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No one really knows what they are capable of unless they have ever been in the same situation. Opinion: Fix loophole that increases copay costs for prescription drugs, Man died by suicide after Kansas City drug raid where 3 cops were shot: Authorities. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Then I say that aliens came to Earth, killed Betty, and then planted a false memory in Candys brain. And hitting her. CANDYs glasses were found in the garage..and no explanation has ever been given for this. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. You say theres no excuse for the writers horrid writing. I think theres no excuse for your horrid attack that rambled on and on like it was a such a terrible crime that made countless people suffer. Age 59 / Apr 1963. Read on for the motive that was revealed in the trial for why Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore and whether Candy went to jail for her best friends death. She caused this from the start!, A selfish, selfish woman, shame on her and anyone, especially those supposed church people for supporting her!!! So you hit and you hit, and you hit some more and hit again, and it might be that you hit for quite some time after he or she is dead, because ALL you are thinking is I WILL NOT LET THIS M-F KILL ME!. But while there, Betty confronted Candy about having an affair with her husband, Allan. While at Bettys home, Betty accused Candy of having an affair with her husband, Allan, which Candy confessed to and told Betty that the infidelity happened a long time ago. According to Candy, Betty then left the room and came back with an ax, which she used to threaten Candy with to never see Allan again, which Candy agreed to. Someone needs to come down a few notches and lighten up! Montgomery killed Gore after striking her 41 times with an ax, 40 of the blows were. Hers, as you wrote it, would translate to her is, which would make the sentence something like, She went over to the Gores [sic] house while the kids played at her is to pick up a bathing suit.. Where is Candy Montgomery Now? In 1980, Candace "Candy" Montgomery was tried for the brutal axe murder of her friend, Betty Gore. On June 13, 1980, the 30-year-old Gore was found dead in the laundry room of her home at 410 Dogwood Drive. Even Candy did not mind just taking care of their house and family, that is, until she got bored with the monotony of her routine in the late 1970s, driving her to (actively) seek out an affair. She got away with murder. I cant believe she is a counselor and people go to her for advice. So is this what you tell yourself to justify what you did, Candy? Theyre completely out of the public eye. Now two more groups are planning on making shows about it, I guess Candace needs more cash. I hate her. Of coarse not, because it was all fabricated nonsense. Ive always been fascinated by this case, and unlike a lot of people I believe it happens as described in the movie. Created by Robin Veith for Hulu, Candy is a crime drama miniseries starring Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey, and Pablo Schreiber, telling the tale of Candy Montgomery, who was accused of murdering her best . ON ANOTHER NOTE THAT CRAZY CHICK SHOULDVE WENT PRISON SHE KNEW FULL WELL WHAT SHE WAS DOING , UNBELIEVABLE HOW THAT LUNATIC WALKED AS WELL HUSBAND MARRIED WITHIN 2 MOS CLEARLY HE WASNT THAT INTO HIS WIFE LET ALONE A GRIEVING HUSBAND HE WAS PATHETIC TOO, LIKE HOW DO YOU REMARRY AFTER SOMETHING SO HORRIFIC THAT JERK DIDNT EVEN THINK ABOUT KIDS GIVING TIME GRIEVE FOR THEIR MOTHER YES BOTH PARTIES AT FAULT, KIDS LOST THEIR MOTHER ALL BEHIND HATE, JEALOUSY, MISERY, PURE EVIL, Therefore, the fact that Candy served as a secretary before establishing a suburban yet social life in Collin County, Texas, with electrical engineer Pat Montgomery surprised no one. (As it turned out, she was not.) So you are a journalist, or have worked in such capacity in the past? Candys lawyer provided a good defense, offering a peculiar, if safe, explanation for the unthinkable. However, as per sources, she was held on a $100,000 bond. Seriously? ' She continued, I like to put myself right at the edge there and look over and [ask], Am I capable of this? Those are the questions that Im always asking myself specifically with a project like this., Here's How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US to See the Shows & Movies You're Missing in Your Area, Kim Just Shaded Her 2nd Marriage to Kris Humphries & Hinted It Was a 'Gay Wedding', Kourtney Just Revealed She Broke Her Engagement Ring From Travis--She Was 'Hysterically Crying', Biel also explained to E! I think after the assailant herself described how she killed an innocent woman, wife, mother and teacher; then took a shower and went on with her day like nothing happened, even after admitting she had an affair with the womans husband, but yet found NOT guilty by jurors is the real CRIME!! Candy Montgomery killed her friend Betty Gore on June 13, 1980, shocking the small town of Wylie. I agree with that. Yes, exactly. [3] Her daughter, Bethany, who had been sleeping in her crib in another room at the time of the incident, was awake and crying. Candy is based on the 2018 true-crime book, Evidence of Love, which investigates the real-life case of Candy Montomgery, a housewife who was accused of murdering her close friend, Betty Gore, in. She currently uses her name, Candace Wheeler. Candy and her husband, Pat, reportedly left Wylie and moved to Georgia. She went on to move to Atlanta. I just saw this on line and was reading all of the comments. Ive seen the accusations (how seriously meant, I cant be certain) that I am Candy Montgomery, and thought Id set the record straight. It was Summertime, she was not in school teaching at the time! Candy was jealous that Betty had her husband back and he loved her enough to go to the marriage retreat and he realized that he didnt want to lose what he had. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Who is Candy Montgomery? Born Candace Wheeler, Candy grew up an Army brat, moving from base to base throughout her childhood. Candy did not start the fight, Betty did. I am a recovering spelling nazi. Thats no proof it wasnt self-defense. Maybe she wanted what Betty had, her husband and her lifestyle. has lived in Vilonia, AR 11330 Entree View Dr, Olympia, WA 98512 Spokane, WA Tacoma, WA Spanaway, WA. 1. Shame on you. What she testified in court was that Betty Gore had confronted Montgomery about the affair. After Allan and Bettys baby, Bethany, was born in July 1979, Allan and Candy resumed their affair, with Allan realizing that Candy was more reserved than before. The person who introduced the axe into the equation. About the News. my email is [emailprotected]. January 1984 3. The ladies did NOT attend the same church. It was Allan Gore that ultimately caught Candys eye through the activities planned by their church, and she didnt hesitate to pursue him despite knowing both of their marital statuses. She was raised as an Army brat and spent the majority of her youth moving from one military town to the next. It was reported Candy now goes by her maiden name of Candace Wheeler and works as a mental health therapist for teens and adults. However, someone from your generation should not be among the semi-literate writers we showcase today. This story was originally published May 10, 2022, 3:15 PM. Tom Morello, guitarist of rap/rock icons Rage Against the Machine, confirmed that the titular machine in the band's name was a fax machine. 5. She did not plead Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. She pled Not Guilty Due to Self Defense. Thus, when she was acquitted, there was no finding of insanity, and no reason or justification at all for hospitalization, meds, or psychiatric evaluation.. Candace C Wheeler. Something went wrong. It was later revealed that Gore had discovered Montgomerys affair with her husband, Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber). Candy went to the Gore residence that day as this fantastic family friend taking Bettys daughter to her swimming lessons and popping peppermints into her mouth as she swamall on the day she had just slaughtered her mother to death. Biel also explained why she was drawn to Candy and Bettys case for Candy. When someone comes at you with an axe, you are entitled to take as many blows as necessary to disable them, and Candy couldnt be expected to know at what point exactly Betty could have survived her wounds and at that point exactly to stop defending herself. Jessica Biel reportedly tried to get in touch with the real-life Candy in preparation for her upcoming role, the actress told Entertainment Weekly: "She was not interested." She was condescending towards Betty and when she thought maybe Betty was pregnant and going on this wonderful trip to Spain which is not attainable for many people Candace Wheeler Montgomery was arrested and imprisoned for a brief time after police discovered that she was responsible for the murder. in journalism and creative writing. Apparently this person is clearly trying to divert attention from the main topic, perhaps it is Candy herself or someone related to her who is trying to deflect attention from the real issue that is this psycho killer. First Id like to say Im so sorry for the loss of your good teacher she didnt deserve that my heart goes out to her kids, family, friends she didnt deserve that that was so horrible I still dont get how that which was able to walk away and to become a psychologist are you kidding me I wonder whatever happened to Mrs. Gores kids he knew that chick he was messing what was unstable he probably planned the whole thing somehow because the Mary 2 months after something so horrific happened to your wife and you have kids by it just makes you wonder definitely wouldnt surprise me if he did. Gore was found dead in her home on June 13, 1980, having been str Candace "Candy" Montgomery (Jessica Biel) was a stay-at-home mom and a popular leader within the Methodist church community in Wylie, Texas. That means this evil witch will be breathing at 105. In real life, the police quickly pointed the finger to Candy but it was some time before they pieced together what had unfolded in the Gore household. Doesnt bad grammar, written even more than spoken, make you cringe? phone number (501) 796-0121 (360) 352-3133 and 2 more. According to the Daily Mail, the Montgomerys stayed together after the trial and moved to Georgia. How could a woman, a mother, have done such a thing? [8] Montgomery was subsequently found not guilty on October 30, 1980, by a jury consisting of nine women and three men.