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Im pretty sure Im the loudest, so I think whoevers the loudest wins, joked Thomas. Our job is to hopefully bring her people that she doesnt know yet. Of course she would have a crush on him. Darren was somebody who had this quality that was a little mysterious, obviously very handsome and surprisingly funny., We never really expected there to be a love triangle, because in the pilot Devi and Ben are just so nasty and mean toward each other. ST: The challenge too isnt necessarily one particular role. She had to go to some places and the work was beautiful. I mean, that had to have been completely It was all brand new. RT: Can we just put Rhea Seehorn in here? Sharon Bialy: There are always challenges, but this season there were a couple of roles that caused some particular challenges. Natalie Morales, left, joined the cast of Dead to Me in Season 2 as the love interest for Linda Cardellini. After appearing in two films, Loving (1970) and Rio Lobo (1970), Sherry decided to leave the acting field. And it isnt so much that we only do dramas, we love comedies. (photo: Mark Seliger/FOX) Welcome to tvDownload's " Ask a Casting Director ," a new series in which we talk to the men and women . [Laughs] Sharon always says that she spends a lot of money to get her hair done for special events like the Emmys, only to ultimately wind up at my house so I can fix it. The Emmys may be in September but its never too early to look out for potential nominees, including Succession, Schitts Creek and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But I dont believe she had ever been a series regular before. We were finding choices and some incredible singers, but it just clicked when it became Alex. We received a lot of calls from agents and managers who loved the show with their clients who would love to be a part of it. That helps give me the essence of what Bill has in mind, and then as I get him going, hell just start going into the characters dialogue in a voice that reflects how he hears it in his head. Luca was intrigued [by Alice] and it seemed like a great match. He is so wonderful. He is fantastic. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Barry and many, many more, they are one of the top casting offices out there. Often times we are reading more people for those roles than anything else. Im always thrilled when stunt casting works, because people immediately feel a sense of connection by knowing somebody from the past, he says. It was really about getting Devi and her mother cast, as they are the heart of the story, says Greenstein. Why Netflix is dabbling in livestreaming. [Tatiana is] someone we really believed in and highly recommended to Tim and the producers., [Gayle was] the only one who read, Thomas says. [Tim] talks about the spirit and the soul of the actor marrying with the spirit and the soul of the character, says Thomas. The Hollywood Reporter is a part of Penske Media Corporation. There would be years where people would be like, Where did you get all these drug addicts? . She needed the right role to be able to show that shes not just someone whos gorgeous, and Mississippi allows her to do that., Elarica [as dancer Autumn Night] has a very openhearted vulnerability that comes forward when you just look in her eyes, says Ingram. Jonathans secretary. The process when we started of course is making lists. But now that the show has cooked its last batch of blue meth and said goodbye to the Albuquerque sunset, Bialy and Thomas finally heard their names called on nominations morning, along with Kiira Arai, in the Best Drama Casting category. But if it is a more substantial role with several scenes, two is fine to send to us. To see somebody with natural comedic timing who really got the nuances of the scenes and really got the multidimensional character she wasnt just reading lines. Hes daring. You can see so many more people for a role, because you can take chances because you dont have to slot people in to 15-minute time periods with the producers. 2023 Oscar Predictions Who Are the Oscar Voters? All of the shows we do from The Walking Dead to Better Call Saul to The Righteous Gemstones are all over the country. Thomas says of the then-not-so-well-known Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, I kind of always knew Yahya was it. Alphonse is truly an incredibly skilled actor, Ingram says. Those interested in learning more about the stacked list of TV and film titles on her rsum can find them listed on IMDb. I love her performances and everything she does, and Luca felt the same way., Jack has a lot of experience in movies and TV, so he had a flexibility as far as craft goes, Cuba says. More at IMDbPro Contact info Agent info Resume Add to list Nominated for 9 Primetime Emmys Samira Wiley plays Moira in The Handmaids Tale, a performance that has brought her a third supporting actress Emmy nomination. Bialy