florida 10th congressional district candidates 2022

The two Republicans in the primary runoff for Georgia's 10th Congressional District are both ultra-conservative Trump-supporting candidates, but only one has Trump's endorsement and only one can ultimately win. The 10th Congressional District of Florida held an election for the U.S. House of Representatives on November 4, 2014. position: relative; .leg-hnt-flex-column { } These maps show the leading candidates margins in the reported vote and estimates for which candidate leads in the remaining votes that we expect from each county. if (window.jQuery) { border: 1px solid #999; , Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, a Democrat, won a tough re-election campaign, beating Blake Masters, a Trump-backed venture capitalist. Laura Kelly, Democrat, is re-elected as governor of Kansas. Incumbents are bolded and underlined. .census-table-widget { Incumbent Daniel Webster (R) did not seek re-election in the 10th District. margin: 3px 0; That number, a decade-high, was five more than in 2020, when there were 19 contested Republican primaries, and 12 more than in 2018, when there were 12. Nov. 9, 2022, J.D. Heres who won color: #6db24f; overflow-x: auto; })(); This section contains campaign finance figures from the Federal Election Commission covering all candidate fundraising and spending in this election. YouTube channel for standing up for your rights and patriotism. clear: both; } Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. if ($('#vis_xs_indicator').is(':hidden') || typeof VoterInfobyState_Resized!='undefined') { } color: #888; Candidates are asked three required questions for this survey, but they may answer additional optional questions as well. border-left: 1px solid #ddd; , Angie Craig, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Minnesotas Second Congressional District. chevron.addClass('fa-chevron-up'); Representative for Florida's 10th congressional district Since Jan 3, 2023 (next election in 2024) Democrat @RepMaxwellFrost Official Website 202-225-2176 View Legislative Profile & Get Alerts Check the map to make sure we've located your address accurately. Ballotpedia features 395,557 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. Alicia Parlapiano clearInterval(nTimer); Follow along after polls close. .image-candidate-thumbnail { I also helped check in guests, sanitize rental shoes, and collect bowling balls after games. Jacob Ogles November 6, 2022 2024 - Down Ballot Headlines Maxwell Alejandro Frost needs to beat Calvin Wimbish before taking the mantle as Gen Z's first Congressman Maggie Astor Sixteen candidatesten Democrats and six Republicansran to replace Demings in the 10th district, the most candidates who ran for a seat this year. , Brandon Williams, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent New Yorks 22nd Congressional District. font-weight: 500; Races to watch include those in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 22nd Congressional Districts, as well as the contest for governor. The 2022 United States House of Representatives elections in Indiana were held on November 8, 2022, to elect the nine U.S. representatives from the state of Indiana, one from each of the state's nine congressional districts.The elections coincided with other elections to the U.S. House of Representatives, elections to the U.S. Senate, and various state and local elections. Lt. Gov. Both sitting representatives and candidates for office hear many personal stories from the residents of their district. Some other training stuck with me and helps me look like a pro whenever bowling now - I can call in machine malfunctions like banana tree, interlock, and pin jam for instant alley credibility. John Fetterman, a Democrat, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican. display: inline-block; If you are a current representative, why did you join your current committees? chevron.removeClass('fa-chevron-down'); Ron DeSantis winning the early vote in Miami-Dade County which voted for Hillary Clinton by +29 points just six years ago is yet another sign of growing Republican strength among Hispanic voters. document.getElementById('leg-hnt-toggle6402f31626ad3').addEventListener('click', event => { , Brad Raffensperger, Republican, is re-elected as Georgias secretary of state. line-height: 1.5em; Seven seats were open in 2016, and no seats were open in 2014. text-align: left; Take the quiz Candidates Republicans need to flip only one seat to gain control of the Senate, while Democrats need to keep 50 seats to maintain control. Maggie Astor font-weight: normal !important; Please list below 3 key messages of your campaign. florida district 9 candidates. Heading into the 2022 elections, based on results from the 2020 and 2016 presidential elections, the Cook Partisan Voter Index for this district was D+14. } padding-left: 8px; overflow-y: hidden; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, a Democrat, was elected to a third term, holding off a strong challenge from a Republican newcomer. Vance in the returns, but almost all of the results are early votes, which we expect to disproportionately favor Democrats. }); Maggie Astor Democratic primary election Democratic primary for U.S. House Florida District 10 widget_load_check_dom() } We look at the votes that have been reported so far and adjust our estimate based on what we expect from the votes that remain. } font-size: 20px; Its giving Yesli Vega, the Republican candidate, an edge over incumbent Abigail Spanberger, though this could be temporary. width: 100%; Whenever I have the opportunity, I serve outside of work through simple acts like donating blood, contributing to nonprofit fundraisers, painting homes, fixing playgrounds, or serving food to the underprivileged. z-index:1; margin-bottom: -2px !important; ORLANDO, Fla. - Florida's primary election is nearly one month away, and one of the most competitive races is for U.S. House District 10. Source. Kathy Hochul claimed victory late Tuesday against Representative Lee Zeldin, a conservative Republican. .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { .census-table-container { Rep. Charlie Crist (D), who represented the 13th district, ran for governor, and Rep. Val Demings (D), who represented the 10th district, ran for the U.S. Senate. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. Incumbent Daniel Webster (R) defeated Michael Patrick McKenna (D) in the general election. The six open seats this year were four more than in 2020, when two seats were open, and two more than in 2018, when four seats were open. What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about? chevron.removeClass('fa-chevron-up'); Legacy of mission to make a difference in discrimination against small businesses, minorities and women. . . column-count: auto; Search our Site: Search for Your Local Elected Officials: News President . font-size: 12px; padding-top: 30px !important; .