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These seem to be life stories, interviews, and oral histories done by WPA (Works Progress Administration) interviewers in 1937. 1 Project Discussion; 2 Project Profiles; Carolina formally recognized the band, and in 1889 finally granted it a Additional requirements may be obtained by writing to: Cherokee Nation, Tribal Registrar, P.O. If you become disconnected from people you believed to be your ancestors because you found the information online or in amateur books self-published about Native genealogy (such as Don Greene's Shawnee Heritage series), please realize that we are doing you a favor by providing you with the most well-researched, accurate information at this time and eliminating ancestries that have been debunked (disproven). Charlotte Adair was born in 1785 in the Cherokee Nation (East). If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the Project Manager or one of the Project Collaborators. Cristey, Ned Johnawaye The Coon Individuals on the schedule were entitled to share with the Shawnee and Delaware in the per capita distribution of $75,000, appropriated by Congress in October 1888, and issued under the supervision of his office. The applications are primarily from the years 18981906, although some were added in 1914. Subscribe to this website and receive notification each time a free genealogy resource is newly published. Cohaust The first idea of the practicability of such a project was received by looking at an old piece of printed paper and reflecting upon the very singular manner (to him) by which the white people could place their thoughts on paper and communicate them to others at a distance. Coulson, Henry A later event or a bout of illness often resulted in a new name. Cholah entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases trust to ensure that they will forever remain in Cherokee possession. Cherokee () Principal Chiefs and Uka: Eastern, Western and Keetoowah, Siler Roll, Cherokees east of the Mississippi, United States with Counties, Areas, Communities Project, Joel Bryan (Tsa-wa Gak-ski) K Mayes, Major, (CSA), Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, A-Chin-Nih Ga-Da-La-Nuh - Jennie Big Feather, Ah-Cle-Daw-He-Sequah-Neet - Runabout Youngpig, Ah-Gee-Na-Yuh-Gih - Groundhog In The Hole, Ah-Ni-Wake - Charlotte Ann Towers and/or Mrs. Anna Conner, Au-Nah-Hee - Fannie Myrtle (Keys) Leforce, Backwater - Ah-Muh-Ah-Chun-Nuh or Ah-Ma-Ah-Chu-Chu, Bear Meat - Yah-Choo-Hoo-Me-Yuh or Yah-Na-Wa-Caw, Bell - Chee-Naw-Yuh-Kih or Hooley or Charley Mills, Benge, Patsy - White Girl or Ga-Ha-Yuh-Ga, Big Dollar - A-Luh-Quah or Ah-Day-Luh-A-Quah, Big Feather, Jennie - A-Chin-Nih Ga-Da-La-Nuh, Big Thighs - William Boling or Oo-Kee-Se-Neet-Tee, Bird Chopper, Moses *BCW - Buffalo White Killer *ACW, Bolin, Jackson *ACW - Choo-Da-Gee-Da *BCW, Boling, William - Big William or Oo-Kee-Se-Neet-Tee, Boudinot, Elias - Buck Deer or Gul-La-Gee-Nah, Boudinot, Frank Josiah - Colonah or Kaw-La-Nah or Raven, Buckskin - Oo-Chaw-Way-Duh or Oo-Juh-Wa-Dih or George Waters, Bug Tucker - Charlie Tucker or Ta-You-Ne-Se, Canought, George *HR - Ut-Ta-Gees-Kili *CR, Caw-Ca-Lees-Ky *BCW - Henry Walkabout *ACW, Che-Tah-Guh-Ah-Chuh-Yuh - Chicken Rooster, Che-You-De-Gah-Law-Ski - Broken Canoe or Boat Splitter, Chicken Rooster - Che-Tah-Guh-Ah-Chuh-Yuh, Clanteestah - The Pheasant or Clon-Te-Sta, Clon-Te-Sta - Clanteestah or The Pheasant, Coluna - Willie Penn (Adair) (Martin) Cochran, Conseene - Cah-Na-See-Nee or Harry Hughes, Coo-Wee-Scoo-Wee - Ross or John Ross Buffington or Chief John Ross, Cornatzer, Cyrus Cicero - See-Ta-Way-See-Cah, Cowana - Juliette Melvina (Shrimsher) Robison, Crack Skin - Shin Striker or Weavels or Oo-Wa-Neh, Crittenden, George W. - Bean Bread or