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A medic on board was able to assess Kochutins injuries but they were too severe, resulting in his death at sea. 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Just breathe. And a third person, Steve Esparza, was also found dead after initially being reported missing. According to his wife, Mahlons remains were cremated and the ashes spread in the Bering Sea, where he practised his trade. However, a number of those brushes with death ended in the worst way possible for certain members of the cast. The Ultimate Price. Our thoughts and prayers to his family.". The popular show, which. Ross Jones of the F/V (fishing/vessel) Saga one of the series most popular vessels, was the most recent crew member featured on the television show that has passed away. Norman Hansen. However, the ship encountered heavy ice accumulation, at one time weighing down the entire vessel with an estimated 340,000 pounds of ice. Two others, skipper David Cowboy Hasselquist, and Walter Foster were recovered from the water, deceased. The Deadliest Catch has some of its original cast missing because they died. One of Kochutin's onboard friends, Landon, expressed the devastation of the dangerous career. We still don't know the fate of Katungin as the episode ended with Captain Rip Carlton steaming 16 hours to get within range for a US Coast helicopter to evacuate the wounded fishermen. Kochutin's obituary also addressed his love for the water, and his job as a fisherman. He had no known enemies, so the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office ruled out the possibility of a gang-related shooting. On an emotional episode of Deadliest Catch Tuesday, cameras were rolling just 36 hours before the start of a new season when the crew learned about the death of Nick McGlashan. Following his passing, the network released a statement that stated, Weve lost a member of the Deadliest Catch family. On Reddit, u/Beringcvet86 started a thread "Todd, RIP with a repost that seems innocuous at first glance. Most of these cases involve some kind of substance abuse, and while not directly related to the dangers of the sea, the occupation takes some of the blame. 12/28/2020 6:48 AM PT. But the one thing most of Samaras loved ones have agreed on through social media posts about her death is that she is extremely loved and missed. The constant struggle with drugs and alcohol ultimately took its toll in December of 2020, when his body was discovered in a Nashville, Tennessee hotel room. Joe was 24 and had no known enemies so the police ruled out the possibilities of a gang-related shooting. He had worked on nine episodes of Deadliest Catch. A few days later, it was reported that the police found a man, apparently a potential suspect, dead in his car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.. Throughout that time though, he endured many battles with substance abuse, including an early exit from the production of season 13, motivating him to undergo rehab treatment. Reyes was a popular deckhand on the show, first appearing in episodes that aired in 2012, working on both the F/V Seabrooke and F/V Cape Caution during his time at sea. Kochutin worked on the Patricia Lee and was from Anchorage, Alaska. Captain Bill Wichrowski of the Summer Bay is told the Patty Lee has a medevac on board. "Wild" Bill Wichrowski, died at age 33 in December in Nashville, Tenn. The father of two was only 33 years old at the time of his death. What Actually Happened to Chris Scambler on 'Deadliest Catch'? Deadliest Catch Season 18 He also had a sharp sense of humor even in the most difficult conditions. Often, fans create a strong bond with the cast because of the raw footage. McGlashan is one of several cast members who have died, including deckhand Mahlon Reyes, who reportedly died at the age of 38 in August after suffering a heart attack. featured an interesting article about India's famous personalities who lost their lives all of a sudden. Each episode chronicles their adventure along the Bearing Sea. The crew members on Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" learned of the death of their friend and fellow fisherman, Nick McGlashan, in the latest episode of the series. A post shared by Salty Dog Lab Lookout (@saltydoglablookout). Although the victim chose to keep her identity secret, details of her case would nonetheless find its way onto the internet. He was relatively new to the series and hadn't been seen a lot. according to police investigating his death. His cause of death was believed to be from an accidental overdose of heroin, based on the drug paraphernalia that was discovered on Painters body and also at the scene. In an exclusive sneak peek, one of the. "Deadliest Catch" has been surrounded by some sad moments. On a show like Deadliest Catch, the possibility of a ship capsizing and sinking is one that comes with the territory. Nick McGlashan that worked as a deck boss on the