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Early to reach puberty being British bred Speckle Park females cycle early and breed easy. PIC NK261155, F1 Speckle Park bull for sale. Semen & embryos sales Roscrea Speckle Park Stud | Lower Barrington TAS 2 were here. People intrigued by livestock love the color. Please phone Josh - for more information. @font-face {font-family: 'entypo-fontello'; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-display: auto; Would suit a commercial operation wishing to infuse their herd with SP genetics. We only charge sellers on successful completion of the sale through our website. The majority of the Hereford or Black Baldy F1 offspring feature the color pattern of the 1086X herd bull, with an occasional black calf. Data, Data, Data at Fish Creek Farm Speckle Park we will record and itemize all our birth data, we have small high quality numbers to be right on top of this. background: #000 url('http://www.waratahspecklepark.com/wp-content/plugins/dynamic-content-gallery-plugin/js-mootools/css/img/loading-bar-black.gif') no-repeat center; Birth weights have been 70 lb. Now there are thousands of Speckle Parks in both New Zealand and Australia. Comes with two piece bases and has a 24" barrel. We looked into that crossbreed and discovered the Speckle Park breeda 3-way cross between British White Parks, Shorthorn, and Angus. Legends of the Future Sale Multi Vendor Speckle Park Sale Friday, 11 November 2022 183 Sunshine Road Hillville NSW. Father Barru Buddy (Barru Merlin/Barru Lisa)..Mother Nesnah Meg (Sheps Joker/Nesnah Suey)..vaccinated..wormed..ltraining, Future breeder Highlander Composite ewes, their mothers constantly scan with 210% lambs with, Boer goats for sale Good condition, pleasantly natured and friendly 1x pure Boer breeder buck, Female goat prices. background-color: #000000 !important; Great People Wattle Grove Speckle Park is a family owned Speckle Park stud located in Oberon, NSW Australia. Length of body Much more secure from virus, malware, and browser hijacking attacks. i.e. Interested in becoming an advertiser? url('http://www.waratahspecklepark.com/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/assets/fonts/entypo-fontello.ttf') format('truetype'), Located Birregurra, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. Price: $1300.00 + gst per head; Please contact Shaun Hamilton 0456 666 724 Speckle Park cattle come in a variety of color patterns. The Speckle Park cattle were rolled into the same assessment process. and mature bulls 1000 kgs. He is up-to-date with drench vac and mineral shots. The breed has been proven to suit a variety of climates, markets, and production systems. Easy farm access located just north of Grafton NS, Speckle park X dairy calves, Holstein males, Calves for sale Located Taree, off a registered dairy Farm Grass and Grain fed 3 2yo speckle park steers Cattle were drawn from a large area with 519 from far Western Queensland, 634 from New South Wales and 133 head from South Australia. Atkins Livestock Services > Beef We Specialise in all British Breeds Speckle Park Cows & Calves Wagyu Bull End Product Please refer to the SALES page for all details of beef cattle for sale. The Performance Sale 2023 will take place at 66 Londrigan-Tarrawingee Road, Londrigan. Black animals must have the word [black] after its name. Semen tested registration certificate can be provided. "He ended up breeding our, Shorthorn heifers. If youre having trouble finding what youre after, get in touch with our helpful team and well gladly offer our assistance. These are big framed heifers and will, Livestock, Beef Cattle - Cows & Calves, Murray Grey, Handraised so yes friendly Big boned 16 mths old In Boolarra Open to offers and no time wasters, Livestock, Beef Cattle - Steers & Bullocks, 2 Speckle Park cross heifers, quiet 2.5yo with their first calves at foot. Large Black Pigs 60 Kg 25 x 60kg large blacks 2022 drop Livestock, Pigs, Large Black Kangaroo Flat, Central, VIC $200.00 $220.00Inc. They sold for $1700 with one bid. Click here. Fish Creek Farm is proud of its breeding program and the successful results we have been delivering. 2 Speckle Park cross All beef x dairy 2022 Speckle Park International Limited | All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | All logos and trademarks are copyright of the respective owners. Become a MemberAnimal EnquiryEducationFormsEventsContact, Entrants in the SPI Youth classes as the Sydney Royal will receive a discounted membership of $11. White F2 bull Sired by Mt Eccles Led Zeppelin (pictured) purebred registered speckle park. Often throws beautiful white calfs Cattle. Plus speckle parks cows 9mths calves, $3,500 each incl. Optimize your search by adding filters like price, breed type or location, to make the entire process seamless. Waratah Speckle Park is where beef breeders can find first-hand, practical advice on Speckle park cattle. Copyright 2023. Tick treated last week. Livestock for Sale. Contact Seller for Price. You can't afford to produce a good heifer and then make a bad choice on a sire that will damage her during calving. Save View details . That's double of other beef production breeds. Choose from breeds such as Angus , Charbray , Charolais, Dexter , Senepol and Simmental. We got them with the intention of selling at around 6 months but Ive struggled to part with them. The fourth is solid black. "When bred to black cows," Forsythe says, "our solid black purebred Speckle will produce, nine out of 10 times, solid or mostly black calves. Order By. This fella has extra length and leg has been on pasture/hay only and available now. Serious buyers only call for price. 