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I used to enjoy seeing the opposition which I did whenever possible. I read your information above What about your final rendition every evening MONEY !! Are you out there Joyce? Brian had three other venues Scotts in Croydon. The space at 3260 West 8th Street occupied the first floor of a three-story building. I even could get a recording contract with DEUTSCHE VOUGUE funnily enough the distributors for PYE in Germany. Much more information about the band came when Jim Eaton and Peter Stanley left detailed comments about the band. Who is playing at Wimbledon 2022? juni 14, 2022; Posted by tui name change lead passenger; 14 . Normally these sessions took place in the mornings, and after a late previous night at the club some of the higher notes were a little difficult. [SFM] fredina's nightclub. Alexanders club was very small when compared with Tiffanys and the stage could hold no more than a trio of musicians. Of course! Reading your recap of the Monotones early years brought back so many happy memories for me and Im a so glad to hear that you are still fit and well. Hi Jamie, Sounds like you had a great time with Mark during your recent visit to Sydney. Batas kecamatan di sebelah timur dengan Kali Ciliwung / Kecamatan Kramat Jati Jakarta Timur, sebelah utara dengan Kecamatan Mampang Prapatan dan Pancoran, sebelah barat dengan Kecamatan Cilandak dan sebelah selatan dengan Kecamatan Jagakarsa. Little did we know that some years later we would apply to go on his Radio One show! They didnt sellalcohol in that bar but they had an over 18s bit so guess where me and my mates ended up? Alas all long since sold to pay the mortgage! Might be good to meet for a pint at The Elms. The only touring Dad does now is baby-sitting the Grand-children in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire as a day to day part of retirement. I live in Torbay Devon now and the music scene is quite good here. The pop bible of the day, The New Musical Express, described the release as promising. Hope this clears this clears up a few things for you. Hi Jim I doubt you remember me howeveer in the early -mid sixties, I was one of the crowd who frequented the Elms and the Halfway House to see you guys. The answer came along in the form of Ron Brown who was proficient as a drummer and had a fine voice. Once again, my sincere condolences for the sad loss of Nigel,as he will be greatly missed. The reason being that Jim and I are meeting,this weekend, with a guy who is writing a book on the music of the 60s which will include bands that came out of Southend. We now had a lead singer !! And I pressured (??) A very grateful Seven UP following thanks you. He used to play a Hofner Club 60 (the one with the pearl inlays and the carved back). About the same time it was suggested that we should add a female vocalist to our line-up and we started a series of auditions to find one. I will be putting in my own Garage Band story soon. In fact , if you take the logical route we are the first exhibit, which may suggest they are saving the best to last!! This includes a grant of 270,000 to Crisis to fund six new roles for a year, as the charity focuses on the urgent housing needs of people leaving temporary accommodation or made homeless as a . Claimed. He said that he had survived for seven years with the illness and a few more weeks would be no problemsadly he didnt make it. It was at the height of the punk scene and accordingly all manner of weird looking people would turn up. If you get this message you can contact me on All the best. The new club, which was to be called Bentleys was based on the same successful format and again required a trio of musicians. Thanks to Phil for sending in the article from The Southend Standard, January 2006 and to Jim Eaton for his help with songs, photos and information for this page. There were of course many other groups around the town, including Sounds Around, The Avengers, The Mustangs, Dave and The Classics, Micky Law and The Statesmen, Tim Gentle and The Gentlemen, and many others. I was working in an estate agency at the time and I will always remember the look of horror on the face of my boss, who turned up one evening and had no idea I was in a group!! Bought a V neck brown jumper for 1.99 at LEX (those were the days of pennies), Went to El Cabala for a coffee. Any body that knows me from then can e mail me at We live in Surrey but my wife hails from Exeter and her sister is a keen dancer and regularly attends Rock n Roll evenings at Beverley Park, Torquay. Plough Lane was a football stadium in Wimbledon, south west London.For nearly eighty years it was the home ground of Wimbledon Football Club, from September 1912 until May 1991, when the club moved their first team home matches to Selhurst Park as part of a groundshare agreement with Crystal Palace.Both clubs' reserve teams then used Plough Lane as their home ground until 1998, when the site . Hello Mike Yes happy memories of Tiffanys and the nice girls. Early Years. )Hopefully I shall be visiting family in Chalkwell