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Renton Washington, Convergent-Tex Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., a/k/a Midland Funding, LLC, d/b/a Midland Credit Management, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA 90060-0578 stating original Creditor - Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. FAQs I was able to settle account for $500, which is a victory as the original amount was $1083. Many companies featured on Money advertise with us. Opinions are our own, but compensation and in-depth research determine where and how companies may appear. I owe 1,700. The contact details for Convergent Outsourcing are: 800 SW 39th Street. Convergent Outsourcing is one of America's leading collection agencies with offices across the country. After being contacted in writing by Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. on June 1st, 2020, and made aware of an alleged debt, I contacted Sprint regarding this account. It's advisable to send a debt validation letter via certified mail to get confirmation of receipt and to create a paper trail. They need to be investigated for fraud!!! Phone Number listed as (800) 282-2644; additional original listing: Credit One Bank, N.A. We have been in business since 1950 and are a longtime member of ACA International. I have never purchased anything from this company and am not familiar with this billing. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Originating in 1950, its current headquarters are in Renton, Washington. This company does not follow FCRA laws and should be sued into bankruptcy for all the hard they do. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is a debt collection agency. The only advice I can offer you is not to feed into their urgency. Doubt they will remove it. Maryland Residents: This agency is licensed as NMLS ID # 930053. Cloud Minnesota, Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. Bothersome Calls Apparently From Convergent Outsourcing Renton Washington, CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING. I was stunned. . Many factors affect your FICO Scores and the interest rates you may receive. Celebrity Skin Cream wrinkle cream rip-off advertisements US Based and Foreign companies bilked consumers out of Hundreds of Millions of dollars over the past 7 years. When I left Sprint in late 2015, all my devices were sent to T-Mob as trade-ins. Convergent was adamant about not removing but Sprint was fast acting and informed them to remove the account. Learn more. This is exactly what it sounds like: These types of agreements are rare, but a debt collector may agree if its desperate for your payment. We also understand that you may be hesitant to give your information over the phone or online. also adviced them that this account had beeb included in ,identity fraud with a police report Renton Washington, Convergent Outsourcing Inc Renton Washington Location Claimed I had a Verizon amount owed of $800. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., Civil Action 2:21-cv-03849, see flags on bad law, and search Casetext's comprehensive legal database . **FORWARD TO THEM A COPY OF YOUR CHAT TRANSCRIPT IF THE CSR SAID IT WOULD BE DELETED! Except when it drops off the credit report. So I called the number listed he ask for last 4 of my SS# and address. The account is in the amount of $621. Also make sure to file a complaint with your state attorney generals office. I took the forums advice and sent a DV letter which they verified, I then proceeded to send a PIF/PFD letter on 8/30; today is 10/6 and still no response. I asked couple of times and recorded on my wifes phone, she said as long i pay sprint directly account is no longer considered collection. In response to this complaint, your account will remain reported to the credit bureaus with accuracy. Can I get some insider knowledge or feedback? Houston Texas, Galaxy Asset Purchasing, LLC Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. Received notice of debt collection. I'm down to one last account, and would like some guidance on how to tackle it. We believe in customer service and want to make it easy as possible for people to pay the debts they owe. Payment FAQs How do I find my account number? All rights reserved. My payment to CO is on the 15th of this month. Phone 2 hrs, transferred numerous times and then they hang up! Well start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. |, Check your search kayConvergent Outsourcing, Inc. Who's crazy enough to start this website? Bryan Sankey's Phone Number and Email Last Update. I called Dish to confirm this and they said they have no record of a debt. I let him know I didnt make this bill. This is your right under the FDCPA. If it was sold, Convergent has the legal right to collect and to post on your reports. I have a collections account being reported by "Convergent Outsourcing". Note: I recorded both Sprint phone conversations. They wanted me to pay 60% to settle the account, and I told them I wanted to file a dispute, and they said once I got the documents, THEN I would have to pay the amount!!!! We do send updates to all applicable credit reporting