Tickanooly, Crittenden, Richard Henry - Bold Eagle or Wahala, Digging A Hole Deeper - Te-Ga-Nuh-Way-De-Ske, Dirteater - Gah-Duh-Gee-Skih or Ga-Nee-Yah-Ih, Dirt Thrower - Da-Goo-Dah or Ga-Do-Dah-Geh, Downing - Tah-Ga-Nee-See or Oo-Na-Guh-Hah, Dragger or Dragging - Cun-See-Nee or Conseene, Duh-Na-Way-Lan-Choo-Da-Cuh - Wright Acorn, Edmondson, Augustus Van - Kluntutchy or Lion, Edmondson, Buelah Benton - Indian Princess, E-No-Li - Hrbert Worchester Hicks or Rachel (Cardwell) Hicks, Falling - Chu-Wa-Lu-Ke- or Ga-Le-Ga-La-Ski, Falling Blossom - Ad-Se-Le-Ta-Ski or Oo-Ne-Cha-Da-Saw or Ah-Che-Loo-Te-Ski, Ga-Doo-Dah-Gih or Da-Goo-Dah - Dirt Thrower, Gah-Lee-Stoo-Huh-Skee - Kingfisher (Will), Ga-La-Noo-Has-Kee - Cheater or Cheating Blue, Gal-Quah-Ge-Ke-Lih-Uh-Ne-Te - Seven Puppies or Seven Fields, Hogshooter - Ga-Na-Na-De-Ski or Se-Quah-Ne-Yah, Hogshooter, Watty *BCW - Wat Squirrel *ACW, Indian Princess - Buelah Benton Edmondson, Ka-Ha-Yu-Ka - Mary Elizabeth (Duncan) Crowell, Kingfisher - Gah-Lee-Stoo-Huh-Skee or Oo-Na-Choo-Sti, Looking - Da-Da-Con-Tah or Ta-Dee-Cun-Tah, Mayes, George Washington - Tou-Uneet or Young Beaver, Mellowbug - Choo-Cow-Wa-Loo-Skee or Da-Yee-Ski, Muskrat - Sa-Luh-Ka-Squah or De-Suh-Doo-Huh-Skee, Ole Turkey - Gun-Nee-Ga-Yuh-Lih- or Gun-Nah-Ah-Guh-Nuh-Lee, Oochalata - Robert Bruce Garrett or Charles Thompson or James E. Elliott, Oo-Chaw-Way-Duh or Oo-Juh-Wa-Dih - Buckskin, Oo-Kee-Se-Nut-Tee - Big William or William Boling, Oo-La-Gah - Big DrumVOo-La-Ne-Ste-Ske - Buzzard, Oo-Ta-Da-Gee-Ski - Dry For Water or Thirsty, Oo-Wa-Huh-Ti - Going Down or Floating Down The Stream, Oo-Wa-Neh - Weavels or Shin Striker or Crack Shins, Osceola - James Campbell Trout or James Cicero Trott, Pheasant (The) - Clanteestah or Clon-Te-Sta, Quaitsia - Rebecca McNair (Polstrom) Swain, Raven - Caw-Luh-Nah or Frank Josiah Boudinot, Red Bird - Ta-Che-Squah or Ta-Ju-Wah or Chee-Squah-De-Gah-Ga, Red Bird Big Acorn - Ta-Choo-Wa-Goo-La-Quah, Riley, Johnson *ACW - Johnson Tassel *BCW, Runabout Youngpig - Ah-Cle-Daw-He-Se-Quah-Neet, Scott, Liver *ACW - Liver or Oo-Wa-Lah *BCW, See-Tah-Way-See-Cah - Cyrus Cicero Cornatzer, Sequoyah - Arthur Fanshaw Chamberlain or George Guess or George Gist or Sand, Seven Fields or Seven Puppies - Gal-Quah-Ge-Ke-Lih-Uh-Ne-Te, Shin Striker - Crack Shin or Weavels or Oo-Wa-Neh, Squirrel, Wat *CW - Watty Hogshooter *BCW, Standing Wolf - Wa-E-Ya-Ka-To-Kah or Wa-Yah-Ga-Da, Stealer - Gah-Na-Skees-Ke or Car-No-Ske-Ske, Su-Sen-Kee - William Clifford Chamberlain, Swimmer or Swimming - De-Ga-Ees-Ky or I Hu-Ah-Neh, Ta-Choo-Wa-Goo-La-Quah - Red Bird Big Acorn, Takie - Louisa Tabitha (West) Thompson or Vet Thompson, Tassel, Johnson *BCW - Johnson Riley *ACW, Ta-You-Ne-Se - Bug Tucker or Charlie Tucker, Te-Ga-Nuh-Way-De-Ski - Digging A Hole Deeper. Nanchy An extensive library of microfilm and other publications along with modern computer technology has greatly improved service for clients. Occasionally, I would be told about some mythical tribe from lower Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Massachusetts which had spawned the white standing before me. 0 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrants, 1859 List of Munsee from Leavenworth County Kansas, 1876-1878 Pacific Coast Business Directory, St. Charles Countys Participation in the World War, Oglethorpe University Publications Online, Maryville High School Yearbooks, 1919-1977. Box 1599, Cherokee, NC 28719, on site service available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is available by appointment only, 828-497-3481. Smith Henry Various individual databases are listed below, many of which are available through This wise proceeding has worked a wonderful change for the better in their condition. Culstiee, (woman) Jackson Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Marriage, Citizenship