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If your Suns are in the same element, your overall characteristics are very similar in important ways, making it easy to appreciate and understand each others needs. Saturn loves the shiny energy brought by the Sun and makes it its purpose to support it. The Saturn person feels they cannot rely on the Uranus person, and the Uranus person feels they cannot be themselves around the Saturn person. With this aspect, it seems that no matter what the Mars person does, the Saturn person is bothered. Sun in Houses Synastry Meanings: 1st through 12th House. The Sun person is likely to see the Neptune person as a soul mate, but this idea may not be based on reality. Since A's sun is sextile Juno, B's Juno may aspect A's sun. Jupiter has the natural ability to lift up the Sun persons spirits. Sun trine Sun is a great aspect to have in a romantic relationship. There is loyalty and respect between these two people who admire each other's strength and confidence. Even when problems arose which made either one of us feel angry, annoyed, jealous, or frustrated, we would not, and COULD not, voice our feelings to one another. I never felt quite comfortable cuddling him, telling him I loved him, or making baby talk with him due to my fear that he would reject that kind of behavior. The Saturn conjunct Chiron synastry aspect suggests limitations and restrictions in the relationship. This aspect can bring intense emotions, profound personal growth, and the potential for . Indeed, Mercury might feel self-conscious and awkward when expressing herself to the Saturn person. Ever hear the phrase, opposites attract? The Sun trine Moon is a powerful aspect in friendship synastry. The Sun person needs to remember that there is no boss in a relationship, and both partners work together to achieve their common goals. Undertaking this conscious effort can earn them a long-lasting relationship that could become a lifelong marriage. The Sun person stimulates Plutos jealousy and possessiveness. If your Sun is in harmonious aspect to another persons Sun, it indicates mutual understanding of each others overall personality. The Sun-Saturn energy in synastry is much like the energy between a parent and child. Maybe there's something about her that makes you feel blocked on that level. The emotional distancing both frustrated and intrigued me. It will bring people together and keep them together. The Sun conjunct Pluto synastry aspect will challenge them with personal growth that has a powerful impact on the relationship the couple share. Pluto is the planet of no Bullshit, so there is nothing superficial about this union! With the Sun opposition Saturn synastry aspect, the Sun person starts to feel drained over time because their ambitions, social life, independence, and even their very thoughts can be controlled by Saturn. Regardless, oppositions in synastry are complementary. A [], Saturn is associated with structure, discipline, and practicality, while Neptune is associated with imagination, intuition, and spiritual awareness. The Sun creates the home Saturn needs to express its energy and a safe place for the relationship to grow. However, the Saturn person may be somewhat of a wet blanket to the Sun person. There is a feeling that you can rely on one another. This isnt an indicator of sexual attraction, but rather one of pure love and affection. Most karmic astrology synastry reports don't take Chiron into account nearly enough. Originally posted by freeasabird16048kg. This couple may engage in many lively debates, and can learn a lot from each other. The Saturn person may come to dislike all of the fun, happy qualities they first enjoyed in the Sun person. The Sun conjunct Saturn synastry aspect is a karmic placement. The Sun conjunct Saturn synastry aspect is all about growing. The Venus person instinctively knows how to love the Sun person. These two are supportive partners in a Sun-Saturn relationship. The nature of the planet is to bring limitations and restrictions to keep us on the right path. While power This aspect is more problematic than the opposition. Say Saturn rules your 7th house, and your partners Neptune makes a square aspect to your Saturn. This aspect can help one develop a sense of discipline and responsibility while allowing them to pursue their personal goals and desires easily and gracefully. It is important that Saturn is not an easy planet. They can try to change the Sun person or want them to be different than who they are. The Moon person may feel the Sun person stomps all over their feelings, and the Sun person may not even be aware of this! Saturn is an outer planet from our sun and has a very slow orbit time of approximately 29 years. This is a positive aspect to find in a synastry chart. In my case, I was of a different cultural background than my partner. If you have this aspect, you can learn more about it in this article. I think one of the things that made us last so long was the desire to find out what the other person felt. Sextile and Trine were the top 2 most "OFTEN" aspects in female natal charts. Click here to read Saturn-Uranus Aspects in Synastry. The Saturn principle of duty and responsibility is clearly present in the legally binding ceremony of marriage - a ceremony which is designed to bond two people together for life. The strength of this aspect lies in both parties being able to rely on each other for support and encouragement, as well as having a long-term view of life together. Beware of the danger of overspending with one another. But at the end of the day, they will both know that they can trust each other and have an intense emotional bond that keeps them together through difficult times. When someone's Uranus is conjunct your Uranus, you are around the same age!Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, so you also share this aspect with people who are that much older . Through Saturn, Mercury learns how to communicate in a more mature and level-headed way. There is a strong feeling of comfort and support between the two partners. Welcome to AW, Must both must be of similar age for your pluto's to be conj-- so this means that your pluto is conj YOUR south node as well as his pluto conj your s node. My longest relationship featured a tight Saturn square Venus aspect in synastry, wherein I was the Venus person. However, the square also indicates you differ in temperament and life goals, which can lead to conflict. The parental marriage is a model of the psyche, and if it has been particularly challenging, there may be a deep desire to avoid the whole thing. This is an indicator of a deep attraction and a powerful sexual connection. It gives us what we deserve. Saturn has a way of making Mercury feel as though she is not as intelligent or bright as the Saturn person. Ultimately, both partners must be willing to grow and change for this relationship to work. Indeed, your personalities are complementary to one another. They may feel like the Saturn partner criticizes them too much and never sees them as the person they want to be. You have a strong desire to make each other happy, but may tend to expect too much from the partnership, which can lead to disappointment. Something as simple as a city break or a romantic vacation can bring the spark back and break the routine and that overwhelming sense of responsibility. This is a very negative aspect to share with someone in synastry, if the aspect is harsh (conjunction, square, opposition). Someone with Saturn square my Saturn would make me more self-conscious, and may talk over me and interrupt me often. Man's Sun Trine Woman's Sun Relationship. It keeps no track of the past and shows no future signs. Two people with a Saturn trine Sun synastry aspect share previous lives, making them even more committed to each other subconsciously. Interestingly enough, the friendships I made during my school years never lasted, and I tended to befriend people who were younger or older than me (i.e. Mercury rules my 7th house, so communication is very important to me when it comes to relationships. This is one of the luckiest aspects to have. Saturn in square or opposition to another persons Uranus acts similarly to the conjunction, but with more friction. The key karmic lesson for both is to work towards consistent and mutual understanding. 3. The Sextile and Trine Aspects work very similarly to the conjunction, but the effect is less intense. This is a wonderful aspect to find in friendships, as well. Him and I would do anything to avoid talking about our feelings. This is a very difficult aspect to find in synastry, yet it is commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples! Saturn may resort to constantly tearing the Mars person down through criticism and psychological abuse. It can create a bond between two friends that is closer than a romantic relationship and even closer than family. This aspect indicates a lack of understanding of each others personalities. This is an unstable aspect, and is not conducive to long-term relationships. The Saturn person in the Sun conjunct Saturn synastry relationship is going to be the one who sets boundaries and continually challenges their partner to become more responsible and mature. Saturn is the karmic parent that gives us a sense of security. The Sun square Saturn synastry aspect also means that problems may arise based on differences in the partners responsibilities and needs. Saturn-Moon Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square) In all Saturn-Moon aspects, Saturn person is learning to compromise. The Sun person might tend to react dramatically, but they will be brought back to reality by their Saturn partner. However, they should understand that with this aspect, they are never alone, and it is essential to find a way to communicate that to each other. Check the houses and house rulership of Saturn and Uranus in their charts. This trust is so vital that it can keep the couple together when it exists or create severe conflicts when its not authentic. It can be of great assistance enabling the couple to feel well-grounded with each other. Check the houses and house rulership of Saturn and Pluto in their charts. Still, the feeling of responsibility and duty to one another is present. . In astrology, this aspect usually represents a positive connection between the planet of discipline and structure (Saturn) and the planet of identity and personal power (the Sun). The bond the Sun person shares with their Saturn partner is one in a lifetime. They will naturally want to build a home and family together. Having two powerful planets in a trine aspect will come with both blessings and obstacles. Both the Sun and Saturn placements have important life lessons for these individuals to learn together. The mutual trust between the Saturn person and the Sun person is a critical aspect of the development of the relationship. When this aspect appears in synastry, the couple feels affection and love for one another. The Sun will bring the passion they need in their intimate life, while Saturn brings stability and devotion. It gives us the strength, diligence, ambition, and motivation to succeed, even if it will not always be easy. Saturn conjunct the nodes is very important in synastry. . The trine between Sun and Saturn in synastry is an excellent aspect for long-term relationships and marriage and is often found in these