agencies for some clients weekly; we also request that they update a consumers credit report to reflect any payments. For visitors with visual disabilities, access to this website, including our FICO Data Privacy Policy, is available through assistive technologies, such as BrowseAloud, JAWS, VoiceOver, Narrator, ChromeVox, and Window-Eyes. Unsubscribe easily. If there is no email on file, the consumer will be mailed a copy of their receipt. - Make the payment with them through chat. Oaks, Pennsylvania, Convergent Outsourcing Inc get me to pay $277.36 for a outstanding bill Renton Washington, galaxy asset purchasing Convergent outsourcing,inc saying I owe $6,020.64 Renton Washington, CONVERGENT Outsourcing, INC ACT HOLDING Montgomery Alabama, Convergent Outsourcing Inc. Convergent outsourcing False collection notice Re: PayPal account Renton Washington, Convergent Outsourcing Inc. Galaxy Asset Purchasing, LLC Attempting to collect on a false debt Renton Washington, Convergent Outsourcing Inc. ATERSO01 as return address This notice is being sent to you by a collection agency. He said he was looking for Teresa **. She said that Convergent does not buy debt, they only attempt to collect the debt for other companies. Even if someone you speak to says no, try someone else or on another day. Legally they've followed to the letter of the law. You can send a debt validation letter to Convergent Outsourcing asking it to confirm details of the debt, including: You can use a template if you need help writing your own letter. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Therefore, its important to understand your consumer rights to prevent Convergent Outsourcing from walking all over you. More details on software and accessibility are available at Press J to jump to the feed. Further information is available in our FICO Data Privacy Policy. Convergent generates proof of payment after your payment has posted, which means that it has cleared your bank and our bookkeeping department, typically this happens within 2 weeks of payment. I told her I want the account removed and she said Sprint would REMOVE the account after paying CO. Sent collection notice for a bill with a wireless provider I have never used. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Fair Isaac is not a credit repair organization as defined under federal or state law, including the Credit Repair Organizations Act. We sincerely hope this represents a satisfactory resolution to your concerns. I called CO and attempted a PFD (just in case Sprint CSR was full of hot air). Addtnl phone number: (877) 231-8886, states this Midland Credit Management has offices at 2365 Northside Drive, Suite 300, San Diego, CA but direct payments to Los Angeles, CA . they cannot deliver what they say an insane amount of money Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Attorney Sharon K. Campbell COLLUDES with Wells Fargo Dallas Texas, Black Swan Enterprises Peter Tumbas Black Swan Capital The offered guaranteed low-cost financing if I first stepped in high-cost short term financing New York New York, Geeks Ondemand LLC, Lizeth Lagomarcino Papaleo Geeks Ondemand LLC, The Geeks Mob SCAM! FTC's website on credit. It collects on behalf of companies and businesses in a variety of industries, including: Although its incredibly annoying, Convergent Outsourcing is a legitimate business and not a scam. I paid them a lump sum to settle the account. We believe in customer service and want to make it easy as possible for people to pay the debts they owe. Maryland Residents: This agency is licensed as NMLS ID # 930053. Security Credit Services Listed a fraudulent account on my credit bureau report and won't fix it Renton Washington, Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. attempted to collect 475.00 for their client Paypal. Englewood Cliffs New Jersey, CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, INC. ATERSO01 They sent me a bill, stating I'm past due with Rbs Citizens, NA. Houston Texas, Convergent Outsourcing Inc Attempted Scam Renton Washington, Convergent Outsourcing, inc This place is a RIP OFF, sent me a bill for $1,129.91 for an account i have never had. If they agree that the entry is inaccurate, theyll remove it from your credit report. I called the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection and filed a report. If you have a valid email address on file with us, you will receive a password-protected receipt via email. If you cant secure a goodwill deletion, the next step is to request debt validation from Convergent Outsourcing to identify if theres any inaccurate reporting regarding your debt; this may allow you to delete it. Whatever the reason, make sure youre sincere and friendly in your letter, as Convergent Outsourcing are unlikely to grant your request if youre demanding and angry. If you weren't paying on it then it went to collections. All rights reserved. In full! Do you owe Convergent Outsourcing money? I got a letter from these people saying that I owe T-Mobile $57.00. I called sprint back and spoke with a gentleman this time. I'm looking to buy a new car soon, and I know the collection removal will help me