and Census Records, 1841-1927 This collection contains various American Indian records held by the Oklahoma Historical Society. North Carolina, Native American Census Selected Tribes, 1894-1913. Young Chicken The native land of the Cherokee was the most inviting and beautiful section of the united states, lying upon the sources of the Catawba and Yadkin rivers-upon Keowee, Tugaloo, Etowab, Coosa and Flint, on the east and south, and several of the tributaries of the Tennessee, on the west and north. U.S., Schedules of Special Census of Indians, 1880." Ned Young Puppy Johnawane Sr. Richard was born in 1808. heritage. Researchers should consult the full roll in order to get more specific information on each family listed. As to Moytoys family, we know from his own words that he had a wife, and from other records, at least one son. Main Office 918.456.0671 Tew wahelo's American Indian Records (all databases, searchable). The president answered their petitions as follows: The United States, my children, are the friends of both parties. Chauchecha Peck James The State of North Carolina recognizes eight tribes: Eastern Band of Cherokee (Tribal lands in the Mountains including the Qualla Boundary) Coharie ( Sampson and Harnett counties) Lumbee ( Robeson and surrounding counties) The purpose of the ICWA is to prevent the breakup of Indian families, and as a result, their tribes. Why Your Great-Grandmother Wasn't A Cherokee Princess, Aniwahya (Wolf Clan or Panther representing war), Ani Tsiskwa (Small Bird Clan or Eagle representing spirit), Anikawi (Deer Clan or Bison representing peace), Anigilohi (Twister Clan or "Long Hair" representing day and night), Anisahoni (Blue Clan or Blue Holly representing Sky), Anigatogewi (Wild Potato Clan or Tobacco representing flesh), Aniwodi (Red Paint Clan representing death). Mary was born in 1799. Jones Charles Christy Aaron Nene tu gah Cutuskey, David The Shoe To answer this question, we first need to know something about Cherokee customs, to determine when records of individual Cherokee people begin, and to know what is included in those records. found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and Love John No one, it seemed, wanted to claim a male Indian as a forebear. The Crow Dawes Roll. Oolkinnee Chinaqua Taloneskey Service Source: STARR, HIST OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS, P 469; CAL OF VA STATE PAPERS, Punk, Rabbit Those who remain may be assured of our patronage, our aid, and good neighborhood.. degree of Eastern Cherokee blood. Good Woman Cherokee people did not have surnames, family names, or even given names as we know them. Chantawee Jonson Goeska Crillotokee Chinaqua Sr. descent MUST be proven with acceptable documentation! U.S., Native American Applications for Enrollment in Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914. Kinnesaw Click here for instructions about using Wiki markup language. the same way that the U.S.A., France, Italy and Germany are nations. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Joe, Lawson (possibly), Lightwood/Litewood, Littlejohn (possibly), Lloyd, Miller, Catawanee - The meaning of this name isn't clear, but it's believed to come from a clan in the Cherokee Nation. Oolooha Tieesky The Eagle Cherokee Roots by Bob Blankenship includes a name index. Open 8am - 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday), The Museum of The Cherokee Indian, P.O. Many more start with The Descendants of A ma do ya Moytoy, an on-line tree which to many people appears to be authoritative, accurate, and documented. The Craw Fish A childhood name would be replaced by an adult name, usually associated with a significant event in the persons life. The five Chickamauga Cherokee were in the towns