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These costs are typically borne by the business, and can range anywhere from $200 to $2,000 and up depending on the locality. In most cases, a properly-made grease trap should last for many years. Some areas have high labor rate than others. The cost to replace a grease trapper is typically between $4000 and $8500. It will cause the water to spill into the second compartment of the grease trap. As you can see, maintaining your commercial kitchen's grease traps is vital to your business's health. An establishment can figure out the ideal size for a grease trap or . Installation costs add another $500 to $2000 to the total price tag. Here Ill try to explain some of the factors that will affect your decisions. There are three main types of grease traps that restaurant and other food service providers can choose from: This is also known as the traditional or manual grease trap. But, with proper care & ongoing maintenance your grease traps should be reaching the full 10 year capacity. Keeping your grease trap cleaned, monitored, and well-maintained will not only keep your employees & guests safe, but also result in a ton of cost savings the average fine of not maintaining your grease trap is upwards of $100,000! Clean the trap sides, lids, and parts. Looking for a reliable & dependable commercial plumber? So, getting work done in high-rate areas will cost you more. As mentioned earlier, there are laws in place that require installation of grease traps. Small traps, which are typically installed indoors, require frequent pumping to remove the FOG. Reinstall the grease trap. A professional installer is usually recommended to ensure proper installation of the unit and to help detect potential leaks and other potential problems. Laws in most states, especially in restaurants and food preparation businesses, mandate the installation of a grease trap. Repairing a damaged or faulty component can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the severity of the damage. General contractor fees. The short answer is all of them. Installation cost of a grease trap can vary depeding on the size, location and the degree of difficulty. Steps. Depending on your needs (flow rate, size of the restaurant, etc. A: The average install for a small grease trap (0-100 gallons) is between $250 and $1500. Restaurant Commercial Kitchen GREASE & Plumbing SPECIALIST. It helps with the smell. [1] Be sure to go slowly through this process, as there are gaskets for the grease trap located just under the cover. Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. J.J. Richards & Sons include grease trap filter cleaning and assessment in every grease trap service. On average, cleanings should be performed every one to three months. You can avoid all that by simply asking the grease company trap what they think. Depending on your situation, the discount you receive may range from 10 - 50% off the cost of installation. The MGTS Series is designed to maximise . Videos for related products. The true lifetime cost includes three categories. It is important to get quotes for install to understand total cost . Where is a grease trap usually installed? Workers that maintain the equipment at your restaurant will have to clean the grease traps after every shift. These grease traps are all a little different and the size youll need will depend on the volume at which your restaurant cooks food and the amount of cooking equipment you have. grease trap, had to be installed underground). A major factor that will determine the cost of installation is the type of grease trap you have. All new and existing Class III and IV and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Class 2, 3 and 4 FSEs or any other facility that . The bigger outdoor grease traps that hold 5000 gallons of waste will cost you significantly more. On average, a restaurant would pay around $1,500 to install a new grease trap. Solutions We Belive In Providing Our Customers With The Highest Service Quality and Solutions That Are Innovative and Cost Effective. Are you on the lookout for a local grease trap cleaning service provider? Many plumbing services offer discounts for installing grease traps, and this can be especially beneficial if you know exactly what you need and which type of grease trap is the best choice for your business. Installation of a grease trap can take less than 24 hours. We are a locally owned and operated company rendering services in New York and its surrounding areas. But they simply wash it into the sewage. Add to Cart. 1 Easy Scheduling. Determine where to install the grease trap The most convenient place to install a grease trap is beneath your sink but it can also be installed outside your home. Used grease traps, on the other hand, can range in price from a few hundred dollars to approximately $1,000. As the restaurant owner, you will have to incur some costs in the cleaning up of the space. If you receive code violations once due to simple ignorance of what you needed to do, ask the agent that visits your establishment exactly what you need to do with your grease traps to get up to code. A grease trap should be checked and frequently maintained to ensure it is working properly. Because of their size they are usually intended for smaller, compact kitchens or speciality uses. Enter a Melbet promo code and get a generous bonus, An Insight into Coupons and a Secret Bonus, Organic Hacks to Tweak