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The prosperity gospel teaching should set off every red light, bell, alarm, siren, and whistle inside any true believer because it is in direct conflict with 1 john 2:15. - Bachelor's Degree - Juris . After doing some more digging I was able to find his education listed on his old campaign webpage. 53:6). Try applying to a state registered or accredited academic institution for higher education, or to teach there, with their bible school pieces of paper and see how far they get. I was tall and thinfive foot five, as tall as I am now! But by example, she taught me how to live and always to do the right thing. Not long ago I picked up the New Testament she kept by her chair. Earned BA in (unknown), from Azusa Pacific University (. They are accredited by one of the organizations listed on the fake list of accreditation teams. ATS is a generic accreditation for seminaries and Bible colleges and its really easy to get. God does not recognise any man as the Word says exllicitly for He is not a respector of persons. Sir, if you believe God will, in any way, respect your achievements i am sorry to tell you that you are not born again, were never born again; and you are not going to Heaven. Everyone I know with a doctorate in something other than ministry agrees. I have so many rich memories of our long talks, the godly advice she shared, the unique phrases I never heard anyone else say but her. Rexella Van Impe was born on November 29, 1932 in Missouri, USA. As one who actually earned a Ph.D. from a SACS-accredited public university, I knew these cats could not have found time to earn a doctorate. Wait, you mean I actually have do work and learn stuff? It is almost 100 people already. (. Benny, you get paid to push people over; that takes balls. The Worst Televangelist Product Scams Of All Time, 15 Christian Leaders That Make More Money Getting Out Of Bed Than Youll Make All Year. Earned B.S. Mark 9. The last I heard, he was claiming 160,000 hours, jumping from 120,000 hours previously. I think inquiry is healthy and honorable. Talbot is indeed a legitimate school and we applaud him for getting a real degree from a real school. As far as I can tell he only holds an honorary Doctorate from ORU. Thanks for reading and thanks for the suggestion. This is however a Golden Gate University which is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and has been since 1959, Golden State University (GSU) on the other hand is a private institution approved to operate by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. A degree in education does not qualify you to teach the Bible anymore than an engineering degree would qualify someoneto be a medical professional. Jerry Jenkins is the co-author. Youre looking to the wrong source. God bless you both as you look to the years ahead. But does she look like an 83 year old woman? From that point onwards, they were called Drs. Too often their descendents have been disobedient and have suffered defeat and captivity as a result. They are laughably misleading. Canonical List of Pastors & Teachers With Fake Doctorates. How Can We Have Peace & Joy Today? You could have someone with a graduate real degree in your list. She was awarded two honorary doctorates for re-introducing folk art into American culture. However, that happened long after Lahaye graduated and the school was bought out. Not sure what this was in response to though the word logos is not as simple as written word. How could you shame the body of Christ before the world simply because you put a value on the opinion of the federal government and the education monopoly? I am not sure that matters, though. Im not sure what point youre trying to make but when the Bible was written doctorate degrees didnt exist. Jesus was called the great physician, but He had no doctorate degree, but I am sure He healed more people than any doctor. He also attended North Texas State University where he received his Masters Degree in 1966. Is that a fluff degree? Please do not even try to associate Liberty University with all of these diploma mills. But why in the world would a well known pastor need to use the Dr. in his name if he has his own seminary? Once a school adds that type of technology to their University their quality and subsequent respect by donors, potential professors, potential students and the community goes up several notches. http://www.ministers-best-friend.com/FREE-Ordination-and-Honorary-Degrees-Masters-and-Doctorate-by-Newtonstein.html. Dont worry about all the external factors! The amount of people in the world with honorary degrees just for being famous is ridiculous. A typical Dmin program can be finished in as little as 3 years, whereas a Phd usually runs 4-6 eyars. (Please excuse the paraphrasing.). But heartfelt faith in Christ does: With the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Rom. Those verses should serve as a reminder that we can still