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Last modified: April 19, 2022. History of the Charter Arms Bulldog. Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores. . VIEWS. So why choose a Charter Firearm Bulldog for self-defense? It may have been okay for a backup or off-duty gun, but it . I found the Hornady Critical Defense rounds to be controllable, and not painful to shoot. Brand: Charter Arms. The transfer baris raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. Charter Arms Bulldog Pug 44 Special Police Trade-In Revolver. Adding the same grip, will give the same feel as the .38 and .44. This gun needs an experienced shooter, overall. Recoil is technique. Show Low 2,500.00 USD. I checked on the distributors I am setup with, and none of them had any actually in stock. Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver .44 SPC 3" Barrel 5-Rounds Checkered Walnut Grip, Charter Arms Bulldog Stainless .44 SPC 2.5" Barrel 5-Rounds, Charter Arms 74410 Bulldog On Duty 44SPC 2.5-inch, Charter Arms Bulldog Pug .44 Special 2.5" 5 Shot Revolver, Stainless Steel 74420, Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver, Black 14420, Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver, Black with Tiger Stripes 24420, Charter Arms Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Matte Stainless or Nitride 74429, Charter Arms Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Black Nitride 64420, Charter Arms Target Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Stainless 74460, Charter Arms Target Bulldog Large .44 Spl Revolver, Matte Stainless 74442, Product search results for"charter arms bulldog 44". My rev. If you're looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry Charter's .44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job. The porting really helps with the recoil. Please be respectful of others. I feel it is an excellent CCW and self defense weapon. You might try Now, theres aftermarket grips that wouldve addressed the issue, but back when, there wasnt a lot avaiable. Clearly, Charter was determined to create a CCW that could handle tons of abuse. I had to change my reload formula that I use for practice because I noticed that some rounds would keyhole on the target. Buy your Charter Arms Target Bulldog today! Be the first to write a review! The name Bulldog was a homage to the original Webley revolvers of the same name. the bulldog pug kicks a lot and I mean A LOT. Yes it does have a bit of a bite but not bad compared to others. Required fields are marked *. Ill have a good gunsmith fix the double action. The Charter Arms Bulldog isnt a go-anywhere do-anything handgun like a 4-inch barrel .44 Magnum or a Colt Government Model .45, but it is a great defensive sidearm. Some time later, manufacturing began again under the Charco (descendant company of Charter Arms) trademark. The Fiocchi Cowboy load has also proven pleasant to fire. Add to Cart. Charter Arms offers a stainless Bulldog (top) with a 2.5-inch barrel as well as the Classic (bottom), a blued, 3-inch-barreled version without an ejector rod shroud. This can often be caused by Third Party plug-ins. The Charter Arms Bulldog is one of the classic revolvers! It has a 2 inch ported barrel. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on J In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. I have shot 100 rounds in a single practice session with no ill effects. It is a classic defensive revolver appreciated by those that understand the reality of personal defense. Rivoltelle, Performance Center S&W 627-5 357 magnum 8 Times, pari al nuovo con tutta la sua dotazione originale. Copyright 2022 Classic Firearms, LLC. I use it to unlock & swing the cylinder out to empty it. The Target Bulldog is a revolver produced by Charter Arms factory in caliber .44 Special and .357 Magnum. What a beauty! Thoughts? In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. See a quick overview Read more , Nick's Corner vol 216 August, 2021 Click on the link to see Nick's Corner. Copyright 2023Sportsman's Warehouse. 1 Image (s) Charter Arms Bulldog, Cha 74420 Bulldog 44spc 2.5 Ss 5shot. However, these added benefits will put you back more than twice the cost of a Charter the questionremains whether these extra features and abilities are worth it. From $803.99 in 2 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 3"Finish per color: Blued, From $549.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Stainless, From $395.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Rounds: 5, From $386.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: SilverRounds: 5, From $349.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Blue, From $378.98 in 3 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5", From $401.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2"Finish per color: StainlessRounds: 5, From $356.