Audio Recording for Videos Production, Bring Back Life to Your Graphic Images- Used Best Graphic Design Software, New Google Update and Future of Interstitial Ads. For affordable grease trap pumping services, call upon the #1 rated company in North Carolina: Grease Cycle. This should be performed by a professional service, and all waste needs to be disposed of properly. So, think about it while buying your grease trap. What are the cost implications of fitting a grease trap? Grease traps have been in use since the late 19th century and remain a common choice for establishments with commercial kitchens. Grease causes significant damage to pipe drains and the sewerage system during its disposal. The total cost to install a grease interceptor is $15,000 or more. We can answer any question regarding commercial . There are also bigger outdoor grease traps that hold a lot more waste. So, you have to spend some money on cleaning. [2023], How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Side Mirror on a Car? A grease trap is usually installed underneath the sink of your kitchen. The cost of a new grease trap compared to a used one can depend on several factors, such as the size and type of grease trap, as well as where you purchase them from. One of the best ways to find out if there are any discounts available is to search online or speak to your local authority. How long does it take to install a grease trap? For those looking to get a big grease trap, it most probably requires an outdoor installation. The solution combines non-pathogenic bacteria with nutrients and . Some of them include grease converters, interceptors, catches, FOG traps or grease recovery/ management devices. kse Posted 15 Jun 2010 , 9:50pm. Passive Grease Traps. A grease interceptor pumping cost for a scheduled maintenance can range from $325 - $950, depending on the FOGS content. More sophisticated systems may include accessories such as a soap chip separator, a float valve, an overflow outlet, an air inlet, or a strainer assembly. In many states, council regulations will specify the minimum and maximum size of the grease trap along with installation and maintenance requirements. Grease slowly damages the sewage pipes. The frequency of restaurant grease trap cleanings vary with how often the kitchen produces FOGS. Grease Cycle is the company to call upon! Residential and commercial owners are usually the ones who suffer from the consequences, when they fail to install grease traps in their homes and . Most grease traps operate in a manner that allows incoming wastewater to enter a "clear zone" in the grease trap. Butter and lard. These devices are designed to capture solid and liquid grease from entering the wastewater system and causing potential damage. In general, these accessories will increase the overall cost of the grease trap. Concrete Grease Interceptor Tanks. $1000. A residential grease trap installation was almost unheard of a few years ago but some large homes with professional style kitchens are now being equipped with them. Make a mixture of one cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar. How long does it take to install a grease trap? After getting the required permits and paying all the necessary fees, you can start your work. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. According to the following estimate for 2022, the installation costs of a grease trap are as follows: Small indoor grease traps need frequent pumping. While theres no extra cost to you, it helps us support the costs to run this resource. However, if you have an active food waste management system in place, then you may only need a pasively hydromechanical Grease Trap Cleaner as well. If your restaurant uses heat to cook or process food, then it is required to instal, operate, and maintain a grease trap in your kitchen. 4.8 Star Rating. Contact Us. Exemption from Installation Requirements 7 Grease Trap Operation and Maintenance 7 Self-Cleaning of Grease Trap 8 Grease Trap Maintenance Observation 8 Best Management Practices (BMPs) 9 FOG Control Compliance Report 10 Record Keeping 10 These range from $4000 to $4800. However, keep in mind that this cost is required and should be baked into your business costs. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Grease Trap? Inspection and/or Houston building fees. Learn about different types of grease trap and follow the easy to use decision tree. It is important to be on top of preventive maintenance, to avoid having to make costly replacements or payments in the future. Call Now! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your business is scheduled to have collections 4 times a year (every 13 weeks), the annual cost would thus be $2,760.00 plus GST. Because of these specific requirements, grease traps are traditionally more expensive than other plumbing operations. Labor costs for a grease trap installation may depend on the difficulty of the job, with some contractors charging by the hour or according to the size of the project. Any business with more than 60 is charged an additional $300 per five traps. When it comes to the cooking equipment at your restaurant, youll need a grease trap for a grill, a flat top grill, a deep fryer, and anything that cooks food in a way that pulls out the fat. From proper refrigeration practises to consistent oil changing, it is always important to properly maintain your commercial kitchen equipment. M104.8.2 For those grease traps