reality television show, perished in December 2020. He made a posthumous debut in season 7 of the adventure reality series. The boat's skipper, Stephen Biernacki, 50, of Barnegat Township, New Jersey, was found with the boat and pronounced dead at the scene, KGW8 reports. Reality television shows are all about showing people actual events. Josh Harris is the son of the late Captain Phil Harris, who suffered a heart attack while filming the Deadliest Catch. McGlashan, known as a deck boss on the Summer Bay and a loyal crew member under Capt. "She had such an infectious laugh, larger than life personality, with a huge loving heart. He was discovered by an engineer that called his son, who alerted emergency services. Then, they make a bold allegation about his death. DEADLIEST Catch star Nick McGlashan tragically died at the age of 33 from a toxic mix of drugs after battling substance abuse for years. The show earns its name from the many dangers involved in crab fishing, which makes it the most dangerous occupation in America, which many consider more hazardous than logging. The Scandies Rose vessel was declared lost on New Years Eve in 2019. Details outside of that are rather vague. Deep breaths. At the time of his death, Kochutin did not have any immediate living family members. The details around Kochutin's death have always been vague, and it's possible that what the Redditor was told by a fellow crew member on the "Patricia Lee" is incorrect. I was at war with my addiction and it was winning.. Following a long family lineage, Nick Glashanwas a 7 th generation fisherman. The Emmy-winning documentary has lost some of its favourite actors. Nick was a beloved team member on Deadliest Catch and has been featured in 78 episodes. Edgar served as the ship's leading engineer, cook, and deck boss, and for some time seemed like the perfect second in command of the Northwestern. His death was first shared on the Facebook page, Deadliest Catch World, a reputable source of media for loyal fans of the show. Tom Sizemore, star of 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Heat,' dies at 61 after brain aneurysm, Josh Hartnett is done talking about his break from Hollywood but ready to make fun of actors: 'We're the worst', Michael B. Jordan admits muscle gain for 'Creed' has been harder as he's gotten older, Billy Bush suggests Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes start their own show after ABC exit: 'They've got something that works', How to watch every Oscars 2023 Best Picture nominee. While setting crab pots in rough seas, a rogue wave knocked a 700 pound . One boat that has seen a few catastrophes in the past few years is the Patricia Lee. And it is a great tragedy when they disappear, sometimes due to being fired or are no more. Captained by Jeff Hathaway, the Texas-built, US-flagged crab fishing vessel was part of the Bering Sea fleet. My best job is to get this boat to a safe spot for the Coast Guard to get Francis off, which is not gonna be easy.. McGlashan was 33.. Watch Deadliest Catch on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. All Rights Reserved. (CBS) The network that airs "Deadliest Catch" and members of the F/V Time Bandit are mourning the loss of crew member Justin Tennison, who was found dead Tuesday in a hotel in . Mahlon's body was tired and had put up an amazing fight. Sadly, his death occurred five months after fellow cast member Reyes Mahlon and from similar circumstances. Captain of the F/V Maverick, Painter first appeared on the show during season two. Sigurd Jonny Hansen (born April 28, 1966) is an American captain of the fishing vessel F/V Northwestern, and M/S Stlbas. However, in 2012, a hiker found Keiths skeletal remains just a mile away from the location where the police found his truck. However, another reason why Kochutin'sdeath is so tragic is the fact that he was the last living member of his immediate family. And although there hasn't been an official word yet on how Samara died, there was an Instagram comment which claimed she accidentally fell from a balcony. Later that year in May, Painters whereabouts were in question after he supposedly went mysteriously silent for several days, according to those close to him. Hansen then calls it a "scary, scary thought.". Jakes whole emotional ordeal was taped for the show, even the moment where he goes back to the scene where his fathers truck was spotted. Kochutin's loss was significant to the crew, even though the Deadliest Catch team has been through their share of crewmate injuries and deaths. McGlashan, known as a deck boss on the Summer Bay and a loyal crew member under Capt. Alec Baldwin and Rust 's movie producers were sued on Monday by three crew members who say they suffer from anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Just last year, in February, Deadliest Catch's Todd Kochutin tragically passed away after it was reported that he had sustained serious injuries . ET on Discovery. Among