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Nitride, From $447.99 in 4 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 6"Finish per color: Stainless, From $371.99 in 4 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 4.2"Finish per color: Silver. Shooting and Showing the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. The immensely powerful handgun is built from 100% American-made components that are as durable as they are reliable. Charter Arms started their career by producing robust no-frills revolvers for lawmen and others, and one of their notable innovations was the Charter Arms .44 Target Bulldog, a short-barreled but powerful . File the top of th front sight down until its no longer shooting low. This safe, reliable revolver is powerful enough for serious home protection, but has the size and functionality for effective concealed carry! No FFL dealer listed in your area? I first owned the traditional ugly 3 inch barrel .44 Bulldog in the 1980s as defense in our woods and exactly for feral dogs. We have identified anomalies in your browser or connection settings that have flagged this request as potentially malicious or automated. MKS Supply has established a proven, successful, nationwide distribution network that allows Charter Arms to concentrate on producing quality firearms while they focus on marketing. And friends, that's why you can load all 5 rounds and not have to worry about leaving the hammer on an empty chamber as they used to have to do with Colt Peacemakers in the Old West. Your email address will not be published. For those who dont know, the Speer can drop the most vicious of feral dogs-just like 00 12 gauge buckshot, a softpoint round from an AK-47 or variant and a +P+ 9mm JHP. Anything it wont handle probably requires a rifle! Share your thoughts on the Charter Arms Bulldog in the comment section. When it comes to holsters, you cant go wrong with Desantis, and theyve specially crafted their Thumb Break Scabbard just for Charter. Most come standard with pretty comfortable Neoprene rubber grips. The Bulldog MSRPs for between . . Will never jam. They are all great but the CA Bulldog is the lightest, smallest and easiest to carry. And because most ammunition for the Bulldog has a muzzle velocity between 705 and 1000 feet per second, it is a man stopper with almost any .44 Special ammunition. Single Piece Bulldog Frame. The Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special is a great revolver. Bat Masterson's Sister Murdered -- Or Was She? With the one piece frame, 3 point lock-up and clockwise cylinder rotation its one of the best designs out there. FAST, FREE shipping over $80! Of course it resembles a flame thrower at dusk. Any suggestions where I might find? I bought mine after purchasing the Bulldog target model with the 4.2" barrel (w/hammer) for my Father. Charter Arms Undercover Hammerless 38 Special Revolver - Stainless/Silver, 2" Barrel, 5 Rounds, Polymer Grips, 3-Dot Sights 4 Reviews | 0 Questions & Answers Model: 73811 Condition: Factory New . Then I got thinking about the new and improved, totally revamped, Charter Arms Bulldog. The power-for-ounce factor is high, the piece carries light and is reliable. I purchased one and my brother purchased the other and neither one of us has regretted it. A 250 gr. Because these are snub nose revolvers, there arent so many aftermarket options. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Considering how uncommon .44 Special is nowadays, there really isnt much that can compete with the Bulldog. Never owned a Charter Arms, but knew people who did. Once a person learns to conquer that, they are pretty easy to work on. It is my EDC 98% of the time with 2 speedloaders on my hip. has the ejector rod that hangs in space under the Bbl. Finish is not like a Smith or Colt but the price is a LOT lower. I very much appreciated your article on the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. ----- ----- Hickok45 videos are filmed on my own private shootin. Gun #: 953425847. By partnering with MKS Supply, Charter Arms has joined forces with a partner who has over two decades of gun marketing and merchandising experience. Bottom is the .22 Pathfinder, and .44 Bulldog It has potent stopping power, while notbeing burdensome to carry. Model # 74421. If you're shooting smaller calibers, things like velocity and expansion may be issues, but in the big .44 and .45 calibers, that stuff is 99.9999% academic. [16], Media related to Charter Arms Bulldog at Wikimedia Commons, Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special with 5 rounds, Last edited on 16 February 2023, at 06:04, "74442 .44 Target Bulldog with 4.2" Barrel", "Charter Arms Bulldog Pug A classic .44 returns to production, with several CCW-friendly enhancements", "Charter 2000's Bulldog Shows Why Experts Liked .44 Special", "The Gun Zone - Charter Arms Bulldog Pug", "Charter Arms 44 Special Bulldogs: Care and Feeding", "The Police Undercover from Charter Arms",, 6.7 inches (171 mm) and 7.2 inches (184 mm). My 6 puts a 158 Double tap out at muzzle of 1540 and is even more gentle at 44 oz. The Bulldog I reviewed was the model 24420, which is outfitted with a . I suppose the name "Bulldog" helped conjure that image. Great review. They offer good-quality revolvers at a fair price. [10] It was designed to be concealed easily because of its small size, yet also fire a "big bore" caliber. 454 Casull 7in Field Grade with Options - New Old Stock - Complete Boxset. Just much more useful in todays world to me if i had to carry a wheel gun but i carry autoloaders now for self defense i hunt with wheel guns at times big bores. With a barrel length of 2.5", the .44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. A true Bulldog should be relatively compact. Free shipping over $400 (Excludes Ammo) details: GunZoneDeals. The mid-size Charter Arms six-shot, .357 Mag. Bullhead 2,400.00 USD. Five models of the Bulldog have been produced with overalllengths of 7.2 inches and 6.7 inches with barrel lengths of either 2.5 inches or 2.2 inches. I wish I had never let it go. The frame is built from heat-treated aluminum and wears a semi-gloss black finish. The Bulldog has been available for the .