types of unions. This isnt an indicator of a wild, passionate romance, but having good communication with your mate is one of the most important aspects of a successful relationships. Saturn represents our capacity for endurance and commitment, as well as the lessons we learn from life experiences. Just by being themselves, they will shine light on the Saturn persons issues and give them the space to work through their karma. Neither partner has to work to provide for the other. And when we are not in such favorable circumstances, we feel uncomfortable and even bothered. Uranus represents freedom, Saturn represents duty and responsibility. The Sun person will be a very nurturing and supportive influence on their Saturn partner. Saturn in conjunction to another persons Pluto blends realism and practicality with transformation and intensity. The Saturn person often has a hard exterior and may be very misunderstood due to their Stoic nature. If they have a healthy relationship based on trust, they will not mind exploring new sexual horizons together. Mercury is known as the "messenger of the gods" in astrology because it governs the day-to-day expression between people. This will make them feel smothered and may cause tension between both of them as a result, so its essential for the Sun person not to be too controlling in order to maintain this relationship successfully. Fearing the Sun persons withdrawal of interest, the Saturn person may criticize and judge the Sun person. By double-whammy, I mean his Moon opposed my Saturn and his Saturn opposed my Moon. At the same time, the Sun person needs to learn how to incorporate someone else into their plans and see that not everyone enjoys the same level of socialization and humor that they do. However, over time, the Uranus person is likely to feel stifled or trapped by the Sun person, and the Sun person is likely to find the Uranus person unpredictable and unstable. Most Saturn placements in a synastry chart represent past life karma. This will lead to a continually evolving relationship that is full of learning. They share solid and true feelings and mutual respect. Its a good thing they can work together through the worse challenges of life and overcome them with great success. A strong attraction to each other is present, especially on the part of the Sun person. Instead of calmly voicing my own opinions, I insulted theirs. This is the mathematical midpoint between the natal Sun and Moon. A poor aspected Saturn will bring our traumas into our life until we heal and learn from them. In this case, each partner is dependable and responsible to the other, and support each others goals and aspirations. You encourage each others freedom and independence. I think Chiron is extremely important in any synastry chart because it speaks to the deepest wounds created between two people. Mercury conjunct Ketu: Mercury is the sibling.The person was a brother or sister. An isolated synastry reading, on its own, can be deceiving. Due to this criticism, the Sun persons self-confidence and enthusiasm may decrease. Saturn may tend to ignore, interrupt, or criticize Mercury when Mercury is speaking. This could spell big trouble for the relationship, and may even prevent them from getting together in the first place. On the other hand, if we put in the effort and hard work towards achieving our goals, Saturn rewards us. I definitely felt self-conscious when expressing my ideas to him; I was afraid he would think I was stupid.. This aspect can indicate delusion and deception. With the Sun sextile Saturn synastry aspect, the couple focuses on working towards common goals. Both the Sun and Saturn person will enjoy taking responsibility for the care and upbringing of this pet together. But one's partner's Saturn might be conjunct one's Moon and opposition one's Sun, and the synastry between the birth charts might make one feel more . You may try to dominate the other because of this. Someones Saturn in harsh aspect to your Saturn increases each persons negative feelings about their own Saturn. Both of them need to accept the others opinion even if they dont always agree on all matters in life. The mutuality of the emotional connection shouldnt be questioned in this relationship. For these two people it is quite logical that they will commit to each other also in a form of legal bond (marriage). This could lead to conflicts, but if both partners are wise and mature enough, it could lead to healthy compromises. They may feel that the Saturn person is always trying to teach or parent them and that their light is being snuffed out. Saturn aspecting the lunar nodes is a particularly powerful karmic aspect. This could be the best or one of the most important long term relationships of our life. In addition, theyll often find themselves acting as mentors within their relationship too, given their dominant and curious natures. Saturn square or opposite another persons Saturn can bring difficulties. A poorly-aspected Sun will make us selfish, arrogant, entitled, narcissistic, and proud without reason. Sounds harsh, I know, but some of their opinions and beliefs simply pissed me off. Nevertheless, this is a great aspect for friendship, as well as for a romantic relationship. Mercury synastry aspects are undervalued in astrology, in my opinion. Saturn rules tradition, so couples with this synastry aspect sometimes face opposition from either persons family. My best friend of 30+ years has her Saturn square my Sun. After a while, we learned to express our feelings to one another, but only in small segments. This aspect often shows up when there is a need to heal past life karma. In the case of the trine or sextile, a good physical compatibility