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With your support, we can create more exciting content and share with everyone! Lets say the drinks package costs an average of $75 per day. The option to, Royal Caribbean has announced it will raise itsrecommended gratuities for sailings that depart on or after May 01,, Royal Caribbean will be raising its recommended gratuities for sailings that depart on or after July 1, 2015.The new, Royal Caribbean Australia announced today a new fare structure that includesgratuities for stateroom attendants and, When you take a Royal Caribbean cruise, one of the costs to passengers are gratuities (tips) to crew members during. If you do absolutely nothing, then you can expect an automatic charge on your SeaPass account each day of the cruise. For example, Carnival does not charge tips for kids under two years old. Overpayment of gratuities is allowed but is not expected. Great blog exactly the sort of information I was looking for to make in informed decision. The calculator estimates the total cost for beverages, including the cost of beverage packages, gratuities, and upcharges. Guests that booked directly with Royal Caribbean can pre-pay gratuities by calling 866-562-7625 or logging into before their sailing. Keep in mind that Royal Caribbean generally requires that if one adult purchases the Deluxe package, that all other adults over the age of 21 traveling in the same cabin purchase . Great observation, Michelle. I have another question. Note that if you live in the UK, youll see your drink packages prices in GBP on the Cruise Planner. Jenni. Making feeds? Hi Michael. A daily automatic gratuity rate of$16.00 USD per person, per day for guests in Junior Suites and below, or $18.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Grand Suites and above, is applied to each guests SeaPass account on a daily basis. Doing this is a good way to ensure that youre served first next time! How much extra does Royal Caribbean charge for a double? You can use this to cover the gratuities, or any of the things mentioned in this list: 15 Ways To Use Your Royal Caribbean Onboard Credit, Heres how I get the lowest price when I book a cruise. What sucks is the workers then have to pay a tax on the tip where we would rather give the workers a gift of cash. We have decided to use your tip and buy the soda package with the intention of buying shots on board. What If I Dont Pay Gratuities on my Cruise? Have our travel agency partner get you a free quote for a Royal Caribbean cruise. Not to split them across all the employees equally. As of September 7, 2022,the automatic daily gratuity charge will increase: Royal Caribbean last raised gratuitiesJanuary 2, 2018. Any tips taking a 7 mths old . Some muster stations are outside, some are inside with seats. Why Arent Gratuities Just Included in the Price of the Cruise? If youd like to calculate exactly what your gratuity amount will be before you book your trip, then you can use our calculator here, many people choose to instead pay the gratuity charges automatically through their onboard account once on the ship, 39 Useful Things to Pack (17 You Wouldn't Think Of), Park & Cruise Hotels for Every Port in America, 107 Best Cruise Tips, Secrets, Tricks, and Freebies, Carnival Gratuities (Tips): Full Guide to Cost & How They Work, Explained: Duty-Free Shopping on a Cruise (Is It Worth It? In my former job managing cruise websites for a travel agent, I saw cruise line campaigns change regularly and prices fluctuate almost daily. Hi Jose. The default average cost is per beverage and beverage type and can be edited. The daily gratuities is in addition to the18% gratuityautomatically added to all beverages, mini bar items, and spa & salon purchases. Royal Caribbean Drink Packages. First, any time that you buy a drink from the bar, you will be charged an extra tip, usually 18%-20% of the menu price, depending on the cruise line. If you plan to be off the ship exploring ports most days, then not only will you not have as much time on board to drink your drinks, but youre also less likely to want a hangover! How strict are they on how much bottles you can bring on board? The default amount of $12 can be adjusted. Use this section of the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Calculator to adjust assumptions and default pricing for beverage packages. Do Royal Caribbean offer drink packages on three night cruises? Is there a limit in time how many drinks/baverages I can order. Daily gratuities: Junior suites or below - $14.50 p.p. When entering the number of beverages per beverage type, the number entered can either be per day or for the entire length of the cruise for each beverage type. Do you plan to buy a drinks package on your next cruise? Beverage packages can be used at CocoCay, Royal Caribbeans private island in the Bahamas and at Labadee, Royal Caribbeans private beach in Haiti. While this is intended to make things easier, the honest truth is that having automatic gratuities can actually lead to more questions. How much is the Royal Caribbean drink package? Whilst some other cruise lines limit the number of drinks you can order to 15 in any 24-hour period, Royal Caribbean has no daily limit. You can opt into prepaying gratuities at any time, up to 48 hours prior to your sail date. The calculator is powered by JavaScript. However, if you appear to be too intoxicated, the staff wont serve you any more drinks. All I can see is my cruise planner prices which are $95+ per day!! This costs $31 and gives you 15 specialty coffees throughout your cruise. Likewise, carrying large amounts of cash isnt recommended for safety reasons. Thank you! Answer (1 of 7): Yes, you can. This information is brill thanks. While the cruise lines might say differently, we think that gratuities arent included in the headline price for marketing purposes. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Royal Caribbean Blog. Disney Cruise Gratuity Calculator. Really, do they get an hourly wage thats so low they need tip to survive? Rather than guests tipping each member of staff, Royal Caribbean charges a set fee per day to reward crew members for their service. Hi, I'm Jenni. What should I do to highlight this so as not to embarrass him on board. Hi Kristin. On the Oasis Class and Quantum Class ships, the drinks package limit is $13 rather than $12 to account for these ships having slightly higher drinks prices. Just like the price of anything else, you should expect over time for these rates to continue to rise slowly but surely. This is also known as a SeaPass account. If you dont have a lot of money available when you come to pay for your cruise, then dont worry about paying the gratuities right away. Great blog. Im not sure actually. If I travel with my family of 4, and I pay the waiting $20 ($5 per person) staff each time we eat in the dining room, which would be for dinner only, over 7 days, that would $140. So when you leave the room you dont have to put down any extra cash (unless you want to). In fact, there are a couple of instances where paying additional gratuity is recommended or automatic. If you like to pay for your cruise monthly, then you can add the gratuities to your monthly payment. How much is charged? My hubby-to-be is a non-drinker and he would only want the refreshment package. If you get some free onboard credit as an incentive when you book your cruise, then you can use this to pay your gratuities. This section of the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Calculator advises you of the most cost-effective beverage package given your anticipated beverage consumption and pricing inputs. It is applicable to all guests, regardless of age. Other major cruise lines already increased their gratuities this year. On Royal Caribbean cruises it costs $29 for 24 16-oz cans of water to be delivered to your stateroom, although this price will usually be discounted if you book this service before your cruise. Celebrity Cruises Perks Calculator: Are Perks Worth It. All rights reserved. In fact, we cant think of a place where gratuities are handled the same way as they are on a cruise ship. Norwegian Cruise Line also raised their gratuities in April, when they changed their rates: In July, Disney Cruise Line increased their gratuities to$14.50 per night, per person for standard rooms and $15.50 per night, per person for suite guests. Hi Carmen. Royal Caribbean Junior Suite perks: Is it worth the upgrade? Im guessing it does not? As a thanks for their service, its customary to provide a tip. In fact, your cruise line might leave a few envelopes in your room exactly for this purpose. 15 Ways To Use Your Royal Caribbean Onboard Credit. When you book your cruise, youll be given the opportunity to prepay the gratuities. When we researched tipping policy on a recent Princess cruise, we found that the cruise line pools that money and uses it for bonuses, etc. You can see a price comparison of drinks across all cruise lines here. For new reservations, the adjusted gratuity amounts are effective as of September 7, 2022. Enjoy! Like what you see? You may be better off opting to pay for drinks as you go as its hard to break even without drinking a lot of alcohol each day. My gf is a big tea drinker and is considering the package purely for that. Royal Caribbean drinks packages include all tips (also known as gratuities). Could I buy only 4 of the 8 days of my trip, for example? Thanks for the great information. Additionally, package holders receive a 40% discount on wines priced up to $100 and a 20% discount on wines priced above $100. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Jeff. First of all, if youre feeling a little confused, dont worry you arent alone. And you also have to wash it yourself so be sure to bring dish soap and a sponge. Here's how it works on Royal Caribbean: As of September 7 th, 2022, the automatic service gratuity of $16.00 USD per . This figure reflects the maximum per-alcoholic-beverage cost that is covered with a Deluxe (alcohol) package. Its possible to make a saving by doing this if you have the time and energy to track the prices. Do check out our Royal Caribbean Cruise Refreshment Package Review for more information! If purchasing beverages la carte (without a package) is the best option, the calculator will recommend Pay As You Go.. Most recently, Disney Cruise Line increased the rate to $14.50 in July 2022. If you prefer to keep some bottled water in the fridge in your room, you can order 6, 12 or 24 cans of water to be delivered to your stateroom. Just enter your email address below and youll receive a link to it in your inbox asap. It varies depending on the sailing, and prices also go up and down as the sailing date nears. However, you can get all-inclusive cruise package deals that have drinks included. Answer (1 of 4): Fares purchased on the Australian