says, For Better Call Saul, we have an inside joke in the office that theyre a Vince-Peter type of an actor [co-showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould]. My mom passed away when I was young, but she used to be a very successful hairdresser back east. It has all come down to this, friends. Like everyone else on the planet we love her. It was really sort of a meeting of the minds and people coming together on the choices. Get to Know the Casting Director: Sherry Thomas, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. In this case, its Jane, only in the fact that the public did not know that she was a singer. Finding actors that can understand the unique tone of the show, one that balances gut-wrenching trauma with unexpected comedy, is an intricate task. Its been a long time coming and were very proud of it., 9 Emmy nominees you didnt know were already on Netflix: Breaking Bad, Scandal, , If they do win the Emmy, they arent worried about getting kicked off the stage if their acceptance speech lasts too long. Jonathan [Masons employer], was the first one. He fell in love with doing the show. And from there, we would have further discussion or conversation. He felt just perfect for Bruce. In 1974, Sherry joined Talent Associates, as an executive in charge of development. Get ready with our TV viewers guide, Damon Lindelof] is pretty specific about what he wants, The Buzzmeter: Our experts predict the 2020 Emmy winners - and so can you, The secret to What We Do in the Shadows success? She has been nominated for eight Emmys (The Handmaid's Tale, Barry, Breaking Bad) and 19 CSA nominations. I think a lot of people have made that shift in their mentality. Its good to be (Regina) King: The Oscar winner might win her fourth Emmy for her portrayal of Angela Aybar/Sister Night in Watchmen., The Doctor is in: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was a surprise choice to play Dr. Manhattan in HBOs Watchmen.. The age had to be appropriate so there would be chemistry with Linda. That has been nice because so many of these shows are aged for younger women. Sharon and I have been business partners for 25 years, and were very inserted in each others lives at this point. And say, Lets try them for this.. Get our L.A. Over the course of my daughters lives my oldest is going to be 12 in September and my youngest is 10 Ive probably forgotten to pick them up from school about 20 times. I appreciate that insight into collaborating with such a talented multi-hyphenate. Sherry Thomas (I) Casting Director Casting Department Producer IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Sherry Thomas was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. Women of that level and age arent coming in to read at that point in their careers, so we kept combing through this huge list. I forgot to mention Casey Wilson. There was something she found the strength in that character, the fearlessness in her eyes., We werent identifying what roles would be people of color, adds her colleague Sherry Thomas. I think within that the process will change a bit. Now, I would never assume that Melissa McCarthy would be so interested in my life that she would say yes to playing me in a series about it. But Id love to work with her, so let me just say shed be my choice. Was that something you were both conscious of when originally casting him? Thats why you guys are so successful and all the shows you do, which are fantastic. For the vampire mockuseries What We Do in the Shadows, nominees Gayle Keller, Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay find themselves looking for actors who dont look like typical actors. You guys cast this while everything was locked down. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. As part of our inaugural BackstageFest, longtime casting directors Theo Park ("Ted Lasso," "Master of None"), Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas ("Perry Mason," "The Comey Rule," "The. Stacia Kimler, Casting . Get to Know the Casting Director: Sherry Thomas Cat Elliott August 2, 2022 It's hard to pick just a handful of credits that cover the breadth and depth of Sherry Thomas' casting rsum. We are very, very excited for season three. Speaking with Awards Daily, the 2020 Emmy nominees walked us through the challenges of the second season from chasing down Natalie Morales as the second seasons biggest addition to a number of high-profile cameos. Shes amazing with hair, and I have a love for it, too. I feel like I get him. What is the craziest audition story that you have? To say I was enthused was another thing. So, theres support at every turn, but balancing a family and a career isnt easy. How did you end up finding her for the role? Its hard to pick just a handful of credits that cover the breadth and depth of Sherry Thomas casting rsum. I mean, I was still completely nervous, but I felt more comfortable in that sort of nervousness. But