6 speckle Park friesian cross heifers 14 months old Good condition Good loading facilities Pic MGDL0305 $1300 each, 6 Speckle Park cross friesian steers. 177 Droughtmaster X Brahman Cows & Calves. Cattle on display from 10am or earlier by appointment. Their interest grew in these hardy, heavy milking and distinctly marked cattle to the stage they started purchasing bulls and females from the Lamonts to try them in their herds. AgTrader has a total of 47 Cattle available for sale. Until this changes, McMurry and Forsythe both recommend Speckle Park for direct sales to wholesale accounts and individual consumers. Photos of the herd bull and some of his offspring are now posted on this website. The breed is winter hardy and forage efficient. Bucket Reared Quiet Heifers They should make great mothers. Speckle Park cattle have four distinct colour patterns; speckled, leopard, white and solid black. 9 Total 163 sale listings 16 x Quality 100% Angus Q Drop Cows 2019 Drop Heavy 100% Pure Angus 2nd Calver Cows, their Spring 22 calves just weaned. The Speckle Park breed has a nascent US breed registry. .imageElement { Cole Keyser As a fourth-generation farmer, with roots going back to dairy cattle and fruit trees. Hereford cross F1 females are coming into production andoffspring from imported embryos are expected. In Canada, and now increasingly in Australia and New Zealand, butchers and meat graders are very impressed with the consistently high quality of the Speckle Park carcass. Inspections welcome. Create Listing. 2 registered low line cows/calves 1lowline x speckle park heifer/calve, Both with speckle park heifer calves on them Speckle Parks are moderate sized. $2,200 each. Speckle Parks, the beef cattle breed created in Canada, are now an internationally sought after breed. border-right: 0 !important; Quiet to handle. Very friendly 682 . border: 0 !important; background:transparent !important; The Currans invested in Speckle Park sires to join with their 800 head Charbray breeding herd and the results are speaking for themselves. Out of pure bred bull from Gilderoy Springs. They are predominantly black with white top line and underline, with speckled hips and sometimes shoulders and with a black or black roan face. $1800 cash Pic: 3sfar020. 9 cows with calves speckle park cross 4ptic 1 x Speckle Park heifer 17 months old $1,600 HBR/APR, Expressions of Interest in a beautiful litter of Border Colllie pups who will be available, Pittsworth, Darling Downs & Granite Belt,QLD, West Wyalong, Central West Slopes & Plains,NSW/ACT, Manildra, Central West Slopes & Plains,NSW/ACT. Our Open Day is held on the last Saturday in August each year. 5 months old, they have had there 7 in 1 and been drenched. TAS CATTLE SALE No. He is from Tiama Speckle Park, they have been breeding Speckles for a long time. Born from March 2022. Rose Hill has the genetics, the capacity and the know how to put you at the forefront of Speckle Park breeding. } His is docile, very fertile, and his semen quality exceptional. CARMARK Cattle Speckle Park and Show Cattle. border-radius: 5px; Eating grass. ', DFCG_DOMAIN) ); Cattle for Sale. The Speckle Park was officially recognized by the Canadian government as an evolving breed in 1995 and received full distinct breed status in 2006. Ever. Brought, Pittsworth, Darling Downs & Granite Belt, QLD, GLAMIS Border Leicester rams , no further use ,all fit and healthy green tags with a couple, Livestock, Sheep - Rams, Border Leicester, West Wyalong, Central West Slopes & Plains, NSW/ACT, Just hit his maturity and ready to move onto stud duties. 3 year old In unserem Vergleich haben wir die unterschiedlichsten 70413 lego am Markt unter die Lupe genommen und die wichtigsten Eigenschaften, die Kostenstruktur und die Bewertungen der Kunden abgewogen. The solid black heifers are registrable and can be used in the purebred herd, but the bulls are registrable but cannot be used in the purebred herd. Private Seller Contact Seller for Price Lorne, NSW View Polled Charbray bulls DNA, Semen tested & ready to Livestock Cattle Trevor Hess, NLRS, 02/03/2023. Selling because its time to change bulls We record everything on our bulls, both Speckle and Hereford, to ensure accuracy.". Copyright 2007-2023 Gumtree IP Aus Holding Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The ready-for-work bulls are by . HBR/APR, Bella is a lovely young heeler looking for a home, Livestock, Dogs, Australian Cattle Dog(Heeler), 4 male red heeler pups for sale both parents are working cattle dogs, X2 Jacks ( 3 years and 1 years old) X2 Jenny ( unknown age minimum 8 years plus) and 3 year, Mogriguy, Central West Slopes & Plains, NSW/ACT, 4 cattle pups are ready to leave home 2 stumpy tail both boys 1 blue 1 red 2 long tails 1, Gulgong, Central West Slopes & Plains, NSW/ACT, Australian Cattle Dog Source Number : RB163093 Purebred Heeler Puppies Available to go to, Murray Grey Friesian cross, with first calf at foot. The breed has been proven to suit a variety of climates, markets, and production systems. International genetics are sourced from Canadas finest Speckle Park cattle stud. These cannot be registered. Types. There is a percentage of blacks. 