having a gasketed cover, the grease trap outlet line shall not be allowed to be inter- nally vented. The average cost for the installation of a new grease trap (750-1500) is between $4,000 and $8,500. Businesses that use grease traps include restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Automatic grease trap systems are more efficient than the Passive Hydro Mechanical Grease Trap. This puts the onus of cleaning on the next employee instead of the person who should have cleaned it in the first place. In this article, Grease Cycle is going over everything you need to know about the cost of grease trap installation. All information published on this website is provided in good faith and for general use only. 16 in. Ensure your restaurant has monthly grease trap cleaning set in place to avoid costly pitfalls. With over 20 years of experience, Brent has a proven track record of success in managing and growing companies. Owning a commercial kitchen for a restaurant comes with a lot of laws that need to be upheld. Grease traps and grease interceptors should be used to collect all the FOG (Fats, oils, and grease) coming out of your kitchen, so you can stay up to code on your local ordinances. Automatic grease removal units (ARGUs) rely on electrical components to rid the water of the fats, oils, and grease waste. School and College kitchens also use these. In our opinion, having the proper preventive maintenance procedures set up for your grease traps is a no-brainer (and necessary!). A commercial grade grease trap is a device used to collect and contain fats and oils that enters into a buildings sewage system. Your search has come to an end. A full grease trap will overflow. A grease trap, which also can be called an interceptor, is a plumbing device that traps and prevents fat, oil, and grease from entering the sewage system. Grease traps are plumbing devices designed to intercept fats, oils, and grease collectively known as FOG before they enter a wastewater disposal system. There are plenty of ways you can budget for them. Hydromechanical grease interceptors (commonly called grease traps) are usually installed underneath the 3 compartment sink or in the floor of the kitchen. All-welded steel Gravity Grease Interceptor. The installation process also requires professional clean-up once it's completed. Interceptors Direct stocks eight models for restaurant, food processing and commercial kitchen applications. In summary, there are a few ways in which you may be able to get a discount when installing a grease trap. Train your staff on the proper food handling procedures to avoid larger grease trap messes. Increased issue with pests & disease-causing bacteria getting back into your restaurant and surrounding areas. Here is the lowdown on the need for grease traps and how to budget for their installation costs: Most of the substances that go down drains are easily broken down. There are many different types of grease traps and interceptors and may work in slightly different ways, but the end result is always the same. Water enters the grease trap and settles there for a time being. Most restaurant owners tend to forget about this. ResQ is an end-to-end repair & maintenance management platform that focuses on cutting costs, saving time, and increasing overall efficiency and visibility. Bituminous Coating inside and out. We provide emergency sewer repair services also. Each restaurant grease trap will tell you how many gallons per minute flowing through the equipment the trap is rated to handle. If the grease trap is cleaned on a regular basis, it will cost less over the long term than if it was only inspected and cleaned occasionally. Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are byproducts of cooking. There are 3 commonly seen types of grease traps that are used within commercial kitchens: 1.) These costs are typically borne by the business, and can range anywhere from $200 to $2,000 and up depending on the locality. It must also be cleaned on a more regular basis. Grease trap installation can be an expensive process, depending on the size and complexity of the trap to be installed. Grease traps that arent cleaned after every shift, or at the end of every day depending on how large your grease traps are, make a huge mess when theyre finally cleaned. Local labor cost No grease trap, no restaurant! Sample 1 Sample 2. So, they have to be responsible for the waste they produce. It does cost quite some money to repair or replace a grease trap pump system in an emergency and sometimes it just can not be done on the spot. Depending on your need as an establishment, you can choose from a few options in the current market. Potential for grease trap fires. 2. You will likely face one of two scenarios. A grease trap interceptor is a plumbing fixture that removes the grease content from wastewater. 