of Runningwater, Nickajack, Chickamauga, Tinsawatie, and Elijay were closely aligned with the Spanish and fought with other Cherokee who were friendly with the British. Of the tumuli, or mounds scattered through the country, and other ancient remains, they know nothing, and considered them, when they took possession of the country, as vestiges of a more numerous population than themselves, and farther advanced in the arts of civilization. Metter Among the tribes and nations included in the records are Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Kiowa, Quapaw, Sac and Fox, Arapaho, Shawnee, and Cheyenne. Geni Project: Cherokee Names. Sources Guests also enjoy a full schedule of world-class entertainment in the 3,000-seat event center. ~ Dawes is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who were removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800's. Tuyoholee state charter. first prove ancestry to a person enrolled by Dawes. Genealogy for Nanye'hi Ward (c.1738 - c.1822) family tree on Geni, with over 245 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Young Turkey One of the characters, being found superfluous, has been discarded, reducing the number to eighty-five. Chawtowie We will defer to the knowledge of tribal genealogists and experts since tribes have invested a great deal of energy and resources into maintaining accurate family trees in order to maintain tribal membership rolls. Coulson, John Chesquiah ), Must possess at least 1/16th Waters Peggy Call 918-456-6007 visit 79 0 obj <>stream The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians prohibits dual enrollment. Esuttee Sickawee At night Mr Wiggan the Interpreter came to the house where I was, and told me the Warrior {Moytoy] had a particular favour for me, and that if I would Consent to go he would be indifferent whither any other Went; and Mr. Wiggan pressed me very much to accept of his invitation.. 1924 BAKER ROLL 1909 MILLER ROLL 1898 DAWES ROLL Visit Our Store FREE Name Search Enter you or your ancestor's last name and first name (if known) - then click search. Afterward they sold their reservations to the commissioners of the state, and purchased lands in the white settlement, and in the neighborhood of the hunting grounds reserved for them by treaties concluded with the Cherokee Nation between the years 1790 and 1799; which privilege as a part of their nation they now enjoy. His place of residence was at Echota, one of the over-hill towns. The Cat Kayatee Jonawane Watts Mink Jenney Ground Squirrel, Hanky Robert T The early colonists, accustomed to life under benevolent despots, projected their understanding of the European political structure onto the Indian tribe in trying to explain its political and social structure. Going Wolf Applicants who had blended backgrounds typically chose tribal affiliation based on the heritage of the mother. Nedd The Big Bear One of the most wonderful achievements of our age is the invention of the Cherokee alphabet. Sezuachee Sweetwater Annechan Baker Roll is the base roll of the Eastern Cherokee and contains the name, Lying fish, Marking Brow The Panther Trails are free of charge, and open every day, all day. Enrollment in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is governed by Cherokee Code, Chapter 49, Enrollment, and restricts enrollment to the following: 1. Birth: (CIRCA) 1735 CHOTA CHEROKEE NATION NORTH CAROLINA. Dick Grab a multi-day permit at any of our 28 fishing license locations in Cherokee or online at Enrollment in the Eastern Band of You must possess at least 1/16 degree of Eastern Cherokee blood. This immersive village experience will surround you with native culture and shed light on all aspects of Cherokee history. 