teach others and be non-biased of what others do in that aspect, they will get theirs; as you have seen with some of the televangelists you have listed there. Which is irrelevant since its a diploma mill. Most D.Min programs focus on pastoral ministry only. But a greater peace is promised by the prophets-individual peace with God. Its too broad of a degree to be a real expert in anything. In fact, they were some of the first students. Earned PhD from Pacific International University in an unknown field. She was a great prayer warrior. ). A growing number of accredited Bible colleges are becoming too worldly because they are beholden to the federal government that feeds them $$$$s through FASFA. . There is much that he says that cannot be found in the pages of the bible. Dr Rexella Van Impe and special guest Dr Dave Williams show you how to access this good cheer Jesus promised and they explain how the turmoil of these times is predicted in Bible prophecy when the return of the Lord is at hand. I received some of my best and most rewarding education from Liberty. Huh???? She would have invited just the right people, and she would have found the right opportunity to make her case and persist until she prevailed. It would hardly pass for high school quality work. (, B.A. It's perplexing. I should add that I used to be acquainted with a pastor (a seminary grad) who, after years of great ministry in a prominent church, was awarded an honorary D.D. You and your family must not be deceived by those who preach that all roads lead to heaven -- and that the Christian deity and Islamic Allah are the Same God! First off, good catch on spotting the mistake of the co-authors. They are living and active. A full bio and listing of his edication can be found on his ministrys website, Torah Unleashed. Accreditation in this country only started because a bunch of schools got together to make a trade pack. While I dont approve of his plagiarism on his dissertation, Im not sure he belongs on this list for a few reasons. There is a huge difference between the course work. Now full payment for sin has been made. Thanks! I agree with you on Southwestern. I am so thankful for my mothers godly wisdom. If you are not content with the words God has spoken through Jesus, the apostles and the prophets (there are no new ones today), then you need to examine your heart and repent. What Is The Eye Of The Needle (Matthew 19:23-24 / Mark 10:25)? Sad. Dr. Jack Van Impe has been declaring the truth of Bible prophecy since 1948 and continues to be a leading voice in declaring the soon return of the Savior. After taking a few minutes to lookup James email address, it appears he might be offended because he also takes part in an organization that hands out fake degrees. Here is the address: 500 Oxford Drive, Dayton, Tennessee 37321), Doctor of Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary religion, philosophy, and counseling (This is a real school that I highly doubt we graduate from since they dont have Doctorate degrees that include religion, philosophy, and counseling. Almost as impressive as your ability to go this long in ministry without reporting any of your financials to any organization besides the IRS. As the Admin states, to which I will add, there are a lot of crazy and dishonest ( the overall subject of these pages), false witness believers and preachers, far too many! I had a lot of respect for the guy because of that. Entdecke Another Hiltler Rising Dr. Jack Van Impe Ministries VHS in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! (. (1997). ), Master of English, University of Dallas literature and rhetoric (I assume this is legit), Master of Liberal Arts, Southern Methodist University history, philosophy, and literature (Seems legit. Booby Palooka You are just a poor, stupid fool. Some of your biggest TV preachers have these degrees. Who Is Rexella Van Impe's Husband? Of course he can. Shop Full Width; Shop With Sidebar; . It was 1400 pages per class. ; . Failure to do so makes one complicit with their wrong. I cannot control how other adults choose their words but I do want to make the site safe for younger readers. An honorary degree is not a fake degree, it is an honor bestowed because of favor from God or man. As far as I have been able to find, no honorary doctorate has been awarded to Jakes yet..yet! I am not being proud. In the latter days, the Bible says, people will exchange the truth for a lie (Romans 1:5) which is happening today as news outlets and social media promote shocking deceptions about biblical truth, morality, marriage, gender, justice and more! It said, I wanted you to know that Daddy and I had our prayers answered. But dont be deceived. And yes, those most certainly DO use their honorary Dr. prefix to sell books, DVDs, and provide an over-all appearance of being educated. I would submit that even a first year student in bible college could do the task of theology better than the crooks on TV