why did salim fill the bathtub with money

He then gives Jamal the wrong answer written on the mirror in the rest room. He tells them that he killed Maman while pulling out the revolver, as Javed Khan comes up behind him, asking if he actually killed Maman. Jamal came from slums of Mumbai and became a millionaire on the game show. First, if the children were well educated the wouldnt have the mentality to steal thing for survive, they will look for a job to earn money and keep studing to get a better job and have a good life. Not affiliated with Harvard College. nothing was out of His Reach, but they felt like if the were limited to some things beacuse of marginalization. She doesn't know the answer either, but Jamal is more interested in knowing how she is doing and where she is before the call is cut off. Salim takes that decision seeking for redemption for having once made his brothers life miserable. This happens because he knows that with that sacrifice Jamal will have a better live with Latika and he wanted to fix his mistakes committed before. Salim filed up the bathtub with money because he always wants to have money, Salim help Latika even he knows that Javed would kill him, so he decided to filed up the bathtub with all that money so he can die rich like he always wants. Another difference is that in Peru there is no way to die of hungry. Salim does the shooting. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle. Greed, corruption and the misuse of power are highlighted in the film through a variety of characters. In the movie Jamal was a slum person but when he started to play Who wants to be a millionaire and he won he change his life, he started to play because Jamal wanted that Latika take a look at him. This leads to generation with unemployment, lack of resources, malnutrition, crime, health problems, illiteracy, etc In many families the children have to work instead of studying and living his childhood, but unfortunately can not give that luxury because they need to work to help the family to eat. The hoster is also a cause of this problem, because he is very hostile with Jamal at first, he cant believe what is happening, he keeps insulting him and telling him hell lose, etc. How does the title and the They dont have the education and the material to keep forward and get away from their situation. I also think that what we have to do with this problem, is go to that place and make a social work, to help them with some food or cleaning supplies. He has to be restrained and the policeman says, "Money and women, the reasons to make the most mistakes in life. based on movies natural plot making, we can asume he will have many troubles on the way. We can see this in Lima, because the people is so prejudiced that they discriminate other people. As Latika said in the movie, This progamme (Who wants to be a millionaire) is popular because is a way out of their actual life. The tv host accuse Gamal of cheating because Gamal was answering all the questions, and because he is a slum he suppoused to be a cheater and not fair, just because he is a slum. The bad education gives them a small idea of what moral is. What does the title mean? These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle. The solution to this problem is to organise the place where they are living, clean the area to avoid dissease. And also to improve their conditions of live, we can do the possible donate things, or search for works they can realize, or giving them moral support, making them smile. Because when this happen a lot of people star losing their jobs so they have to live on this really poor places thats why I think the industrial revolution start and know you need to have a good education and this people cant get this so thats why most of them stay poor until they died. *there's a lot of garbage. The fragmented and nonlinear structure of the plot heightens the dramatic tension of the film. Everything must be aimed at improving the quality of life, to try to reduce malnutrition in children, to seek incentives to improve their income. This tub, disguised as a mirrored wardrobe, folded down and out of its wood casing into the room, revealing the heater above. ", The policeman still does not believe that Jamal knew the answers on the game show and asks why he would admit to being an accomplice to murder to avoid a charge of fraud. He sealed his destiny when he gave his phone to Latika, he knew Jamal will call to that number and that Jamed will hear Latika on the television and seek for him, but that way Salim will be able to kill Jamed. The poor people do bad things to earn some money. Since his brother had gone so far at Who wants to be a millionare? TV show just for Latika, the only thing he could do was letting Latika and his brother to be together. Also, there's an old saying. Comparing Lima slums to Indian slums, both of them are very similar. After all, earlier he does seem to be attracted to her when she is in dancing for the advert for Maman. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? adapted in the Indian culture. | During his entire life, Jamal Malik crossed through many difficulties but he could get through them and find a high live condition. When Javed hears Latika on the show and realizes that Salim has helped her escape, he and his men break down the bathroom door. How does the title and the contrast within it provide symbolic summary of the film? Why does Salim fill the bathtub with money? Edit, The domestic trailer features three songs: "Latika's Theme," from A.R. When Jamal heard her voice he asked her if she is safe and Latika says yes, in that moment he didnt care about the money or the show so he answered any option and coincidently that was the right one. In question number 3 says: Salim put twenty million rupees worth of bills into the bathtub where he died. Mumbai and Lima: Salim isn's just a questionable character, he is a bad brother. Jamal's motive for going on the show is to attract the attention of Latika, with whom he has lost contact (despite her being in the custody of his brother Salim). This phenoma is caused because the parents doesnt gave enough education to the children, thats where I think the problem start. Why did Salim fill the bathtub with money? The international trailer contains the song "The Sun Always Shines on the TV" by A-Ha. It then begins to flow into the pipe itself. This image will set the scene for Jamal's ascension, as he continues to be a lower-class character who manages to commune with greatness. When Jamal remains intent on finding her, Salim insists, "There are 90 million people in this city, Jamal. Compare and contrast three pivotal choices or decisions made by Jamal and Salim. It means that, because Jamal is poor/slum he has less benefits than the normal people. Before he is very poor and he dont imagine that he would have 20 million rupees, for his is a dream. So the solution to this problem is to have willpower for the change. The way Salim decides to go with Javed after escaping from Maman. The scene shifts back to the policemen's office. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/SlumdogMillionaire. So its a poor boy from the streets that enters the game and makes his best guess. He makes that choice because he finally realizes and regrets what hed done. Why did Salim put money in the bath? The differences between Lima and Munbay they are a lot but I am going to explain you only 2 the first one is the people that live in each city Mumbay have 21 255 000 million people an Lima 8,5 million the second difference is that in lima we dont have cast system and in Munbay they have this system . This kind of difference is also seen in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and it causes serious conflicts like corruption, physical abuse, social discrimination, and others. It means that Jamal was born in a slumdog family and he was poor, and by consecuence, the people of this same economic situation, had difficulties to get this type of beneficts because of racism, fear, etc. Edit, In the book, the first-person narrator and quiz show contestant is named Ram Mohammad Thomas. When he was a little boy he use to protect his brother from the evil man that abuse them. In this movie, Jamal is being accused of fraud and cheating as he knows every answer to the question. Then, his search for Latika is motored by his belief in their mutual destiny, a conviction he tells her when they catch up at the abandoned hotel. Salim makes that decision, because he realizes that it is their only chance to do the right thing and help his brother, Jamal and Latika also; because his life was full of egoism and evil ways and the most affected by those decisions were Jamal and Latika . But in the film, Jamal is a lucky slum (by destiny), because of his poorness he knew the answers to those questions on the Tv program, that is what makes him richhis life in the slums and destiny. With a wrench, remove the packing nut used to hold the faucet in place. Suddenly, he is accused of cheating on the grounds that no street kid could possibly know the answers to such impossible questions. The principal similarity of them is the people. By slowing down the images of the memories, Boyle invites the viewer into Jamal's interior life. Why did Salim fill the bathtub with money? This film originated in the UK, and its funding comes primarily from the UK. Salim then goes to work for Latika's pimp and helps to hold her captive until he has a change of heart and lets her escape with his car and cell phone. Salim raped Latika the night that he and Jamal rescued her from Maman. Change). You wonder why? Well, the destiny was a really important theme in the movie, because the caste system says that if you born in a slum you are destined to be a super poor guy, without chance to be someone in live, but in the movie, we see that Jamal Malik goes again that law and finish being someone. How much money did Slumdog Millionaire win? . To that end it takes its structure from the greatest feel-good film of all time Its a Wonderful Life. Once the caulk is applied and the tub drained, the caulk compresses. what we can do is to give to this people work and inprove the education in the public schools, because the future of our country begin in the schools. Its a calculated and cold form of fake or improbable hope and