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The salaries are more realistic compared to base game careers too. Best of all, its fully compatible with Sims 4s other career mods, so you can easily switch between tracks if you get bored or want to try something different. Do you love telling stories through pictures? Subscribe the SnootySims Newsletter to receive a list of the 100 Best Sims 4 Mods! The career is primarily intended for female Sims but can also be played by male Sims. Write fashion articles and columns and ensure people love them to work their way up! Your Sims will leave for work but you will not follow them. With this mod, your Sims will be able to take on the role of an archaeologist and explore ancient sites for long-lost artifacts. 7. Take note that for this mod to work, you need to have the City Living and Get Famous expansion packs installed. The manager career in The Sims 4 is a great way to make your virtual life more engaging and challenging. For example, at the first level, your sim will be responsible for operating the observatory and providing tours to visitors. The player takes on the role of a chiropractor, providing treatment to patients with back pain. Players can also choose to specialize in either firefighting or rescue operations. Your sim can work remotely as it's semi-active. Youll start off as just a friendly face at parties, but youll soon work your way up to an elite party planner making the big bucks. Your sim can choose between going into commercial modeling or high-fashion modeling. The careers available in The Sims 4 base game are fine to begin with, but once you've been playing for a while, they are less than extensive. Mortician Career. Youll also have opportunities to go on shark cage dives, scuba diving expeditions, and other exciting field trips. In addition, the mod also adds new Aircraft mechanic and Air traffic controller roles, giving you even more ways to take to the skies! M T TH F. Track 3 - Modelling. Sims 4 Cheats & How to Use Them (New 2023 List), How to play aggressive like a PRO in Modern Warfare, TOP 10 American Truck Simulator Mods of 1.43, Chuck Taylor All Star Converse platform high top Sneakers. The Sims 4 Therapist Career is one of the best career mods available for the game. Its those types of things that truly immerse me into my sims gameplay! The Sims 4 Scientist Career is a custom mod that allows your Sims to pursue a career in science. The Youtuber Career Mod will let your Sim live out their YouTube dreams. Altogether, there are 10 levels to this career mod: Market Research Intern is a great way to get your Sim started in the world of marketing. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. With this career mod, your sim will be able to choose from three different branches in the cosmetology field: hairstylist, esthetician, and nail technician. So if youre ready for a challenge, this is the mod for you. If the answer to that question is yes then you might find this video useful!You ca. But if youre up for the challenge, this mod is sure to provide hours of fun. This sims 4 airline career mod allows you to take two different paths within the field of flight: administrative or pilot. Hairstylists in the Sims 4 can now have their own career thanks to a great mod! In order to be successful in this career, your sim will need to have high levels of both Logic and Medical skills. One of the most popular mods for this career is the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Career Mod. My version contains 3 tracks each with 4 levels. They risk their lives to save others from the dangers of fire, and they are always on call in case of an emergency. There are also a number of different specializations that Sims can choose from, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, and oncology. As you progress, youll be able to attend game development conferences, pitch your own ideas to publishers, and even create your own game development studio. Your sim will start out as a market research intern barely making a living and work their way up through various positions to ultimately become the CMO or Chief Marketing Officer. The Modeling Career mod is a great way to add some extra depth and excitement to the game, and its definitely worth checking out if youre a fan of The Sims 4. The gameplay is very addictive and you will never get bored of it. From embalming bodies to leading funeral services, youll have a front-row seat to all the action. The mod includes three different branches of science: biology, chemistry, and physics. To become a branch manager, you will need to have at least level 9 in the logic skill and level 4 in the writing skill. Inside that subfolder, players should see a folder called Mods. Some of these careers are not available in the original game and they can be added with mods. There are also several different ways to advance in the career, such as becoming a master chiropractor or opening your own practice. $170 PH TH F S SU, Level 4 Superstar Model Your growing popularity on the runway has gotten you here. This is an active career that allows your Sims to