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Measurement of actual pepsin concentration to detect new reflux and aspiration events is recommended in future studies. The Importance and Role of Intracluster Correlations in Planning Cluster Trials, Preisser, John S.; Reboussin, Beth A.; Song, Eun-Young; Wolfson, Mark, There is increasing recognition of the critical role of intracluster correlations of health behavior outcomes in cluster intervention trials. Three hundred and thirty-eight male adolescents participated in the study. Importantly, this domain decomposition method does not take into account structural properties of the protein. Few modifiable correlates have been identified. Strategies for identifying particular safety behaviors, however, have not been sufficiently investigated. All MD-CTE examinations performed on patients who underwent IPAA from July 1, 2005 to December 1, 2010 (n = 35; 16 [45.7%] men; mean age, 37.7 years; age range, 22-72 years) were retrospectively evaluated in consensus by 2 radiologists. The Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM) design for the Infra-Red Sounder (IRS) on MTG is based on the successful mechanism currently in orbit on the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometers (IASI) on the Metop satellites. Setting: Biomechanics research laboratory. [10] G. N. Karystinos and D. A. Pados, New bounds on the total squared correlation and optimum design of DS - CDMA Pados bounds on DS - CDMA binary signature sets, Des., Codes Cryp- togr., vol. Descriptive norms (i.e., perceptions about the prevalence or frequency of a behavior) are reliable and comparatively strong predictors of general drinking behavior, with recent evidence indicating that they are also associated with pregaming. But there were no significant associations between fatalism and cancer fear with screening. [2007] or the linguistic bias paradigm. Just because you have a correlational research design does not mean that you are limited to using a correlation analysis for your study. Descriptive analysis, a type of functional behavior assessment, is effective in informing intervention design only if the gathered data accurately capture relevant events and behaviors. Chudal, Roshan; Sucksdorff, Dan; Suominen, Auli; Lehti, Venla; Hinkka-Yli-Salomki, Susanna; Huttunen, Jukka; Ristkari, Terja; Gissler, Mika; McKeague, Ian W; Brown, Alan S; Sourander, Andre. Taylor, F. W.; Vescelus, F. E.; Locke, J. R.; Beer, R.; Foster, G. T.; Forney, P. B.; Houghton, J. T.; Delderfield, J.; Schofield, J. T. A ten-channel IR radiometer for the Pioneer Venus orbiter is described. Of these, maybe one-third of them have actually been built and only a few of those tested. However, when male nursing students were compared with the general population of other male students, they revealed higher empathy traits 3.0 (p < .01) than other males. Inferential statistics were used in 49(96%) articles. It is worth to examine the job satisfaction of nurses and its correlates in such a specific hospital context in Hong Kong, by which the findings can be compared with those in public hospitals, and across countries. The study included 125 first-time mothers who immigrated and married Korean men, and were living in Korea. Section 2 contains diagrams relating to the simulation test configuration of the 2-view system. The use of UDFT in the form of permuted orbital and broken-symmetry DFT (PO-UDFT, BS-UDFT) can lead to reasonable descriptions of multireference systems provided certain conditions are fulfilled. Multi-layered networks represent a major advance in the description of natural complex systems, and their study has shed light on new physical phenomena. Vilardy, Juan M.; Giacometto, F.; Torres, C. O.; Mattos, L. The two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT 2D) is an essential tool in the two-dimensional discrete signals analysis and processing, which allows developing a large number of applications. Beck S.: Designing a study, in Mateo MA, Kirchhoff KT (eds): Conducting and Using Nursing Research in the Clinical Setting. In Health Sciences, systematic reviews (SR) are performed to evaluate validation of diagnostic tests in relation to a gold standard method. Data Base Material Code 17 - 4PH Manufactu Description Precipitation-Handling, corrosion-resist steel Strategic? 51, pp. Self care, post the self directed intervention, significantly correlated with the pre and post intervention scores of self efficacy to regulate exercise, and with the post intervention scores of self efficacy to regulate eating habits. A hierarchical description of a process and its components has been defined through a flat XML file with a grammar of proper metadata tags. DATES COVERED (From - To) October 2014 April 2016 4. 