also attracts the masses considering in Bombay lived 18 million people. A chai wallah is a person who provides tea, either by selling or bringing it. | What does the title mean? Resigned to his fate, the sacrifice he has made for his childhood friend, Salim fills a bathtub with money, the only reward for the life of a gangster, and gets into the tub with a revolver, prepared to meet his fate. She then reveals herself to be Gudiya, from the chawl, whose father had suffered only a broken leg when Ram pushed him from the balcony, and who had stopped raping Gudiya after his fall.Gudiya gets him his prize money, Ram marries Nita, Salim becomes a movie star, and the crippled children are liberated from their imprisonment.In the movie, Jamal never carries a gun and never shoots or threatens anybody. How does the title and the contrasts within it provide symbolic summary of the film? Why or why not? And Salim make that decision, because for one time on his life, he want to make something good saving Latika from Javed, and giving his brother Jamal, the life he deserves with Latika, as he always want since he was a child and he abandoned with Maman on the camp. The slum that is where poor people live are in around the world but Peru is one who have the most biggest slum in the world, more in Brazil and more in India who is one the countries with more population. When Salim lost a customer because Jamal was taking too long in the toilet, Salim got back at Jamal by trapping him in the toilet when he wanted to get Amitabh Bachchan's . The title plot gives us the clue to find that as a slumdog he will have a lot of problems during the programme. "Not for one moment, it's our destiny," he says. But he was a slumdog, how did he won the game? The government must take action in this situation. He filled the bathtub with money because it was the best for him. How far is Las Vegas from the California coast? In conclusion, we can say that slums are caused by the lack of willpower of people who lives in them and that the only solution to this is the effort. What the title doesnt explain is how exactly he answered the shows hard questions. Boyle shoots Maman on the extreme left edge of the frame as rain pours down over the man. I think we should make political institutions, promote social and economic sustainable development to ensure the basic rights of every Peruvian, we must build a political system that encourages citizen participation, who cares about the vast majority who do not own anything, but are part of this country and deserve better opportunities. and he only played because he thought Latika (his true love) would see it and he could find her. This are the most important diference between Munbai and Lima. User Ratings Honesty is the best policy. First, by giving this poor people a good and worthy education, because is one immediate solution they can provide. How can we solve this problem in the short term? In the novel, the prize was significantly largerone billion rupees, about 21 million USD. While Salim does not care about finding her, Jamal has a firm belief that he will be able to locate his childhood sweetheart, sifting through the 90 million people in the city. (2) For 4,000 rupees: A picture of three lions is seen in the national emblem of India. They are focusing on meaningless things like paying more politicians to complete all the political parties when they dont realize that most part of the country needs urgent economical and moral help. Salim was saved by a man who brandished a handgun, without firing it, and who then hired Salim as his houseboy. They grow up and start to make decisions. Edit. What does a Canadian need to enter the US? In the film, the theme of destiny is a central theme. We can see that Salim (the brother of Jamal) became a gangster. But nevertheless, an exhibitionist in a somewhat desperate cry for attention took a three hour dip this week and while she is described in a Somerset Live article as a "bit of a hippy" it . However, it does imply in one scene that he knew the precise moment to callwhen show host Prem Kumar (Anil Kapoor) says "if"because that's when they open the phone lines. By the short term, we must provide them with jobs and education and in the long term, give them water and electricity and help them to build a good house. This is a critical situation, that is really affecting the conditions of live of this slums, but I think that if we unit us as a state, leave the indifference, we can solution this problem and all the others. contrasts within it provide symbolic summary of the film? Publicado por Lissette en 19:40 Sure enough, she shows, and the two finally a share a moment of peace together. Well, live in the slums of Mumbai, is very hard because there is a lot of garbage and a lot of dead animal, etc and this make that all the people who live there, suffer illnes or even death. Back on the game show, the host asks Jamal who invented the revolver. So then they need to live in poor houses, slums. Jamal does not leave, and Latika comes up behind Salim and tells him to leave. Is Slumdog Millionaire Hollywood or Bollywood? Salim's death Resigned to his fate, the sacrifice he has made