, which is difficult to prove. The very next day, she got an email from a friend that outlined the Pope's plans to visit South America on Benita and Paolo's wedding day. We will send you a maximum of two emails in, We will be in touch to remind you to contribute. In 2016, Claudia returned to the Hospital Clinic to have her left lung removed, and as per the last reports, she is now alive and doing relatively well. Vanity Fair also later discovered that several of Paolo's other statements were false, including his claims about having been an associate professor at the University of Pisa. But according to reports, Paolo cheated on his Emanuela Pecchia. This was the start of a whirlwind romance that included five-star hotels, travel to far-flung locations, and extravagant shopping sprees. They also questioned whether Macchiarini had obtained proper ethical permission for the surgeries and challenged a paper describing animal experiments with the technique. China For Ms. Sein, the procedure was a long-sought dream. Chatri Sityodtong (LogOut/ He has been convicted of research-related crimes in Italy and Sweden. He additionally claimed that former patients also included Bill and Hillary Clinton, and thenPresident Obama. Allegations also emerged that the risky procedure was performed on at least one person who was not critically ill at the time. A High-Flying Italian Surgeons Fall From Grace, The pope, the palace, the world leaders, the famous tenor they were all fantasies. That drama began about a decade ago when Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, working at Swedens famed Karolinska Institute, garnered headlines and accolades for replacing A version of this story appeared in Science, Vol 376, Issue 6600. In early 2014, four Karolinska doctors defied the reigning culture of silence by complaining about Macchiarini. Articles in this area are retracted 2.4 times more often than the average for biomedicine, and over half of these retractions are due to fraud. Although the difference in his birthplace, he is known to be an Italian by his nationality. But when Dr. Sander S. Florman, director of Mount Sinais Transplantation Institute, and LiveOnNY, a nonprofit organ donation organization, agreed to collaborate, his wife, Audrey, encouraged him. Paolo was a world-renowned surgeon who spoke six languages, mingled with the global elite, and resembled George Clooney. Your tax-deductible contribution plays a critical role in sustaining this effort. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for defrauding the elderly. Were going to show up and say, As a student, I had this idea on the back of a napkin and now were ready to go and if it fails, the patient dies and it becomes yet another example of some surgeon who thought he could solve a problem and hes created, instead, just the opposite.. The Karolinska Institute declined to comment for this article, noting only that Dr. Macchiarinis sentence may be appealed. Las Vegas Paolo Macchiarini at a press conference in 2008. Even the jewelry he had given her was A panel of judges unanimously ruled that the interventions were not in accordance with science and proven experience, according to a statement released today. Colorado You start to panic because you cant breathe., By early 2020, ethical approvals were in place, but the coronavirus pandemic held things up. Paolo then came across Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene, a man from Eritrea who was training to be a doctor when he got diagnosed with cancer. They planned to marry in the Catholic Church in Italy. Today, Ms. Sein, 56, dances and plays tag with her grandchildren and plans to resume working, possibly as an acupuncturist. Benita Alexander and Paolo Macchiarini [Investigation Discovery]. The tube was necessary because her trachea the airway leading to the lungs had become damaged after she spent weeks on a ventilator for a severe asthma attack in 2014. KI commissioned surgeon Bengt Gerdin, a professor emeritus at Uppsala University, to investigate the issue. At first, they just connected as friends. Dr. Genden also transplanted the cricoid, cartilage cuffing the trachea, supplanting Ms. Seins completely destroyed cricoid. Massachusetts She considered backing out. We were doing good research, but it didnt matter I thought I was going to lose my lab, my staff everything.. His net worth has been growing significantly in 2021-2022. Another was a Russian mother named Julia Tuulik, per BBC News. She spent more than three years in intensive care and endured 200 surgical procedures, theTimes reports. In 2017, prosecutors in Sweden charged Macchiarini with manslaughter in connection with the three patients who had received transplants at KI in 2011 and 2012, all of whom had died: Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene, a graduate student from Eritrea with a slow-growing cancer obstructing his windpipe; Christopher Lyles, a 30-year-old American with tracheal cancer; and Yesim Cetir, a teenager from Turkey whose trachea had been accidentally damaged during a previous surgery. Border crisis: Whats happening at the US-Mexico border? Coming from different countries including Eritrea, Spain, Russian, Iceland, Britain and the United States, 20 patients were operated on by Macchiarini, who provide them with an artificial windpipe. They will especially examine the judges decision that Macchiarini couldnt be held responsible for what happened to Andemariam and Lyles because he acted in distress, according to the courts statement. Paolo Macchiarini rode groundbreaking surgeries to global fame, but patients died anyway. A surgeon who just a decade ago was celebrated around the globe as a pioneer in stem cell transplants has been convicted of one count of causing bodily harm, a felony, in a Swedish court. For six years, she had endured a tube inserted in her windpipe, or trachea, to keep her alive, but her discomfort and distress were becoming more and more unbearable. Thats something that was new to us, so we need to analyze that, Lundstrm-Kron says. An advantage is that immunosuppressants are necessary only for several months, he said. Since this was radically new, Macchiarini and his colleagues should have tested it on animals first. All rights reserved. Virginia But as the big day approached, Alexander saw these plans unravel, and finally realised that her lover had lied