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i ( 3923 , 7861 : " - \"\" 7 Chanel Bag Steady-Seller TOP 7"? ) Leveling ships is one of the core systems of advancement in Azur Lane. AttackerHit 0 How do you get priority ships in Azur Lane? blue doberman puppies. {\displaystyle \min \left(0.05\times {\text{OwnShipMaxHP}},0.025\times {\sqrt {{\text{OwnShipMaxHP}}\times {\text{OtherShipMaxHP}}}}\right)\times \left(1+{\text{OtherShipRamAttackBonus}}\right)\times \left(1-{\text{OwnShipRamDefenseBonus}}\right)}. ) 3548 , 227 . ( 0.5 Firepower + ReloadTime ( The carriers in your Main Fleet can be in one of two states: Hidden, and Detected. ( This can be achieved by housing them in the Dorm, which will also increase their Morale recovery, allowing them to sortie more often without losing happiness. ! . Fighters It is denoted by either numerical level or from maximum ("Lethal") threat to minimum ("Safe") threat. L # L # L #Mbcevery1 L Ep.203 , | : [] 29016 , | \U0026 257 , | ? ) SkillBonus ) Below is a list of what each enhancement would give (i.e. { mrtori3 4 ( BurnCoefficient ( CriticalBit ) Friedrich der Groe, the six-star Iron Blood Battleship, is worth 56 Tech Points from collecting her . 100 Shipgirls with greater than 120 Morale get a 1.2 bonus to XP earned, other than in Exercises. Do all daily and weekly quests that give . ) Players may have up to 3 daily entries per day. While active, this will spawn enemy fleets. ) A 2:2 fleet of 48 oil cost can achieve 143 XP per oil. 58 , 128 : " - 6 !! AmmoTypeModifier In attack mode, your submarines will actively look for enemies to attack within its Hunting Range. ) AmmoTypeModifier Players must be level 60 or higher to play Operation Siren. 10 The current Ammo count of the fleet determines the Ammo bonus effect, if any, that applies, which are shown below: Some shipgirls have abilities, or abilities produced by items, that reduce the damage penalty inflicted by the Out of Ammo debuff. ( i = ArmorModifier Multiple sources of armor break with the same "BuffID" do not stack, instead, applying armor break again will only refresh the pre-existing debuff's duration. ( 100 Two ships are guaranteed to get 1.5 - 2 times bonus experience due to being the flagship or MVP of the battle. Also it would be preferable for them to not have modernization upgrades since modernization values differ greatly. These are shown below: On some missions, you might encounter Ammo Nodes , which restore 3 Ammo to any fleet that runs into it. ( ) !! DamageReduction l # l # l #MBCevery1 l EP.203"? WeaponBaseDamage 100 Once the opponents fleet gets near enough to your Main Fleet, all of your carriers will enter the Detected state. n DamagePerTick Chapter 9: This is roughly the last chapter that can be farmed comfortably by off-meta ships in a 1:1 fleet. Should the fleet picking up an be at maximum Ammo capacity, no Ammo will be restored and the Ammo Node will remain at 3/3 for future use). Usb Wifi Usb Wifi () ! . 100 High-Efficiency Combat Logistics Plans (HECLP) can be used on cleared stages, and they do not consume additional Data Keys. . Why is it important? Eh it's just grinding, and with autoclear now it's really no effort if you put together a good fleet. The first "Skill bonus" refers to skills that specifically mention "Increases/Reduces Fire damage". 2743 , 29016 : " - []"? ( . . , {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{\text{DamagePerTick}}&={\text{WeaponBaseDamage}}\times {\text{WeaponCoefficient}}\times {\text{SlotEfficiency}}\\&\times {\dfrac {100+{\text{CorrespondingStat}}\times (1+{\text{FormationBonus}}+{\text{SkillBonus}})}{100}}\times {\text{FloodCoefficient}}+{\text{FloodDamage}}\end{aligned}}}. azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan, Combat Logistics Plan.exe, Combat Logistics Plan.exe | azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan, Usb | ! + + 0.5 However, you dont have to control your ships: The game will control your ships and play the entire mission to the end. + SlotEfficiency 1 InitialEnemyACV Example: First part of a 2 stage node in column 3 gives 10 power and the second part gives another 10 power, totalling 20, the same as the column value for column 3. The reason for this is the game rounding up to the next multiple of 5, while the wiki calculation rounds up to the next integer. If your ships are very low-level and cant challenge harder stages, this can be a good place to spend some time. HunterSkill For example, Lexington class's Artillery Cover applies a Level 1(DD) fire. 1 Depending on the ship type this will lead to increased damage and/or faster reloading. Each battle in a sortie consumes 1 Ammo. Its strength is based on the number of in it, the more of this "" the more enemy ships present during combat. CriticalBit 1 TotalAviation Enhancement of an equipment provides an increase based on their rarity (number of stars). If there's only one victory condition available, all victories are S-Rank by default. This works out to a rate of 90 XP per oil. 4 Wisdom Cubes and 2 High-Efficiency Combat Logistics Plans have been sent out as compensation. 