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You target one of our friends, man, were going to let everybody know, nobodys going to escape this bullshit anymore. We havent forgot about you, you know, were focused here at home, were going to get this done here. Guess which one do you think Im wearing? Come on Scott. Again, its on the trains, its on. Its not over. 1:09:47 If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldnt want to miss this. no john Hancock there was 14 coward your fork and coward, 49:15 And it has to do with why we went into Afghanistan, right? Have a good night, folks. Paypal accepted. So Im gonna put a call out there any Dallas patriots on Harley davidsons or even veterans, preferably veterans to you guys want to connect on Monday the 20th I think its Monday the 20th. bear with me, folks. You know what I mean? Return Policy The enslavement issue. So you understand the kind of Intel that Im getting. animals like fowl gr and and you know keep us clued in to whats going on well certainly have you back again down the road and thanks for all of your time and thanks for your warrior spirit, 1:15:11 Dont worry, Im right here, you know, his girlfriend was there. "This is probably one of the best interviews I've ever done. Also, this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The person that knows the least always knows that the loudest. Find the YouTube icon because whatever channel on YouTube that we have active that were going to be broadcasting on, itll be there. Thats the signs that that I saw many years later because I dont know who Fauci is. But its going to be easy to find where I am. But can you can you tell our listeners a bit about like the video when we learned about about you and your career and what youve done and what youve taken back in the days when that worm Fauci was back there at CDC. Lets get together Say hello to you folks. Do you now and several young women off to the right when I hang up the phone said okay are you Dr. Judy? And and he shoves me into the hand put in the handcuffs with my mask taking you know, takes my mask off. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, WordPress, Google, Gmail (literally), Blogspot, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, PayPal, LiveJournal, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Flickr & Youtube and probably several others I forgot about. NOTICE: This site is purely a religious organization, anything that seems like political or health based discussion is simply our religious doctrine and beliefs. But you know what, what we need to do is go to these city council meetings or any of these other meetings where these people are held responsible. And then they get their people out there to sell it to us that, you know, people I heard it and again, from a business perspective, I heard this before, lifes not a dress rehearsal. Thank you for letting us know who these athletes are. interjected word in there about Fauci scumbag folks. Because maybe you have a different perspective that doesnt fit your experiences in life, your perceptions of things. Thank you Scott for being OUR warrior!! Immune Shield is the breakthrough new, doctor-approved supplement for quickly strengthening and protecting your immune system. 150 Studies Proving the Ineffectiveness and Harm of Wearing Masks, read them HERE. Any income made by this site is reinvested back into STN. For all of the latest conservative political news that is happening in the United States and also the world please check out videos on rumble, bitchute, or brighteon. Unless youre right there. Therefore, Im going to try to figure out whats going on here, like many other people that are awake, we all have those choices, all of us. This, again, is describing something similar to project Looking Glass. Like, Where the hells that come from? But I said please film get it Look at my hand and I cant move them because both my hands are and up by my neck. So it is now four minutes into it. So make sure you take that into account. Theres something else Im forgetting here. And then were going to help you take these scumbags down there too. And of course, most of if not First, we often cave in because they want to career. Theres nothing here. You see if thats the date, you want to come over and gather for I think its Tuesday, actually, its Tuesday. And the and for my security detail. I get it. Youre seriously on the radar. None of us know the plan. So this pediatric special needs conference, Im taking the mass, Im taking my book, which is behind me the case against the mass 10 reasons why mass you should be limited, which is heavily censored. So anyway, so you can get to the shop there. You can hear what happens after that in my voice if you cant see it, because its going everywhere in my right hand. And and just throughout this 40 year career behind me as my PhD from George Washington University, which I defended on November 14 1991. But, but these are just things that I have to take care of. "This is the time to take steps, this is the time to take action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon," said Cohen during a press conference with his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock. I said, Well, lets just see who Outlast who here. Whats in a business deal for this move that move? Its like a horse race with these folks. Everybody has a perspective, I had mine, Ive learned that the drops in the Intel always had a multi year Delta. And never, never did I back down. 38:32 Bullshit. Order by Phone at 866-388-7003 or online at M - F 9am to 5pm EST . Anyways, address if you go to the thread the description in here, Ill say it out loud. Thats when you learn how it really works with this cabal control of everything important in the world. But guess what Karen, Karen shows up the gate attendant, she shows up and it goes this way. And many of you guys know, you know who the worms are in the police department that do this bullshit. Watch Today. But anyways, all I can say is with things that get disclosed and people hes talking to. