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Eventually the manage to get out via the basement. This doesn't stop Shane however, but a laughing Patrick manages to discourage his friend from raping an unconscious girl. This is a direct reference and quote from Buffalo Bill in an infamous scene in 'The Silence of the Lambs'. Stars: Joe Swanberg, Sophia Takal and Kate Lyn Sheil. He eventually refused. Director Joe Swanberg starred in the "Second Honeymoon" segment but also directed "The Sick Thing That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger" which is told entirely through online video chats between a long-distance couple. 2 Fraggle Fun and Doozer Doings (1993 VHS) Fraggle Rock Vol. She closes her eyes and carries her laptop to have James look out for the being. 29:36. V/H/S: Viral is an American anthology film produced by Bloody Disgusting and is the third film in the V/H/S trilogy. Spooked by the fact that his second friend has vanished, he starts looking for them. Although she agrees that he's likely right, she insists to talk with the landlord. Later that night, she is visited once more by the little child but as she tries to make contact with it, something knocks her out. In the basement, they find a complete collection of VHS tapes. The missing of the hundred dollar leads to an argument between Sam and Stephanie, as the first is convinced that his girlfriend has taken his money. However, there is something terrible lurking in the attic of the house, and soon the boys are running for their lives from a powerful, demonic entity. As they enter the attic they find themselves witness to a strange ritual. It features a series of found-footage shorts directed by David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, and the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, as well as a frame narrative that links all the segments together, directed by Adam Wingard. Trevor Groth, a programmer ofMidnight moviesat the Sundance Film Festival, said, "I give this all the credit in the world because conceptually it shouldn't have worked for me. Learn more. I loved the H's determination to get his wife back. Wedding historian Susan Waggoner says the honeymoon "dates from the days of marriage by capture when, after . Variety noted that "the segments vary in quality and the whole overstays its welcome at nearly two hours. The film spawned five sequels, V/H/S/2, V/H/S: Viral, V/H/S/94, V/H/S/99, V/H/S/85 and two spin-offs, Siren and Kids vs. Aliens, as well as a miniseries V/H/S: Video Horror Shorts on Snapchat's Snap Originals platform.[8]. Suddenly, Samantha is killed when a knife is launched into her face. Stars: Joe Swanberg, Sophia Takal and Kate Lyn Sheil. Created by Brad Miska, this chilling movie features found-footage shorts written and directed by Gregg Bishop, Justin Benson, Aaron Scott Moorhead, Nacho Vigalondo, and Marcel Sarmiento. The Last Case of Benedict Foxis currently in development for a 2023 release on Steam, the Xbox Series, and the Xbox One. [17], Sean O'Connell of The Washington Post gave the film a scathing review, saying that although "on paper, it's a clever concept" and "probably sounded great in the pitch meeting", it "loses all luster through some shoddy execution". Joey films the group as Wendy leads them through the woods, occasionally mentioning "accidents" that took the lives of her friends. She tries filming the Glitch up close, but it continues to be obscured by the tracking errors and slashes her hand. On their first night at a hotel, a masked person breaks into their hotel and uses the camerawhile touching the sleeping couple and stealing money. The train smashes into the car off-camera, killing all inside. Four friends are preparing themselves for a Halloween party, all dressed up (Chad as the Una-bomber, Matt as a Pirate, Tyler as a teddy bear with a Nanny cam implant and Paul as a Marine). "Tuesday the 17th" Directed by Glenn McQuaid The end credits consists out of more of the exploits of the criminals from tape 56. Honeymooning couple's sexual activities are secretly videotaped by their hotel. Second Honeymoon | CBS | Sunday Movie Promo | 2001 - YouTube 0:00 / 0:20 Second Honeymoon | CBS | Sunday Movie Promo | 2001 413 views Oct 31, 2017 1 Dislike Share Save Analog Memories. Wendy then tells Joey that she lured all three of them to the woods to use as bait, so that she can find and kill the Glitch. Limited theatrical releasebegan October 5, 2012 in the United States and November 1, 2012 in Argentina. Screaming for help as he passes by motel rooms, nobody takes Clint seriously. [9], Trevor Groth, a programmer of midnight movies at the Sundance Film Festival, said, "I give this all the credit in the world because conceptually it shouldn't have worked for me. It's also revealed that she isn't the only girl this is happening to either. A newlywed couple steps into the sauna in their deluxe honeymoon suite-and never steps out again. The frame narrative focuses on a criminal gang who film their exploits, which include smashing the walls and windows of an abandoned house and sexually assaulting a woman in a parking lot. The shorts "Storm Drain" and "The Empty Wake" bring V/H/S/94 seriously close to the becoming the best of the franchise, and Timo Tjahanto's return with "The Subject" rivals his work on V/H/S 2 's "Safe Haven". Heartbroken, she asks him to find a more normal girl to be his girlfriend, to which he responses by telling her he will always love her. Directors Larry Peerce Genres Comedy Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English He is completely alone. Believing he have wandered off, the leader of the group orders his companion to continue watching the tapes. It becomes clear that the house might be indeed haunted as they start to see a little kid. Sam climbs at the cliff but Stephanie warns him to be careful. Glenn McQuaidJoe SwanbergRadio SilenceNicholas Tecosky. He eventually refused (This happens off camera). The video was made by a young couple, Sam and Stephanie on trip to a canyon. A living film if you will. Clint notices that Lily's feet are clawed and have scales as he undresses her, but Shane and Patrick are oblivious. NEXT:10 Actors Who Played A Horror Movie Villain Across Multiple Decades. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - C. Carson, E. Hughes, Mrs Patmore, Charlie - Chapters: 16 - Words . The boys tried to flee at first but change their minds. Some trimming (perhaps relegating a weaker episode to a DVD extra) would increase theatrical chances." After investigating the room, Emily witnesses a small, ghostly, childlike entity rush into her room and slam the door shut, leading her to believe that her apartment is haunted. You know, what would amp it up here? It's terrifying, and very well executed. The filmmakers include Adam Wingard (Youre Next, A Horrible Way to Die, Pop Skull), Simon Barrett (Youre Next, Dead Birds, Red Sands), Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Roost, The Innkeepers), David Bruckner (The Signal), Joe Swanberg (Silver Bullets), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead), along with YouTube sensations Radio Silence. The short is set on the title date (Halloween in 1998), follows a group of friends who head out to a party at a friends house, only to end up at the wrong address. The boys attempt to get out of the car as a train approaches, but they are unable to start the car or unlock the doors. The trip is meant to be a second honeymoon. It is only now that they realize that they have no idea what content the requested VHS tape has. Shane, Patrick, and Clint are three friends who have rented a motel room to fulfill Shane's intent of bringing women back for sex. The trip is meant to be a second honeymoon. On an unfaithful night, she calls James as something is happening in her apartment. With the man dead, they feel like they have nothing left to worry about and starts to go and search for the tape. The content of these tapes varies and each tell a different story directed by a different director or team of directors. Lisa passes out as Shane attempts to initiate sex while Patrick discourages him from continuing. In addition to picking up Lily, the men also succeed in convincing another young woman, Lisa, to return to their motel room. RELATED:10 Horror Movies That Won Oscars. They also discover the mutilated corpse of a pig nearby, shortly before Wendy mentions that everyone is going to die. Now Apple has gotten their hands on an exclusive poster that adds an extra air of menace to Ti Wests segment, Second Honeymoon.. January 21, 2003 23971 The enduring tale of Disney's animated classic 101 Dalmatians continues in the delightful, all-new movie, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. Horror-Movies.ca reported that two people fainted during the premiere at Sundance. Maggie and George decide to take the trip but go their separate ways when they. Joey guesses that Wendy was serious about the story she had been telling them about the murders, mentioning that he remembers hearing about it himself. Vladek is in Florida, and Art worries aloud to his wife about how he will take care of his father. Lily seems to be ready for action as she starts to undress Clint. The final images are of Clint screaming as he is flown into the night sky, followed by his glasses falling off and falling on the concrete, ending the footage. Back in the frame story, Rox is left confused by what he has witnessed. Mass Market Paperback - June 17 2014. 29:37. jonjonman 10 yr. ago 1. [11] The first theatrical release began in Russia September 7, 2012. Hands grow from the walls and the floors trying to stop them. She and Sam laugh about it and return to their motel room. The gang is eager to expand their criminal enterprises, and accept the task but soon themselves picked off and hunted by a strange creature. It's a spotlight of classic slasher horror that works very well in the anthology format. With the webcam, James see glimpses of a strange creature but isn't sure. The group of directors involved inV/H/S: ViralincludeAaron Scott Moorhead, Nacho Vigalondok, Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Justin Benson and Todd Lincoln. On Halloween night 1998, Tyler, dressed as a teddy bear implanted with a nanny cam, meets his friends, Chad, Matt, and Paul (dressed as the Unabomber, a pirate, and a Marine, respectively) as they head out to a Halloween party at a friend's house, only to end up at the wrong place. But they start to doubt this conclusion and are ready to leave the house. V/H/S: Viral's horror short segments include teenage skaters unknowingly becoming apart of a . He worries about the infection caused by the tracker in her arm and believes it to harmful. He tells her that she has to stop cutting the bump at risk of infection and promises her that he will come over soon and examine the bump. A 4-episode miniseries V/H/S: Video Horror Shorts was released on Snap Originals on October 28, 2018. Film Credits Old (2021) Rated PG-13 for strong violence, disturbing images, suggestive content, partial nudity and brief strong language. What can we put there? The next night, Emily attempts to contact the strange child. 2. In the bathroom, as Stephanie is undressing, Sam tries to persuad her into stripping for the camera but she is clear: if he wants a striptease, he have to put away the camera. [5] It features a series of found footage shorts written and directed by Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, and the filmmaking collective Radio Silence.[6]. The recording cuts to Stephanie and her lover driving away, with Stephanie asking her lover if she has erased the footage. This comes true later in the movie, where it is revealed that she is in love with the Girl. The first movie in theV/H/Shorror anthologyfranchisewas released in 2012 and featured a number of shorts created by horror directors who were gathered together by Bloody Disgusting in their first movie production.

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