become a Resort Owner. With this mod, your Sims can finally live out their Hollywood dreams! Hollywood actor is one of the most popular sims 4 career mods and it is easy to see why. If youre looking for a way to add some nostalgia to your Sims game, this is the mod for you. So if you happen to have a sim that loves following other sims around and has a knack for photography, this just might be the field for them. The Therapist Career is a great way to add some realism to your game, and its also a lot of fun. You can also learn new recipes, get new ingredients and sell your products. For those who want to pursue an acting career in sims 4, the Hollywood actor career mod is a great option. This is a great mod for sims who want the freedom to work from home, or for sims who want to be their own boss. With this mod, you can have full control over your sims acting career. Theres a custom social event called Run Daycare which will auto spawn 2-5 toddlers from your save. Starting out in this career will have your sims being a dance student where they are going to be earning 15 per hour. These mods will take your Sims careers in new and interesting directions as they fight fires, solve crimes, become coffee roasters, and more. Just be prepared to put in some long hours, as being a detective isnt easy. The mod also features new interactions, outfits, and objects related to management, so you can really immerse yourself in the experience. The junior copywriter is responsible for writing advertising copy. This career mod adds a whole new industry to the game, complete with its own unique benefits and challenges. The Sims 4s chiropractor career is one of the most popular mods for the game. The mod also features new interactions, outfits, and objects related to police work, so you can really immerse yourself in the experience. $80 PH M T W TH, Level 3 Part-Time Design Assistant The designers you worked for liked your occasional input and have requested more of it! Working your way up is beginning to pay off. This was ItsKatatos first career mod and it is impressive! As an auto repair technician, youll be responsible for repairing and maintaining cars. You need a real job in this area if youre going to make any real money from this. The salary for this position is $50 per hour. In addition to providing a more realistic and immersive gameplay experience, this mod also allows you to earn a higher salary than what is possible in the base game. Congrats! Animal Rescue Career is a career mod that allows your sims to work in the animal rescue field. To become a loan officer, you will need to have at least level 7 in the logic skill and level 3 in the writing skill. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a086adcecd378c819021f79e32a8ab38" );document.getElementById("b8a9fb265f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *. what YOU say goes! This mod is perfect for those who love to bake and want to get into the food industry. With the growing community for mods and plenty of choices available for additional career paths in the game, I know how it can be hard to find the best ones out there. If you try out any of these career mods and they dont work for you, please let me know so I can update this list. Our next career option for you to download is the ultimate dancer career where your sims will get to become a professional dancer which is so fun. However, with a career as a fitness instructor, you can help others stay fit and healthy while also maintaining your own physical fitness. I prefer that my sims custom content fits seamlessly into my game in a way that it doesnt even feel like cc at all. With this mod, players can take on the role of a store manager, working their way up the corporate ladder. It also includes a BRAND NEW SKILL IN THERAPY. If you are looking for a career change, then this mod is definitely for you. VIEW RECENT UPDATE HERE: If you asked me when I was kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wouldve told you a librarian. You are your own designer. Sims who neglect these will surely have a hard time succeeding in this line of work. Do you remember the daycare profession in the sims 3? Sims 3 allowed you to have a main job and a part-time job but this feature was left out of Sims 4, luckily, there are mods and you are now able to have multiple careers. As the name suggests, this mod adds a new career path for your Sims, allowing them to open and run their own restaurant. So go ahead and get started on your Sims new careers today. This position will require your Sim to have excellent writing and communication skills. Whether you want your Sims to be firefighters, detectives, baristas, or food critics theres a Sims 4 Career Mod for that! As your Sim advances through the ranks of the accounting career, they will also unlock new abilities, such as the ability to file taxes and do a cost analysis. For example, as a Sim biologist, your Sim will be responsible for researching and cataloging new plant and animal species. Fashion Design requires you to gain skills in Charisma and Painting Modeling requires skills in Charisma and Fitness Fashion Writer requires skills in Charisma and Writing. And of course, youll need to have a creative vision and lots of passion for filmmaking if you want to make it in this competitive industry. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with any of these brands. Your personal discounts on Gucci and Chanel are insane. The mod also adds several new gameplay elements, such as the ability to hold press conferences and manage public relations campaigns. And while the experience of flying has become increasingly safe and routine, theres still something special about being in the clouds. the best career and job mods for The Sims 4, Sims 4 Job and Career Mods: The Best CC Packs. Your days consist of bringing coffee to those above you and zipping up clothing you dream of wearing. Vote on the next career in my polls. Youll then need to take care of those toddlers. Read our full guide on properly installing mods for The Sims 4. Have you always wanted to take care of someones pet while they are out on vacation or business trips? Another stable job for a family man or woman. Obstetrics and Gynaecology is one of the most popular medical careers in The Sims 4. I havent seen anyone make this career yet, so I thought I should upload it for anyone who might be interested. Want to save this list? new active modeling career. The career track features new opportunities and challenges, and players will be able to use their skills to help animals in need. You can help your clients improve their overall health and well-being by leading them through workout routines and providing nutritional advice. If you havent tried this career mod yet, go and download it now, and we hope that this guide could be helpful as your Sims navigate their way into the modeling industry. Working at an art gallery is the perfect job to get after obtaining an art degree. For sims who are looking to add a little excitement to their lives, the Sims 4 Airline Career mod is a great way to do just that. Not the greatest job in the world. Its a great way to make money and its also a lot of fun. Usually, the mods folder can be found through this path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Im really blown away by this career mod. To be successful in this career, youll need to be creative and have a good eye for detail. I really like how. But its all worth it when you catch that perp and bring them to justice. This position will require your Sim to have excellent writing and communication skills. This is a 7 step career starting. Your choices included in my polls. At this level, you can collaborate with the biggest names in fashion and set a good look for every other Sim in the world. This new career track allows sims to work their way up the corporate ladder, starting as interns and eventually becoming CEOs. Theyll also need to be knowledgeable about the local area and have an eye for detail. They may even become top dog of the truckers and get to call the shots! Ultimate Dancer. The career offers a lot of opportunities for expansion and growth, and there are many different paths that Sims can take. $25 PH M T W TH F, Level 2 Fashion and Design Hobbyist After tossing the catalogs aside, you spend your time creating inspiration boards and collages, researching all the designer brands on earth, and well thats it. The Sims 4 Social Services Career is a mod that allows players to become social workers. Help desk is a great job option for those sims looking to get into the computer science and IT career field. With this fun-filled, casual job there will be no need to worry about your furry friends when left unattended because itll look after them just as well if not better than any human could do so. With the Sims 4 pilot career mod, your sims can now experience the high-flying world of aviation! Install Higher Education (Active) Career By kiarasims4mods. Luckily, KiaraSims4Mods has blessed us with their sims 4 real estate career mod. There are also new pregnancy-related events, such as Lamaze classes and baby showers. And if you get tired of one adventure, you can always start a new one. Youll also need to be good at networking and marketing, since getting your films seen by the right people is essential for success. This is the perfect job for baking-obsessed sims. patreon version (all content included, with iconic membership tier) free version (coming soon) requis : jeu de base sims 4 . A job perfect for a charismatic and fun sim! Use search or browse to category that you are interested in! The Adventurer Career is more of a fantasy than an authentic archaeology job, but its still fun to think about. There are different challenges to keep you engaged and each time you complete a challenge, you unlock a new recipe or ingredient. See my WIPs! Custom Contentbrings additional hair, Overcoat, and other downloads to the game. There are also a number of different endings that can be achieved, depending on how successful the player is at their job. Doing these assignments could highly improve their work performance and raise their chances for a promotion. Best Sims 4 Career Mods FREE Download Contents show 