05) than individuals who self-identified other countries of origin. Schallom, Marilyn; Orr, James A; Metheny, Norma; Kirby, John; Pierce, Janet. Similarly, an association was found between the number of life events and clinical depressive symptoms (x(2) = 40.06, df = 4, p < 0.001). Safety and efficiency from a physical environment perspective in ED design are mutually reinforcing concepts--enhancing efficiency bears positive implications for safety. The fluorescence area and the reduction in intensity on applying treatment were found to be strongly and significantly correlated with the extent of clinical response. The majority reported tension before pulling and gratification/relief immediately after pulling. Do all pure entangled states violate Bell's inequalities for correlation functions? Parents need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge and information. A complete system description and performance summary of the scanner are given. The MEDLINE and EMBASE databases were searched to identify non-surgical RCTs (years 2005-2014, inclusive). The use of process-oriented analysis is of-value to provide analysts with: (i) a systematic description of activities; (ii) the elicitation of the useful data to perform and record care tasks; (iii) the selection of relevant decision-making support. The Computer Aided Design and Test (CADAT) system at NASA MSFC is used for the LSI design. A 21-slot VME chassis hosts the hardware. Five research questions were formulated to frame the direction of this study, including: (1) How did healthcare leaders learn of innovations in design? 52.214-21 Descriptive Literature. The MCM method is more accurate than adding or subtracting percentiles. 47 Telecommunication 4 2014-10-01 2014-10-01 false Video description and emergency information COMMISSION (CONTINUED) BROADCAST RADIO SERVICES ACCESSIBILITY OF VIDEO PROGRAMMING Apparatus 79.106 Video, 2015, all apparatus that is designed to record video programming transmitted simultaneously with sound Multidetector-row computed tomography enterographic assessment of the ileal-anal pouch: descriptive radiologic analysis with endoscopic and pathologic correlation. Asymptotic expansions are obtained for the scattering length a/sub 3//sub ///sub 2/ and the effective range r/sub 3//sub ///sub 2/ for the quartet state of three nucleons in the form of series in powers of the two-nucleon triplet effective range r/sub 0t/. Fast Face-Recognition Optical Parallel Correlator Using High Accuracy Correlation Filter. These results suggest that the sequence space accessed by recombination of divergent AAV serotypes is rich in capsid chimeras that assemble into 60-mer capsids and package viral genomes. Of the six staffing variables, only RN-perceived staffing adequacy and RN skill mix were significantly associated with UAPU odds, the former being the better predictor. Simulation results show that the nave (one-sample) estimator is only slightly biased and has a standard error comparable to that of the unblinded estimator. The program can be used to define design requirements such as weight breakdown, required propulsive power, and physical dimensions of airships which are designed to meet specified mission requirements. The results revealed that our participants did not follow the healthy lifestyle recommendations; for example, the mean blood sugar (BS) level, body mass index (BMI), and cholesterol levels were 155 mg/dL (standard deviation (SD) = 71.9), 29 kg/m2 (SD = 5.4), and 197 mg/dL (SD = 86.6), respectively. The approach also permits the quantification of the loss of efficiency caused by mis-specifying the correlation parameter in the mixed-effects model. Among the boys who reported rape, 55% reported they had raped their sexual partners, and 55% reported they had perpetrated gang rape. DDL-based programs written in FORTRAN IV for batch execution. Interviews, conducted after extubation, included the Intensive Care Experience Questionnaire. A participatory process was used throughout the design decision phases, involving staff at all levels of the organization. Descriptive landscape analyses include various procedures used to document visual/scenic resources. The input to the program primarily consists of a series of single point values such as hull overall fineness ratio, number of engines, airship hull and empennage drag coefficients, description of the mission profile, and weights of fixed equipment, fixed useful load and payload. In this study, the design of Geschke et al. Acute patients perceived significantly more noise than elective patients (Pcorrelation between patients' sense of coherence (SOC) and their perception of noise (P, A Description Grid to Support the Design of Learning Role-Play Games, Mariais, Christelle; Michau, Florence; Pernin, Jean-Philippe, To strengthen the motivation of learners, the professional training sector is focusing more and more on game-based learning. (2013, Technometrics). The concepts in this chapter are useful for uncovering patterns within the data and for effectively presenting the results of a project. Coupled rotor/fuselage dynamic analysis of the AH-1G helicopter and correlation with flight vibrations data. It has been shown that descriptive assessments of