get a better rate on a loan. 1The company is based in Renton, WA, and they provide various debt collection services, including business process outsourcing and revenue cycle management. I got a letter stating I owed monies to Sprint. So, now I'm not sure how to handle this. They told me that I am in debt to Sprint for over $300 If your attempt to remove an entry due to inaccuracies is unsuccessful, you can try to negotiate a pay-for-delete settlement. - Hopefully you will have the same luck as me and they respond finally saying yes, it will be deleted. I want it removed entirely. says who it is but nobody is ever on the other end of the line. Update: This article has been updated to reflect current contact information for Convergent Outsourcing and unverifiable information has been removed. Therefore, its important to request debt verification ASAP. I am requesting that Convergent delete the tradelines on my credit report because I have paid the original creditor and they have no permissible purpose by law to report on my credit. Convergent Outsourcing was the most recent CA to report on this debt. The issue is, I never had an account with Sprint. I told them that it was paid and that was the reason they stopped taking money out of my account and listed this dept as paid on all of my credit reports. Convergent Outsourcing's other names They're worthless and cowardly, and I hope anyone reading this doesn't have to deal with these bottom feeders. Why do these companies have such power to impact your credit so easily. This scenario has been reported to federal bureaus, Trustpilot, Resolver and now you. It isn't always easy to remove a collection account, but the following strategies can make it possible: A debt collection agency will try to coerce payments out of you in any way it can because thats how it makes money. Copyright 1997-2023, Ripoff Report. How do I setup a payment plan? If you havent received proof of payment within two weeks, please check your junk/spam box in your email to make sure it doesnt appear there. Copyright 2001-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Fair Isaac Corporation. IN 3 WEEKS THEY SENT 3 OF MY RECIPIENTS DEAD FROZEN TINY BOUQUETS calgary, Ponce motors Deceptive car sales Austin Texas, Nextiva efax overcharged me for an entire year even before the monthly trial expired able to use the service at all. Its possible that the information Convergent Outsourcing has regarding your debt is incorrect or that the debt doesnt even belong to you. I don't dispute that I ever had a Sprint account. I had an unpaid bill with Sprint that was sent to Convergent Outsourcing. If you would like to make payment online instead of over the phone, you may do so on our website. North Carolina Residents: This agency is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Company Number: 119507691, 119500362, 119500979, 119500976, 119506893, 119507004, 119506891, 119506890, 119506889, California Residents: California license pending. Re: PLEASE HELP ME GET CONVERGENT OFF OF MY REPORT. I'm going to keep trying but need some insight or anyone with experience that has had success with a PFD. Further information is available in our FICO Data Privacy Policy. Sprint "The level of success achieved by most businesses can be directly correlated to the extent success is attained within the contact . I told them I had never had an account with this place and have NEVER owed such an amount to anyone. We understand that collections is often an emotional and overwhelming process. Have anyone dealt with sprint/ convergent outsourcing in the past? They wont respond to anything but complaints saying they have validated it which is a complete lie. Phone calls must be made during "reasonable hours" only. Copyright 2001-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Fair Isaac Corporation. Of course, things are a little different now after the pandemic. They are now reporting the account as $0 balance but refuse to remove the account . Disclaimer: This story was originally published on August 31, 2020, on This profile has not been claimed by the company. Convergent Outsourcing is one of the largest debt buyers in the country. There, you will be able to submit your phone number to our Do Not Call list. I just got an email from Convergent with a letter attached stating that they've requested all deletion of this trade line from all. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is a debt collection agency. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc Scam Collection for Sprint Renton Washington. ". Read More . PRIVACY NOTICE: When you visit this website we collect your browsing activities on our site and use that information to analyze and research improvements to the website, and to our products and services. Work out a payment plan, If the collections debt is paid there would be nothing to put on the credit. This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This outsourcing the initial collections is not that uncommon. I don't want to pay Sprint if it means that the Convergent line remains on my report with the line "paid in full".

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