8 months old. 2 were here. Breed your own gorgeous Speckle babies just like these! For the Forsythe family of Richfield, Utah it came about through unexpectedly colored calves. 9 PTIC Cows. Please note: Extra $35 scope fitting fee. Pic number: MEWE0042, Speckle Park (6) & Angus (5) cross heifers, These girls were hand raised and super friendly. Most of these bulls had a low birth weight. All drenched with 7in1 Waratah Speckle Park Stud is a family run business in rural New South Wales. If interested please text or call. "Up north [in Canada], Speckle influenced calves now meet or exceed the value of all black calves in the general market. Out of registered Mt Eccles sire. Founded in Canada, Speckle Park has taken Australasias beef industry by storm. Auction starts 3.30pm. Born 2022, Livestock, Dairy Cattle - Steers & Bullocks, Friesian, Bluestone Angus Stud would like to invite you to view 4 of our Autumn 2021 born bulls. margin:0 auto !important; } For more information, questions or valuable feedback, feel free to contact us, we are ready to hear from you. He is by A&W 15R directly and out of a Codiak Oscar cow. Contact us today. Speckle Park cattle come in a variety of colour patterns. This dedicated platform extends a whole new online market for farmers and farm-related businesses in Australia. The Scone Speckle Park Sale is the longest running multi-vendor Speckle Park sale in Australia. .jdGallery .slideElement { Typically, there are bulls and females for sale at the Open Day with prices starting at $5000. ?> It isnt uncommon to get an exceptionally good carcass from any breed, but what is IMPRESSIVE is when the carcass from a particular breed is consistently good. Sexes. The Speckle Park cattle were rolled into the same assessment process. #myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery { Historical counts name Mary Lindsay, who spotted a speckled red roan heifer in her family's herd, as the breed originator. font-size: 11px !important; This can be a good thing for commercial herds that sell calves into the general market where hide color is a selection criteria. 10 PTIC Cows. Much faster page-loading. color: #000 !important; "With the carcass yield of the breed," he says, "they can be finished on grass in about 20-to-24 months. Find Near Postcode Login to search location Wanted 0. Squaw Creek Ranch 20 Miles East of Billings, Montana| E-MAIL | HOME PHONE: (406) 15 x 2yo HBR (Herd Book Recorded) ANGUS BULLS - From $7000 + GST, Registered Angus Australia Bulls for sale, The Freedom Trader - Stockmarket investing for Farmers, Workplace Safe - Workplace safety made easy, Transit & Delivery Insurance - Don't risk your items in transit, Ag Tech & Machine - Services to the Ag Industry, #FarmTender2023 - The Business of Farming, Mobble - Livestock Farm Management Software, Molloy Contracting - Windrowing, Baling & Carting, Warrick Hay & Grain - Hay, Grain & Storage, C. Pearce Contracting - Cut - Rake - Steam - Bale - Stack - Cart. Beef Cross Calves Gestation length. This Website was designed and built by Stud Stock Marketing Services Laiton: 0420 548 299, 2014 Farmer of the Year Runner-up, Dorrigo NSW, 2015, Speckle Park Breeders, Goolmangar NSW, 2015. Approx 12 months old, approx 300-330 kgs. Quiet easy girls $800 each All cows are up to date on vaccinations and drenching, Speckle Park / Angus Price dropped $2,200/head. Weaner bulls also available- F4 Speckle Park weaner bulls. The results showed the Speckle Park-cross heifers averaged a carcass price of AUD 149 (Australian Dollar) per head higher than the comparison group. Low birth weight calves can be inspected if you are a serious buyer. Out of pure bred bull from Gilderoy Springs. This is branded content for Alinjarra Speckle Park Hes also well suited for breeding speckle for the very desirable trait of a larger portion of white coloring on them. 1. Cattle for Sale. Fish Creek farm has the privilege to source the latest semen that is available and if we dont currently have what you are looking for in the tank, we may have the bull on the ground at the farm. Breeders of the larger framed breeds are finding Speckle Park bulls a good choice for breeding. Build up your connections and network with buyers and sellers from all across Australia including regions like NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and others, to establish mutually beneficial supply and demand relationships. Equine. Speckle Park is a combination of three breeds of British cattle Angus, White Park and Teeswater Shorthorn. Speckle Parks have increased our carcass yield and feed conversion in our 3 way cross herd., We are really pleased with the progeny of our Speckle Park bull, Eden. A heifer calf out of a Gelbvieh cow by Waratah Front Runner won Grand Champion Prime Vealer. This allows us to maximise our genetic gain and use animals that we believe meet our criteria. margin: 2px 5px !important; If your not happy where not happy. WOLF LAKE JANGO 19J. (Photo above: Fish Creek Farm Thunderstruck L1 2016 Speckle Park Supreme Beef Exhibit). padding: 0px 0px !important; Limousin x speckle park 3 steers and 7 heifers for sale. Examples of offspring in photos. The next year all of these speckled white and black calves were born.

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