some forms of problem behavior (e.g., self-injury, aggression) are not good indicators of behavioral function and should not be used exclusively when conducting functional behavior assessments (Thompson & Iwata in Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40 , 333-338. doi: 10.1901/jaba.2007.56.06/epdf, 2007). In correlational research, two variables such as the height and weight of individuals are studied to establish their relationship. Copyright 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Jordan is a developing country in the Middle East and, much like other countries in the world, has high rates of intimate partner violence (IPV). It can answer what, where, when and how questions, but not why questions. Pairs generally displayed reduced bias and increased variance compared to individuals, however the variance dropped significantly when they used the sommelier card. PMID:25424803. This feature is intended to make it an attractive alternative for users lacking in programming experience. . (a) An applicant for approval of a major change in type design must (1) Provide substantiating data and necessary descriptive data for inclusion in the type design; (2) Show that the changed product the necessary descriptive data for inclusion in the type design the other configurations of the same must submit substantiating data and necessary descriptive data for inclusion in the type design. Before the study, the written informed consent was obtained from all subjects. This separation of scales stands at the heart of the nuclear shell model and effective field theories that describe the long-range structure of the nucleus using a mean-field approximation. To elucidate the consequences of this popular procedure, we apply a combination of DFT with the Anderson impurity model (AIM), as well as DFT + U for a calculation of the potential energy surface along the Co/Cu(001) adsorption coordinate, and compare the results with those obtained from DFT. In this work we show that this principle actually has a much stronger restriction on the probability distribution. Descriptive findings provide some information about areas of growth among graduate students' in the first years of their, Parton model description of multiparticle azimuthal correlations in p A collisions, Dusling, Kevin; Mace, Mark; Venugopalan, Raju, In [1], an initial state parton model of quarks scattering off a dense nuclear target was shown to qualitatively reproduce the systematics of multiparticle azimuthal anisotropy cumulants measured in proton/deuteron-nucleus (pA) collisions at RHIC and the LHC. The green notes did not correlate with the concentration or OAVs of aldehydes or C6 alcohols. Bipolar disorders (BPD) are chronic mental illnesses, the development of which involves genetic factors and environmental influences. Design processes focusing in the domain of description are likely to yield programs like burearcracies: rigid, obtuse, impersonal, and unable to adapt to changing circumstances. The aim of this article is to improve the designers' confidence in the validity of the game-based learning, NASA Langley Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar Instrument Description. The correlator is then used to sum up the signals of the 6 antennas over 256 MHz. Singleton, Enrica Kinchen; Bienemy, Cynthia; Hutchinson, Sharon W; Dellinger, Amy; Rami, Janet S. From a convenience sample consisting of junior level nursing students enrolled in a research class at a southern Historically Black College and University (HBCU), this pilot study investigated the percent of participants who were overweight as determined by Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements, and the percent satisfied with their body image as measured by the Strunkard Body Image Scale. Each turbine designed and produced in connection to this project will be based on the experience and knowledge gained from the previous designs. This approach is effective to search important compounds that contribute to the attributes. The goals are to increase the system bandwidth, achieve video rate imaging, improve sensitivity and reduce the size. Numerical models are increasingly the focus of modern engineering as helpful tools for tailoring and optimization of custom-designed microstructures by suitable processing and alloy design. We also identify a new hydrodynamic mechanism of spin magnetoresistance. Analytical predictions of hub shears for main rotor harmonics 2p, 4p, and 6p generated by C81 are used in conjunction with 2p OLS measured control loads and a 2p lateral tail rotor gearbox force, representing downwash impingement on the vertical fin, to excite the NASTRAN model. Ineffective communication negatively impacted satisfaction with care. The description and synthesis of the hardware architecture uses the XC3S1200E family Spartan 3E FPGA from Xilinx Manufacturer. The details of the language, translator and simulator programs are included. Advantages of analog IF processing are presented. Descriptive