which of the following statements about gerrymandering is true?

After five years, the machine could be sold for $7.500. (E) It is used when both houses of Congress pass separate versions of the same bill. narrow sets of issues. Which of the following was a primary weakness of the Articles of Confederation, which lead to the desire to create a new governing document? politics. Generally, there is less controversy when the Supreme Court overturns a federal law as opposed to a state law. (B) It results in more Republicans being elected to the House. all of the following are true regarding gerrymandering'' except. (D) The Majority Whip of the House (A) Legal equality on the Supreme Court. Growth of a minority-majority population. Which of the following is generally true of the gerrymandering of congressional districts? colonial territories. (C) It can only be sustained on revenue bills. Which of the following statements about political parties and the United States Constitution is true? b. stage 2 (B) Conflicts between states Gerrymandering refers to the manipulation of district lines to favor one party or class of people. (D) two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate The value of KcK_{\mathrm{c}}Kc for the dissociation reaction H2(g)2H(g)\mathrm{H}_2(g) \rightleftharpoons 2 \mathrm{H}(g)H2(g)2H(g) is 1.210421.2 \times 10^{-42}1.21042 at 500K500 \mathrm{~K}500K. Does the equilibrium mixture contain mainly H2\mathrm{H}_2H2 molecules or H\mathrm{H}H atoms? a. It has been banned by United States Supreme Court decisions beginning with Baker v. Carr. (A) Newspaper endorsements The minority populations will collectively outnumber the Caucasian population. 2. (E) necessary and proper clause, Which of the following is a fundamental element of the United States Constitution? Which of the following describes a fundamental difference between political parties and interest groups? (B) They serve as long as the appointing president stays in power. Postal Service has been self-supporting for decades. How is a president chosen when none of the candidates receives a majority of the electoral college vote ? (D) hears civil cases but not criminal cases Christina Dejong, Christopher E. Smith, George F Cole. (B) Political parties represent broad arrays of issues, whereas interest groups are more likely to focus on -the tactic of gerrymandering is used to create districts to the advantage of one political party or another. (A) Reorganization of the federal bureaucracy All content of site and practice tests copyright 2017 Max. (D) Age discrimination The term "pork barrel" refers to legislation specifically designed to. 18-29 55%/22% 73%/9% 1. Play this game to review Social Studies. (E) low voter turnout in most elections, Both Gitlow v. New York and New York Times v. Sullivan are United States Supreme Court cases that dealt with which of the following amendments to the United States Constitution? (C) It can be used by a political party to draw boundary lines to control as many districts as possible. Log in for more information. (C) By limits on the distribution of soft money The . Which of the following statements about motions for cloture is true? Which of the following best describes the primary formal role of the attorney general? (B) Second Amendment (D) It is automatically reviewed by the United States Supreme Court. (D) Political parties tend to have strength in particular regions. (D) devolution (E) a federal mandate. Indicate whether each arrangement qualifies as an operating lease or a capital lease under the current/old rules. Wesberry v. Sanders established the principle of, 20. Which of the following is an example of congressional oversight? All of the following statements are true about gerrymandering EXCEPT. (E) Political parties are required to disclose their campaign finance activities, whereas interest groups are not. (B) The United States Supreme Court directly elects the president. facing voters frequently largely promotes agency representation. It can be used by a political party to draw boundary lines to control as many districts as possible d. Parliament's members receive low pay and little staff support compared with U.S. Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters? Only Republicans have been guilty of gerrymandering. (B) legislative oversight a. Which of the following is true of a presidential veto of a piece of legislation? it guaranteed that admission of new states would be balanced between slave and free. Fourteenth Amendment . The company estimates that the cost to operate the machine will be$7,000 per year. Standing committees do most of the work in crafting and changing legislation. nation-states. In the case of gerrymandering, the t-test can determine how similar the winning vote shares are for the districts won by Democrats to those for districts won by Republicans. right to vote. (A) They serve ten-year terms. Members of the senate The awarding of government jobs to political supporters is called. (A) Congress may remove the president through its impeachment and conviction powers. (B) Money given to individuals in the form of tax rebates (B) has original jurisdiction Finding outlying elementsin probability distributions can be a hard problem. You are providing accounting services for the JR Company partnership. states should be allowed significant control over education standards. (B) Congress may override a presidential veto. multi-state nations. United Airlines desires to lease this aircraft from Boeing. (B) the separation of powers Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the two major political parites in the United States? The Constitution states that all revenue bills (tax bills) must originate in. WANG: Note that even without gerrymandering, there is a basic cause of low competition in US politics: geographic clustering of voters, which makes it hard to draw competitive districts in most . In a perfectly fair world, it could be assumed that these two groups of vote shares would be very similar. (C) affirmative action (E) targeted to benefit residents of specific congressional districts, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954) was a significant Supreme Court ruling because it (E) It violates the principle of one-person, one vote. Save your work to complete the next Problem. (E) The gender gap. How is a president chosen when none of the candidates receives a majority of the electoral college vote? (A) equal protection of the laws 19. Does not protect the president in a criminal investigation. The true statement about gerrymandering is c. It can be used by a political party to draw boundary lines to control as many districts as possible. Expert Answer. (D) Separation of students by race, even in equally good schools, is unconstitutional. The census is used to reapportion seats in which of the following? (C) Only voters who register as members of a political party may vote in that party's closed primary, It can be used by a political party to draw boundary lines to control as many districts as possible. (C) Establishes a unitary form of government. 