about almost everything. If we've learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that we cannot wait for a crisis to respond. The 18-hour procedure, conceived and led by Dr. Eric M. Genden Sr., chairman of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at Mount Sinai Health System in New York, is a milestone because unlike kidneys, hearts and lungs the trachea has defied decades of transplantation attempts. The donor was a young man (identifying details are being withheld to protect privacy). When Macchiarini accused one of them, Karl-Henrik Grinnemo, of stealing his work in a grant application, Hamsten found him guilty. As of the time of that judgment, Macchiarini had not been prosecuted in other countries where he implanted his artificial windpipes, and it was unclear whether he was still practicing medicine, the Times adds. She received a new trachea in January and is believed to be the first patient in the world to undergo a successful direct transplant of a donor trachea. Only three are still alive as of September 2020. Japan The grant ended in spring 2017. Around the same time, an article in Vanity Fair described how Macchiarini had misled a girlfriendan NBC news producer working on a flattering documentary about his surgeriesinto thinking they would be married in a ceremony attended by the Clintons and Obamas and officiated by the pope. Texas If she talked for over five minutes, she had to stop because I couldnt breathe.. Likewise the whole idea of a wedding: Macchiarini was still married to his wife of 30 years. Likewise the whole idea of a wedding: Macchiarini was still married to his wife of 30 years. Benita was also growing concerned about the cost of the wedding. Its very exciting, said Dr. G. Alexander Patterson, a professor of surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, who was not involved in the case. Swedish television broadcast a three-part expos of Paolo's work called Experimenten, which argued that the artificial windpipes did more harm than good and were actually rotting away inside his patients' bodies. Ms. Seins trachea before, left, and her new transplanted trachea. And investigations by both institute and the hospital found coverups regarding Macchiarinis work. A 29-year old woman from New Brunswick, New Jersey, posed as a high school student and attended classes for four days before she was caught and arrested. Learn how your comment data is processed. The district court in Solna today found Paolo Macchiarini not guilty on other charges, including aggravated assault, relating to three patients he treated while working for the famed Karolinska Institute (KI). Brazilian MMA fighters Also seduced by Macchiarini was former NBC News producer Benita Alexander, who met the surgeon in 2013 when she was working on A Leap of Faith, an NBC special about Macchiarini hosted by Meredith Vieira. According to The New York Times, Macchiarini is an Italian surgeon who was found criminally liable this June for causing felony bodily injury to a Turkish woman named Yesim Cetir, a patient who had received one of his 3D-printed windpipes and later died. Dr. Genden said Dr. Macchiarinis rise and fall profoundly affected his own path. Sonia Sein, outside her Bronx home, had irreparable damage to her trachea. To some extent, they believed Macchiarini because he told them what they wanted to hear. They shared a happy relationship. The next morning, with the donor and Ms. Sein in adjacent rooms, a team of over 50 medical personnel assembled. It sounded unbelievable, but Paolo explained to her that he had treated Pope John Paul II in the past, and had become part of a highly classified group of doctors that treated the global elite. None of these institutions have faced the same kind of public scrutiny. A year later, he began to implant synthetic windpipes seeded with stem cells isolated from the patients own bone marrow, claiming the cells would grow and integrate with the patients tissue. He understood how difficult her life had become. In such dire circumstances, new treatments can be tried as a last resort. Read More: Where is Benita Alexander Now? Death Season 2, Mandy Moore Joins Dr. A review of public records in Italy found that Paolo was never divorced from Emanuela Pecchia, his wife of nearly 30 years. A genius is a revolutionary by definition, a risk-taker and a law-breaker. Likewise the secretary-general of the Nobel Committee. The Vatican confirmed that he had never been the Pope's doctor. This thing came to life, Dr. Genden marveled, and we were like, Holy smokes, weve done it.. Yet because of the ensuing complications, she had to receive a tracheoplasty in April 2011 and another cadaveric trachea graft in 2018. So, as per the last reports, he is alive and well today. LONDON It sounded like real-life science fiction a 3-D printed organ, a groundbreaking artificial windpipe, built in a laboratory and made to order. She says she feels she has been given a chance of being alive one more time.. By using a patients own cells, Dr. Macchiarini sought to rectify an age-old problem with transplants involving donated organs, which the body sometimes rejects as foreign tissue. She had already spent $10,000 on engraved invitations made for a guest list that included the Obamas, the Clintons, Vladimir Putin, and Elton John. Hwang, Obokata and Macchiarini were all attracted to the hottest regions of stem cell research, where hope for a medical breakthrough was greatest. Euan Ward reported from London, and Christina Anderson from Bastad, Sweden. Brazil The plastic trachea that Yesim Cetir received disfigured her and made her last three years in life basically like torture, said Bosse Lindquist, a documentarian who broke the story in Sweden about Dr. Macchiarini in a television series, The Experiment.. In the first couple of years at Karolinska, he put plastic airways into three patients. It won Dr. Macchiarini international news coverage and cemented his place as a celebrity scientist. But that day is always postponed. Which left a big, burning question in the air: if Macchiarini was a pathological liar in matters of love, what about his medical research? In Sweden, both the defense and the prosecution can appeal rulings, and senior prosecutor Karin Lundstrm-Kron says she and her colleagues will decide in the coming weeks.

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