research is a study designed to depict the participants in an accurate way. While the conventional way to design local descriptor is based on expert experience and knowledge, learning-based methods for designing local descriptor become more and more popular because of their good performance and data-driven property. Here, particular mathematical features of pCCD and CCD0 are exploited to avoid these problems in an efficient manner. Intra-cluster correlation coefficients were estimated for patient demographics, morbidity managed and treatments received. RIME ratings correlated most strongly with patient management skills and least strongly with humanistic qualities. However, if the group means differ, other estimators have better performance depending on the sample size per group and the number of groups. This document provides a systems description of the Reference Design for The Next Step (TNS) evolved at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) during FY 1978. Overall, 61% of the participants presented moderate to very serious anxiety. In particular, we describe the features of the language, illustrate them with examples, and show how we use it in designing domain-specific HUMS architectures. 10.25% of Cypriot schoolchildren reported clinical depressive symptoms (CDI score19). Thus, MD-CTE can be a useful noninvasive test in the early evaluation of symptomatic patients. After analyzing rate of error between existing data and calculation data, we concluded that calculation data have sound agreement with existing data. Wavefront aberration at 0.707 field of view (FOV) is only 0.1wavelength. Clinicians offered further specific suggestions regarding product use and progression of care for selected complications. The Author(s) 2016. The other, the loss parameter, is defined as the incremental or decremental change in insertion loss of the filter with incremental change in maximum applied electric field. Powerful and practical applications are demonstrated through the accurate prediction of spectroscopic near-field optical contrasts, as well as the "inversion" of these spectroscopic contrasts into a quantitative description of material optical properties. A correlation reflects the strength and/or direction of the relationship between two (or more) variables. Copyright 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. By independently naming the descriptions composed of sets of observational features, as well as maintaining connections to scientific names, it preserves the observational data used to identify organisms. Data dispersion was calculated by standard deviation in 30(59%). Approximate correlations for chevron-type plate heat exchangers. With the increase m the growth of health usage and monitoring systems (HUMS) in commercial and military domains, the need far the design and evaluation of HUMS architectures has also been on the increase. Study participants will undergo annual clinical exams and laboratory assays, and baseline and triennial collection of biological materials for biobanking and cardiovascular imaging exams (carotid, femoral and abdominal ultrasonography, coronary calcium score, and ankle-arm blood pressure index). Data collection consisted of registration of demographic variables and measurements of noise levels in the OR combined with a questionnaire. A convenience sample of 240 community-dwelling adults aged 60 was recruited in May-July in 2012 in Hong Kong. Trinary signed-digit (TSD) symbolic-substitution-based (SS-based) optical adders, which were recently proposed, are used as the basic modules for designing highly parallel optical multiplications by use of cascaded optical correlators. To assist researchers in reducing mistakes, important issues are singled out for discussion and several options put forward for analysing data. The classification sensitivity was 81% (area under the curve of receiver operating characteristics=0.79) and 85% (area under the curve of receiver operating characteristics=0.76) between HCs and AD and between HCs and AD and mild cognitively impaired, respectively. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. To achieve this aim, the scheme has so far been scaled up to several communities nationwide as part of government's agenda to improve the general wellbeing of the populace. Closure models used in the TRACE code has been reviewed and selected to reflect the progress made during the past decades and provide a basis for the colure correlations implemented in the RELAP-7 code. defining another description of disorder. Specifically, it discusses the importance and purpose of correlational research, its application, analysis and interpretation with contextualisations to nursing and health research. Haiduke, Roberto Luiz A; Bartlett, Rodney J. Sec. The nurses with older in age and more post-registration experience and/or working experience in the private hospital indicated a higher level of job satisfaction, particularly with Pay and . Preservice Elementary Teachers