[8]. Today, Candy is said to still live in the southern state where she now. I think they also all went to the same church. From what I have been able to gather, there are two types of people who dont believe that Betty Gores death was self defense: The Bad Adulteress Storytellers. I have to imagine Candy had some serious mental issues and a lot of repressed rage that finally came out. LOL Allan had had to give her a pep talk before he could leave on his business trip. Weeks after Bettys murder, Allan revealed to the police that he and Candy had an affair, which gave authorities a motive for Bettys death.The police arrested Candy, who was the last person to see Betty alive, and charged her with murder. So you hit and you hit, and you hit some more and hit again, and it might be that you hit for quite some time after he or she is dead, because ALL you are thinking is I WILL NOT LET THIS M-F KILL ME! Do you get it now, people? Hulus Candy: Where is Pat Montgomery now, the husband who Candy cheated on. I got pissed all over again. She is a graduate of CUNY Hunter College with a B.A. Very disturbing but an innocent person was botched up and a woman that did that horrid thing got off scot free. Dodd Middle School, hadaccused her best friend Candy of having an affair with her husband, Allan. What if he says, She had an axe/knife/gun. Betty went at Candy with an axe. They were thus ill-prepared and lost. Im very attracted to you and Im tired of thinking about it and so I wanted to tell you. Candy then exited Allans car before he could say anything. Allan gore clearly was a flaky guy as well so Betty really had no one rallying behind her. Ultimately, the attack had mangled the face of the young mother of two (per All That's Interesting ). As far as CM goes it is obvious that she is/was dangerously crazy. I felt so ashamed.. The pair would often meet at a motel by Allans office, and they would stay together until Montgomery had to go pick up her son from preschool. Correct in the writers grammar. My family has a lot of anger and a lot of hatred toward her, Alisa Gore Harder added. Its difficult to tell where Montgomerys kids are today as it appears their names have never been fully made public. Plot twist, she now works as a therapist for troubled youth. I hope this manipulative murderer rots in hell. She saw it, grabbed it, and went to town on that poor lady. The Library of Congress lists Montgomery, Candace Lynn as a SUBJECT, tied to the title by Bloom and Atkinson. The two struggled, and somehow Montgomery got control of the ax. Despite being arrested and charged with murder, Candy was acquitted on October 29, 1980. She had all the motive in the world. Luckily, no one else jumped on to this eagerly offered bandwagon. 167 Hamilton & Evans Properties LLC to Thomas Wheeler Jr., 623 Schaum Ave., Zanesville . Candace "Candy" Montgomery (ne Wheeler) was born into a wandering lifestyle and thus blessed with the incredible skill of forming great connections with anyone at any time. Despite the brutality of the incident, Montgomery claimed that she had only killed Gore in self-defense, per Texas Monthly. How could you have an affair with your best friends husband? In todays time and age she just had to rain on Bettys parade and say mean and hurtful things in her condescending way. She said that Gore confronted her about the affair and made a grab for the weapon first, the two women fought over it, and then Montgomery killed Gore. That is where she belongs. And one last thing, the fact that she had the gall to become a counselor, angers me even more. Would the size or age (10, 20, 40, 70) of the deceased have any bearing on the determination of guilt or innocence? Is it possible, I thought, that a normal, rational human being could be driven to react in so violent a manner of self-defense? 2. According to Texas Monthly, Gore was struck 41 times. But I do have to say that its ironic that you disbelieve in hypnosis, psychics, and telekinetic powers, and then talk about standing in front of Jesus and being held accountable. Those 12 jurors should have been locked up in her place for letting her go free, along with psychiatric treatment. The Most Famous House in Wylie, 34 Years Later. Per Texas Monthly, though both parties cried during their last conversation, it seemed to be an amicable ending. Betty came to know about Candy's affair with her husband. Its all the same. He withheld important evidence such as Montgomerys sun glasses which were found in the garage! On June 13, 1980, the 30-year-old Gore was found dead in the laundry room of her home at 410 Dogwood Drive. Candy and Pat had blissfully tied the knot in the early 1970s, yet they only relocated to Fairview around 1977 after shed given birth to their two children, a son and a daughter. Probably rubbing it in her face. And you are speaking of two different weapons: A hand and a gun. I think the horror of being in that situation is worse than any of us can imagine, and the response to it would be very primal, much like the movie. After the murder trial, Candy and her husband Pat Montgomery (played by Veep actor Timothy Simons in the series) also moved away from Wylie, Texas, to Georgia. Betty Gore was angry. That was a reason Plano ISD disqualified her from sources I got many years ago after the murder. Indeed! So you were probably born in the mid 1950s. She was put under hypnosis by psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason who determined she had a dissociative reaction when Betty told her to sush, a trigger from childhood trauma.

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