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- Coordinate/execute building 613 upgrades/repairs--provided additional storage/training area--increasing throughput Award Cat: First Sergeant Winner: Squ . - Supervised Airmen during dorm move--provided direction/guidance--ensured smooth transition/safety of all First Sergeant EPR Bullets See also: First Sergeant Awards Duty Description - Advises MDG, Med Ops & Dental Sq CCs w/mil/prsnl issues impacting 524 mbrs; facilitates $18M in hlth care svcs - CC's focal point f/discipline/mentoring/recognition f/234 enl/135 ofcrs/155 civs in 66 AFSCs; manages EPME pgms And the more firewall 5 EPRs you earn, the sooner you get promoted and the sooner you go on to bigger and better challenges. And the more firewall 5 EPRs you earn, the sooner you get promoted and the sooner you go on to bigger and better challenges. When your Troop Doesn't Play Ball Second Air Force, which oversees Basic Military Training and technical training for 93% of the U.S. Air Force, welcomed a new agency, 1 Jan., dedicated to the modernization of training and education delivery across its five training wings. Hit the ground running; immediate positive sq impact - continue to groom for Group 1st Sgt! Consider Dress & Appearance, Personal/Professional Conduct On/Off Duty - Breathed new life into section; made transition to B-2 platform transparent--considered a national stealth asset - Bridged the gap between the ranks as acting First Sergeant They are the Airmen that come to work early and leave late. - Steered CC thru 5 CRBs/admin separation/3 Art 15s/ADAPT TTM; ensured fair process/justice--rehabilitated 6 Amn The first sergeant works in concert with the superintendent to oversee the readiness, training, health, morale and quality of life of assigned personnel. - Refurbished 29 Family Care Plans; put emphasis on Amn accountability--model program/adopted by 1st Sgts council This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks. It's the impact portion of the EPR Bullet, the positive result of an accomplishment, that give us the most frustration. - Acting 1st Sgt Council Pres; advised 1st & 492d SOW CCCs--led 46 1st Sgts/3 wgs/mentored 8.2K Air Commandos Go to the EPR Bullets or EPR Bullets by AFSC websites. --instilled pos image to 70 airmen Finally, Sergeant Paulson's leadership played a vital role in the 368th Recruiting Squadron receiving the Air Force Recruiting Service's Standard of Excellence award during Fiscal Year 2018. It is a great way to save some money, knock out a few classes, and become a Hercules (or Athena) of the gym. - Impacts base-wide! - Fair/firm 1Sgt; advised CC on 13 admin actions/1 CM/2 art 15/provid'd spt to mbrs--bedrock of good order/discipline - #X/XX Wg Lts! - Unquestionable adherence to Air Force Core Values; Leads by example/holds subordinates to Air Force Standards Both requirements must be met for eligibility. - Earned 2nd AA degree; completed 12 crdt hrs/BS Bus Admin/HR Mgmt--ldrshp acumen tried/med read best/AFSPC Hit the ground running; immediate positive sq impact - continue to groom for Group 1st Sgt! Chosen by CC; led 2 Sq/183 mbrs--resolved 28 disciplinary/admin issues--msn success! - Served 3 months as 1st Sgt; resolved six Amn issues; augmented dorm inspections--boosted welfare; promote! - Wg Top III Treas/AAHC mentor; mng'd fundraising/led 17 committees/44 psnl--generated $23K toward QoL events - Advises Sr ldrshp on psnl issues; rvws/edits EPRs/LOEs/decs/awds; brfs Wg/CC on Status of Discipline/QoL matters Filled 1st Sgt void; spt'd 3 UIF's/Art 15 admin/med emer--instilled discipline/welfare 248 mem unit, - Active & visible mentor; mbr of 18 ldrshp panels--CC course/FTAC/NCO PES/SNCO PES/ALSinspired 661 prsnl, - Mentored mbr w/relationship issues; coor'd resources f/relocation--alleviat'd stress f/1st time parent w/fam separation. Contact Disclaimer. - Advises recommended actions/plans to officer and enlisted leadership pertaining to administrative and legal issues - Quality of Life watchdog; arranged three mental health/one ADAPT/2 FAP consults--bridged necessity for resiliency - Mission focused, trusted agent trained and critical to the integrity of the Commanders urinalysis program Contact Disclaimer. - Problem solver! - Acquired seats for Key Spouse Training at local base; skills brought back base for unit's newly revived prgm - Managed 20-man geographically remote workcenter in support of Air Mobility Command--exceeded all assigned goals! - Implemented crisis mng't; coord'd 2 E-Leave/2 early release w/4 orgs--assured unhampered mbrs travel/AFCENT ops - Provided guidance/mentorship for mbr/family after diagnosis/treatment for thyroid cancer-morale/spirits lifted! Must remain vigilant for, and move to resolve, issues that, left unchecked, would adversely impact the readiness of enlisted members. - Additional Duty 1st Sgt; provided ldrshp/counseling for > 300 prsnl--enhanced capability to comm w/sq ldrshp - Vice-President of First Sergeant Council; plans and schedules all workshops and professional development events Although the EPR is a record of an Airman's performance during the reporting period, there are some things we're not allowed to include in an EPR even if they did occur during the reporting period. - Planned, set up & facilitated CC's calls, awards, decs, and promotion ceremonies--fostered mbr involvement. - Recognized 2 NCOs at local council for Diamond Sharp awd; selected as 