Increase Descriptive Science Vocabulary by Making Descriptive Adjective Object Boxes, Rule, Audrey C.; Crisafulli, Sherry; DeCare, Heather; DeLeo, Tonya; Eastman, Keri; Farrell, Liz; Geblein, Jennifer; Gioia, Chelsea; Joyce, Ashley; Killian, Kali; Knoop, Kelly; LaRocca, Alison; Meyer, Katie; Miller, Julianne; Roth, Vicki; Throo, Julie; Van Arsdale, Jim; Walker, Malissa, Descriptive vocabulary is needed for communication and mental processing of science observations. The meeting is intended to enhance interactions between theory, applications, instrument design, and participants. Education for both study participants and their spouses had a negative correlation with IPVAS ( r = -.27, p = .00) and ( r = -.20, p = .00), respectively. This proxy assessment may be further developed to expedite and enhance patient-centered care planning processes, but user input is first needed to finalize the core requirements that will guide its design. Parity, ethnicity, number of midwives attending, presence of personal support persons, length of labor, and pain relief medications were unrelated to PPI scores. Bailey, Joanna J; Sabbagh, Melanie; Loiselle, Carmen G; Boileau, Johanne; McVey, Lynne, Informational support to family members of ICU patients has significant potential for reducing their psychological distress, enabling them to better cope and support the patient. Reporter-Interpreter-Manager-Educator (RIME) descriptive ratings as an evaluation tool in an emergency medicine clerkship. The objective of this study was to describe their level of knowledge, beliefs and implementation of EBP. However, if the group means differ, other estimators have better performance depending on the sample size per group and the number of groups. Design. The ODP/IODP has a long and rich history of collecting descriptive and interpretative information (DESCINFO) from rock and sediment cores from the world's oceans. The aim of this paper is to present the cross-correlation and the wavelet cross-correlation methods to assess synchronization between contractions in different topographic regions of the uterus. This section reviews three types of descriptive research: case studies, surveys, and naturalistic observation. However, to date little is known concerning the contribution of the number and severity of recent stressful life events on the prevalence of depressive symptoms among university students. Effects of a Training Package to Improve the Accuracy of Descriptive Analysis Data Recording. 41 CFR 101-29.503 - Agency product descriptions. The proportion of studies concluding for similarity of the RDM with CDP ranged from 0% to 100%. Subcritical liquid storage and supply are two of the five CFM technology areas that need to be studied in the low gravity on-orbit environment. For qualitative research, approximately 50% fell in the "other category" over the 25 years; in 2010, grounded theory (15, Towards a metadata scheme for the description of materials - the description of microstructures, Schmitz, Georg J.; Bttger, Bernd; Apel, Markus; Eiken, Janin; Laschet, Gottfried; Altenfeld, Ralph; Berger, Ralf; Boussinot, Guillaume; Viardin, Alexandre. Moreover, temporal correlations significantly affect the dynamics of coupled epidemic processes unfolding on the network. In psychology, techniques used to describe behavior include case studies, surveys, naturalistic observation, interviews, and psychological tests. Although hardware description languages (HDL) are becoming more and more necessary to automated design systems, their application is complicated due to the difficulty in translating the HDL description into an implementable format, nonfamiliarity of hardware designers with high-level language programming, nonuniform design methodologies and the time and costs involved in transfering HDL design software. A specified significance level was named in 43(88%) and the exact significance levels were reported in 28(57%). Detailed specifications of the two most common computing system types in use by the major aerospace companies which could support the IPAD system design are presented. This study set out to examine the readability of nurse-designed written information leaflets using the Flesch Reading Ease score and the FOG and SMOG readability formulae. A total of 68% of adolescents have experienced at least one type of chronic childhood adversity, whereas almost 7% have experienced four of more. Published by Elsevier Ltd. 14 CFR 21.97 - Approval of major changes in type design. This type of research is descriptive, unlike experimental research that relies entirely on scientific methodology and hypothesis. This increase is achieved by reduction of the numbers of pixels in the joint spatial encodings for the input TSD operands as well as reduction of the number of pixels used in the proposed matched spatial filters for the optical multipliers. Nursing students completed questionnaires anonymously. Guttormson, Jill L; Bremer, Karin Lindstrom; Jones, Rachel M. The purpose of this study was