this is definitely a collaboration between Jack and Luca, and who teenagers are today, in this moment., [The character of Sam Pratchett] was really about mixing and matching with whoever [would be playing his girlfriend] Caitlin. Lets try it. When youre chasing after an actor with a name, you need them to trust you. Keep reading for a window into everything from how she works including her Emmy-nominated casting of Barrys third season to what shed be doing if her chosen profession werent an option. Bialy, Thomas and Russell Scott are nominated twice this year, for Dead to Me along with Handmaids Tale. Another of their shows, Better Call Saul, now has 11 acting nominations. Was that hard at all? John Lithgow, for E.B. For Lady Sherlock series publicity inquiries (media coverage, review copies, and interviews), please contact Tara O'Connor at Penguin Random House But not even Thomas and Lewis knew who the character, a nice guy married to Regina Kings vigilante character, would later be revealed to be. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging. Im not just saying that because hes my boss Im saying that because Ive had the privilege of watching the dailies [raw, unedited footage shot during a filming day] for Barry and have gotten to see his work from all angles. Bradley Whitford @BradleyWhitford 10 months ago. Hes often the heavy for this, he was a father who had a lost son., We cast Chris in Gotham but have known him for years, says Thomas. In 1975 she joined MGM as an executive story editor. Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas - casting directors HBO: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 2: Cindy Tolan - casting director Amazon: Russian Doll: Season 1: Christine Kromer - casting director Netflix: Veep: Season 7: Dorian Frankel and Sibby Kirchgessner - casting directors HBO: 2020s. He put himself on tape, and Tim really responded to his audition [for the beat-cop role].. Then there are recent series like Vanessa Bayers I Love That for You and Danny McBrides The Righteous Gemstones. Hes like 6-foot-5, hes got this huge fro. Burrows eventually recommended Thomas for her first paying job in the industry, working as an assistant to the location casting director the person charged with hiring extras for movie and TV . Liz responds to actors who arent hitting the jokes but have a sense of humor, not typical sitcom, playing-to-the-audience types you might see on traditional multi-camera shows. 2006 Its interesting, because I think what happens to actors often happens to casting directors, Bialy explained. In 1975 she joined MGM as an executive story editor. . Your email address will not be published. It all kind of comes together. You were also nominated for your work on the third season of The Handmaids Tale. No, but it made me feel like just more confident. Big titles like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Handmaid's Tale may first come to mind. Casting Networks uses cookies to analyze our traffic and to personalize content and ads. How do you like the way casting is right now? We were able to find actors like Ericka Kreutz who played Shandys mother, and you had Adora Bricher who played Shandy who is amazing as the dark, dark little girl. He was tied to a play in New York., Jemaine does that so much, says Kay. THE PHIL SPECTOR BIOPIC (HBO Movie): David Mamet, Writer-Director Barry Levinson, Michael Hausman, Exec Producers Starring: Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, Chiwetel Eji of or (HBO) WIDOW DETECTIVE (pilot): Carol Mendelsohn, David Hubbard, Julie Weitz, Davis Guggenheim, Exec Producers 2023 Gold Derby Media, LLC. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. If life begins at conception, why aren't Republicans making sure that the men who cause pregnancies take any responsibility? Good lighting is typical, and shooting from the right angle, and just be yourself in the slate. She gave so much more than was even on the page [in the role of Mercedes mom], Ingram says. It seems that reboots are a dime a dozen these days. I started exploring acting once I got to LA and met a casting director named Victoria Burrows, who kind of took me under her wing. We have been very lucky on this show. And were really fing funny! Sauls Rhea Seehorn was one they called in many times before she booked the key Kim Wexler role. I think we got to try. And she says, You feel really passionately about it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the case of Lawrence Gilliard, that role was. Will Dominion-Fox News lawsuit be different? Showing all 1 wins and 28 nominations. Sherry Thomas: But everybody was generous and kind. You do a drama and they say you can only do drama. Skylar is obviously a name, but hes also just a real standout, an extraordinary singer and actor., Michael Thomas Grant, who plays [rival coworker] Leif, I knew from The Glee Project, says the casting director. Type above