crown vic 3v swap

Zlib compression enabled. The hydroboost from the Cobra was mounted to the original 1967 brake pedal, and a hydraulic clutch conversion from Modern Driveline works with a McLeod throwout bearing. Most MAF systems use sequential fuel injection, which means the fuel injectors are only firing once per cycle, making them more efficient than some speed density systems that fire every revolution (also called waste spark). Fatstang you didnt have to get your pistons notched? The battery was also relocated to the trunk. (Photo Courtesy HP Tuners). This gets my vote for coolest swap idea this week! Along with the standard industry error codes, each manufacturer has some proprietary codes that are available to cover specific features of its vehicles. That means that the suspension geometry and ride quality is designed for this truck. This port allows you to read error codes, look at logged and live data, and change computer programs. VCT and the improved PATS system make using the factory wiring more difficult in most cases. The SN-95 Mustang engine compartment is wider and longer than the first-generation engine compartment. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. While I wish you all the best there is no way you are anywhere near 300 hp (let alone 450 hp) with stock 2v heads and cams. When using factory computers and wiring, pay close attention to the connectors. 2004 Crown Vic LX SOLD!! That is the main reason I was wondering about the feasability of the SOHC 3v. The problem has been resolved, and now programming the new computers is no problem. 5.4s were made (in my opinion) to have 4V heads on them (or TFS heads, now go finish your build bondfreak!) Determine what, if any, other components from the donor vehicle you would like to use (e.g., transmissions, ABS, electric windows). But it may prove more challenging as Ford continues to improve its security systems. This is a Smart Junction Box (SJB) from a 2007 Shelby GT500.