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. hi im scott mckay the world is that is that and i am your host on that tipping point on revolution radio where every monday from eight to 10pm eastern we bring you the latest in this ensuing takedown of this global criminal empire thats an image of strength youll get the raw hard truth here on the tipping point to come join us mondays eight to 10pm, 1:16:20 Yes, theres an email registration form there in the front page. Please join us and subscribe to make it possible to continue this important work! INTEL AND UPDATES DAILY. But then now Im a hero, right? Read our Pledge HERE. this is where you say a duty right here, 43:05 When Gallo and Fauci had, the first human disease causing retrovirus was isolated and associated with disease by my mentor of 37 years, Frank resetti, who was fired by Gallo forgetting Bob Gallo, for at the NCI forgetting too much credit. But whatever it is, theres infiltrators, we know that thats why I say Ive said this on the tipping point, by the way, we have a tipping point radio show tonight, at at certain time, right after this. Now, as I, as I watch it, looked at this and did a little researching on this, you know, on this technology and, and the articles that I read, that has something to do with whats happening now. So I direct people to these other patriots out there, so you can gather information from them. We get to recall these bastards drive their asses out. I got a call today. Youre supposed to be a peace officer protecting the people. Hey, my hat is up my Tomahawk is off to you. Patriot Streetfighter Scott Mckay interview on His Glory: Whistleblowers are Coming Forward. Yeah, right. Were not going to let this go on anymore on untouched and unaddressed. If you purchase something from these links we or the owners of those links COULD get paid for that. Tonight? Theyre endangering your safety. Ive got a whole stack of them here that I give to the kids. Here's What People Are Buying Right Now! And you know Im in the airport, I go up the stairs with the mat or the escalator with the mask on. Right. All the communications I get from people, they always self identify as a patriot streetfighter, all you people around other countries that are watching this, just remember, I said this for six months. If If King shit Spurlock would remove somebody like me or my Jayco or somebody like that. You just go down through the list of the things that have happened, that neurological disorders are going to happen from four to 14 months after people get their complete series of the shot. It exit solely for the purpose to share information . This isnt going away. You think about that? And considering this somehow a peer reviewed publication? Would you introduce him on stage? Yeah, hes definitely a street fighter, obviously. Okay, pull down. And in this battle, when youre more over the target, theres two things that are happening. Know who God is. I didnt know it was gonna go as badly as it did. | And then you make your own judgments. 1:14:34 Lets see whats his badge number at the, 48:39 Have a nice day. Lets say you go to the channel that you were on the last show and youre like, Hey, whats going on? These cookies do not store any personal information. I sat here for an hour. When you see this shit going on. . Due to the continued censorship on Youtube, Project Camelot will now be subscription-based. You know, like give me the mascot get on a plane or like now you get to put it on like so I put it on my chin strap. You can read our entire affiliate disclaimer here. So anyways, you guys are great. Because theyre theyre not. But the fact of the matter is is theyve overstepped their bounds theyre called her mandate if you want but this people when I when I call these institutions, even you cant capitalistic institutions. Sorry, I just wanted to make sure they were clear who, 23:07 And I read through this. Im like, Im like bent over like look up. Im wearing to save the kid shirt or anything to do with child sex trafficking. But youre you are you are showing our viewers that in this, you know, theres a lot more, theres over 10,000 people wanting you to hear and hearing your story. - Supports Healthy Inflammation Response. And I want to continue to the story. I know theres going to be a an event in town. Never say Gallo for him. People have masks on except me. It was supposed to be a promotional video, a promotional video for our upcoming book, plague of corruption, that book was supposed to publish november of 2019, October 12, the 13th of 2019, I gave a talk at the truth about cancer, which was entitled, persecution and cover up and Im talking 2019, Im jailed. Got fork in Mackay. I got no mask on. So I depend on this website for bringing in revenue to keep the site going and also to live. We will have me see tomorrow night schedule just so you know whos on deck this week. Because the the critical variable right now, as I said just before, and its kind of confirmed is until we have a great awakening, a true Great Awakening. Its powered by nuclear waste, but still safe for humans.

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