and press Enter to search. Her emotional depth and ability, in the scene, to always find the deepest but most surprising way to play it, is amazing and then to be able to sing on top of it. She had been around and doing guest star work, but to get a series regular gig was a big step for her., Poorna has for most of her career been a dramatic actress, and she was like, I never get to come in on comedies because nobody thinks Im funny, says Greenstein about the role of Devis mother for Jagannathan. Co-Owner Bialy Thomas & Assoc. I mean, its just, its incredible. But even with such a rsum, the highly sought-after casting director came across as nothing short of a grounded, down-to-earth individual when she sat down with Casting Networks via Zoom. The thing that Luca seemed to be connecting to is a real combination of, could they do the material, but also could he engage in real dialogue with them about what it means to be their age in this moment and incorporate that into the vision that he had., Jordan didnt even have an agent. He was shooting a really naturalistic portrait of this group, and so much of this was about how these kids are as themselves: How are they when theyre not doing the scene? What sets this young cast apart from many other series starring young adults is the actors age range. Its just a wonderful place to be to be able to cast these amazing actresses from Frances Conroy to Katey Sagal to Valerie Mahaffey. At the time, there wasnt really a choice you had to prove yourself at work by being at your desk. We were trying to find the perfect person that would excite Liz to the point where she would want to continue writing for if the character came back. AD: The second season also featured two major guest stars in Frances Conroy and Katey Sagal. Hes a very soulful actor and person, and his craft is unbelievable. And our associate, Alyssa Morris, did the same with the smaller roles. You are known for bringing in people who are looked at one way, and then you sort of have given this whole new sort of light, this new career almost to them. After first meeting the Massachusetts native a Masshole as she calls it you may feel as if youve known her for much longer. We really kind of leave it up to the actor. He did come in and audition and just blew everybody away., The most fun bit of casting was the fact that Mo was written as a woman. Backstage provides its members with the best tools to grow their careers in the performing arts. I dont think it took an hour for every creative to say, Shes perfect. , The most exciting thing is taking that actor everybody sees one way and flipping expectations, Bialy says. Interview: Jeremy Davis on Playing Olaf in Frozen, Costume Mishaps and Making the Role His Own, Interview: Casting Director Kim Coleman on Five Days at Memorial, Self-Tape Tips and Portraying Real People, Interview: David Christopher Wells on His Role in To Kill a Mockingbird, Being an Understudy and Getting His MFA, Interview: Clifton Collins Jr. and Molly Parker on Jockey, Research and Bad Auditions, Ted Lasso Star Phil Dunster on How He Got the Role of Jamie Tartt, Theres No Such Thing As Chemistry In Acting. But, just like any other season, we got the scripts and then talked with [co-creator/star] Bill [Hader] and [co-creator/showrunner] Alec [Berg] to hear what they were identifying within the new characters. Like with Colins office mates; they have like one line here and there and Jemaine said, I need them all back. You dont see loyalty like that a lot.. What are some self-tape tips that you have? You might look at the character of Lil Murda and think you know this person, but you dont. Contact To get in touch with Sherry, use the contact form below or send her an email at sherry @ (w/o spaces). We thought wed cast an unknown. I obviously knew of him, but he was a friend of Austins, so he suggested him, and he is so great on the show., John I also knew because he was in What/If. [Niccos] brilliant, says Hopkins. So, I knew Id have a paycheck once I arrived and took my two weeks vacation to make the trip over and get settled. And one of the first things that we did together as Bialy/Thomas was The Unit with Shawn Ryan and David Mamet and Eric Haney. Thomas says, Damon tried to give me a hint: He should be a little unusual. My associate, Elizabeth, who knows the comics very well, she guessed it.. Sorry I had to jump in because he is very humble! #LucindaSyson #TheoPark #SherryThomas SharonBialy #CastingDirectorsQ&A with casting directors from several Apple TV+ series; Lucinda Syson (Foundation), Theo. Actors often think casting directors hardly even pay attention during their auditions. And it worked! You dont have to try to crack jokes and just be yourself. Shes fantastic. Oscars 2023 Voting Begins Dear Oscar, Hear My Plea, Why Steven Spielberg Deserves to Win His Third Best Directing Oscar. Press Esc to cancel. I brought in this guy from New York, hes actually a playwright, his name is Jeremy O. Harris. AD: Im sure you cant say anything about the final season, but Im curious if you have a dream guest actor that you think would fit perfectly into the world of the show? AD: Before we jump into the new characters of the second season, I wanted to talk about the shocking twist at the beginning of the season; the return of James Marsden with a new character. The external is not whats important to him. The main cast may seem only six actors deep, but to the casting directors, the world was expansive. Sharon Bialy: I think thats a really good note. We would give a little context of the tone. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Barry and many, many more, they are one of the top casting offices out there. We have to experience the duality of his life, and that heartbreak, and the choices he makes., I remember in the audition process, the actors had to say to Mississippi how they could take care of her abusive boyfriend, Ingram recalls. We were so touched that people were really moved by the show and actually watched it. Sharon Bialy: I think actors often think, Oh, they only think of me for this. But filling the role of a Sherman Oaks-grown teenager of South Asian heritage proved harder than expected. They have to be funny and in the moment with so few lines, and that is such a hard thing to do. My partner Sherry Thomas, who casts the show with me, and I have a history of colorblind casting, so we're always looking for the best actor. "I've known and worked with Sherry in different capacities over the past 7 years. This is my first experience with Luca, so the process involved me figuring out how he defines a lot of the things in the script. So, I got that part covered. The others laugh a little. We started talking with her agent, and they basically said to make sure this was the direction we wanted to go in because if Katey found out she would certainly want to do it. Back in 2019, Jones played. [Showrunner Damon Lindelof] is pretty specific about what he wants, but if he cant really explain it, hell know it when he sees it. Im fully vaxed. Boom. We rely so heavily on the loudness, and the shoutiness, and the calling out ideas and really kind of collaborating in that way. We ultimately will probably only send one take, unless were really questioning We dont edit it ourselves too much sometimes because the producers could come back and say, You know, theyre missing a moment, and thats exactly what was in the other take. By Vinnie Mancuso 12/30/15 10:00am. Although the self Read More, Your email address will not be published. We had read her for The Handmaids Tale one season, and we had read her for an independent movie that was a really deep and layered character. I really hope the industry is changing to be better in that area, especially for women who want to work and also be moms. Exclusive: AMCs Emmy episode submissions for Breaking Bad & Mad Men, Even though Breaking Bad is over, Bialy and Thomas are still involved in that universe thanks to their casting of the spin-off series Better Call Saul. However, Bialy warns us, I cant tell you anything about Better Call Saul. Were sworn to secrecy! Theyre also keeping busy casting Halt and Catch Fire, which just ended its first season on AMC, Foxs upcoming comic-book series Gotham and TVs biggest ratings hit The Walking Dead., Hey, whats with all the dark shows on their resumes? And, Id imagine, completely challenging. Sherry Lansing. Sherry Thomas: They called him, pitched him and Sharon says, huh. From encouraging this writer about her questionable hair choices to estimating how many times shes forgotten to pick her kids up from school, Thomas candor in our interview provided an intriguing look into the person behind all the casting credits. Awards. She created a book this big between her read with casting and her read with Bruce, of her story as the character. Oftentimes you have to stay on your leading guy because other actors cant hold [their own]., The challenge is getting that first person of well-known stature to say yes, then you build from there, says Thomas. Shes just perfect. I knew that Mary could sing. But I dont think that it is ever more important than having the right person. Of course, the greatest discovery of this musical comedy is its lead, Jane Levy, best known to viewers for her comedic skills on the ABC series Suburgatory. Posts Reels Videos Tagged Search Log In Sign Up Shes the real deal.. These are edited excerpts from that conversation. And so, were sitting in the session, and he walks in and everybody says, hi. Hes a wonderful actor. If its somebody who were like, Ive never seen them audition for us before. Im getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it. Were they names you wanted from the beginning, and did you go out of your way to reunite Katey and Christina Applegate? He was a great audition, for sure, but he also really interested Luca