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"It was a city within a city. I was stationed there from 11/84-1989. The Air Force's decline to commit to Michigan's standards is among a litany of frustrations Oscoda residents say they have . Any one else from 84-89 have issues? Since its establishment in 1923, Wurtsmith played an important role in World War II, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War, hosting the 134th Army Air Force Base Fighter Unit and 379th Bombardment Wing respectively. VA counselor "don't waste your time". Click on a marker for base information. This remoteness of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, as well as common brotherhood of being in the United States Air Force resulted in a tight knit community formed by the airmen and their families. It still haunts me today that we had to do that and were told to just follow orders. My first assignment as a Nuclear Weapons specialist was at wurtsmith where we deployed the AGM 69A SRAM missile system. In addition, the rear fuselage was deepened in order that it could faire cleanly into the bottom of the radiator. A Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker plane, serial 60-0317, was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident at Oscoda-Wurtsmith AFB, MI (OSC), United States of America. 70-77 lived on base housing with family, flight line assistant supervisor. A bomber squadron for example would be sent out to destroy a target and return to its home base within a week. That plane actually crashed April 11, 1944, which was 70 years to the date that the picture was taken, Drew Losinski said. In March of 1943, the Third Air Force reactivated the field for training of black aviators. I have had many other health issues since and have recently found all of this. I was stationed there 1988-1992. WAFB began operations in 1923, under the name of Camp Skeel, and was officially named the Wurtsmith Air Force Base in 1953. This is extremely important because harsh chemicals can negatively impact the future of children and infants as well as the elderly. Two years after release I started to experience very visible loss of musculature and strength. A sand and gravel aquifer of glacial origin underlies Wurtsmith Air Force Base in northeastern lower Michigan. The Wurtsmith Air Museum is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving the history of Wurtsmith Air Force Base and aviation in Northeastern Michigan. On National Vietnam War Veterans Day, we recognize the many men and women who served and fought during the difficult conflict, giving them the appreciation they deserve. The 4026th was a SAC Major Command controlled (MAJCON) wing that had been organized on 1 August 1958. U.S. Air Force should abide by state of Michigan's PFAS Standards, state must hold Air Force accountable. The P-6 could climb to 10,000 feet in 6.6 min. [6] 379th Bomb Wing Homestead AFB B-47 Wurtsmith AFB B-52, www.strategic-air-command.com/wings/0379bw.htm. Military bases are known for significant staffing turnover. Ellsworth Air Force base, South Dakota. The KC-135s would finish one mission and there would be another one waiting for them as soon as they were available. The Arrow Street purge system, installed in 1982 to remove contaminants from the Building 43 plume, has lowered concentrations o Continued study of ground-water contamination at Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan, defined the movement and distribution of volatile organic compounds in the glacial sand and gravel aquifer at known sites of contamination, and has defined new plumes at two other sites. I was shocked when we drove to a wooded area not far from bomber alert pad and WSA up the road of the k9 area where a bull dozed had dug a large trench and we were ordered to dump the shit. An unusual feature of the P-39 Airacobra was the automobile-type doors that had roll-down windows on each side of the cockpit. 2 talking about this. This article is from 2018.. I am not a doctor or attorney, and cannot give medical advice or legal advice. [1] This meant that they could be flying a mission supporting a fighter squadron in Iraq, then be redirected to refuel a bomber squadron over Saudi Arabia, then fly back to Spain to land. JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas - Announced in late 2021 by the spouse of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Sharene Brown, it increases focus and attention on the top five quality of life challenges military families face. With that being said, these chemicals are going to be reaching a lot more people than just the Oscoda residents. [5] While the 379th, Bomb Wing was stationed at Wurtsmith Air Force Base they were part of the Ready, Alert Nuclear Strike Force. He was stationed at the base. Smoke started coming from the tail of the second plane, and I could see it was in trouble. In 1960 it became part of the Strategic Air Command . This happened a couple weeks before the IOC which is in the wing,ahistorical records on microfilm. After a trip to the Boneyard in September 2019, hundreds of current and vintage photos are being sorted, scanned and uploaded. The main mission of Oscoda Army Air Field, at the time, was to defend Sault Ste. The typical activities while not on ready alert varied greatlyfrom person to person. Once we brought that up and cleaned the tag, we knew it was the 221226 serial number.. It had a commissary, a gas station, a hospital, housing, a bowling alley," said veteran Michael Grogan. My daughter was born at the base hospital. Mr. Norton experienced this first hand while being station at Wurtsmith Air Force Base when he had his Squadron Commander help him hang drywall in his house. PORT HURON, Mich. David and Drew Losinski are struck by the coincidence. The married officers lived in a standalone house with their family. to share information regarding health issues, and probable chemical exposure via base water sources. There are many historical planes you can visit as well as other interesting pieces of history that the public may view. We knew we had some kind of plane.. These mission were into Iraq. They took a photo on April 11, from the surface of Lake Huron, of the wing of a Wold War II-era fighter plane that crashed during a training exercise, killing its pilot. The base was first named after Capt. WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. We thought that was kind of unbelievable.. Typical occurrences on Wurtsmith Air Force Base included planes flying in and out on missions. The 5,221-acre site is bounded by Van Etten Lake to the north and east . Veteran Compensation Programs (www.veteranprograms.com) does NOT represent or warrant, and makes no claims, promises or guarantees about, the usefulness, completeness, adequacy or accuracy of any information, posts, surveys, topics, comments, blogs or responses contained in or linked to this website, or the competency, qualifications or identity of any person providing information or making a post, survey, topic, comment, blog or response contained in or linked to this website. Lora Cole, 1/8/20 I am the daughter to a vet that was in this I was a baby at the time. The majority of married enlisted and officers preferred to live on base because of the free daycare for children. The Wurtsmith Air Force Base, created in 1923, played a large role in WWII. There are a lot of stories to tell. By Steve Elliott 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs. I didnt know anything about the Tuskegee Airmen until we got into this.. https://www.oscairport.com/index.php/available-properties/, https://www.oscairport.com/index.php/development-site/, https://www.afhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/APH-Winter2016.pdf, http://www.armytimes.com/story/news/2014/07/30/divers-find-wreckage-of-world-war-ii-era-plane/13354373/, https://wurtsmithairmuseum.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Air-Refueling-Squadron-_-Real-People-_-George-Schlatter720p.mp4. The M&FRC is located at 1550 Wurtsmith St . [5] One crew flew 29mission out of Jeddah, setting the record for most missions flew by a bombercrew in theater. I have had sever kidney problems since 1983 that carried on into my mid teens. Wurtsmith Air Force Base is a decommissioned United States Air Force base in Iosco County, Michigan.It operated from 1923 until decommissioned in 1993. How is it that these large and respected scientific organizations can continue to be ignored in the face of statistically overwhelming data and human impacts. What's next? The P-6 Hawk (1932-1937) Aircraft was @ Oscoda. Fast forward to 1992, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the US Air Force inactivated Strategic Air Command. At the time, George was a hub of F-4 Phantom fighter jets and OV-10 Bronco reconnaissance planes. The EPA began requiring public water systems to monitor for PFOA and PFOS in 2012, but even today there is no federal drinking water standards for PFOA or PFOS. Mr. Norton would occasionally return to fresh fish left by his neighbor on his porch. Their children developed asthma, spinal defects and thyroid problems. State officials' concerns about pollution in the area date back to 2012, when the health department issued a "do not eat" advisory for all fish caught near Wurtsmith Air Force Base. My mom was recently diagnosed a month ago with colon cancer and skin cancer and still being treated by a dr, my broth had sever ulcers his entire early childhood. There is no amount of PFOA that is officially recognized as harmful. However, many studies have shown otherwise. So now what? Over the course of Mr. Nortons career as both a KC-135 Navigatorand a DC-10 Pilot, Mr. Norton served as a flight commander, served numerousdeployments during the Gulf War escorting fighter squadrons from the UnitedStates into theater, supporting fighter squadrons