4 " Threaded inlet / outlet. Preserving the environment is also an important consideration when choosing between a new and used grease trap. FOG originates from the cleaning process of pots, pans, plates, and silverware that contain food products such as deep-fried foods, meats, sauces, gravy, dressings, baked goods, cheese . Also, another way is to use baking soda and vinegar. In restaurants, a lot of hot water is used to cook and clean and then is dumped down the drains. Bigger traps, on the other hand, will require less frequent pumping as they are able to hold more gallons of grease. A "one-off" pumping would certainly cost more. Installation & Services Specials & Offers Local Ad & Catalog Store Finder; Truck & Tool Rental; For the Pro; Gift Cards; Credit Services; Track Order; Track Order . Grease Trap Cleaning NYC is your friendly provider of commercial grease trap cleaning services. All-welded steel Gravity Grease Interceptor. Any more than that, you take the risk of overflows. Grease trap installation can be an expensive process, depending on the size and complexity of the trap to be installed. The price and installation cost of the grease trap are significantly lower to the fact that less labor is required and can be done in less than one day. This can be particularly beneficial as many manufacturers will offer discounts on larger purchases, and this could significantly reduce the overall cost of installation. How do you figure out the gallons per minute flow rate for your equipment. In the average commercial kitchen, success is dependent on having dependable and clean cooking equipment. Ideal for a range of commercial premises, grease traps prevent oils and solids from . WHAT AFFECTS THE GREASE TRAP PRICE IN MELBOURNE AND . All rights reserved. How to Market Your Business with Webinars? Blockages all the way through the plumbing system are not something you can solve on your own. Our related cost guides include grease traps, backflow preventers, home improvement, and many more. Small grease trap cleaning cost. But you can certainly derive some benefits from them. Too many code violations can also result in your restaurant being shut down completely, especially if the offenses are subsequent. Grease interceptors are typically installed in restaurants, industrial kitchens, and other establishments where food is prepared. $250-1500. Click to play . This increases the use of cooking oil and fat in their kitchens. This is also dependent on the rate of flow and your needs as a business. This causes buildup to happen all throughout the plumbing system. ), you will choose a size for your grease trap. Next, use water to flush the parts and screens in order to get rid of debris and soap. The biggest difference between the two is the level of efficiency that each provides. This may mean applying for permits and submitting to inspections, which can come with additional expenses. As commercial kitchens specialists, we concentrate heavily on the food servicing establishments and have decades of experience with grease traps. Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy - About Us - Contact - All Rights Reserved. installation costs are reduced by 70%. 4 " Threaded inlet / outlet. Select the one that best fits your needs from 150 gallons up to 1,500 gallons holding capacity and from 800 to 7,560 pounds grease capacity. 2 What should be connected to a grease trap? The efficiency comes with a higher cost in terms of initial investment. 2023, How Much Does it Cost to Install Auxiliary Port in Car? You are also welcome to ask questions about grease trap installation or to share your own experience. Grease Trap and Interceptor Installation Cost. These devices are an integral part of keeping your kitchen (and everything that is served from it) clean and your customers healthy. If you are looking to buy a grease trap for your house, you can take a small one that holds up to 200 gallons of grease. It is often a wise investment, as it helps clear out the foul-smelling sludge and grease buildup that can occur in commercial kitchens. These types of grease traps can be made with a variety of materials, including steel or specialty plastics. These are not always definitive. It is important that you know that its illegal to operate your food service establishment without a grease trap. Type I hoods, or grease hoods, have baffle filters that trap grease, smoke, and oil from the air and limit the . 500 Gallon Holding Capacity. Theyll have the average flow rates for each type and size of equipment on hand and will be able to make the calculations faster and more accurately than you can. Estimate the real peak flow from fixtures that need a grease trap or grease interceptor. Smaller grease traps made from plastic can range from $250 to $900 while larger, more complex systems made from other materials can range from $1,500 to over $5,000.Labor costs for a grease trap installation may depend on the difficulty of the job, with some contractors charging by the hour or according to the size of the project. No-Hub inlet. The ongoing maintenance for a grease trap is required, but also a cost you will need to be aware of. We also offer tanks for Industrial Waste, PH Adjustment and oil & water separation. Once this waste has entered the grease trap, the fat hardens and floats to the top of the trap, and the entire grease trap will get cleaned and pumped out on a consistent basis. Advances in technology and the availability of specialist equipment and materials have increased the cost-efficiency of this project, but it is still not something that can be carried out by the average homeowner or small business owner without recourse to costly contractors. Brent McOlson, a seasoned small business owner and expert in all aspects of business operations. Replacing the entire device can cost much more, and may involve hiring an experienced plumber to assist with the job. Over time, fats and oils can build up in the trap and can corrode the material leading to further problems down the line. See details and services for this location. Commercial Plumbing Quote; Grease Trap Supply; Wash Bay Equipment; Plumbing Job . . Grease Trap Cost & Installation Cost . 