and Leigh-on-Sea in the next few weeks and endeavor to take a nostalgic look down memory lane at the beecroft ( as long as they,re not hung in the ladies!! Hi Rod, Yes, I am still around but fast approaching my 107th birthday, you cheeky sod. I arrived this time just a few days after he passed away,he had phoned me the day before saying he was looking forward to my visit. Personally I put this down to Pams amazing tea, pork pies and pickle! Includes the latest news stories, results, fixtures, video and audio. By this time Mark had returned as lead singer and with Rod Clarke now joining our vocals we became more of a harmony group, concentrating on numbers by The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, The Ivy League etc. This was our first meeting at the Ilford Palais with Andrew Loog Oldham, later to become the Rolling Stones Manager. tiffany's nightclub wimbledon . More less. With regards to our CD, please contact me direct at with your address. You must be 107. Your recollections are very coincidental as, at present, there is an exhibition in Southend showcasing the bands that came out of the area. I met up with Paul Dunning again in the mid 60s when we both worked at Ford Europe and used to take it in turns to drive. Anyone can find this group. Im pleased to say that all members of the Mustangs are still alive and kicking a third playing reunion of the original band members was held at the Creeksea Ferry Inn on Wallasea Island on 14th August 2010 and, as Mick Reads indicated, our present Rayleigh-based band (called Full Circle for obvious reasons) which I joined as lead singer on my early retirement from international banking in 1995, includes two, and occasionally three, members of the Mustangs, Mick, Keith Chesher and myself. ), UK: Pye 7N 15608 What Would I Do / Is It Right (February 14, 1964) Pye 7N 15640 Its Great / Anymore (1964) Pye 7N 15761 No Waiting / Like A Lover Should (1965) Pye 7N 15814 Somethings Hurting Me / A Girl Like That (1965), US: Hickory 1250 What Would I Do / Is It Right Hickory 1306 When Will I Be Loved / If You Cant Give Me All. In fact I liked them so much I even bought their single California My Way. he runs popset party ltd with his wife debbie graham. I left to go to work at Tiffany's in London Great days . Went to Tiffanys. He lived in the same road as we did in Westcliff and I would go to the occasional band practices with him as well as a few of his gigs. I was invited to join The Treetops in the late-seventies as keyboard player. The success prompted Brian to seek another venue, which he found not too far away at Hook. Vogue sold a couple of records locally and soon dissolved. I still have a scrap book of all the early Monotones press releases and pictures and will publish this if you really want to be embarrassed? Almost everyones gear was home brewed in those far off days: my first serious amp was constructed from an old radiogram, given me by a relative: and the case was made of massively solid ply of about 1/2 thick, which was old partitions dating back to the 1930s from the building I worked in in the City from circa 1958 for a spell. Mark sang his songs with huge epic endings such as Im Gonna be Strong by Gene Pitney and Jezebel by Marty Wilde and Frankie Laine. With all the great SONGS, plus singers and, as I found out later in my life, singer-songwriters. Im not a good flyer but perhaps one day Christine and I will take a slow boat ! You were my English teacher. After a very pleasant email exchange with Jim, the landlord of the Elm, way back, was of course ROY and not TED Hughes. We didnt get away from the club until after 1am and had to leave for the studios by 5.30am. Take care, Jim. My wife spotted the letter from Jim Eaton in the Southend recorder, November 19th, 2010. please send me details of where to send payment for cd of records made by yourselves. Crocheted Doughnut Ring. I retired from the band in 1980 and moved back to Southend in 1999. I still have all my group equipment and occasionally, especially if Ive had a couple of wines, take great pleasure in doing a session of sixties songsjust for my own amazement! Yes,I remember those steam-driven amplifiers.we probably diced with death every tme we plugged in but somehow we even survived the wet field eventsthose bands at Glastonbury have it easy! Yes, Pam and I do remember you and of course Gordon. Share. The Watermill in Surrey and Bentleys near Chessington just off the A3. Jim Eaton and Tony Edwards turned up at one of our gigs, and after auditioning the wall of sound, offered me a residency at Alexanders Club, playing four nights a week, sometimes five. Another tale. Menu. Does your group ever play down this neck of the woods, would be great to meet and hear you. Nigel went to OZ in 1977 and I still visit him every year, he runs an event management company and still keeps busy although suffering a few health problems at the moment. honeywell torrance closing; juliet lea hillman simonds; raj k nooyi net worth. I also worked at the Lyceum on the Miss World gigs, by that time I had formed a dance group with