1. This custom career mod comes with 35 custom chance cards, custom buffs, 39 custom interactions, and two career branches: aesthetic & reconstructive! For example, youll be able to set up training routines for your athletes, and youll also be able to compete in gymnastics competitions. Just in case you were interested in other Sims 4 careers, these guides have got you covered! Youve reached the height of your career. After successfully becoming an Advertisement Model, the next time that your Sims get promoted, they would have to choose a model career branch for themselves, which would then determine the path of their whole modeling career. Im so surprised that this career isnt already in the sims 4. Then youll choose between the two branches once youre ready to move on. It's get for those sims that love make-up, hair, clothes, and all things appearance. UI Cheats Extension : Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: So what are you waiting for? what YOU say goes! If youre looking for a way to make your Sims game more challenging, this is the mod for you. After making sure you have copied the file in the folder, launch The Sims 4. No matter which branch of science your Sim chooses to pursue, they are sure to find satisfaction in their work. Since we did not, I made this for one of my legacy sims that love the outdoors and thought it was worth sharing. The mod includes a new career track, which players can follow to earn a living as a veterinary technician. Plopsy is the Sims version of Etsy and as much as I like the idea of it, I dont find myself using it very much during gameplay. Heres another custom rabbit hole career (not playable like in GTW) career for your sims! This mod allows you to create a variety of different dancing moves, and it also provides a new career path for your Sims. Recommended Packs: Spa Day and Get Famous. You'll then need to take care of those toddlers. Does your sim love art, but isnt interested in being a professional painter or freelancer? Youll have to be really committed to this career path because you actually start out in an unpaid position. If you love career and job mods for the Sims 4, I also recommend that you check out the Unlimited Jobs mod by TurboDriver. Anyhow, MidniteTech saves the day again by providing us with exactly that. Who in their right mind would want to hang around with dead bodies all day? Overall, the Public Relations Career mod is an excellent addition to the game that will provide hours of fun and excitement for sims fans. In addition, the social media advertising coordinator will be responsible for creating and managing social media accounts. This mod is a great way to add some realism to your game, and its also a lot of fun. Youll start out as a Patrol Officer and work your way up to Chief of Police, with opportunities to specialize in investigations, forensics, and SWAT along the way. Thats why we created this ultimate guide to Sims 4 career mods! Hey! carriere active mannequinat. This list has been recently updated to include the latest custom jobs for the sims 4 in 2022. Several of these tasks, and how to complete them, are as follows: To install the Model Career mod, simply visit this page in Kiarasims4mods and scroll below to find the download link. So if youre looking for a creative outlet, be sure to check out the Graphic Novelist Career mod. Start Project Mods Create a Sim Rooms / Lots Build / Buy Sims / Households Worlds Pets Save Files All Mods Gameplay Utilities Careers . This position will require your Sim to have excellent writing skills. Are you interested in letting your Sims become the ultimate face that graces all the city billboards and top magazines? Each of the branches gives your sim the option of eventually becoming the owner of a salon. This is another career by MarlynSims so of course, it includes an incredible amount of content: 35 custom chance cards, 135 chance card outcomes, and 135 buffs! Well then, you can do this job. The mod comes with a variety of different options for customization, so you can create the perfect dining experience for your Sims. The Nursing Career mod for Sims 4 adds a new career track that can be followed by both male and female Sims. The career starts off with your Sim having to buy a kit from the store. versions du mod. The mod also includes a variety of new gameplay elements, such as the ability to diagnose and treat disorders, set up therapy sessions, and write prescriptions. It bugs her that NPCs will have careers that your sims cant actually get a job in. All Rights Reserved. Meanwhile, Managers will be responsible for overseeing the work of the factory floor, while Executives will be in charge of the business side of things. Its a semi-active career, meaning that your sim can work from home. Here are my top 15 favorite career mods to add some variation into your game. Youll notice quite a few of their careers on this list. The mod adds a new career track for sims to follow, with a variety of different jobs and tasks to complete. Its a lot of work, but its also incredibly rewarding.

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