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Given the title of king of Italy in 781, Pepin took part in campaigns against Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria from 787 and led an army against the Avars in 796. [2] This poem was composed at Verona, Pepin's capital after 799 and the centre of Carolingian Renaissance literature in Italy. However, while Rado was confirmed as mayor in Austrasia and Warnachar in Burgundy, Pepin did not receive his reward until 623, when he was appointed mayor in Austrasia after Chlothar made his young son Dagobert king there. Half brother of Amaudra; Pippin the Hunchback; Adeltrude; Ruodhaid, Abbess of Faremoutiers; Theodrada, Abbess of Argenteuil and 6 others; Hiltrude; Alpaida; Drogo, Bishop of Metz; Hugo, Archchancellor of the Empire; Richbod and Theodoric less, According to Wikipedia (English version), all but the eldest daughter "were born between 800 and Pepin's death and died before their grandfather's death in 814. Our editors will review what youve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The temperature on September 1, 2001 was between 9.5 C and 19.8 C and averaged 14.6 C. [16] Gerberga's flight ultimately precipitated Charlemagne's destruction of the Kingdom of the Lombards; he responded to Desiderius' support of Carloman's children, which threatened Charlemagne's own position, by sweeping into Italy and subjugating it. Husband of Gertrudis of the Bavarians Pepin I (also Peppin, Pipin, or Pippin) of Landen (c. 580 27 February 640), also called the Elder or the Old, was the Mayor of the palace of Austrasia under the Merovingian King Dagobert I from 623 to 629. As early as 806 Charlemagne, in planning the division of his lands, had decided that on his death Pepin should inherit Italy, Bavaria, and the territory of the Alemanni, but Pepin predeceased his father by four years. Same person as? Adula/Atula (f. 800/810 4. Also Pipino di Italia in modern Italian, Pepijn van Itali in modern Dutch (and probably a half dozen other translations that I'll include at some point - feel free to add your favorite if you like) From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Italy, Kings (covering that part of his family that led Italy):,%20Kings%20to%20962.htm#Pepin CHARLES I King of the Franks, son of PEPIN "le Bref" King of the Franks & his wife Bertrada [Berta] "au Grand Pied" (near Aix-la-Chapelle 2 Apr 748-Aix-la-Chapelle 28 Jan 814, bur Aix-la-Chapelle, Chapelle Sainte-Marie). Supported by FMG. Though some enemies tried to turn the king against him, their plots were foiled and Pepin remained on good terms with the king until 629, when, for reasons unknown, he retired (or was retired) to his estates, where he remained for the next decade, until Dagobert's death. The brothers shared possession of Aquitaine, which broke into rebellion upon the death of Pepin the Short; when Charlemagne campaigned to put down the revolt, Carloman led his own army to assist. This is apparently the only information about him. Geni requires JavaScript! Carloman of was born about 0550 in Of,Landen,Liege,Belgium. There is no information about his wife or parentage, or other children. The pope returned to Italy accompanied by Pippin and his army. Carloman is 41 degrees from Jennifer Aniston, 42 degrees from Drew Barrymore, 42 degrees from Candice Bergen, 40 degrees from Alexandre Dumas, 39 degrees from Carrie Fisher, 51 degrees from Whitney Houston, 41 degrees from Hayley Mills, 40 degrees from Liza Minnelli, 41 degrees from Lisa Presley, 41 degrees from Kiefer Sutherland, 41 degrees from Bill Veeck and 44 degrees from Brian Nash on our single family tree. 1 He died in France. 3. Carloman was born in 550, in Landen, Lige, Belgium. Wallace-Hadrill, J. M., translator. Among the mayors, a rich family descended from Pippin of Landen (Pippin I) held a position of especial importance. On his father's death, he adopted the title Emperor LOUIS I der Fromme/le Pieux 2 Feb 814, crowned at Reims [Jul/Aug] 816 by Pope Stephen IV. State from whom you have copied the data and ideally also his/her original source. English Wikipedia asserts Bertha, daughter of St. William of Gellone, as his wife, but without citing any sources (FMG clearly doesn't support this assertion). Pepin and Duke Eric of Friuli continued, however, to assault the Avars' ring-shaped strongholds. Updates? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lige, Palais Provincial01, statues de Saint Monulphe et Pepin de Landen.JPG 550 812; 182 KB. Son of Charlemagne and Hildegard of Vinzgouw Pepin's name was Carloman at birth. [612] Pauli Gesta Episcop. Pepin also had an illegitimate son Bernard, our ancestor, with his mistress Chrothais des Francs. This page has been accessed 23,941 times. "Adailhaidem, Atulam, Guntradam, Berthaidem ac Theoderadam" are named as daughters of Pippin by Einhard[626]. He was crowned King of Italy by his father, Charlemagne in 781 Ppin, married Gondres, daughter of Duke Bernard and daughter unknown. Having secured Francia, Pepin and Carloman campaigned, separately and together, against their enemies on the frontiers of Francia until 746. Ppin King of Italy and Lombardy was born in April 773 in Aachen, Rhineland, Germany. Desiderius, outraged and humiliated, appears to have made an alliance with Carloman in opposition to Charlemagne and the Papacy, which took the opportunity to declare itself against the Lombards.[9]. 1. CARLOMAN [Pepin] (777-8 Jul 810, bur Milan). On his death, Pepin came out of retirement to take on the mayoralty in Austrasia for the heir Sigebert III and to oversee the distribution of the treasury between Sigebert and his brother, Clovis II, and his step-mother Nanthild, who was ruling on Clovis' behalf in Neustria and Burgundy. [13] After Carloman's death, Gerberga expected her elder son to become King, and for herself to rule as his regent; however, Carloman's former supporters his cousin Adalhard, Abbot Fulrad of Saint Denis and Count Warin turned against her, and invited Charlemagne to annex Carloman's territory, which he duly did. Geni requires JavaScript! He had to put down revolts in Saxony in 748 and 753 and a rising in Bavaria in 749. Pepin and Arnulf's successor as chief counselor to the king, Cunibert, Bishop of Cologne, received the treasure at Compigne and brought it back to Metz. In 791, he marched a Lombard army into the Drava valley and ravaged Pannonia, while his father marched along the Danube into Avar territory. Leave a message for others who see this profile. Hi Everyone! By her he had: - Ruodhaid (775810), abbess of Faremoutiers, 8. [1] He was born Carloman, but when his half-brother Pepin the Hunchback betrayed their father, the royal name Pepin passed to him. Certainly he isn't mentioned in any list of the Mayors of Austrasia. late 6th century), father of Pepin of Landen; Carloman (mayor of the palace) (ruled 741-47) Carloman I, king of the Franks (768-71) Carloman, birth name of Pepin of Italy (781-810) Carloman, son of Charles the Bald (died 876) Carloman of Bavaria (ruled 876-80) Carloman II, king of the Franks (879-84) See also. It is based on three assumptions: firstly that the second "Pippin rex" was Pepin King of Italy (he is the most likely candidate, but it could also be Pepin King of Aquitaine, son of Emperor Louis I); secondly that there are no female names linked either to "Karolus rex" or to "Bernardus rex", which cannot be proved; and thirdly, that all the females listed were partners of the males listed, which is certainly not the case in view of the absence of Emperor Louis I "le Pieux" who is assumed to be the husband of "Hirminkar regina". In 768 Pippin died at Saint-Denis, on his way back from one of his Aquitanian expeditions. He was also known as Carlolman, but christened Ppin, by which he is known. He was crowned PEPIN King of Italy 15 Apr 781 at Rome, named King of the Lombards and installed at Pavia, ruling under the regency of Adalhard. Ppin King of Italy and Lombardy was christened on 12 April 781 in Rome, by Pope Adrian I. Occupation: King of the Lombards 781-806. Pepin was praised by his contemporaries for his good government and wise counsel. So matters stood when in 752 Zacharias died and Stephen II became pope. Pepin also had an illegitimate son Bernard. So, despite twenty children, the claimants to his inheritance were few. In 742 men of Aquitaine and Alemannia were in revolt; in 743 Odilo, duke of Bavaria, led his men into battle; in 744 the Saxons rebelled, in 745 Aquitaine, and in 746 Alemannia, the latter two for the second time. HM George I's 26-Great Grandfather. She was sent back to Francia, but died before reaching Lyons - Rotrude (or Hruodrud) (7756 June 810) - Louis (77820 June 840), twin of Lothair, King of Aquitaine since 781, crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 813, senior Emperor from 814 - Lothair (7786 February 779/780), twin of Louis, he died in infancy[37] - Bertha (779-826) - Gisela (781-808) - Hildegarde (782-783), 4. [12] With Gerberga he had two sons, the older of whom was named