for his childhood friend, Salim fills a bathtub with money, the only reward for the life of a gangster, and gets into the tub with a revolver, prepared to meet his fate. Lots of kids dont have even a basic education and they are becoming people with almost no possibilities of getting a job and working. The question taht I will answer is In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes filling the bathtub with money, etc. A poor man, called Jamal, who was a slumdog in his younger life, luckily enters to the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and, by answering all the correct answers, won a million rupees. So the first question states the following What does the title mean? Salim's death Resigned to his fate, the sacrifice he has made for his childhood friend, Salim fills a bathtub with money, the only reward for the life of a gangster, and gets into the tub with a revolver, prepared to meet his fate. When Beaufoy was commissioned to write the film by Film4, the script was sent out to investors including Celador Productions, which had the intellectual rights to the TV show. We have been blessed to bless, and this is what we have to do. Directed by Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire received 10 nominations at the 81st Academy Awards, out of which the film bagged eight trophies. This is Jamal's position in the call center where he works when he appears on the game show. Sorry, Slumdog Millionaire is not available on Indian Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in India and start watching! *the bathrooms are a small wooden box that goes into the river. First: After helping Latika to escape from Javed Khan, Salim knows that he will have to face the consequences with the gangster. Why did Salim leave Jamal? The patch did the job for the time being, at least. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. At the same time that Jamal is winning, Salim fills a bathtub with money and sits in it, waiting for the death he knows will happen when Javed discovers what he has done. They do have houses, but these houses cant be really called like such. My enemy's enemy is a friend." Instead, Jamal chose the way of honesty and hard work. and in long term I think that we need to make our country grow so there are going to be more job opportunities and also the banks are helping them by giving them money to run out a business and also upgraded the nationals schools so these people can have a good education and maybe enter to universities if they study hard enough so if we do this in a few years we are going to see less poor children on the streets asking for money. Salim discovered that the way of vices and wrong liberty takes you to the wrong ending, but he discovered it too late. Slumdog Millionaire is produced in Britain and hence its a British movie. QUESTION: By doing this act of kindness, knowing that he will be killed, he fill the bathtub and put money into it, to die with everything he got, but in a bad way. In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes filling the bathtub with money, etc. As can be seen in the film Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai poverty is almost equal to that of Lima, and survives the most cunning, as you have to know how to survive on the streets, where no one is trustworthy, stealing food, lying people and so on. Most of the times we have money and do not know what to do with it, and the best thing to do is use to help others. So the goverment should give him that by short periods, then move out the masssive poblation by gropus to a new zone, giving her apartaments and then they would pay for them, and the electricity and essencal things with the work that they would have with the education freee that is given to them. Money clearly plays an important role in Slumdog Millionaire because it directly ties to the story's central plot device: the game show. Salim convinced Latika to have sex with him the night they were rescued to, at least according to him, take away one of her valuable assets. Back on the game show, Jamal answers a question about Cambridge Circus, the answer to which he learned working at the call center. In the question: In the film, the theme of destiny is a central theme. Slumdog Millionaire won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. Why did he give Jamal the wrong answer? This phenomenon appears because the government dont care about poor people then say that they care about but thats a lie. Metacritic Reviews. The title and the contrast in this movie means how a poor man pass to be rich with a simple TV program, Slum means like a very poor zone and is like a young population that don`t have a lot of money, so I think that went the title talk about slum is about Jamal, how with a simple TV program How wants to be a millionaire and in one night or one day he turn to be a millionaire. Im going to compare the slums in Munbai, and the slums in Lima. The tv Host of the progamme who wants to be a millionaireis a famous guy who won that game and its rich. What is this film staying about the effect of money on culture? Nice, you actually have something constructive to say about the