as a person. Q&A with casting directors from several Apple TV+ series; Lucinda Syson (Foundation), Theo Park (Ted Lasso) and Sherry Thomas and Sharon Bialy (The Shrink Next Door). And I also just love her as a person. Now, here comes my favorite question to ask, Sherry. ST: I mean I cant even Its ridiculous. And I said, Yeah, I really feel like it could be really cool, and okay, great. Its OK because now youll get great volume when you blow dry it. And now jumping to present day, congrats are in order regarding the recent Emmy nomination you received with Sharon Bialy for your teams work casting Barry. I didnt know anyone here, but was a manager at The Gap at the time and got transferred to an LA location of the store. We really needed someone for that role who would be able to come in and immediately keep up with Linda, Christina, and James who had already gelled. Facebook Icon. I think in this particular project that Georgia [Pritchetts] writing was incredible, and the tone was on the page, but still it helped. 2023 The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. Its also an emotional drama. And sometimes the sides are fake. What kind of challenges are there for a show like that where you are three seasons in already? Sherry Thomas: And the show director, Jesse Peretz, just really kind of took everybody and, everybody shines. Then he was totally game to be in the last episode in front of the camera., After co-creator and executive producer Mindy Kaling tweeted an open casting call for series lead Devi Vishwakumar, the casting directors discovered newcomer Ramakrishnan. A lot of offices have become that even prior to pandemic, to COVID, but thats just never been the way that we like to generate the work. I think we all miss being in the room with actors and I think a lot of the actors miss it as well, because theres something that you just get from being in the room with someone and the ability to play. But oddly enough, on this show, because on others, we have done producer callbacks over Zoom, we didnt do any. Sharon Bialy: Sometimes well know somebody really well and have them read and literally in two lines, Im like, thats it, shes the one. It was the biggest casting search weve ever done in our career, says Daniel. And thats exciting when were able to do that. The theater is located at 38 Commerce Street between Barrow and Bedford Streets in the West Village neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City.The Cherry Lane Theatre contains a 179-seat main stage and a 60-seat studio. ST: Our goal will always be to safely get back in the room with actors. Sherry Thomas: Fortunately, I feel like everybody did a little bit of research, which was interesting. We make several-page lists of actors who might be a good fit. So we can say, No, this is the Bob Odenkirk character youre reading with. And its like, oh, a light bulb goes off, but we cant in email. With self-tapes and zoom callbacks. Once the lead was in place, the other puzzle pieces of this ethnically and neuro-diverse cast started to land. And I think you can do that because you have more time, youre at home. She read the whole book in like 48 hours. In the meantime, make your predictions for Best Drama Series below the interview using our easy drag-and-drop menu. casting director Casts for Film, TV, Theatre, New Media California About Sharon Bialy Sharon Bialy is an award winning Casting Director for television, film and theater. Look, I think Bill Hader is in a category all his own. Moderated by Mara Webster, In Creative Company. She was kind of in my head when I read it. One day, Damon said, Hey, theres this guy, Yahya! I went, Yeah. And thats part of our job is to continue education. Sometimes the nomination day is like Christmas morning, but this year we completely forgot. So, we really didnt do any producer sessions over Zoom. You really need to find actors who can do all of those things which can be challenging. sherrythomaslane Follow 284 posts 5,086 followers 587 following Sherry Thomas Lane Casting Director / Owner @ Bialy Thomas & Associates Blue collar Northampton, MA native who is Livin' the dream. While leaving no stone unturned in his search for the perfect San Francisco enclave, Ulrich ended up with more than a few recognizable names of both stage and screen in key roles. In a COVID and post-COVID world do you think youre job will permanently change? He was a huge part of why we got her it was a lot of working out schedules; we dont just get to read in a room with actors all the time. Did Scott have to break some legs to get it done? Sharon Bialy: Right. Gohar Gazazyan, Casting Director. We wanted the fans to believe this, too, like, Oh my God, hes so cute. Sherry Thomas: Theres an energy. Its a natural human thing to think of somebody in one way. Its when I really first started, when I was having a lot of autonomy with Sharon.

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