and bomber squadrons intheater, served multiple temporary duty assignments to England, Spain, SaudiArabia, Alaska, and other Air Force Bases around the globe. It was eerie, David Losinski said. Wurtsmith Air Force Base is a decommissioned United States Air Force base that was closed by the 1991 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC 2) and is a proposed EPA Superfund site. Like the former Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth and Newington, the former Michigan base is now a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) site. In 1942, three 5000x150 concrete runways were built. [1] On the first Wednesday the, fresh flight crew would relive the current flight crew in the bunkers. In 1977 the 379th Bomb Wing upgraded the B-52H fleet to B-52Gaircraft. This includes extra parts, munitions, fuel, and flight crews. Engine not damaged. Environmental groups are calling on the Air Force and the State of Michigan to get serious about cleaning up PFAS around the site of the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base. This is heinous, and my heart goes out to so many. I saw a big splash, and then the plane went out of sight.. [1] This was further broken down by marital status. Pieces include the engine, the tail, part of the door and the 37-millimeter cannon that fired through the propeller hub. The married enlisted airmen who lived on base lived in a condo type set up with their family. Typical occurrences on Wurtsmith Air Force Base included planes flying in and out on missions. After being relieved, the flight crew had until the following Monday morningoff. The base was put into a standby status to be there just in case something happened in those areas. The Strategic Air Command activated a wing there on August 1, 1958. [5] In recent years groundwater contamination has be linked to jet fuel, cleaning agents, and fire suppression agents used at Wurtsmith Air Force Base. (Superstorm) Sandy came along (in October) and moved things around, David Losinski said. Tests in Michigan near the former Wurtsmith Air Force base have found PFOS in groundwater at levels as high as 42,000 ppt. Lee N. 2023 Aspyre Media Group, LLC. The Air Force knew about the contamination and spent millions since 1977 to try to cover up the problem by adding phosphates to mask the odor of the chemical in the water. Veteran Compensation Programs (USVCP) (www.veteranprograms.com), and any of their associated websites is for general informational. In 1955 Wurtsmith Air Force Base became an official permanent post in the United States Air Force, which meant that many new services were implemented on base. [5] Assuming the equipment, personnel and aircraft of the 4026th Strategicwing as it was disbanded. He brought this idea to the attention of his squadron commander Major Carl Spaatz. Now I see this years later. [4] In the later, years of World War II Wurtsmith Air Force Base was used as a fighter-interceptor training base and housed the 332d fighter group, which was part of the famous Tuskegee Airmen. The average person has around 3 or 4 parts per billion of these chemicals present in their blood. WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. This cycle was from Wednesday to Wednesday. If there's a main break, sections of the base will . A total 9589 Airacobras were built before production finally ended on July 25, 1944. To all who are interested in the Camp Skeel/Oscoda AAF/Wurtsmith AFB History. They are surely exposed to this chemical nearly every day, whether it be playing outside on the playground or from being exposed to the chemicals via drinking the water. purposes only, and is not legal advice. Then everything happened so fast it seems unbelievable. [1] The KC-135s had many more opportunities to travel because they would fly in support of any craft capable of refueling in flight. I have always scheduled an apt with my dr to talk about the possibility of how this may have affected me. It has recently been discovered that that the base has been leaking chemicals into the surrounding waterways. Wurtsmith AirForce Base was constructed with a runway layout specifically for this. Senators Gary Peters (MI) and Debbie Stabenow (MI) and U.S. Download Images of Wurtsmith air force base - Free for commercial use, no attribution required. [1] At some point over the week an alarm would sound,signaling to the flight crew that the B-52s had to be in the air. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality released a report Thursday, Aug. 30, concluding that Wurtsmith wells were 'likely impacted' by PFAS contamination between 1978 and 1997, when municipal water from Lake Huron was brought to the base. Wurtsmith AFB Water Health Issues via water, Organochlorine Pesticides Levels at George AFB Family Housing. Welcome to The WAFB Historical Site dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Wurtsmith Air Force Base and the units assigned there. [6], During the Gulf War B-52s from Wurtsmith Air Force Base were flownout of Prince Abdullah AB in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The gunnery range was tasked with training pilots fromSelfridge air base in the challenging maneuvers required to land a DeHavillandbiplane on the frozen lake Van Etten for the young Army Air Corps. Veteran Compensation Programs. Following cleanup, operation and maintenance activities are ongoing. Members of the Tuskegee Airmen, trained at Oscoda for several weeks and stayed on the base. The 379th was reassigned to Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan without personnel or equipment in January 1961, assuming the aircraft, personnel and equipment of the discontinued 4026th Strategic Wing. [5] The 379th Bomb Wing immediately continued the 4026thStrategic Wing operations and training. Bert E. Skeel was a WWI pilot who died in an air race in Ohio. . The P-6E was quite a good-looking airplane, and became the most famous of the Hawk line of biplane fighters. Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA. Thisflight crew would spend one week in the bunker and be confined to an undiscloseddistance from the bunker. [6] The 379th Bomb Wing was, Dave Norton resigned his commotion as a United States Air Force, , 1993 exactly 9 years after receiving his commission, Lt. form the United States Air Force Academy. All kind of special chemicals that Boeing told the USAF we had to have. These are simply the specific . This is desirable from a strategic standpoint, but for the airmen that served on the bases themselves this meant that they were removed from the vast majority of society. In 1932, Capt. Weights were 2450 lb. [1], When the Gulf War started in 1990, the 379th Bomber Wing sent B-52s as well as their accompanying KC-135s into the Middle East. [1] Mr. Nortonarrived fresh from navigation school as a 2nd Lieutenant at Wurtsmith Air ForceBase in the fall of 1985. [1] As soon as the wheels touched down the clock would be reset and they could be sent out on another assignment. The gunnery range was tasked with training pilots from, Selfridge air base in the challenging maneuvers required to land a DeHavilland, biplane on the frozen lake Van Etten for the young Army Air Corps. One of these places included directly underneath the Oscoda high school. While many of the airmen preferred to live on base it was possible for them to buy or rent a house or apartment off post. Drinking Water At Wurtsmith AFB Contaminted. In addition across the base boundary dirt road was the EOD range where every friday morning we burned and destroyed old munitions and other stuff they needed disposed of. China Lake Naval base, California. There were four planes, and I was watching them from our front window, as I usually do when theyre engaged in gunnery practice. The Realignment of Griffiss Air Force Base. Lester Graham. [1] This meant that there was always at least threeB-52s armed with nuclear bombs, ready to take off at a moments notice. Mrs. Cecil V. Fowler saw the crash, according to the Times Herald article. The presumptive disabilities from contaminated water at Wurtsmith AFB would lead to automatic compensation to potentially thousands of veterans. Posts and surveys made on this website are opinions or suggestions of users of this website and are not representations, opinions or suggestions of U.S. The sources Im using include The Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFRA); Photo collections from Wurtsmith Museum; Photo collections from Selfridge Museum, Selfridge AFB Historical files; and Aircraft Accident Reports. Timothy Marcum, 1/15/2071-73 camp lejeune nc bad water va in redding pretends they know nothing about having problems. She gave Kelly the rundown of the base. USVCP Not A U.S. Government Publication. It had everything in it. All Rights Reserved. On January 18, 1994 it was listed as a Superfund due to extensive groundwater contamination with heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, including trichloroethylene, 1,1-dichloroethane, 1,1,1-trichloroethane . [1] This was followed by one and a half weeks of normal day to day activities, until the flight crew relieved crew on ready alert in the bunkers. The Wurtsmith Air Force Base, created in 1923, played a large role in WWII. In fact the only time B-52s would travel was for training missions, or actually delivering ordinance to its target. My symptoms looking back were insidious with weakness and muscle fasciculations. During World War II, P-47 fighters were assigned to Oscoda. He said the wreckage from the plane is scattered across the lake bottom. A single-seat low-wing fighter developed for the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) by Republic Aviation, it was the largest single-engined piston fighter ever produced. It is one of the most famous bases located in our state.

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