Pepin after his grandfather, marking him according to Carolingian tradition as the heir of Carloman, and of Pepin the Short. Note: Title: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition, by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999, Note: Text: baptized in Rome by Pope Adrian I, Note: Title: Encyclopedia Britannica, Treatise on. Butler lists him as "blessed". Click to reveal By her he had: - Richbod (805844), Abbott of Saint-Riquier - Theodoric (b. He left two daughters and two sons by his equally famous wife, Itta: Pepin of Landen was born in 580, to Carloman, Father of Pippin of Landen. His son, Bernard succeeded him as king of Italy. "Adailhaidem, Atulam, Guntradam, Berthaidem ac Theoderadam" are named as daughters of Pippin by Einhard[631]. He led a number of revolts in subsequent years and was several times imprisoned. 7. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar with its Continuations. aged 60years old. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: today: View Complete Profile. Assuming that he was illegitimate, the name of King Pepin's mistress is not known. 2. Pepin of Landen His Venetian campaign (809-810) enabled Charlemagne later to come to favourable terms with the Byzantine Empire. A fierce battle was fought in the Alps against Aistulf and the Lombards. Guntrada (b. Ingletrude D' AUTUN Theodrate DE FRANCE Bernard I CAROLING King of Italy+. Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. 167-8, quoting Liber confraternitatum augiensis, MGH Lib Confr II, 460, p. 292. Preceded by Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. HRE Charles VI's 27-Great Grandfather. search for your ancestors and publish your family tree, Pepin "The Old" de Landen I ( 580- 639),, A genealogical internet service provided by,,,,,,, He is sometimes called Pepin I and his other nicknames (Elder and Old) come from his position at the head of the family called the Pippinids after him. Garitrude was born in 556, in Landen, Liege, Belgium. I think there is a broken reference tag or something that's preventing most of the Bio from displaying (at the moment it cuts off right after the first sentence in the "Biography" section; there is a lot more when you go to "Edit"). Alternative names: Mayor of Austrasia, Mayor of Austrasia. His Venetian campaign (809-810) enabled Charlemagne . This is apparently the only information about him. The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. With the death of Pepin in 640, Grimoald became the head of his household, the most powerful in Austrasia. 5. The Italian crown passed on to his son Bernard, but the empire went to Pepin's younger brother Louis the Pious. Carloman passed away in 645, at age 92 at death place. But] names his father as Carloman and NN for his mother, & no grandparents. Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. His activities included a long, but unsuccessful siege of Venice in 810. His byname comes from his probable birthplace: Landen, modern Belgium. (also known as Pippin) Died February 21, c. 646. Not long after, both Pepin and Aega died. One of his daughters married Lambert I of Nantes, though which one is contested. Your IP: CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. to Carloman De Landen: Father: Garibald I Von Bavaria: Mother: WALDRADA di Lombardy: CHILDREN: M: Pepin De Landen: . His feast day was 21 February. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Pepin I (also Peppin, Pipin, or Pippin) of Landen (c. 580 - 27 February 640), also called the Elder or the Old, was the Mayor of the palace of Austrasia under the Merovingian King Dagobert I from 623 to 629. Pepin married Saint Ida Nolastname. The Versus de Verona (c.800), an urban encomium of the city, likewise praises king Pepin. . Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. Contents 1 Life 2 Notes 3 Sources 4 External links Life [ edit], Warfare History Network - Soldiers: King Pepin the Short, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Pepin III (The Short) King of Franks, Pippin III - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). At the partition of the empire agreed at Thionville in 806, Pepin was designated sovereign of Italy, Bavaria, Carinthia (except Nordgau) and Alemannia south of the River Danube. Media in category "Pepin of Landen". Pepin was expected to inherit a third of his father's empire, but he predeceased him. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. He was born Carloman, but was rechristened with the royal name Pepin (also the name of his older half-brother Pepin the Hunchback, and his grandfather Pepin the Short) when he was a young . Carloman of Landen. He died in 0645. Many online genealogies name a number of different of people as the parents of Carloman, but there are no reliable sources for any of these options. The Dark Ages 476918. The Annales Sancti Emmerammi record the death "810 Id Iul" of "Pippinus"[621]. His byname comes from his probable birthplace: Landen, modern Belgium. You can enter text in lowercase or uppercase. Combateu os varos (796). They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. His first known concubine was Gersuinda. They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. ( ). [2] He was so popular in Austrasia that, though he was never canonized, he was listed as a saint in some martyrologies. The 796 victory of "rex Pippinus" against the Avars led by "Cacanus rex" (which reflects the title "Khagan" not his name) is commemorated in a contemporary poem[617]. When Charles Martel, the scion of that family, died in 741, he left two sons: the elder, Carloman, mayor of Austrasia, Alemannia, and Thuringia, and Pippin III, mayor of Neustria, Burgundy, and Provence. PEPIN I, of Landen, "the Old" ABT. Bertraide/Berthaide (f.. 800/810) 6. Carloman died on 4 December 771, at the Villa of Samoussy; the death, sudden and convenient though it was, was set down to natural causes (a severe nosebleed is sometimes claimed as being at fault). 7724 December 811), Duke of Maine, and crowned King of the Franks on 25 December 800 - Carloman, renamed Pippin (April 7778 July 810), King of Italy - Adalhaid (774), who was born whilst her parents were on campaign in Italy. The storm causes $5.5billion in damages, making Allison the second costliest tropical storm in U.S. history. Carloman De Landen 15 AUG 550 - 21 FEB 645 . 530 530. Unattributed information, secondary sources: Pepin, baptized at Rome, 12 Apr 781 by Pope Adrian I, d. Milan, 8 July 810, King of Italy 781-810, consecrated King of Lombardy 15 Apr 781. Although data is often retrieved from public archives, the searching, interpreting, collecting, selecting and sorting of the data results in a unique product. Their second son Bavo (or Allowin), became a hermit and was later canonized. [618] Annales Fuldenses 796, MGH SS I, p. 351. {{ asCtrl.bannerRights.content|translate }}, The Geneanet family trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0. Example: "*ornelis de b*r" finds both "cornelis de boer" and "kornelis de buur". Tip: herlaad deze pagina voor een nieuwe selectie van gebeurtenissen vanuit Wikipedia. Mistress of Angilbert the Saint. Carloman (Pippinid) Landen was a member of aristocracy in ancient Europe. Alternative: He was christened in Duke of, Brabant. Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. HRE Ferdinand I's 23-Great Grandfather. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. 615. She arrived at the imperial court before 814. The reference to Landen dates from the 13th century. Hildegard (b./d. Adalgisel At the age of 3 he was, together with his father Pepin the Short and his elder brother Charlemagne, were anointed King of the Franks and titled "Patrician of the Romans" by Pope Stephen II, who had left Rome to beg the Frankish King for assistance against the Lombards. Gertrude, entered the convent of Nivelles founded by her mother, also later canonised og fra 806 til 810 over Thionville. Pepin (also Peppin, Pipin, or Pippin) of Landen (c. 580 27 February 640), also called the Elder or the Old, was the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia under the Merovingian king Dagobert I from 623 to 629. [1] Carloman and Charlemagne each inherited a half of the Kingdom of the Franks upon Pepin's death. Pepin of Landen 580 640 Pepin of Landen in Biographical Summaries of Notable People. From Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Article entitled Pepin: "Pepin took part in campaigns against Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria from 787 and led an army against the Avars in 796. Maire du Palais d'Austrasie Suffix : Borgmstaren i den Palace Pippinus filius Karlomanni, maior domus Lotharii [Annales Xantenses 650, MGH SS II, p. 219] After his father's conquest of the Lombards, he was crowned in 781 by Pope Hadrian, Konge for Langobarderene, Italia fra 781-806. In general, the region carried the name Langobardia Maior (Langobardia Minor was apparently most of southern Italy).

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