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Then when the gun still wouldnt operate right, field stripped it and cleared the debris, but didnt understand the gun enough to realize it was now super broken. Got a 40 SW P320 SC on my hip now, got one in 9mm within reach, so far neither has decided to trip the sear without my help. I wish nothing bad on anyone carrying regardless of brand. He points to it in the video. "It has a clear capacity to fire without the trigger being pulled under certain conditions," said Hilton's lawyer, Jeffrey Bagnell. He wanted to see how accurate the gun was, especially after the customer got it back after the voluntary upgrade. But were way past the days of major league, internationally known gunmakers turning out complete crap, selling it and the public living with it. This is why we now have back up safeties on garden tractors and riding lawn mowers. Sig P320 is just one of many pistols with Safety related. If the gangster greed monger criminal Capitalvanians in the gun industry had their products under the jurisdiction of the consumer safety administration all the newer striker fired guns would never have been allowed on the market unless they had manual safeties and a safe take down system. How many times did Shatner actually watch it? They habitually use their customers as the product testers by selling what are essentially prototypes while quietly implementing rolling revisions. So even if, as the ambulance chaser claims, the striker leg could vibrate off of the sear face, it could not discharge unless the drop safety was also disengaged because the drop safety prevents movement of the striker sufficient to make the firing pin protrude from the breech face. I think in the end even if there is no mechanical defect (dont hold your breath) it will be found that the Sig is causing accidental discharges for the same reason the Glock does, because if you snag the trigger on the Sig model that does not have a manual safety (some do) the gun will accidentally fire. Trigger is lighter than the Glock, it took years of aggressive training to reach the point of acceptable discharges with the Glock. The problem with Sig is with their polymer pistols. The Glock fails on both counts. You did get to sit and watch it with him, which leads to a serious question. In the case of the 320, lightning is striking the same place an awful lot. (a) A person commits an offense if the person recklessly discharges a firearm inside the corporate limits of a municipality having a population of 100,000 or more. No picture for me. Why you and I are arguing over a gun that neither owns or will own, Then theres the fact that the branches of the military have put the P320 design through their own batteries of testing and found it duty worthy. He said there has to be something wrong with the gun if this is happening to individuals with this amount of training, this amount of skill.. Thats the same. I can say one thing for sure, the X on the side of the my is about is welcoming to me as grip zone was. These lawsuits arent about Sig making a defective weapon, theyre about lawyers building a nationwide consensus in civil trial that makes it easier (and more lucrative) to soak gunmakers. Fundamentally, the bits that the ambulance chaser claims are flawed function exactly the same way as a S&W M&P. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And then theres Gunter Walker, a civilian, who says his P320 fired on its ownwhen he placed the weapon down on his nightstand, shooting him through the palm of his left hand.. Thats SIGs term for a recall. You simply may not PREFER one make to another, or may simply dislike another make, but were to the point in semi-auto pistol production history where amongst the big brands, the only real distinctions are preference. . The cheap seats were $100-$200 and you got to watch Wrath of Khan with Shatner. They didnt have to, but did. Manual safeties on pistols, hammer and striker fired systems were found necessary as far back as 1900. Going on Sigs reputation I bought a P320. He was told to shoot two rounds. So does any of this mean theres something wrong with the P320? There was no holster involved. Its pathetic how often these legal stunts work. Personally they should have gone with the Glock, its not for me but is a proven gun. Not sure why it wont let me reply to you, but Ill reply to myself in the hope youll get it. There was nothing wrong with the Glock action, it was a training issue. No Warp core, just a quantum singularity, The engine was basically a dorm fridge. Their visceral hatred for that which they see as competition to their little golden calf god and their blind, myopic, childish self-identification with an external dynamic is hilarious! The suit mirrors lawsuits filed across the country involving the semi-automatic gun known as the P320. This leads me to conclude that the problem is not the gear but the moron using it. If the P320 was so great then why did special forces go to the Glock 19? One of the officers a few years ago was carrying his P320 in a P226 holster that he took a Dremel to make the P320 fit. 3) If the sear fails, there is the drop safety in the way of the striker. It nicely describes what has to happen in a striker-fired P320 for an un-commanded discharge to happen as the plaintiffs have claimed. Police Department, was wounded when his P320 duty gun discharged without a trigger pull while he was carrying it in a gym bag wrapped carefully with a cloth. Officer Collette was wounded in his left leg. Zero in the affirmative. Sig P320 Accidental Discharge 2021 Perhaps nothing speaks more clearly to the need for a total recall than the fact that in 2021, over four years after Sig Sauer offered its voluntary upgrade, people are still suffering injuries and lawsuits continue to be filed. The problem is non-existent. They suck and Im awesome!, 2. MIM strikers made in India and put into Sigs. No you haters are not smarter than the US military, who tested the P320 far more than your favorite YouTuber ever did. ! while being accompanied by some form of obvious stupidity like putting an unholstered gun in a gym bag with other stuff. These suits allege that their ultra-popular P320 pistol can fire without the trigger being pulled. can add the manual safety as well as add the notches in the grip frame. How many times does a pistol have to malfunction before you