100 BurnDamage 150 1 High-Efficiency_Combat_Logistics_Plan.png(128 128 pixels, file size: 15 KB, MIME type: image/png) File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. What can you do to improve it?Other Accounts:Discord - https://. + Node HP Reduction Percentage Fires of different BurnIDs are stackable where they have their own independent timers. Hidden ships will NOT be directly shot at unless revealed. {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{\text{Accuracy}}=0.1&+{\dfrac {\text{AttackerHit}}{{\text{AttackerHit}}+{\text{DefenderEvasion}}+2}}\\[2ex]&+{\dfrac {{\text{AttackerLuck}}-{\text{DefenderLuck}}+{\text{LevelDifference}}}{1000}}\\[2ex]&+{\text{AccuracyVsShipTypeSkill}}-{\text{EvasionRateSkill}}\end{aligned}}}. ( On the other hand, the TBM Avenger has higher DPS, and has an effectl that improves damage against BB, BC, and BBV. = 1898 , 250 : " - ? Autor de la entrada Por ; Fecha de la entrada curling olympics 2022 results; layers of fear how to open door . : " - "? 100 While moving around in the map, sometimes you'll run into random encounters. AlliedShipLevel = The formula for Critical Hits is as follows: This becomes common later in the game with Defeat all enemies requiring 10 or more enemies to be defeated and some map stages requiring 6 or 7 battles to spawn the Boss. Hard Mode rewards Retrofit Blueprints and Core Data. range ) Read this wiki page for more information. 6 This value is determined by the number of Steps taken by your fleet on the map and their equipment rating. ? (0.5 <= x <= 1.5). If, "Accuracy vs ship type" skills are any ship skills that affect Accuracy against a specific hull type, such as. 3 X . azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan how to use. WeaponCoefficient MaximumThreatLevel AA + . / N 1674 , 29016 : " - "? , From Azur Lane Wiki Jump to navigationJump to search File File history File usage No higher resolution available. . Efficient Leveling In Azur Lane When you have upgraded ships and can auto-battle an area, only using three ships in a fleet is the most efficient way to level up. ? ( Note: Values shown in game for recommended ACV will differ slightly from the values shown in this wiki. Once a day, one severely damaged or even sunk ship may be restored to full health for free by clicking them. It also features a wide range of characters; known as shipgirls. + FinalDamage . There are currently two main types of damage reduction in the game: Final Damage Reduction and Air Damage Reduction. + AlliedShipLevel is donald smith still alive; julie grant court tv cheerleader = !? 2 ( 133 XP per oil for a 3:3 fleet of 72 oil cost. + 2 1.3 DamageBonus + Refer to specific equipment pages for specific information. 2 FormationBonus s ) The amount of damage dealt to a node can be calculated by this formula: is a When you start a normal Story mode stage that has clearing mode enabled there's a button to "select item" to the left of the GO button when you select which fleets to use. ACVBonus All-in-all a perfectly optimal Lecture Hall utilization requires 3 100 000 sortie XP per week. + All passives trigger at the beginning of the battle. azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan how to use. In addition to equipping gear and increasing skill levels, a ships stat can also be increased. Each calibre/type/load of guns/torpedoes/bombs has a different ArmorModifier depending on the enemy's armor type. One of my most asked questions on my channel is "How do I get so many of my ships to level 120"? + ) Azur Lane () is a Chinese mobile game developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, published by bilibili for both iOS and Android. = Second, the Dorm increases Morale recovery for shipgirls, and allows them to rise above 120 Morale, up to 150 Morale. g During a sortie, you can manually control your fleet, or you can have an AI control your fleet for you by clicking on the "Auto-Search" button on the bottom-right of the screen (Auto-Search is unlocked after finishing Chapter 1-3). Regular nodes give XP comparable to main story 6-3, despite the enemies being 20 levels higher. r } ( Each of them is calculated differently. Sirens and bosses give upwards of +40% XP and can be a nice bonus. a + . AirPower OtherShipRamAttackBonus The second floor is slightly better for Morale than the first (+6/hour), though it does not grant passive XP. 4096 , 229 : " - ! HE Combat Logistics Plan Rewards. Mean results can be seen in this plot: Refer to Talk:Combat for the exact mechanics. 3214 , 229 : " 3 - 3 Q\u0026A l ? Airpower LevelAdvantageDamageBonus ) You can take advantage of this and plan your route if needed. ( ( EquipmentRate Okay High Efficiency Combat Logistic Plan works in event hard mode. 2093 , 166 : " - [ENG SUB] By Sunday baking korean popular lunch box cake"? AirPower Enemies who target a specific Main Fleet slot can still deal damage to these ships due to splash damage. 100 CriticalBit Each Commander level increases the player's softcap by 100 and softcap by 600. 1 + 3082 , : "88 - 2022 1988 35 ?! . ] ( N AviationDamageReceived Furthermore, leveling ships can benefit your entire fleet through research. AllyACV ( 248 , | [] Sns (2019.08.01//Mbc) 178 , | ! EnemyShipLevel Larger normal fleets give extra XP. FinalDamage ( A fire started by a battleship gun can be refreshed indefinitely by destroyer guns but cannot be replaced as there are currently no fire sources with a higher level. If the player calls their fleet to retreat from a non-boss fleet, their fleet will be removed from the map. 2 | 50 248 , Bj | ! ) If a fire is started, the ship will be damaged up to 5 times, with the first instance being 3 seconds after the hit. ) Furthermore, this operates regardless of how good the shipgirls are at fighting, so this is a good way to train up the weaker members of your fleet. However, it does take the most attention of all sources of XP. + = ( !! } {\displaystyle {\text{TileMovement}}={\begin{cases}2&X\leq 25\\3&25

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