two other girls, we were called The Revolution. I worked at the Elm in those days and can add a little to the comments to date. Jubilation/The Shark Club. He only stayed a short while due to marital difficulties, and our next drummer Pete Trout, was to be with us for a further five years. Photos of the bands early years sent to me by guitarist Ian Middlemiss can be seen on this separate page. I still have his recording of Someones In The Kitchen With Dinah Keep well, Jim. and I was asked to provide some memoribilia for display. The link is quite amusing btw! 616. The club closed in 1997 and was demolished 18 months later, with a block of nondescript red brick flats now on the site - called The . He was a very fast sprinter, a good Rugby player and even when the band was playing six nights a week he managed to play in goal for a London Football team. The instrument was an unwieldy home-brewed effort as was the amp. If you have information on a band featured here, please let me know and I will update the site and credit you accordingly. In nightclub terms, Tiffany's enjoyed a relatively long lifespan. One of demos we recorded was a song titled Nice Legs Shame About The Face This demo found its way into the charts, I believe by a group called The Monks. Finally, can anyone remember an excellent guitarist who used to play with Pete Willsher in a cafe on the Southend East sea front. Would it be possible to have that transferred to a CD, as I know we would love to add it to our collection. I restored and set-up a Strat for Paul, which looked as if it had been used by Pete Townshend to try and destroy a granite amp! the band into perfoming Its Great which became the high spot of every performance. I am sure the fun was shared by all others around us. From the very beginning of me buying records I always looked at the words in brackets under the song titles. 152. Ted Hughes (Who also ran the Old Leigh pub, The Smack), had taken a lease on the Elm Hotel. Pasar Minggu. The song Book of love was indeed performed by The Monotones, and it featured in the film That will be the day starring David Essex and Ringo Starr. The original bass player was, I believe, Graham Davidson (or Graham Dee), a friend of mine. tiffany's nightclub wimbledon. Christ Stevens and his brother, Graham still play: Douggie the lead guitar was the only bloke I knew who actually then owned a Baby Binson disk echo. Never before, or since, have I been surrounded by so many beautiful women. where is tony kornheiser now / kalawao county treasurer / tiffany's nightclub wimbledon. Took her dog for a walk round the cemetery. tiffany's nightclub wimbledon. This was the first of four releases on the Pye label. He decided we needed to change our image and accordingly we all went to Carnaby Street to be fitted with our new Beatle suits. A fellow guitarist , a singer of songs , Perpetual performer , socially strong . But Britain's Daily Telegraph reported Friday: "All expectations suggest that the AELTC will lower the . It was good to hear from you and so pleased you stayed in the business, I thought you would as you were so passionate about your music. Look forward to hearing from you and filling in some blanks. Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol. I . Pleased that you were able to respond. This of course meant giving away some of my earnings, clearly a situation that could not go on. Has there already been a funeral Maxine. It was in 1965 that we released our final two records as The Monotones, No Waiting and Somethings Hurting Me. I guess he would want to forget this. Who dreamed up all these maniac names? 1424 Lower Main St, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793-1918 +1 808-249-0052 Website Menu. Hi Jim Still trying to contact carol hopefully will be successful and be in touch. Good to talk to you, regards Pete Stanley. The Ailsa Five used to meet and practice (If the caterwauling noise could be so dignified!) Former Tiffany's nightclub bartender James Cassells, 57, recalls working at the venue opposite the cop shop at Kildare Rd with fond memories for two years from when he was 19. Cinderella Rockerfellas. This was the reason for the very last change of a group member. When I left I went into business and officialy retired in 1999 and moved back to Southend where all the treetops went to school together. Copyright 04/03/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. Our equipment was very basic, I can remember using RAF throat microphones, which made us sound as though we were attempting to sing underwater. I never did get over the fear of doing it again.I only found out yesterday of Bashers death and was really sorry to hear it. And me right in the middle of it! Are you able to act as agent or alternatively give me his email address ? Hi Jim I stumbled on this webpage by accident! Subscribe. Even more, it looks like additional research confirms that you might be the only source on the Net that links these two together. I became friends with Brian and we found we had two common interestsguitars and girls. Dundee's largest nightclub