1835 Census of Cherokees Living East of the . Young Rock Johnawane Jr. So what are you waiting for? Not in the correspondence of Ludovic Grant, who settled among the Cherokee about 1727. This is where historic cultural stories and experiences enrich every vacation. If to this list be added the names of Hiwassee, Enoree, Tallulah, Swannanoa and Watauga, all streams originating and flowing through this mountainous country in rapid, frolicksome mood, we have an assemblage of musical sounds, (omitting the hard-sounding flint,) only equaled in beauty and soft cadence upon the ear, by the grand and picturesque scenery with which they are surrounded. Nickojack The number is more than 130,000 when including American Indian in combination with other races. The Cherokee now own in Haywood County, a tract of seventy-two thousand acres of land, well adapted in the vallies for farming, and on the mountains for wild game and sports of the chase. These enrollment cards apply to the Five Civilized Tribes - the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. 74465. They are now a temperate, orderly, industrious and peaceable people. The idea was to provide a single George (Chief Otter Town) Unfortunately, DNA testing has not advanced to the point of determining tribal affiliation. Water Hunter Missionaries gave people new names when they were baptized. Thats rightif you like your trails with a nice flow of features, with fun berms and quick hits of elevation that are manageable and fun, Fire Mountain is made for you. As noted above, there is nothing to suggest that they were related in any way. The Cherokee Heritage Center has a genealogist available to assist in researching Cherokee ancestry for a fee. Suwaga (woman) The ICWA was implemented as a result of the wholesale removal and adoption of Indian children and the loss of their tribal rights. 1. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ko-ta-ka-ya Mary Hughes was a Cherokee woman Grass Nancy Teconuskey Graham, Jackson, Macon & Swain). Hogshooter John The trailhead is located about 100 yards from the Oconaluftee Indian Village in Cherokeeand shares a parking lot. Muskrat Standing, Nakee (woman) North Carolina: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon,Swain Tennessee: Bradley, Hamilton, Marion, Meigs, Monroe, Polk A remaining mixed-blood family often was recorded in the U.S. Census as white, black, mulatto or Indian. Suits were instituted in favor of the Indians, and by our courts were decided in their favor. Rayper James Descendant Chart for Johannes (John) Hgler/, The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture), North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program). The Cherokee have long held that their tribal name is a corruption of Tslg or Tsrg, the . Davis John People had names used only at home, nicknames given by others, and English translations of their Cherokee names and titles. Muskrat Robert When you find a useful new resource, go to the right Linkpendium page and click While a real Indian grandmother is probably the nicest thing that could happen to a child, why is a remote Indian princess grandmother so necessary for many whites? All Rights Reserved. Kener Jim Hawkins Rose The silver mines are so rich that by digging about ten yards (thirty feet) deep, some desperate vagrants found at sundry times, so much rich ore as to enable them to counterfeit dollars to a great amount, a horse load of which was detected in passing for the purchase of Negroes at Augusta. A tradition, says Dr. Ramsey, (Annals of Tennessee,) still continues of the existence of the silver mine mentioned by Adair.. Nancys parents are completely unknown. Surveys and allotments were made to permit each Indian or Freedman to include their improvements in the allotment.

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