blame it? So far I have only heard of one instance (post fix) where there was an ND and the post mortem on the gun demonstrating a mechanical failure. I could care but that came at the expense of reliability and safety. Aint been nothing but problems since the military dropped the 1911, what was it 85 year of trusted service? The company didnt want to comment on any specific pending litigation for obvious reasons. As they should. The current allegations, then, are different, claiming that the P320 is prone to un-commanded discharges.. Canadian Special Forces Command has not said what caused the gun to go off unexpectedly, but the company said a conclusion has been reached. Hey, Im glad theres somethings we agree on! In a straight up Glock vs. Sig battle, the United States Marines chose Sig, and that was AFTER watching the P320 perform for four years. But as Officer Hilton says, There is no way anything could have gotten into my purseinto the trigger guard and pulled that trigger., This ABC report includes an interview with Joshua Harrison, a firearms expert hired by the network to examine the P320s design and give his opinion of its safety. The best take on this subject is by the author himself: this is about slime lawyers looking to build a national narrative and get a few wins in, so they can more easily get the next win and the next one, the next one and so on. If you did the same with a Glock or an M&P without the thumb safeties, youd get the same result. Hes like the arrogant star QB on your favorite football teamyeah, you would never want to spend a weekend with him at the lake cabin, but your franchise would be little to nothing without him. Not much detail is provided in any of those other claimed incidents, but a few stand out. BAM. Fair enough. Its also beyond debate that current production Sig quality is drastically inferior to what it once was, particularly the German made pieces. Big public relations disaster and Sig tries a second time to get the piece of shit to work and not go off when dropped. So I give a ton of credit to Shatner for reading the reality of what it was and in essence, saving it. (The defect couldnt be duplicated after the crash.). But then Im not a federal LE flunky who cant keep my booger hook off the bang switch, either. I still own them all. The probable reason that some folks are saying that the P320 is unsafe is that there was a lawsuit filed in federal court in July of 2020 (Guay v. Sig Sauer) alleging that the 320 fired "un-commanded" without a trigger pull while in a holster. If it were a lowered tier manufacturer like a Taurus having allegations made against them, people would run with it without thinking twice. Too much MIM in that crap SIG, the old ones were great. Yes, conspiracy to defraud is a thing when ones @ss is on the line. In this version, Bridge City Officer Brittany Hilton tells her story of what she says happened when her P320 discharged as she was carrying it in her purse in what appears to be a SERPA holster (which has had its own problems, but thats another story). SIG just cannot seem to make a striker fired pistol that doesnt have issues. Theres just too much other paraphernalia bouncing around in there. The Milwaukee police department has had 3 incidents of the Sig discharging while being in a holster sitting in a patrol car in 2023. there is no better. I think making guns easy to shoot has gone too far. Each incident gives them more blood for their macabre dance, and another tic-mark for their context-free gun violence tally. Charlton posted to the online commercial forum Canadian Gun Nutz, describing the CBC News piece as inaccurate and promising SIG Sauer would release a statement. It has an unsafe takedown procedure that requires you to pull the trigger to get the slide off. The problem was strikers. If the military was going to go cheap then they should have thrown Taurus into the mix. The incident with the P320 - a contender for a major Canadian Armed Forces procurement of thousands of pistols and holsters that has a Aug. 3 deadline for industry proposals - occurred at JTF-2's Dwyer Hill training range just west of Ottawa. Its just dumb enough to sound like the plot to a damned Disney film. I dont own a P320. in 2021," Bagnell said of the overall scope of the concern . The use of a modified [SIG] P226 holster created an unsafe condition by allowing a foreign object to enter the holster, causing the unintended discharge.. It sure wasnt her fault though, because she was flooring the. Clients such as law enforcement officers whose negligent discharges could result in their being disciplined or fired unless it can be proven that the gun was at fault. Everyone remembers the problems the Beretta M9 had, but it got sorted and they went on to serve over 30 years. When a consumer product is likely to be operated in such a way that it causes accidents because it is way too easy to make a serious mistake because of human error when operating it the manufactures are told that the machine must be made safer. The networks report didnt mention lawsuits filed by LEOs (or anyone else) against other gun makers claiming similar alleged design defects. Ron, My dad owned one and that is exactly what happened one time when he was using it. . The new Kirk does suck. BTW it was HK that made the first polymer gun, Glock actually stole the idea for the G17 from them. Depending on who you talk to you will get many different answers. All those customers who paid $1600 now had a limited function paper weight. According to Section 22.05 of the Texas Penal Code, engaging in deadly conduct with a firearm is considered a felony of the third degree. I continue to bet my life on them. It has been flawless so far. The truth is the absolute WORST semi-autos that Sig, H&K, Walther, Beretta or Glock makes today are more reliable than the best semi-autos made 40 years ago, by far. Kyle . The claimed mode of failure was that the tab on the drop safety that interferes with the striker movement had been sheered off and stopped being a drop safety. So your fanboy perjorative falls not only flat but false. And the idea some random comment section P320 hater thinks theyre smarter & more knowledgeable than the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard and Marine Corp combined regarding military pistol selection is just freaking laughable!

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