120 seconds. (D) Candidates get more free airtime. A Democrat congressperson survives the next election even after her district became more Republican. (D) The federal government must make regulations that can be applied across every state in the same Which of the following best describes gerrymandering? According to the gerrymandering thesis, the more moderate or heterogeneous a voting district, the more moderate the politician's behavior once in . d. REM sleep, Assume that Peggy Gyger, accounts payable clerk for Patmen Inc., stole $193,750 by paying fictitious invoices for goods that were never received. A bureaucrat who tries to expand his or her budget is best explained by the __________ of bureaucracy, while one who uses logic and reasoning to solve problems within an organized hierarchy is best explained by the __________. (A) It has been banned by United States Supreme Court decisions beginning with Baker v. Carr. 3) "Congress does not have an unlimited power to tax. Three weeks ago, South Dakota Right to Life blocked Representative Taylor Rehfeldt's (R-14/Sioux Falls) effort to make a teeny-weeny expansion of South Dakota's near-total abortion ban to add the risk to a pregnant woman of "substantial and irreversible physical impairment of one or more bodily functions" as legal justification for terminating a pregnancy. (C) Political parties are more likely to focus on national politics, whereas interest groups focus on local 9th - 12th grade. is when the two political parties move further away from another ideologically. (A) placed limitations on the federal government and affirmed the rights of people and of the states was ruled nonjusticiable by the Supreme Court in 2020 b. The boundary lines of congressional districts must be redrawn every ten years to. Article III = Supreme Courts/ Judiciary. Which of the following are included among Congress's enumerated powers? Q. All of the following statements regarding the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives are true EXCEPT that the Speaker. Delaware declares that a new federal law setting new testing requirement for elementary students will not be enforced in the state. (D) Signing trade agreements with other countries without input from the president Question 20. the boundary lines of congressional districts are drawn by. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser. Which of the following is an example of the DUAL FEDERALISM perspective? (D) They are used by senators to end a filibuster and bring a bill to a vote. the widening difference between the policy positions of political parties a maneuver used in the Senate to prevent a vote that would end debate on a bill the redrawing of district lines for political . What are the annual net cash inflows that will be provided by the new dipping machine? In the United States, which of the following is a rule on voting found in the Constitution or its amendments'? (A) It results in more Democrats being elected to the House. The following quotation is from an article in Smithsonian Magazine. (A) civil rights agencies The people whom a legislator represents and spends considerable time and effort serving are called. (b) What are the n and l quantum numbers of the electron removed on going from Fe2+^{2+}2+ to Fe3+^{3+}3+? (E) By prohibitions on negative advertising. He or she is selected by direct popular vote in a general election. All of the following groups of powers belong exclusively to Congress, EXCEPT (C) The Supreme Court has historically granted certiorari to all separation of powers cases. It can be used by a political party to draw boundary lines to control as many districts as possible. (D) The Senate chooses a new president by a majority vote of its entire membership. passing information to and from members of Congress in accordance with the desires of the leadership of the party. 10? (B) It is not binding unless supported by the cabinet. -raising an army and establishing courts. According to the Constitution, who has the exclusive authority to declare war? Stops a filibuster by determining an end to debate. (D) privileges and immunities clause 2. Which of the following statements represents the view of the proponents of racial gerrymandering? an attempt to prevent the passage of a bill through the use of unlimited debate. Social Studies. Which of the following would best describe gerrymandering? a) Was the price of the product clear and easy to identify? (C) Government-subsidized housing programs (A) It is used to strike down a provision of a bill that the President finds disagreeable. (B) weak party affiliation Which of the following is a reason that scholars believe that the counter-majoritarian difficulty faced by courts is lessened? 1889-1897, February 21, 1890, Image 6, brought to you by University of Wyoming Libraries, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. (D) Educational assistance programs such as student loans While the Supreme Court has placed restrictions on the use of gerrymandering (e.g., districts must be contiguous and must not be racially biased) it has allowed bipartisan gerrymandering; eliminate (C). (E) The Senate may refuse to approve a treaty negotiated by the president. (B) due process of law (D) It is used when the President expects to reach a compromise with Congress about how a bill should The president is generally given broad authority in foreign affairs. (E) The Senate is more responsible than the House for initiating appropriations legislation. (D) the need to give the central government the power to levy taxes (B) Women's greater political participation All of the Above; Since 1972, voters in presidential elections have 74% average accuracy. If a United States Senator makes a false allegation on the floor of the Senate, he or she. (B) Lethal injection is the only constitutionally acceptable method of execution.

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