is indicated. Air feeds fire, and Water and Earth are a fertile mix. With this aspect, there comes a tendency to criticize each others viewpoints. The Sun person feels blessed to be in the company of the Venus person, and the Venus person reciprocates these feelings. These can be very influential relationships because they force growth on a deep level. So my natal Saturn aspects are set off by him, specifically Saturn square Venus and Saturn trine Mars. Sun-Venus or Venus-Venus synastry aspects: Sun-Venus contacts in synastry are highly touted by astrologers, and for good reason! Pets can bring an extra dimension of love and care into a relationship that strengthens it from within. Saturn is also associated with limitations in life, as well as discomfort that comes from being unable to be supported by others. The Sun person feels more comfortable expressing their feelings than the Pluto person. . If the Sun opposite Saturn synastry relationship is to work, then both people must learn to like the qualities in their partner that may be different than they expected. This is a binding connection. This can lead to a very inadequate life that doesnt reflect our true nature. This can create a very stable, long-lasting relationship without too many challenges over the course of their life together. At the same time, Saturn protects and nourishes this cozy home and ensures both partners grow together as a couple and at an individual level. Anything that is happening in this relationship is long-term, there is nothing that is light or short for that matter, these two are set to last, but of course, no one has said that the relationship is going to be an easy one. Even if they do not see eye to eye in all matters, these two people want to understand each other and learn from each other, which is essential for a successful relationship. This aspect wont have too many weaknesses, but theres a potential for communication challenges if things grow stagnant over time, as they might not know how to express their needs properly without practice. This is usually an issue with all trines, so it can be easily overcome given enough attention and effort. More specifically, my Saturn was conjunct his Sun in Scorpio. It speaks mostly about what we already are and wants us to grow into our authentic selves. In the trine aspect, the Sun person will recognize and acknowledge the other individuals strengths. Saturn-Uranus Aspects. The Sun conjunct Saturn synastry aspect is a karmic placement. In terms of sexuality, these two will experience a strong sexual attraction and similar energy levels that will help to sustain their physical connection. 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It is as if whatever the Sun person does, it is not good enough for the Saturn person. It gives us our identity and speaks about our true purpose in life. The Sun is the only celestial body that can reason with Saturn and even win if the correct view is on its side. Sun Trine Jupiter-. There is an instinctive sense of belonging, because you and your lover complement each . It feels fated or 'karmic,' with the underlying mood that there's work to do together. The Sun quincunx or inconjunct Saturn suggests challenges regarding the sharing of vitality, interests, and creative inspiration in the relationship. . The Saturn person stabilizes the Sun person, and the couple truly feels they can depend on one another. Mars conjunct Moon is a highly sexual aspect in synastry. In this Sun conjunct Saturn synastry relationship, Saturn tends to dampen the Suns enthusiasm and vibrancy. Sun-Saturn relationships of all aspects teach us how to take personal responsibility and release judgment, criticism, and blame. More specifically, the Mars persons self-confidence and assertiveness brings out Saturns insecurities, and in response, the Saturn person attempts to restrict and limit the Mars persons actions by telling Mars what to do. Click here to read Jupiter-Uranus Aspects in Synastry. Pluto conjunct Sun synastry indicates a powerful and transformative relationship. Saturn also gives practical advice to Mercury, and listens and guides the Mercury person. Comfort zones are dangerous for both partners, and they must choose an adventure now and then to nurture the inner child. Geminis and Virgos are both mutable, Capricorns and Libras are both cardinal, etc..). In a marriage, you will be dedicated and helpful to one another. Saturn represents depression, restriction, fear of rejection, distancing, as well as commitment. Saturn is the planet of realism and duty, while Neptune rules spirituality, dreams, and ones inner world. Jupiter-Uranus Aspects. Here, the Saturn person helps the Neptune person come down to earth, while the Neptune person encourages Saturn to dream bigger. Trust me- I tried. This gives both of them an opportunity to meet new people and bond with each others friends as well! During the early stages, the Sun person will like the Saturn persons mature and responsible qualities, while the Saturn person will enjoy the Suns energy, creativity, vibrancy, and enthusiasm. The Sun person's conscious will (male energy) unites with, and is supported by, the Moon person's emotions (female energy). There can be a lack of warmth and an invisible barrier between the couple. The Sun person can teach the Saturn person to let go of fear, but these lessons may be painful. Hot, hot, hot! Lilith Conjunct Venus Synastry. 2021 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Saturn person will almost idolize their Sun partner, which is exactly what the Sun needs. Look to the rest of the chart to see if theres enough aspects to hold the partners together.

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