372 RCG Tuskegee Archer nominee Deployed. - Piloted drug use CC investigation; interviewed 14 prsnl/30 hrs--reinforced Sq discipline/reset org climate for 89 mbrs - Compiled wkly deplymt data for Tm McChord stand-up; tracked 400+ prsnl at 16 FOLs--100% vis for Sr ldrs Squadron Superintendent. - Authored/taught Enlisted 101 crs; educated civ/ofcr raters on force dev--drove accurate evals/mentoring for 256 Amn Contact - Personifies diligence, consistency, loyalty, and professionalism, earning the respect of his peers and supervisors alike - Led ALS in commandant absence; coordd cross wg/developed 2 class rosters--graduated 84 new supervisors - Donated $14.5K/521 hrs to Osan; pioneered SEO f/OWH, led morale activities, ex spt & PESs--built next gen leaders, - Earned UEI "Eff!" Back to EPR Bullets. - 492 SOW CCC's go-to 1st Sgt! Additionally, as the commander's top advisor, he successfully exploited organizational talent in support of the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise, providing shore power to 200 aircraft and 49 ships, facilitating the Squadron's first ever Verne Orr Award. 1SG Morgan was essential to the operational success of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade during his 7 month deployment to Kuwait in support - Top notch leader! More. Advises the commander on a wide range of topics including the health, esprit de corps, discipline, mentoring, well being, career progression, professional development, and recognition of all assigned enlisted members. - Handled 11 Red Cross notifications; coord'd e-leave w/base orgs/secur'd RAP f/grieving amn--mbrs en route < 24 hrs Bullet statements may be contributed using this form. JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- Senior master sergeant enlisted performance reports, which closed out July 31, will be accomplished on the newly published Air Force Form 911, the EPR for master sergeant through senior master sergeant, which was made available July 31 on the e-Publishing website. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of motivation to get Airmen to change their behavior. Deployed - Led C2 f/AFRICOM's 1st Gp CP; tracked 15K vehicles & 37.2K pax--supported DoD's #1 SIGINT sys f/3 COCOMs - Updated 52 chklsts w/contacts for Gp/Wg; reduced cmdrs notification time--awarded deployed Gp team of the month - Boosted trng prgm; generated trng/continuity for replacements--reduced trng time to spt 3K flts ISO combat First Sergeant NCOER Bullets. Serves as a First Sergeant of a Basic Combat Training Company that consists of 25 cadre and an average annual training load of over 1,100 Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers; overall responsible for the enforcement and execution of TRADOC Program of Instruction (POI) and Training Support Package (TSP); provides mentorship to all personnel on - Constantly engaged; planned and orchestrated multiple retirement/promotion/awards ceremonies for squadron - Respected leader; maint's GOAD/morale/Amn dvlpmt for 150 assn'd mbrs 3 STEP II prmtns, 5 ALS grads - Wg/CC entrusted advisor--teams w/ 7 Gp/35 Sq cmdrs 25 First Sgts on HR incidents, complaints, and issues - Articulates/implements HAF/MAJCOM/Wg & Sq policies; presents rehabilitative options to the CC on legal matters, - Mng'd duty tempo during COVID-19 pandemic; reconstituted shifts/physical space--zero contaminations/msn impact From the very epr bullet writing help first air force evaluation in the wonder years of the late 1940's to today's latest epr form, many have been . - Platinum First Sergeant! Taught FTAC/NCOPE/Flt cmdr crse/16 panels/E-1 thru O5--1SG insight to 362 jt prsnl across 3 bases all maps fatal bullet; who is running for senate in maryland 2022 - Direct'd 186 prsnl actions/rehabed 6 late-bloomers--fueled msn rdy force/9 dplymnts/2K DVs/93T cargo/23K part rqmts - Orchestrated 1st Sgt Symposium; led 4 day/26 block/50 hr course--Team Andersen armed w/65 additional duty shirts The intent of the award is to recognize individuals that demonstrate outstanding performance and professionalism on a daily basis. Contact Disclaimer. It seems that with the new changes 1206s will be written much more to ensure you can get that strat by being the NCO of the Year, etc. When accomplishments are listed in an annual performance report, they are limited to a single or sometimes two lines. - Active in Schriever/Buckley/Peterson/Holloman CCF councils; 450K sq mi AOR--service before self example JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard chief master sergeant enlisted performance reports, which close out annually on May 31, are now accomplished on the new Air Force Form 912, Enlisted Performance Report (CMSgt). - Attended add duty 1st Sgt Trainer crse--developed self/mgt skills, expanded enl force sppt, built better Air Force - Academic Review Board mbr; performed 3 records reviews/interviews--objectively upheld PME values/100% grad rt - QB'd cmd-wide DDR initiative/tm'd w/JAG/SFS/insp d 630 rms/ushered aftercare/sep pkgs--cemented zero tolerance First Sergeant EPR Bullets Duty Description - Principle advisor to CC for 154 AD members & 4 civilians; relays critical insight on morale, welfare & msn readiness - Advises Sr ldrshp on psnl issues; rvws/edits EPRs/LOEs/decs/awds; brfs Wg/CC on Status of Discipline/QoL matters But let's not underestimate the importance of this task it is important.

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