was given a new lease of life last year when it was taken over and turned into 1980s and 1990s themed Club Tropicana and Vogue. I understand you know my father Elliott Burchmore, I am trying to reach him. He is frontman for a local group in Dorset who,s genre is punk/heavy metal/rap (OH,IT MAKES ME FEEL SO OLD!!! Hi Chris, So good to hear that someone remembers us!! Hughes wanted not only the beer sales but the gate too. Up to five concerts per week, and watching EVERYTHING on popmusic on TV and there was some! Protection of businesses such as night clubs was rife and it wasnt long before they moved on Tiffanys. you may have wondered what song the kids are dancing to during the party scene towards the end of the film. The manager was Gordon Hall (I was his girlfriend, and I smashed up his E-type jag!) They like a good tale at AFC Wimbledon; their remarkable history is full of them. and look forward , hopefully and God willing , to 70 UP !! I formed another group in Southend, afterwards and we used to practice on Sunday mornings at the Shades: which is how I came to know Rob Trower. I know that Dad on a regular basis trawls the internet finding it hard to believe that kind people still purchase Monotones records from e-bay! When was this? 1964 saw the release of our second record Its Great which once again took us back to Regent Sound studio for the recording session. The home of Tennis on BBC Sport online. . Violence. My sincere condolences to Jims family. They were certainly more rhythm and blues orientated than ourselves. Am not at all surprised that he was commercially successful. Tiffany Hill. In the 1960s the band were regulars at The Elms, The Halfway House in Thorpe Bay and the Kursaal Ballroom but we also played all the yacht clubs in the area and many times at the Cliffs Pavilion. They had a song I liked. Hi Graham. Sorry about the confusion with Gus Chesney, my memory must be playing tricks on me or the Watney Manns IPA was, at the time, too strong for a young lad like me. 1. Irene Donovan and her colleague Josie watched us nervously perform a cross section of our repertoire, which included ballads, four part harmonies and rock. His third single When Im Gonna Find Her was released in 1966 and has since become a collectors item. We played The Great Room at the Grosvenor Hotel in Park Lane. tiffany's nightclub wimbledonfather ted filming locations. The band gives a sharp performance on the flip, Is It Right though the song is less distinctive than the top side. Regards and Best Wishes Pete Stanley ( The Monotones ). I remember Brian Clarke who used to transport your gear around and I used to help him on many occasions in fact I went with him to Brians 21st birthday party in Mill Hill if recall correctly. Brian became the leader of this assortment of individuals by virtue of the fact it was all his idea to start with. We went to a greek club after work called the Clubmans Club in Chinatown or varied it by going in the Portland Lodge, not forgetting the hours we spent in Nicks all night cafe. Hi Jim, Good to hear from you after all these years. Jonas Porst Public Relations 00491735722342, Hi Brian, its good to hear and remember all those times. Nigel Basham : I was responsible for his Mark Lloyd stage tag. Later on I worked in the City with a guy who became my closest chum, for a while: and we formed a new group. I spent many a great evening at Tiffanys dancing to the Treetops. Have had contact with Pete but love to hear from you. By 1980 I had been in The Monotones/ Treetops for twenty two years and was married with two children. This would please me enormously I would be even thinking about going to England again. In 1973 we cut our last disc as The Treetops, a song arranged by Harry Robinson and produced by Bob Barrett, Life is getting Better. All the best, Jim Eaton. Played pool at the BrickSaw loads of mates from skool.Had 2 Martinis came home at 11.00 pm. At the time, there was no other rock n roll on locally so me and my girlfriend had to endure the Howard Baker Band just to get a short shock of rock n roll. As an extra bonus, she could play the piano! So I built a wall of sound, combining a Lowrey organ with a Hammond organ, a string synth, Roland synth and Hohner Clavinet, pumped through 2 massive JBL studio monitors and a Leslie rotary cabinet in the middle. Even after all these years Monotones/Treetops memories are still going strong. Someone (Probably Brian: he seemed to specialise in knowing more strange characters than even me!) You will remember that Pam ( Sandys best friend ) was my long time on/off girlfriend who used to help with carrying amps etc! Hello Bruce, If you need any information about the band please email me on or phone me on land line +441642-557979 or mobile +447850-515058 Cheers, Have Fun. Their original vocalist, Nigel Basham also performed separately under the name Mark Loyd and was backed from time to time at local gigs by another Southend band, The Mustangs, who also originated at Westcliff High. I believe these can be found on i-tunes too, to download) Dad and Jim still meet up, plus other good friends from Tiffanys including Pam, Pat, Eileen and Danny. Hi Jim, Somewhat belatedly I found your reply to my posting as a result of hearing of Nigels untimely death. Rod thinks hes in Vancouver. 