problem. This scene is where the book begins. Millionaire in this movie means sincerely loved. represents a hope, a chance to escape from their reality, if you became Millionarie why you wanna stay on the Slum? This is one of the purposes of the movie. Prem and Jamal were answering the question which begins the movie. Most people choose the wrong way, because it is the easiest and also because they have no choice, because they have no education. As everyone knows, the title of this film is Slumdog Millionaire, a phrase conformed by totally different words. GradeSaver "Slumdog Millionaire Part 3: Latika Summary and Analysis". Indian and Lima slums are not so different since both are poor and are located outside the city. He had everything but at the same time he had nothing. This is a dirty game and mental emotional psychological which keep people in a state of painful illusion. "Bombay had turned into Mumbai," he says, and we see Jamal and Salim walking through large industrial areas. Probably as a show-off when he gets killed. In this period he meet a woman that with more time spending with her, more he love her. How did he do it? For example when I first saw the title of the movie I imagine that it will be a slum dog that wins a kind of lottery or something like that, so in this case the title gives you a very close idea of the movie. In lima the situation is the same as the slums from the movies, wildness in all parts, and nobody cares about them, what actually happened to Salim and Jamal are probably still happen to a guy in Peru from a slum, maybe he lose his mother, maybe he is manipulated by adults, ormaybe right now is runnig and stealing to save his life. What happens to the victims? The title means that a slum person changes his poor live to a rich life. Salim makes the choice of putting all the money of Javed in the bathtub and then get into the bathtub him too, to shoot and kill Javed because he knowed that if Javed was dead he will no longer search for Latika or Jamal so they could be free. . The grateful producer paid for Salim's acting lessons, and got him started in the movie business.In the movie, Salim, who is Jamal's older brother, not his younger friend, is the one with the gun. QUESTION: This film weaves together nightmare and impossible dream. After getting a small hut, they need to find for a job but they wont get a job because of their lack of knowledge and thats also the way which makes crime increase. People who are from a lower social leve are nglected by usl, we dont want to talk to them. Lots of kids dont have even a basic education and they are becoming people with almost no possibilities of getting a job and working. Many of them are very poor and only a little of them want change their lifestyle and effort to do that. If Jamal Malik, a slum-dog can become a millionaire, then pretty much nothing in this world is impossible. In Mumbai in the same thing, people who live in slums think that all their live, they will be poor. Well slums in lima arent too different from India, I think its the same only that here there arent a lot of slums in lima because the population in lima I think is around 8 or 9 million people but in this city Mumbai there are 20.5 million of people. And dont imagine that he will won 20 million rupees. He also takes that decision for do something good in his life for redeem his self and help his brother because he knows that his brother never give up. He was very lucky. The government and a lot of people give these people financial support, but this is useless as they will use it until it runs out and they will never progress. Well, first of all, the causes of slums in many principal cities of the world is that people come to the cities for more chances of getting a better live, but when they come, many of the places for living they cant afford them . Father Timothy and the Catholic Church do not appear in the movie, nor does Delhi.When Father Timothy is murdered by another priest, Ram is sent to a juvenile home, where, as the only boy who speaks English, he becomes the leader of the 150 residents.After one year, a new resident Salim Ilyasi, age seven, arrives as an orphan when a Hindu mob murders his Muslim family. He is the boss over the children, who are forced to beg for money. Javed Khan calls Salim over and offers him a position in the gang. However, when director Danny Boyle cast the roles of the younger children, he discovered that their English was not fluent enough. This is not happening only in Lima and Mumbai, it has actually been developing all around the world. After watching the film I was shocked by the similarities of the slums in Mumbai and the ones that we have here in Peru. But then again, Jamal doesn't care any less about her (on the account of the misfortune she live with), as long as he has her by his side, never to part again. Jamal does not simply happen upon Latika accidentally, but his desire to find her leads him to her. It is sad that the things in common are the most terrible aspects of their live because this simply means that there is more people in the world living in this inhuman state.

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