trying to take everyones money. in unknown subject from Bob Jones, in 1950. Denis Otero has an interesting record. What Really Happened Between Ruth and Boaz On The Threshing Floor? There is the written (Logos) word and there is also the (Rhema) word a word from the Lord spoken personally to me). I dont think you understand the whole point of theological education. Worry about your own salvation! The promise of this Jewish homeland was first given to Abraham (Genesis 12:1 3), and it has echoed through the centuries. Believe it or not but many preachers do actually have doctorates. And trust me, there is no comparison. How are these ministers being liars or doing something wrong when their degree is legitimate in the eyes of the state government? Lot of (5) DR DAVID JEREMIAH CDs - 2nd Coming, Prophecy, The Gospel, Discipleshp (#266139196690) u***y (641) - Feedback left by buyer u***y (641). They gave him the robe with the three chevrons, but he never, ever asked that he be called Doctor, and the honorary degree wasnt referred to in his church bulletins. This Ludwig Otto character also seems to have a host of deceptive degree listings and his website bios are absolutely outlandish. The only thing perhaps more pathetic than unearned degrees from unaccredited schools is someone that lists they have a B.A., MBA, and PhD. from a school that doesnt even exist. But often people get a subpar Dmin to get the Dr. attached to their titles. By Dr. Rexella Va By Dr. Rexella Van Read more about impe, rexella, prophecy, donkey, christian and gospel. The separation of church and state has nothing to do with religious leaders scamming people. Not so perplexing in that world; with the Wolf of Wall Street brand of pseudo-Christianity, it makes perfect sense. No one could have the insight and revelation that he does unless he loves God and studies his bible. Only conspiracy theorists stand a chance. How can you call that a quality education? So I knelt down beside her and said, Mom, you told me not to do this thing, but I did., Oh, Rexella, she said gently, when did you do that?, With tears streaming down my face, I replied, About three months ago!, Oh, honey, she said, Im so sorry you had to bear that all alone for three months.. I do not mean to sound harsh and I know you believe these people are great prophets and theologians but they are not. The funny thing is they have names remarkably similar to actual universities that ARE credible. Wheres your list of legit accrediting agencies? Inside I came across a note she had written to Jack, her son-in-law. . My mother could have been there. And why are they different, or what is the difference? Rexella looks and sounds like she's from another planet. The next morning while I was at the studio, someone at the hospital called my brothers, Bob and Don, and said, Mrs. My question is: what exactly is political correctness? Neither of them has a Masters and earned those doctorates in a VERY short timeframe. To summarise: if men of God act deceptively in order to better enrich themselves at the expense of others through using fake degrees or by using Dr so and so; when they are lying or deceiving people; what ELSE are they willing to do, in order to achieve their ungodly goals or to fleece the flock? Forgiveness for sin is available: . In addition, it should be noted that no masters degree was ever earned or recognized for Lahaye. So very sad. She could comfort, correct, encourage, and offer support. Dr. https://sites.google.com/fuller.edu/dmin/course-schedule. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. John the Baptist said of Jesus: . An institution is not deemed unworthy for simply not being accredited. The lady in charge of all the activities sat beside the bed and held Moms hand. My twin brother and a few friends went to liberty. This is interesting. Id look again with LCU. A different body of information. B.A., M.A., & D.Min. Rhema () also is a bit more nuanced. Rich: "It's a small fantasy inside a much larger one, the perpetration of which harms no one except its willing participants. I have been watching you for over 20 years and I wish that he was here to see what is happening now with what all is going on in this day and time. That doesnt mean I am ignorant, because I know the founding fathers were smarter than mebut I recognize and honor greatness. I also discovered a number of youtube videos he put up bearing the title Dr.. Now I realize that all his wisdom is actually extrabiblical mumbo-jumbo that hes conjured up in his own mind. And if the had it had nothing to do with them being anointed and everything to do with God exercising His authority on the earth. Southwestern is accredited but its irrelevant since he did not earn a degree. Although she lived in the palace of a cruel and powerful oriental despot, surrounded by evil men who were plotting to destroy all the Jews in the kingdom, she found a way to gain favor with her husband, the king. Have you ever read