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges with a length of 7.2 inches (184 mm) and 6.7 inches (171 mm) and barrel lengths of either 2.5 inches (64 mm) or 2.2 inches (56 mm). Nevertheless, I recommend investing in a good holster, especially considering that these were made to be CCWs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That is more than adequate for personal defense. If link doesn't work, copy and Read more . Charter Arms abandoned the traditional side plate and opted for a stronger single-piece frame. It is my less expensive carry gun I carry most of the time when I do carry and keep in the vehicle when not carrying. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3b7ae19a5e7ac319be5d8207b8a8ba0" );document.getElementById("b41c6d486d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); My father has recently been pressing me to recommend a new backup carry gun for him, and Ive been struggling to find the right one. If link doesn't work, copy and Read more . Item Number: 64855. Ill stick with my 357s. P365XL vs P320 X Compact: Skinny or Stout? New Listing Charter Arms Off Duty Hammerless .38Spl, Revolver Parts, Grips, Screw. Less than 2 Too bad I cant send pictures to show what it is. Charter Arms with their .44 Special managed to keep the meagerly flickering flame of the Special alive at a time when both Colt and Smith & Wesson dropped their .44 Special sixguns. CHA 13811 UNDERCOVER 38 HAMMERLESS BL. Also, I saw a number of comments about the awful recoil. Because hes my father, I only want the best for him, and that means I have to consider price, weight, reputation, reliability, concealability, and more. soft grips, they really took the bite out of shooting it. Charter Arms has been making firearms since 1964. I wish I could be as excited about my standard stainless Bulldog as your review is. The Bulldog was loaded with those same hot loads but remained controllable. It was introduced in 1973. The Undercover 3 weighs 17 oz. I was assigned to our felony fugitive squad and I chose to carry a S&W Model 29, 6 barrel, and loaded some relatively hot .44 Special rounds. Charter Arms Target Bulldog 44SPL 4.2 S/S. Are you a wheel gun enthusiast? Jan 7, 2016. As a result, Charters can fire their trademark heavy rounds straighter, faster, and more accurately. The design featured an ejector rod that locked at the rear but not the front, and the finish was not on a par with the old-line makers. Im still carrying my S.S. Bulldog. David Hochman, you can file the front sight down a little at a time until your load of choice no longer shoots low. Recoil is easily controlled. All Charter Arms revolvers use the same grip frame, so all grips interchange between the 2 main frame sizes. FEATURED LONG GUN Italian M91 CarcanoGET YOURS, Limited Edition "Alien Green" 30 Round AK-47 MagazineGET YOURS. Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special Boomer 2'' Tapered Barrel, Custom Holster, Hand Crafted, Hand Made, Right Hand Draw Ad vertisement by MASCGUNLEATHER. But it's equally appealing. The Shelton, Connecticut-based manufacturer is best known for its .44 Special Bulldog and .38 Special Undercover and cops have been carrying them for over 50 years. It has been produced by four different companies since it was released. Hornady also offers a 180-grain XTP for those needing greater penetration. Our Low Price $413.35 QuickView . My other 3 is a wiley clapp ruger 6 round it is much heavier than the other 2 at 36 ozs. My only caveat is to put a dab of nail polish at the joint of the plastic cover and the case of the shot shells as I have had the shot fall out once. Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage. It could not have come at a better time. We charge a $15 processing fee per firearm for this service. the reason for the question is they are selling many 38 trigger guards on E-bay. They seemed satisfied with their choice of weapon. I used the exact ammos listed in the articles like the Hornadys but mostly keep the Winchester Silver Tips in the cylinder. When considering a Bulldog, you have to keep in mind that you wont be hitting bullseyes from 50 yards out. I have not personally had my hands on a Charter Pitbull, but I expect it to be a lot like the Bulldog physically (only slight differences in the cylinder). The Bulldog would not be a bad choice for carry, for defense against feral dogs and the big cats. Charter Arms Bulldog On Duty .44 Special 2.5" Stainless Steel Barrel 5 Rounds St. Charter Arms Bulldog On Duty .44 Special 2.5" Stai. I have since made up some milder loads that more closely feel like the 165 grain Critical Defense loads I normally carry. With great power comes great responsibility This timeless adage perfectly sums up Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog revolver. I love mine and wouldnt trade it for nothing it is a mini pocket cannon. November 29, 2017. Ive owned two Bulldogs, and had the same problem with each: when firing double-action, and sometimes when pulling the hammer back to fire single-action, both guns would often tie up and the cylinder would not rotate. This includes online and in person. Read more , This is Charter Arms Video 202123 August, 2021 Take an 8 minute tour of our facility. Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver -If you are looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection, but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry, Charters .44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job. The Undercover is Charter Arms "bread and butter" gun, a 2-inch revolver in .38 Special that handles +P loads. Top picture is the 22 Pathfinder. I dont think the recoil is bad at all, really about the same as a ruger lcp in 380 to be honest. I find them pleasant to shoot. This product can be purchased from a Charter Arms Dealer. I too owned a Bulldog in .44 Special in the early 90s, and as another commentor noted, it was too small to shoot comfortably with my 2XL meathooks, so I traded it in gor a S&W model 60 for my wife. [5] If a large quantity of residue piles up inside the revolver because of heavy usage, the cylinder crane's axle screw can be removed and the cylinder pulled out from the gun for cleaning. and I have a "factory" smooth, hammerless profile that's perfect for shooting up close and fast. ALSO a good 5 shot defensive gun using the same ammo as in the article. Save big on a new charter arms bulldog 44. Our Low Price $330.66 QuickView . . This safe, reliable . Those other 2 weigh in at about 25oz. My first 2 shells are shot and the 3 following are Winchester Silvertip. Unkei, When I was a kid, Skeeter Skelton made me fall in love with the .44 special cartridge then the Bulldog came along and I had a gun to fall in love with along with the ammo. [10][13] For self-defense the Blazer 200-grain (13g) Gold Dot is, apparently, the load of choice for the Bulldog. The Bbl is so short the it readsdog instead of Bulldog. A 38 special, a .44 special or.. .41 magnum., while shooting at the range my trigger guard came apart, right behind the trigger. This page was last edited on 16 February 2023, at 06:04. a 2-inch revolver in .38 Special that handles +P loads. Our Low Price $417.11 QuickView Charter Arms made a name for itself with the introduction of a lightweight steel-frame revolver in the 1960s. Again highly recommended. After outlasting a couple of halts in production and receiving a few overhauls, the final version of the .44 Special was finally released ten years ago. [14][15] All Bulldog models have a cylinder of five shots. I used to have the stainless version of the bulldog .44 it was a great little gun and 1 i deff regret ever selling now but if i were to buy another revolver for self defense i would have to go with the taurus judge now in 3 inch .410/45 LC. . The Undercover 2 is a 5-shot 16 oz. Although, the early wood grip (not smooth) model seems a bit hard to find. It did require a bit more practice and I primarily used standard 44 Special ammo to keep from beating it to pieces, but fired enough hot loads to maintain proficiency. Discounts on gun customization from The Gunsmith at Sportsman's Warehouse. Required fields are marked *. You can shoot it all day with no wrist ache which I cant say about 40 cals. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for OEM Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special Spl Spc Cylinder Release Latch Button at the best online prices at eBay! In .44 Special, even the slowest loadings are more than fast enough, and truthfully, literally any bullet will do the job. It was introduced in 1973. Show more. Charter Arms AR 7 Explorer ll Grip Set. The HKS Speedloader available for the Bulldog doesn't have any extra frame clearance. This one demands the dead-on hold. These include both the traditional 246-grain RNL load from Winchester and the new 240-grain flat point load. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! Opens in a new window or tab. It is a great conceal revolver and packs a big punch. Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special 2.3" Barrel 5Rd Black Grip/Stainless 74420. 5 out of 5 star . Tucson 1,175.00 USD. It's 6.7" overall with a 2.5" barrel and weighs just 20 oz. My current model Bulldog .44 has been 100% reliable and very accurate. The Charter Arms design is intended to allow inexpensive manufacture, but not cheap manufacture. The first Bulldogs were developed about as soon as we had cartridge revolvers. Under normal firing circumstances a small steel bar (called a transfer bar) is raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. This load averages about 780 fps. [6] If the trigger is not being pulled when the hammer falls, the transfer bar will not be in position and the weapon will not discharge. He didnt want to carry one he didnt know would actually fire, so he asked if I would test fire it at my parents home in the country. Charter Arms Undercover Hammerless Revolver .38 Sp. If you like your bulldog, you might want to try these grips. Good guns were scarce, and the Charter Arms revolvers were available. Copyright 2023 Charter Arms. Full Details. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Usually between 7051,000ft/s (215305m/s); can reach 1,100ft/s (340m/s) with some kinds of bullets. Chambered in the big bore .44 Special, this handgun means business. The .44 Special just seems the ideal Bulldog cartridge. IMPORTANT NOTICE19 September, 2022 Charter Arms does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers. I have a 80s bulldog pug back in the good years before charco or charter 2000. its the 44 spl and is super light, loaded with 5 200gr bullets it only weighs 23.5oz and that is 5 big bullets for that weight. with a 3" bbl. As for shooting to the right, you will have to learn to aim a few inched left of center-mass.

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