to describe the patient experience of communication during mechanical ventilation. This work is based primarily on barium strontium titanate (BSTO) ferroelectric thin film based tunable microstrip filters for room temperature applications. To examine perceptions of design professionals, this study was designed to examine possible gender-bias based on job title and description and whether there is a relationship between the two perceptions. Description of the dynamic infrared background/target simulator (DIBS). Hardware description languages are valuable tools in such applications as hardware design, system documentation, and logic design training. Prevalence of depressive symptoms among schoolchildren in Cyprus: a cross-sectional descriptive correlational study. Lack of correlation between preoperative and intraoperative liver hemodynamics: a descriptive analysis. This monolithicHARTMAN UNCLASSIFIED DRSMI/RR-SO-A-TR SBIE-AD-E950 083 N MMI LEYEL~ TECHNICAL REPORT RR-80-4 1l OPTICAL CORRELATION SEEKER Charles R. Christensen Richard LReport RR-80-4 ! The purpose of this paper is to explore the lifestyle behaviours and exercise beliefs of Irish student nurses. A convenience sample of 113 renal transplant recipients was recruited from a medical center in Southern Taiwan. In this case, the mean absolute deviations for EAs in molecules are smaller than 0.10 eV, showing that physical interpretation can indeed be ascribed to some unoccupied orbitals from DFT. In the past 15 years, a dozen or so designs have been proposed for compact optical correlators. Matsuzaki, F.; Yoshikawa, N.; Tanaka, M.; Fujimaki, A.; Takai, Y. In quantitative research, a variable is something (an intervention technique, a pharmaceutical, a temperature, etc.) In this paper we are presenting a high throughput digital cross correlator, capable of processing 1-bit digitized stream, at the rate of up to 2 GHz, simultaneously on 64 channels i.e., approximately 4 Trillion correlation and accumulation operations per second. Data was obtained from an anonymous, Internet-based sample, and thus may not be generalizable to all youth with TTM. A step-by-step guide to planning a qualitative descriptive study and analyzing the data is provided, utilizing exemplars from the authors' research. Prior to this work, the analysis of magnitude correlations of the aforementioned self-similar model had not been addressed. Knowledge and the three domains of psychosocial adjustment were positively correlated with positive emotion (r = .610, P = 0.001), negative emotion (r = .696, P = 0.000), and social life adjustment (r = .617, P = 0.001). Text values are derived from controlled, extensible hierarchical value lists that allow descriptions at the appropriate level of detail and ensure successful data searches. The objective was to develop an integrated avionics system design that enhances rotorcraft single pilot IFR operations without increasing the required pilot training/experience by exploiting advanced technology in computers, busing, displays and integrated systems design. Over a period of four months, a total of 252 caregivers of children and adolescents with psychiatric morbidity were recruited. Turner, Christopher J.; Meichanetzidis, Konstantinos; Papi, Zlatko; Pachos, Jiannis K. Interacting bosons or fermions give rise to some of the most fascinating phases of matter, including high-temperature superconductivity, the fractional quantum Hall effect, quantum spin liquids and Mott insulators. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Respondents were asked to indicate, from the list of identified functions, 1) whether medical directors spent any time on each activity; 2) whether medical directors should spend time on each activity; and 3) if medical directors should spend time on an activity, whether the activity was essential or desirable. RESULTS An overall response rate of 37% was obtained. This descriptive study used percentages to present trends in published studies in four scientific nursing journals for twenty-five years. Correlational research attempts to discover or establish the existence of a It also helps the research team to see the need for the research. Developmental Designs: A Description of the Approach and Implementation in Schools, Kwame-Ross, Terrance; Crawford, Linda; Klug, Erin, This article describes the theoretical and conceptual framework upon which the Developmental Designs (DD) approach is based and four fundamental human needs especially compelling for adolescents. Contrary to the majority of published research, this study did not find a positive correlation between BV and preterm birth. Psychosocial correlates of Internet addiction among Jordanian university students. Description of CASCOMP Comprehensive Airship Sizing and Performance Computer Program, Volume 2. An 8 MW wind turbine is described in terms of mass distribution, dimensions, power curve, thrust curve, maximum design load and tower configuration.

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