the about the author sections on her book? I worked very hard at it for a long time, while working full-time. It looks like Luke mentions the type of doctor you are referring to. However, he did start a successful PC repair/service company.) They have no educated staff or any staff at all. They laugh all the way to the bank with peoples money. Interestingly, TSU and SW are the same school. But powerful leaders are trying to disguise the truth about this violent religion and its demand for conquest. Would you be able to tell if International Miracle Institute is a fake institution? (TAC), United Christian College Accreditation Association (UCCAA) (Divine Heart), United States Distance Education & Training Council of Nevada (NOTE: A similarly titled agency, the Distance Education & Training Council (DETC), of Washington, D.C., is a VALID and RECOGNIZED online learning accreditation agency. Christian have some crazy beliefs also. We have two local pastors who claim to have accredited Ph;Ds. I hold four graduate degrees form Liberty, and I can tell you that Libertys seminary is extremely difficult. They are designed for completely different purposes. Oh, how she loved having them not just for the lunchtime, but for the fellowship in the Lord. Bachelors in Theology from the University of Albuquerque, Alb. I can only find one and it looks like 3 people have read it). She is an actress and writer, known for Jack Van Impe Presents (1994), The Mark of the Beast (1997) and Revelation (1999). Thank you for all you bring to the world. Furthermore, this news outlet has a well known bias towards Christianity and Republican politics. I know I was. When the church had a visiting evangelist, Mother was the one who invited him over for dinner. What about the International Miracle Institute? The fact of the matter is that these false prophets acquire these fake credentials in order to deceive people.. people like yourself who dont have the means know they are fake. He is the source of peace in any life or land, and He is the One to know and trust in these perplexing hours of closing time. in 1964. Southwestern Assemblies of God University (now regionally accredited) was then named Southwestern Bible Institute (accredited by a recognized Bible college agency). G.A. She would have devised a strategy. 4 weeks no symptoms mumsnet; william . But, I would still rather be a Liberty grad than a UNC grad with a degree in AFAM. Rexella Van Impe was born on November 29, 1932 and is 90 years old now. LCUs credits are transferable to ORU and other places like Andersonville Theological Seminary and many others. David is a blatant liar when it comes to education. She is an actress, producer, and writer, best known for Jack Van Impe (1994), The Mark of the Beast (1997) and Revelation (1999). Parsley has enough money to pay the tuition of every student that steps into the doors of his school yet he wants the poor people in Columbus Ohio to pay it for him. There is a reason why seminary professors have Phds and not Dmins and its because a Phd prepares you to be an expert in an academic field, not and expert in a professional field. Box 7004 Troy, MI 48007-7004. That Sir is impressive. My brothers and I just brought our friends home, and they were always made to feel welcome. Moved to spruce grove alberta. They are also independently owned which makes the monopoly claim just silly. In fact, it was a republican in the senate (Grassley) who initially began the probe some 10 years ago into these scammers. I actually just made a much longer list in which Duplantis is included. He longed for them to know the peace he had found in Christ. A lot of these preachers are good people doing good for Spreading the word of God ! If you want to become a better minister then its a fine choice. This means that up till now he is the most educated person on this list. I would love to know how you would know anything about me.. And I dont believe for a second that any televangelist has raised anyone from the dead. You should get yourself a Greek New Testament Internlinear, and take a little time, energy and effort and look up (and actually read) how the word Logos is used in some verses of one Gospel, and Rhema is used in another Gospel, describing the very same discourse. His theological training came at Southwestern Bible Institute near Dallas where he was President of his class and a member of the College Concert Choir. My mind remembered Hal because he wrote books on the same subject, from the same view point as Tim. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. Simple Product She sang as she ministered to my brothers and me. Everyone assumes that Rexella did not only have face lift but that she also uses botox in order to keep her face tight. That is not gossip. These televangelists are completely unequipped to discuss theology on any academic level. . He keeps people coming back for a fresh word from the Lord. Gods words have not grown stale. Dang this guy is good. Her husband is Jack Van Impe (21 August 1954 - 18 January 2020) ( his death) Rexella Van Impe Net Worth Her net worth has been growing significantly in 2021-2022. As long as he continues giving his viewers a good dose of dispensationalist sensationalism (1), he's OK. At least until TBN pulls the plug. At first I thought it must be an old taped message because Rexella looked younger than the last time I had caught a view of her on TV. Is The NIV Purposefully Removing References To Fasting? ), Master of Divinity, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary religion, history, philosophy, and counseling (Legit school but MDiv students dont have 3 concentrations), Bachelor of Arts, City University of New York mathematics and physics (Awesome), Bachelor of Law, Blackstone School of Law Constitutional and Business Law, Legal Ethics and History (Good for him). Isnt that a sin? But at least he tried and finished a degree, even if its not recognized by an accreditation. The sad thing about these fake pastors is that their adherents will follow them to the moon and back. Once again, I judge no one who uses these titles, but I prefer Jesus teachings when there is a conflict that I havent figured out. Riplinger has B.A., M.A., and M.F.A. Even if you just look at the entrance requirements you will notice that doctoral candidates for almost all programs require a handle on Greek, Hebrew, and a 3rd language. I have a BS from an accredited state school and completed half of an MBA. Popular TV evangelist Jack Van Impe, who was known for his preaching about the End Times has died at the age of 88. They dont even have a campus. Nowadays, plastic surgery is easily accessible and if one has a problem with his looks and believes that surgery can make him feel and look better, chances are hes going under the knife. But it the was love I was given by Christ followers that changed me. One, anyone is free to accept or not whatever is said or claimed, equally. From the end of the "Jack Van Impe" program of 6 September 2008 2.8M views 29K views 26K views 365K views 4 days ago. Most of those who brandish their fake title of Doctor are so obviously Scripturally illiterate it is almost amusing. They provide PhD level degrees to students with no prior education and will do so in 1/4 of the time it would for anyone else actually doing school work. Van Impe started taking classes in the 3rd or 4th year of existence. Perry is really one of the only humble men on the list that decided to stop putting Dr. on his name, even though early on I witnessed him using the prefix. Dr. Rexella Van Impe tells us that God loves us and so does she. All these televanglists are a bunch of C*nts Dr. ? We will all meet our maker. I would consider someone with an Mdiv to be proficient and professional but I dont know about expert. They also give PhD level degrees to people with NO prior education. Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University. Libertyis the school founded by Jerry Falwell (another fraud). They simply believe things that religious people dont. Just a few weeks later, she said, you led me back to the Lord! (Interestingly enough, this lady was the daughter of the pastor who led Jack Van Impe to the Lord many years ago!). Am I a world evangelist now?) Oh were you there when they. Generally and over all. I would rather earn a degree from an unaccredited school thats authorized to issue a degree by their state than to have a degree from some liberal accredited school like Harvard. Sounds more like a schoolyard bully that a supreme loving God. This school (according to people closer to the situation than I) was a Bible Institute that was accredited by a Bible college agency of some kind but not regionally. Most often he refers to it as a book and even details its chapters. Hey Im just a regular guy who has had a stroke but can really see through the deceitment of these so called DRs. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them (Ezekiel 36:24 27). Kenny Russell runs a profitable Hebrew Roots program. ), Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA), World Association for Online Education (WAOE)**, World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC), World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC), World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC). In this new special, Dr. Rexella Van Impe is joined by Bible prophecy expert Dr. Carl Baugh to answer your most pressing questions about terrorism - and most importantly: Can the chaotic world we live in ever have peace? Im going back to get my doctorate because the two people I know who raised people from the dead have theirs. no one says anything about Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, or other notables honorary doctorate degrees.. Fake degrees are exactly that Fake. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D0b11Syl9c&feat ure=related Add your Vote: 0 Comments Now that misrepresented verse has a way of backfiring in all directions, so whats wrong with a person wanting to go to a program for knowledge would and should be the question, however in this case I dont care what all those folk listed above do as I choose not to listen to them any longer as I have continues my quest for knowledge within the scriptures. Youre going to see the Lord, youre going to see Daddy, and youre going to see your mother and all the saints!, And with all her remaining strength her face brightened at the thought and she replied, UH-HUH! She was expressing, Oh, yes, thats my choice!, So her last words to her children wereI love you more. I want to go home. UH-HUH!. If your school only requires a student to show up to 3 classes and read 1 book and have no final exams. Just like the pharisees of old who loved to strut around in fancy garments, making long prayers and being in cohorts with the Roman governmentso too do these long for the admiration of peers, and important position and rank. Sometimes the Jews have embraced it and possessed their land. That is true. Is that not calling the kettle black? Everyone counted on her to pray. Never have I seen such a trumped up bio from a collection of nothing. Also, preaching the gospel and professing to be expert Bible teachers are two different things. But is typically as rigorous as a Phd? Here is the about blurb from the BCU website. They even gave an honorary doctorate to Kermit the Frog. Buying fake degrees so they can pretend to be educated. I knew the artist Grandma Moses when I was a boy (Im not kidding); she and my grandmother lived in the same small town and were acquaintances way back in the early 1900s. "The beloved Dr. Jack Van Impe was welcomed into Heaven by His blessed Savior and Lord who he had so faithfully served in ministry for over 70 years," the January 18 statement reads. Honorary Doctorate degrees from Talbot School of Theology and Grace Graduate School. So who is the person that you were unable to mention? In this season, God appears to be asking America to line up like Israel. Once again, I cannot state this enough, accreditation is not everything. Think carefully about the words of the prayer above. A bit of advice; if your organization does not have 501(c)(3) status from the IRS then you have to pay taxes like everyone else. No one would say hes not worthy of a J.D., even though he never had a formal education. * Radio Talk Show Host & TV Performer (Still not impressive. As for Andersonville, they also lack any credible accreditation. It depends on where you go. During the reign of the Prince of Peace, the enmity between men and animals will be removed, creating conditions similar to those that prevailed before the Fall: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Rexella Van Impe's income source is mostly from being a successful Actress. Married to Jack Van Impe . No one ever cares if a faith healer is educated, just if he is anointed. (, LCU is an unaccredited school, by choice. At any rate, SBI in the 50slike Lee and other institutions offering only ministerial degreesadhered to strict standards which were required by the (non-regional) accrediting agency. Starting to see the pattern yet? To the schools credit they were an accredited institution in 1960, after bought by Tyndale. (. Ive heard him teach correct doctrine on the rapture, so some people may be deceived into thinking the remainder of his teachings are correct. She was extraordinary in that she always had a word of comfort or encouragement for people in need. The sad thing is people believe this garbage because they want it to be true. Im not sure that I follow you. Whats shameful is not the ministers who hold a degree from an unaccredited school authorized to issue degrees, but the scandalous gossip taking place on this blog against fellow believers. Not any more. Sponsored. They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. Late in life, he had his doctoral hoods taken apart and turned into a large patchwork quilt! They have no authority to teach the Bible to anyone and they do a terrible job when they try, which is why not a single televangelist is affirmed by any accredited theological institutions. Then I asked the same question What could a Bible believing Christian possibly say, that would give a theologian (or a theology student) the impression that they worship the Bible instead of God? could refer to any snippet of teaching, proverb, lesson, and yes a spoken word. A typical class list can be found on many seminary websites. https://www.facebook.com/InternationalApostolicPropheticCouncil/. Somehow he has managed to get the attention of some big players in the Hebrew Roots organization, such as Michael Rood and has even spoken at credible churches like The Vineyard. (, CLU is officially independent and unaccredited. His wife, Rexella, is 79 years old. She was also a co-host of her husbands TV series.

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