website will always include pre-paid gratuities. There are pros and cons to paying your gratuities before or after your cruise, and its very much a personal choice. However, for the majority of mass market cruise lines the gratuities are extra charges on the price of your cruise. You have entered an incorrect email address! So, in order to calculate the amount your family will owe for gratuities, you would multiply: $14.50 X Number of People in Cabin X Length of Cruise = Amount You Owe. There are two ways to buy a Royal Caribbean drink package: Royal Caribbean drink package sharing is not allowed. Do I Need to Tip Anyone Else While On the Ship? The tipping rates charged change from time to time. This depends on your muster station. Ive worked in the cruise industry since 2015 and now my blog helps over a million people to plan their cruises each month. So, you can get an alcohol or soft drink package for the adults without being required to buy any kind of package for your children. Now, she helps over 1 million people per month to plan their perfect cruise holidays. However, its always cheaper to buy it before you board. Thank you for answering all these questions! Thank you in advance. You can find more info in this posts: and this one: I hope that helps! Cash isnt used on cruise ships, so all your purchases and gratuities (if not prepaid) will be added to your onboard account. Applying this charge automatically helps to streamline the recognition process for the crew members that work to enhance your cruise. 2023 | Laisman Publishing, LLC. How to prepay gratuities. On a recent Royal Caribbean cruise, I bought the drinks package and got my moneys worth. On top of what I already paid for the two unlimited packages? Royal Caribbean gratuities are a set amount per person, per day. Then, contact one with a best-price guarantee and have them beat it! Should you prepay gratuities for a Royal Caribbean cruise? I Agree, we always opt out and give tips to our steward and waiter/waitress at the end of the cruise. As a way to reward our crew members for their outstanding service, tips are shared between dining,bar& culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience. Are tips required? Ditch winter blues for tropical hues on a warm-weather escape. Royal Caribbean drinks package: Is it worth it? 20102023Regal Sea Media LLC. May 29, 2022. If you wish to recognise outstanding service by adding extra gratuities onboard the ship, you are welcome to do so. For example, of a $15 charge, $7 per day may be distributed to your room steward, $5 to the dining staff, and the remaining $3 is spread among other customer-facing positions on the ship. I am considering the deluxe drink package for us both but I am a little concerned that most fun drinks on the menus cost $13 and the limit is $12. The calculator estimates the savings achieved by selecting the most cost-effective beverage package versus Pay As You Go. My two sons are coming on the cruise with me. Guests still have some decisions to make about whether to pay the gratuities before or after the cruise, and whether to tip any extra on top. If you are experiencing blank or invalid results, try refreshing your browser. On most cruises, including cruises departing from the US, an automatic gratuity of 18% is added to the cost of each drink when you receive the bill. Thats right, each time you order a drink, and 18% gratuity is added on to your bill. The bar service personnel still gets their 15% tips from each bar sale. If you prepay your gratuities, youll only ever have to pay the lower rate. When it comes time to settle your final bill at the end of the cruise, youll have the gratuity charges to pay as well. Alcoholic beverages that exceed this amount will be charged the difference plus gratuity on the difference. The advantage is that you get your payment out of the way ahead of time. Its up to you. Without your contribution, the compensation for the staff members will decrease. The calculator includes the following beverage types: The calculator will add the mandatory gratuity to the average beverage cost for all beverage types in its calculations. So a $10 menu price on a cocktail is actually around $12. The gratuity applies to individual guests of all ages . Whilst you are free to do this, it isnt recommended. This occurs in the Australian cruise market. If you buy your drinks package in advance and then see that the price drops due to a promotion, you can cancel your drinks package, get a refund and then buy it again at the lower price. We are travelling with Royal Caribbean for the first time and are considering purchasing the Deluxe drinks package. Disney Cruise Gratuity Calculator. A gratuity calculator is a tool to estimate the amount of gratuity that one will earn once he/she leaves a job after completing at least five years in the service of a company. Gratuity Calculator. Another way to pay extra gratuities is when you buy a drink. The calculator will also treat nights as equivalent to days for the purposes of per-day beverage calculations. If you have a package, gratuities are already included in that, you wont pay any more per drink. I rarely drink specialty coffee and prefer a cup of hot tea to end my meals. On the cruise line side, that money gets cut up to be distributed. You are free to adjust the amount to whatever you think is fair. The daily gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes. Second, any time that you purchase anything service related such as dinner at a specialty restaurant or a service at the spa expect there to be a tip added on to the cost. If you want to pay extra, we suggest simply handing cash directly to the people you want to recognize for their service. The drinks package is active on the island as well as the ship and we spent a lot of time on-board drinking cocktails in the hot tub. Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 per person per night. Paying a tip twice C. Paying a standardized tip for poor service. Australians typically do not tip because the minimum wage in Australia is $20.33 AUD/hr ($14.56 USD/hr). Is that the Same Thing? With MyTime dining you will sit at a different table each night and be served by different crew members. Gratuities, which on Royal Caribbean for the standard rooms is $14.50 a day, per person (suites are $17.50 a day, per person). What the real deal? 2 bottles of wine and 12 cans of soft drinks per stateroom. The service on Royal Caribbean cruises is generally exceptional. All rights reserved. From the passenger perspective, the gratuity amount is simple pay a set amount per person, per day, and be done. Thanks for the comprehensive review! Gone are the days of simply slipping a waiter some cash or leaving a couple of bills for the room steward at the end of your trip (although you can still do that if you want). They all end up being the same thing a set daily charge to passengers thats passed on to the crew. Great advice. If you buy the drink package before you board you may be able to get it for cheaper as pre-cruise drink package prices fluctuate before the sailing date. If you booked your Royal Caribbean cruise with a travel agent, you just need to contact them and ask for gratuities to be added to your reservation. Hi Natalie. Depending on your cruise line, you might find different language used than the word gratuities. Weve seen these charges called tips, gratuities, crew incentives, or service charges. You can then compare this total with the exact price of the drinks package for your cruise (shown on your Royal Caribbean cruise planner) to easily work out whether the drinks package is worth it or not. Is it worth it to by a drink package? $16.50 per person, per day for guests in suites. Do we need separate soft drinks packages for the kids or can they share ours? Now, she helps over 1 million people per month to plan their perfect cruise holidays. The Royal Caribbean alcohol drinks package costs between $63 and $89 per person, per day and includes unlimited drinks worth up to $12 or $13 each (depending on the ship). Royal Caribbean shares the gratuities between various crew members including stateroom attendants, waiters, bar staff, culinary staff and other hotel services team members. One other thing. But you would still have your standard daily gratuity to pay which covers all other staff members. I was wondering. For most sailings, when you buy a drinks package online, an 18% gratuity charge is added at the checkout. Their offerings range from classics like a mojito to daiquiri to new takes on traditional cocktails, like a New Fashioned at the Schooner . I gave always given them money to take my bags to the ship. How Often Do the Gratuity Rates Increase? Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. Specialty dining experiences, which are outside the included meal packages and can include steakhouses, sushi/seafood restaurants and many more. List of Free Drinks on Royal Caribbean Cruises, 56 amazing examples of Royal Caribbean customer service, The Best Time to Buy A Royal Caribbean Drink Package, 15 Ways To Use Your Royal Caribbean Onboard Credit Like A Pro,,, Royal Caribbean Cruise Refreshment Package Review,, If I am having a soda can i order another right after 10 minutes or to I have to wait a certain time. This is extremely helpful. How Can I Know How Much I Will Be Charged in Tips? The price of Royal Caribbeans Deluxe Beverage Package is not fixed. You can get the charge out of the way early, or hold onto your money until you actually sail. If you do not opt to prepay gratuities, a daily charge will appear on your SeaPass account every day of the cruise for the daily gratuity rate per guest. Instructions and details are included below the calculator. Any frozen drinks too without the alcohol. You could always pour it from a cup into your own bottle I suppose. I detest the idea of: A. not knowing who my tip is going to B. There are three of us going on the cruise May 22nd my self, my wife, and a cousin. B/b. Jenni. Can I ask there is a limit of bringing drinks on board yourselves but how do they actually know if you have brought more than the allowance? We deposit cash to use for our onboard account. Related: TPG's ultimate guide to cruise ship gratuity charges and tipping Whilst it was nice to be able to fill up my drink from the machine, I didnt like that I had to carry the cup everywhere with me. No votes so far! If you booked your Royal Caribbean cruise with a travel agent, you just need to contact them and ask for gratuities to be added to your reservation. Simply enter the cruise line, length of trip, and the number of passengers and it will show you precisely how much youll be charged. Got it for 39 pppd day! You are charged a set amount (the amount varies depending on the cruise line), per person, per day. Were booked on the Liberty of the Seas cruise in November 2020. Tipping on Royal Caribbean Cruises is straightforward - a standard daily rate is charged for all guests (no matter the age). Carnival Cruise Line also increased . Were here to help. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have slightly different daily gratuities. Drink Package Calculator. N/n. The exception is in certain markets where tipping is not as ingrained as part of their culture, so Royal Caribbean includes daily gratuities as part of the price of the cruise. For example, you have worked with the XYZ company for a period of 15 years. So, if you dont have a credit card, then you should prepay your gratuities to avoid running out of money in your bank account or having to carry a lot of cash. They will set up the travel cot (pack n play) each night, puree food as requested, clean up at mealtimes and much more. After four years, Royal Caribbean is increasing the gratuity rate cruise ship passengers will pay for the service they receive from crew members onboard its ships. For some cruise lines (usually luxury lines), gratuities actually are included in the fare you dont pay anything extra apart from your cruise fare. Yes, except if you are sailing in the U.S., then NCL tacks on the gratuities on the amount of the beverage package even though the package is free. These daily gratuities go towards your dining room staff, as well as your stateroom attendant. Some people like to give gifts such as chocolates or wine to the crew members. Alternatively, you may get some free onboard credit to spend. They will still go out of their way to make your cruise comfortable and enjoyable. The staff works hard to ensure that your vacation is a great one. The cocktails in the Bamboo Lounge are a little different to the poolside cocktails, the have fancier glasses and the ingredients may be different too. Again, this normally runs around 18%, but can range from 15% to 20%, depending on the cruise line. Wines are available to purchase by the bottle. If it doesnt, then Im sorry I dont know about that particular drink. Thanks bunches for this. I'm so sorry that this post wasn't useful for you! The two common rationales for not prepaying are if you have a substantial amount of onboard credit that could offset your SeaPass account charges, or if you prefer to give crew members their automatic gratuity rate in cash. If two adults are sharing a stateroom then both people must have the same package. When you book the cruise youll have the ability to prepay gratuities. Is this due to the situation at the moment or have they stopped selling drinks package online. When you buy the Deluxe Beverage Package or the Refreshment Package, you also get the souvenir cup and so have all the benefits of the Classic Soda Package. That doesnt seem fair. Good luck! Then, log into the Cruise Planner regularly to watch the price. Available beverage packages include (in descending order of cost): The default pricing for beverage packages can be adjusted to account for price increases or discounts. You can modify the amount until the morning you get off the ship. You can opt into prepaying gratuities at any time, up to 48 hours prior to your sail date. The advantage here is that you get to hold on to more of your money for longer. Beverage packages may not be available for purchase for cruises of less than four nights departing from Southampton, England. The tip applies to individual guests of all ages and stateroom categories. With the introduction of automatic gratuities, its much more difficult to avoid paying tips on your cruise. Whether you cruise multiple times per year or you're new to cruising, the goal of Royal Caribbean Blog is for it to bea useful resource for keeping up to date with what's new and exciting with Royal Caribbean. Where did you see the cheaper prices for the new cruise bookings? Are there ways to request a drink like a Bloody Mary but in a $12 or less version? Heres how I get the lowest price when I book a cruise. For cruises that start in North America, the minimum drinking age is 21. 3 ways to get free wifi on your Royal Caribbean cruise. You may also wish to give some cash to porters who help with your luggage outside of the ship, particularly if you start your cruise in the United States where this is customary. I know that some people get away with putting one bottle in the main suitcase and one in hand luggage. ), Can You Work Remotely While Taking a Cruise? Tea and coffee are always available for free and you can get sweeteners as well. So the longer the cruise, the higher the gratuities as well. So you cant get the Royal Cribbean alcohol package for one person and the soft drink package for another. Ive just used $USD in this guide to keep things consistent for most readers. Waiting until the end of your cruise will give you a few more paydays to save up the money. Hi Gilbert, youll find that Royal Caribbean crew members are all very friendly and helpful, so if your cousin requires any further assistance from what you can provide, just ask him to let them know and theyll be glad to help. Thanks for this . You can also get cold coffee drinks at the coffee bars. Im going on a cruise in October and would like the full drinks package for myself. Last time I cruised with Royal Caribbean in December 2019 you could do both options. However, if you want to choose the flexible My Time dining, rather than having a set dining time, you must pre-pay your gratuities.

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