0:55 . The installation surface will be prepared beforehand. On average, it will take two to three hours to install a grease trap fully. There may be one or more baffles that allow the FOG to collect at the top of the trap. Here are some examples so, in a short time, your system can have a new grease trap: Copyright 2006-2023 Roto-Rooter. Passive traps attempt to cool down the water, so the fats, oils, and grease end up settling at the bottom of the compartments. The owner of the home or business is responsible for the grease trap. So it's easy to schedule an appointment online or call us at (720) 663-7473. The trap is installed between the kitchen sink and the sewer line. This may mean applying for permits and submitting to inspections, which can come with additional expenses. The average lifespan for a grease trap is 5-10 years, depending on the usage and size of your restaurant. These can cause huge health risks to your employees & guests. Do I Need Extra Insurance For My Grease Traps? Refer to Figure 1 below for a preferable drainage layout for a grease trap installation. The cost of material ranges greatly depending on the size and complexity of the grease trap system. Food service operators can face heavy fines and, in some cases, closure of their restaurants, if grease management is not up to code. post #3 of 10. How much does a grease trap cost to install? It will certainly create some mess on the site. Its pretty impossible for the average restaurant owner to know this. Products that clean regular drains are likely to damage your plumbing further. Gravity grease traps should be pumped out by a reputable and experienced grease service company. Cost of materials and equipment required to replace or install a grease trap There are also health codes that need to be upheld or your restaurant could be fined heavily. There are U.S. patents that date back at least to 1884 (see right). Automatic Grease Trap. A grease trap should be cleaned when it is 25% - 30% full. As the wastewater flows into the trap, the FOG floats to the top, while the heavier water sinks to the bottom. How much does it cost to install a grease trap? Related: How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Ballast? We outline them here to help you make the best buying decision. How many bags of sand do I need for 100 bricks? Commercial Kitchen Quote. Finally, you may also be able to get a discount by purchasing a grease trap directly from a manufacturer. These grease traps range from $250 to $1500. 0800 622 8727. In many of these situations an in ground gravity grease trap system could have been installed originally and would have cost the owner only about a $1000- 3000 more. In addition to cost efficiency, new grease traps also come with manufacturer warranties, whereas a used one usually doesn't. Endura XL 4075A04M 75 GPM Polyethylene Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor with Type 'M' Covers and 4" No-Hub Connections. Sewer Experts is rated 4.8 / 5 average from 129 reviews on Google, Yelp & Facebook. $4,109.00 /Each. The price of a grease trap varies depending on the size and type of trap, as well as the location and the municipality. But in the long run, you will make bigger savings due to efficiency and less time spent on pumping. We select and install the best grease trap for your project. There are no additional costs involved. For larger projects, it may be beneficial to research local regulations and permits to ensure that the cost of installing a grease trap is up to code and compliant. Also, a business has to make sure that no solids enter the sewage pipes. Installing grease traps in outdoor areas is a difficult job. A service will come to dispose of this grease with specialty equipment. Oil and fat dont mix. Documentation procedures. We hope this article helps you understand the different aspects of installing a grease trap. Theres a formula for this that involves measuring each sink and plugging it in, then doing a lot more math concerning each of the numbers you get from this calculation. The commercial grease trap and grease interceptor specialist we work with at The Grease Company are professionals and highly experienced when it comes to grease traps or grease interceptors. All grease trap installations must have: Do you need a grease trap in your restaurant? Most grease traps are measured by the water flow that goes through your equipment. When your grease traps stop working or dont work properly, any customer that eats food at your restaurant is in danger. Upthehill . Also, it causes the pipes to get damaged slowly. Restaurants, cafeterias and other commercial kitchens are advised to set up a regular service schedule to avoid missing critical cleanings. Typically, the worst thing a restaurant operator can do is not ensure consistent cleaning and emptying of the grease trap. Grease trap replacement costs may seem expensive at first, but that's nothing in comparison to how much money you'll need to shell out if you need to replace it. (Bio-sol). Materials and supply Houston sales taxes. There are several names and phrases that are used synonymously with grease traps. The cost of a grease trap is an investment in your business, ensuring you legally comply with authority rules and protect the sewerage system.

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