the many social media posts singing Samara's praises in the wake of her tragic death are some comments from fans wondering what happened. The news of his . The news of Jones passing was made public this past June. On what was supposed to be a routine cod and crab grab, the boat capsized close to Sutwik Island off of the Alaskan peninsula on New Year's Eve. Tony Lara suffered a major heart attack in 2015 at 50 years old. With so many fatalities and occupational hazards, the viewers have possibly become used to seeing many faces come and go on the show. Personal Photo. Mahlon Reyes, a deckhand on the Discovery Channel's reality show "Deadliest Catch," has died of a heart attack at 38. Friends and family paid tribute on a memorial Facebook page that said the popular reality show crew. Hansen, a fourth-generation fisherman, has appeared with his family boat, his two brothers and their crew on "The Deadliest Catch," which first aired in 2005. Nothing can stand against the force of nature. Working in a stressful and tiring environment often leads the occupants to seek relief at the bottom of a bottle or the bitter end of a needle, at times leading to fatal results, but at least they didnt end up at the bottom of the ocean, forever lost in Davy Jones Locker. Naked Truth About Sandahl Bergman - What is she do Who is Jack Dail? CNN Nick McGlashan, who starred on the hit reality series "Deadliest Catch," has died in Nashville, the Davidson County Medical Examiner confirmed to CNN on Monday. Regardless, Edgar will never return to the show. The fisherman was 33. Considering the many dangers involved in crab fishing, fans naturally became concerned and started digging for the truth. The popular reality action show Deadliest Catch has captivated its fans as it follows brave crab fishermen who risk their lives on a daily basis in literally the "deadliest" waters Alaska has. Deadliest Catch: What happened to Destination crab boat? Harris was fortunately air-lifted to a hospital for medical treatment but then died 11 days later on February 9, 2010, at the age of 53. Captain Rip Carlton thought he was having dj vu after tragedy struck his boat again on Deadliest Catch Tuesday night. Autopsy results revealed that Justin Tennison died from complications associated with sleep apnea. Later, two of the seven crew members aboard the boat were found alive in a life raft while the boat itself and the remaining five other crew members were never found. In fact, several scary moments have been caught on camera, and the death of one of the beloved Captains even became immortalised on film. Unfortunately, on February 9, 2010, Harris suffered from intracranial hemorrhage and passed away at the age of 53. He was only 38 years old. Cameras captured his struggle with substance abuse and in May he opened up about it in a Chosen Magazine article titled The Deadliest Disease.. However, Deadliest Catch has also been host to tragedies unrelated to the dangers of the occupation, as some of the shows stars passed away while on land. The F/V Destination was a 98-foot crab boat based in Seattle. Although most deaths are unrelated to the reality television show's happenings, their passing in huge numbers sparks concern. Josh, his son, recalled the last moments with his father: Justin Tennison worked as the deckhand on the Time Bandit ship. He will be deeply missed by all those who knew him.. "Only 12 hours before the season starts . Samara was a big part of production for Deadliest Catch Season 16, but it wasn't the only reality TV show she worked on. Sadly, it was a deadly choice as the Destination capsized due to the excessive weight. So when production crew manager Samara Manger-Weil died after they finished filming Season 16, it was a loss felt throughout the fandom. He was found in his home unresponsive and pronounced dead on the scene by responding police officers. Their story was featured on the show in season three. Bering Sea Gold Deaths How Did John Bunce Die? He was 50 years old. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Nick McGlashan: Latest Deadliest Catch Death. KYLIE MAR: Deckhand Todd Kochutin died on the Patricia Lee eight months ago after reportedly being struck by a crab pot and succumbing to his injuries. A Warner Bros. The most fan-favorite contestant, Captain Phillip Charles Harris, was the co-captain of the highly successful fishing vessel, Cornelia Marie, which is being featured on the show since 2005. Friends and family paid tribute on a memorial Facebook page that said the. "This place missesyou," McGlashan wrote. Two of Nicks aunts were also crabbers; one was lost at sea when the boat sank in 1986.. And lets not forget to consider the mental toll that automatically comes with these hazards. "Its been such a tragedy and anything would help even if its a simple share or a prayer," the page, which had raised more than $13,000 as of Sunday night, states. With the latest seventeenth season airing from April 2021, you are bound to stay entertained. He was in Nashville to meet his friends. It is reported that the late star died from a drug overdose. You are already subscribed to our newsletter! The officials were informed after a friend couldnt reach Blake and grew worried about his well-being. He didnt have much experience out on the waters as a crab fisherman and his death, unfortunately, occurred on the fishing boat, while they were hard at work in February of 2021. That was a tough one to deal with. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this very sad time.. On May 25, 2018, fisherman Blake Painter died at 38, more than ten years after his last appearance on "Deadliest . Details of death: Died in Nashville at. It was a . In 2018, Captain Blake died at age 38 of an accidental overdose. Updated Deckhand Justin Tennison, who worked on Deadliest Catch 's Time Bandit, passed away in 2011 at the age of 33 due to complications with sleep apnea, autopsy results reportedly revealed. These drug problems led to his termination in the thirteenth season, and he went to rehabilitation. Deadliest Catch Cast: Nick McGlashan. Blake Painter was discovered dead in his home in Astoria, Oregon, in May 2018. Its a reality TV series, after all, where realism is supposed to take center stage and there is little room for contrived drama. Reyes succumbed to acute cocaine intoxication, according to the autopsy results. After the ship was overtaken by the water, only one survivor, Kevin Ferrell, was rescued as the only member of the crew who was wearing a survival suit. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much Dr Keith's story is one of the most mysterious. Mahlon Reyes, a deckhand on the reality show, died of a heart attack at 38 over the summer. No matter what actually caused Kochutin's death, it's a tragedy one that is unfortunately seen too often in the world of crab fishing. Aside from some of the tragedies that befell Deadliest Catch on film, a few of the fishing vessels also sank, with some going missing, only to prove how unpredictable and unforgiving the frigid waters of the Bering Sea can be. Photo: @Sharon DeZwaan, @NickMcglashan, @ABC11 WTVD (modified bay author) Source: UGC Reality television shows are all about showing people actual events. An investigation by The Seattle Times found the owner of the Destination failed to follow through on a recommendation to have an updated stability test conducted by a naval architect. Please note that some details involving the loss of these cast members are not for the faint of heart. appreciated. Deadliest Catch's Todd died in tragic accident on-board the Patricia Lee. He worked as a deckhand on the crab boats, Seabrooke & Cape Caution. About Us; Staff; Camps; Scuba. However, it seems that while Edgar may not appear in front of the cameras, he is still permitted to work on The Northwestern. This week's episode of Deadliest Catch will pay tribute to the late Nick McGlashan, who died last December from a drug overdose. The boat wasnt as large as other fishing boats that have been featured in the series, as the crew onboard only consisted of four men. In a video released by Discovery UKSig Hansen says, "It sounds like he got hit by a [crab] pot. According to a recent Tweet by Sigs daughter, Mandy, it seems that he retained his job as the deck boss and lead engineer of his brothers fishing vessel. For 18 seasons, Discovery Channels sea-bound saga has definitely seen its fair share of dangerous and sometimes deadly close calls. Unfortunately, news of his scandalous mistake got out, and he couldnt leave the show as quietly as Discovery Channel would have hoped. Shortly after, he died on the ship. According to Outsider, a drug report. The police discovered various drugs at the scene of his death that includes heroin and meth. To absolutely prove how dangerous the occupation can be, many of the shows stars, who include several of the viewers all-time favourites, have either suffered severe injuries or, in some cases, gave their lives in the pursuit of the deadliest catch. This list includes Joshua Tel Warner, who after appearing on the show, was later arrested and convicted of bank robbery. The Deadliest Catch cast member died in February 2021 By Kelly Wynne Published on April 21, 2022 10:12 AM Deadliest Catch lost one of their own in 2021 and new details about the. - Last year, Todd was killed on that boat. Imagine being in such treacherous icy waters of the Bering Sea and surviving to tell your tale. Sadly, many of the fishermen hardly ever live past the age of forty, though not necessarily dying on the job. I mean. Press Esc to cancel. The Ocean Challenger sank in 2006 off the coast of Alaska, resulting in one of the most regrettable Deadliest Catch deaths at sea. Nick McGlashan died of an overdose on December 28, 2020. Deadliest Catch Cast: Clark Pederson. A Coast Guard investigation of the Destination concluded that overloading of crab pots and heavy icing at sea played a large role in the boat sinking. Police reports showed the discovery of drug paraphernalia relating to numerous substances, with the toxicology results confirming the presence of methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl in McGlashans system when he died at the age of 33. These guys will do whatever it takes to get luck on their side, but who said they can't have fun while doing it? Image Credit: McMahon Family/Variety The. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. The deck boss had previously struggled with heroin, meth, and alcohol abuse. Nick's death came after Deadliest Catch deckhand, Mahlon Reyes, 38, . Which ones have gone down so far, and are there tragedies resulting from such? Deadliest Catch is one the most popular reality television series on Discovery Channel, which not only gathered a mass following of viewership, but also earned numerous accolades that include several Primetime Emmy Awards. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Reyes appeared on 14 "Deadliest Catch" episodes since 2012 while workingon two crabbing boats in the Bering Sea - the Seabrooke and Cape Caution. Did you encounter any technical issues? A spokesperson confirmed his passing by releasing a press statement that read: So, how did Nick die from Deadliest Catch? And only a . Sadly enough, Lara's death came two weeks after Joe McMahon, an associate producer on Deadliest Catch 's ninth season, was shot to death in East Pasadena, Calif., not far from his home . The show chronicles the lives of crews working on fishing vessels in the Bering Sea. He was the captain of the F/V Maverick that appeared in the Discovery Channel's series in 2006 and 2007. If you have watched the Deadliest Catch, you have seen first-hand how dangerous the Bering Sea sometimes can be, and the cast and crew are all exposed to such realities. Sometime earlier, Sig Hansen also stood accused of similar crimes, with the only difference being that the victim didnt hide her identity, making her allegations public. While many would not easily believe such allegations, Edgar has since pleaded guilty. Harris suffered a stroke on board his ship, though the crew was not at sea, instead unloading their cargo at a port in Alaska. He went missing in 2010, and two years later, his remains were discovered by a hiker a mile away from where his truck was abandoned. Friends and family paid tribute on a memorial Facebook page that said the popular reality show crew member died July 27 a day after he was rushed to North Valley Montana Hospital in . View this post on Instagram As per ABC7 News, McMahon. Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou broke off an official visit to Moldova to visit the scene, laying flowers beside the . The most recent crew member to perish from Deadliest Catch is Todd Kochutin who passed away at age 30. Nick McGlashan from Deadliest Catch passed away Credit: Twitter. Obviously she was never a cast member or even part of the minor boat crew. tim aitchison actor (84) 3222-8522 illinois state baseball camps Captain Bill Wichrowski is told that someone on the ship requires medics, and speaks to the team over his radio. Because there hasn't been a confirmation of that, however, its merely speculation. Captain Sig was particularly emotional when finding out about the accident, especially as he was close friends with the boats captain. It first debuted in 2005 and has aired over 286 episodes. Sadly, Samara's death isn't the only one linked to Deadliest Catch in 2020. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Here at Reality Titbit, fans can get the latest update on what happened to the boat, and find out the crew members who were on board. Lets have a look at all the deaths that have transpired over the sixteen seasons of Deadliest Catch!. And they are quite a number. Unfortunately, since the show's inception in 2005, some cast members that were fan favourites have perished in circumstances that that are sometimes not related to the show. He was 38 years old at the time of his death. The news suggested that Edgar was the chief perpetrator of a scandalous crime involving the sexual abuse of a sixteen-year-old teenage girl. Deadliest Catch suffered plenty of losses in 2020 alone and although Samara wasnt part of a boat tragedy, she is still honored by the show and its fans. In fact, the injury was so bad that veteran Deadliest Catch producer Todd Stanley stepped out from behind the camera to provide first aid. Try Paramount+ FREE for a week. No cause of death or further information was given and his death is currently under investigation. "He was surrounded by so much love. Unfortunately, no details were ever released explaining how Edgar knew the girl, nor if the possibility exists that they might have been related in some way. In 2011, a deckhand of the boat Time Bandit, Justin Tennison, was found dead in a hotel room from complications of sleep apnea. In 2011, Justin Tennison was found dead at 33 in a