14. Fascinated to read the comments. It possessed more lumps than a giant toad! Both were popular . Wimbledon's latest opening is located at the end of The Broadway near the Polka Theatre. He was a great guy and my memories of the nights at the Elms are still as strong as they ever were. I did own all of their UK records but unfortunately dont have them anymore. These are for another time. If ever your down this way would be great to catch up and exchange a few memries. Brian informed us that our days as resident band at Tiffanys were probably numbered. It will include The Monotones, Paramounts, Procol Harum, Mickey Jupp, Dr Feelgood, Kursaals, Eddie and the Hot Rods (who Ive already written a book on), Alison Moyet and so on, through to present day acts. Im wondering if Graham sent you the 45 of What Would I Do or do you mean a photo of such ? It was originally a cinema I believe in the 50s, then it was a nightclub called the Moulin Rouge. Hi Mike, Its been a while since I looked at the site as I have just returned from Australia on a visit to my daughter and family. The venue had also enjoyed success as a cinema but also in turn a skating rink and dance hall, until 1971, when the Gaiety ballroom closed and in 1972 it reopened as Tiffany's nightclub. Award. John Portley, aka Exeter's Mr Entertainment. Mark, who had for many years been a good drummer, was a natural on this new instrument. My condolences to his family, friends, and band mates. If you contact Peter, he has my email address and I would appreciate a hello. Past Girls Tournament Free Throw Champions. With every performance his ability showed , Which led us to recording at ABBEY ROAD . It was back in Nineteen Fifty Eight , We became musical MONOTONES mates . Championships Schedule. Hello Roy Sorry Ive not replied earlier due to unexpected busy diary. Dino Coccia, a session drummer and occasional dep, took over. Characters animated DahSharky aka me c> . Jim has my number. [and Ill give you the low-down on Maxine!!!!] I often stayed with him and his parents as I didnt live in the Southend area. In 1975 Tiffany's opened. On PYE. I know that the former band members throughout the early years will be sad to know that he has passed away. i wonder if you remember me, Malcolm Wilkins, often known as Max? SUBSCRIBE. Im sure Gary Broker played keyboard with them at one time and played a superb version of Canned Heats On the road again and well remember Thurston Crane singing vocal after Basher a throat operation. I spent a year at the Anglo Continental School Of English in Bournemouth in 1963/64. There were a number of BBC studios we used including The Paris Theatre in Regent Street, The Aeolian Hall in Bond Street and the huge Maida Vale Studio. Stop laughing. Our first gig in front of an audience was in Eastwood Church Hall and is best remembered for the fact that there were more people in the band than in the audience. Cha c sn phm trong gi hng. I also manage a band called The Hitmen with Mick Avory drummer from the Kinks and Eric Haydock original bass player with The Hollies. It will contain a discography from which you will see that in fact we didnt release When will I be loved . As a result of my earlier posting I was contacted by his son in law from the USA who told me that Nigel now lived in Sydney and at that time we lived in Australia too. Get in touch for any commercial. So if you go onto You should find a section on the Monotones. History. I have found where Tims business is and will try to make contact. Tim still plays in a duo and a group in the north of England..he also has played with the Commitments and the Hit men / Class of 64.I went on to become a founder member of the Scottish Ballet Company and toured the world dancing with Rudolph Nureyev and sharing roles with Margot Fonteyn! Well done! club xl harrisburg capacity; pivotal group snapnurse; what happened to sofia's daughter in john wick 3; rachel lavine robbie kaplan; Alan Bowden - 24/6/12. 1962 1966 We had made a number of changes in the group by this time. Hi Jim, My memories go back to when I was a teenager at school, and going home, having to pass The Elms, I could hear a group practicing, and having just taken up the drums at that point, stopped and tried to look under the rotating front door of the dance hall at The Elms. Pete Stanley: The bass player and quiet man of the group. Watched Gangsters & listened to Stevie Wonder, Sex Pistols etc. It was designed to be a demo studio and we quickly gained a reputation for quality recordings. I do have a very vague recollection of you, did you ever join the police force? Behind every dream is the dreamer. I used to love the end term dances with the Monotones playing. We were all very lucky to experience and enjoy the 60s ! Anthony R got battered by Terry B cos Anthony battered Terrys brother in.

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