particular tragedy related to sleep apnea. Born in Alaska to a veteran commercial fisherman, McGlashan began working on a boat when he was 13 years old. The tragedy resulted in the death of Gary Cobban Jr. and his son David. Scott Campbell, Jr. Mac White. Police who were called in found beer, liquor, and a small amount of marijuana at the scene but his official cause of death resulted from complications related to sleep apnea. Crews must constantly contend with the inherent pressure to consistently bring in a big fishing haul, all of the dangerous machinery needed for the job, and frequently unforgiving weather conditions. The crew members on Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" learned of the death of their friend and fellow fisherman, Nick McGlashan, in the latest episode of the series.McGlashan, known as a deck boss on the Summer Bay and a loyal crew member under Capt. Known for movies Deadliest Catch (2005-2017)as Miscellaneous Crew Deadliest Catch: The Bait (2013-2016)as Himself - Co-Host / Himself After the Catch (2007-2012)as Himself Deadliest Catch: Captain's Choice 8: Sig Hansen (2015)as Himself Short Info Net Worth $3 million Date Of Birth April 28, 1966, April 28, 1966 Spouse June Hansen, June Hansen Fact He [] These past few days Ive gone down memory lane and am truly just so grateful to have gotten to remember those unforgettable times shared.". Watch a brand new episode of #DeadliestCatch this TUESDAY at 8p on @Discovery and streaming on @discoveryplus. Did any of the Deadliest Catch boats sink? Sean Dwyer. You all right? Phil Harris. 5. Home. And some of the crew members and Captains faced untimely departure from the world after succumbing to the perils of the marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean or for some other unfortunate reason. The former captain of the Cornelia Marie was attending a motorcycle rally the weekend he passed away. - Just breathe, buddy. A beloved cast member of the reality series "Deadliest Catch" has suddenly died. Longtime "Deadliest Catch" cast member Nick McGlashan, one of the most recognizable faces on the popular reality series documenting the lives of deep-sea fishermen, died over the weekend, the. Of those hit the hardest by Nick's death were his crew-mates from Deadliest Catch. As many might know, Edgar was not the only Hansen to face allegations of abusive behaviour. It was a devastating night on Deadliest Catch, Tuesday, as viewers got a reminder of just how dangerous crab fishing can be. ", "We laugh and remember all the funny stories and have been surrounded by an amazing group of our best friends and family," Sullivan wrote. Nick was a star on Deadliest Catch ever since 2013.. Nick McGlashan had extensive knowledge of crab fishing and an incredible sense of humor, even during the most dangerous days out on the sea. The show never made any announcement concerning a tragic event, nor did they mention his departure from the show. He was put on a break and returned in 2009. Deadliest Catch Cast 2022 and their net worth and salary table Previous Cast of Deadliest Catch. This week's episode of Deadliest Catch will pay tribute to the late Nick McGlashan, . Screenshot: Captain Sig Receives Devastating News About His Friends Aboard The F/V Destination, D Have something to tell us about this article? Most Recent Deaths from Deadliest Catch - Todd Kochutin & Nick McGlashan. "Deadliest Catch" has been surrounded by some sad momentsover the nearly two decades since its debut, and several of those have been heartbreaking deaths of captains and crew members. Then, to everyones surprise, at the beginning of the fifteenth season, Edgar disappeared and never returned to show his face in front of cameras. Sig Hansen. Download and subscribe:, Deadliest Catch (@DeadliestCatch) May 20, 2021. Kochutin was a crew member of the F/V Patricia Lee during the shows most recent, 18th season. Instead, Lara was in Sturgis, South Dakota, attending a popular motorcycle rally in August of 2015. He devoted most of [his] summers and winters to fishing for king crab, opilio, Pacific cod and pollock in the Bering Sea," it continued. 'Deadliest Catch' debuted in 2005 and opened to universal acclaim for giving the viewers a sneak peek into the real-life deep-sea crab fishing, by following the lives of the crab fishermen, who risk their lives to catch the Alaskan king crab and snow crab in the Bering Sea. Lara began his work on Cornelia Marie in the 1990s. However, much to the doctors surprise, Harris showed signs of improvement. Mahlon Reyes suffered a heart attack and died in July 2020 at 38 years old. The tragic story of the Ocean Challenger occurred in 2006 when the vessel capsized from an undetermined cause near the Sanak Islands of Alaska. He joins the crew to help out a longtime wish of their late father, legendary captain and Deadliest Catch staple Phil Harris, who died in 2010 after he suffered a stroke.

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