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h5.votebox-header-election-type { Scroll left and right on the table below to view more years. That would have been painful. width: 100% background: #4c4c4c; chevron.removeClass('fa-chevron-up'); $('.collapse').collapse('show'); background-color: #334aab; Is there a particular representative, past or present, whom you want to model yourself after? Non-partisanship opens the opportunity for the most powerful form of conflict management: collaboration. }, 100); , Abigail Spanberger, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Virginias Seventh Congressional District. Nevadas Senate race is rated a tossup by the Cook Political Report. if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; .leg-hnt-container { .race_footer { Heres how it works flex: 0 0 175px; Val Demings (D) defeated Thuy Lowe (R) in the general election on November 8, 2016, to win the seat. column-gap: 1em; Due to redistricting, this district flipped from safely Republican to safely Democratic. } } } What was the absentee/mail-in ballot return deadline? While Tuesdays election represented a strong performance by a first-term presidents party, the individual showings of Senate candidates varied widely. padding-bottom: 7px; The first polls are closing in Indiana and Kentucky. border: 1px solid black !important; padding: 2px; } There is also an unexpectedly competitive Senate race in Utah between Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, and Evan McMullin, an independent. The power of the "Peoples' House of the US Congress is divided into three types: enumerated, implied, and inherent" power. Jen Kiggans, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent Virginias Second Congressional District. } , Gov. .quote-icons { What do you perceive to be the United States greatest challenges as a nation over the next decade? .race_header.green { } display: table; Nov. 9, 2022, Democratic House candidates outperformed Biden in several Michigan districts, bucking a rightward trend and maintaining seven of their seats. Ordained deacon. Yes, my parents and their life struggles to still stand firm as Christians and Peace Makers for America! padding-bottom: 0px; background-color: #f4f4f4; Award-winning home brewer. , Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a 2020 election denier, defeated Lt. Gov. Florida's 10th Congressional District election, 2022 (August 23 Republican primary) Elections in Florida, 2022 Primary date: Aug. 23 Mail-in registration deadline: July 25 Online reg. .results_table_container {

. Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D), who represented the 7th district, and Rep. Ted Deutch (D), who represented the 22nd district, retired. padding: 0.5em 1em; Lazaro Gamio Aside from that, the main action at this hour will be in the House, with a close race in Washingtons 8th District and at least half a dozen in California. }. width: 50px; As of November 2022, Florida was a Republican trifecta, with majorities in both chambers of the state legislature and control of the governorship. background-color: #003388; } else { He instead ran in the open 11th District. Nate Cohn } $("div.vis_widget_title").each(function(index) { padding-bottom: 5px; padding: 5px; Do the right thing right and always trust in GOD for guidance! Alicia Parlapiano height: 100%; The Times estimates the share of votes reported and the number of remaining votes, based on historic turnout data and reporting from results providers. The primary was scheduled for August 23, 2022. Frost is expected to defeat his Republican competitor, Calvin Wimbish, in this solidly blue Orlando-area district. Your guide to the midterm results, from Times reporters, Democrats held onto or gained trifectas in a number of states and fended off Republican supermajorities in others. Thats why I support a holistic approach to gun violence, developed and championed by the Gun Violence Prevention movement. left: 0px; Colorados Third District is leaning toward Lauren Boebert, an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, according to our estimates. If you could be any fictional character, who would you want to be? Federal and state primary competitiveness, Ballotpedia's Election Analysis Hub, 2022, Florida's 10th Congressional District election, 2022 (August 23 Democratic primary), Florida's 10th Congressional District election, 2022 (August 23 Republican primary). margin: 0 5px; display: none; chevron.addClass('fa-chevron-up'); Republicans have won in four of five New York tossup seats, and the Republican candidate is ahead in the fifth. position: absolute; color: #888; In these midterms, New York is an unexpected battleground. Polls just closed in 19 states and Washington, D.C. DeSantis outperformed Trump in Florida in every county that has nearly finished counting votes. The most vulnerable members of our society account for the majority of those deaths. In Indiana, a House race in the 1st district leans Democratic, but, if the seat were to flip, it could be an early sign of a red wave. Nov. 8, 2022, Six of the eight most competitive Senate races are in states that did not call a winner in the presidential race until after election night: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. , The Hillbilly Elegy author and Republican J.D. Contact our sales team. . How long did you have it? } font-weight: 300; That was four more than in 2020, when there were ten contested Democratic primaries, and five fewer than in 2018, when there were 19. Tuesday November 8, 2022 2022 Florida District 10 US House of Representatives Voter Guide Compare the candidates policies, political views, popularity ratings, and latest public opinion polling. The section below shows responses from candidates in this race who completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey. 32399-0250, 850.245.6200. $(".collapse-all").on('click', () => { The table below displays the historical trifecta status of the state. The elections coincided with the elections of other offices, including a gubernatorial . [3] Click here to view the reporting schedule for candidates for U.S. Congress in 2022. } Nov. 9, 2022, Democrats and Republicans each need to win three more competitive Senate seats to win control of the chamber (in addition to the races they are expected to win most easily). , Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, defeated his Democratic challenger, Stacey Abrams, for a second time. font-size: 80%; font-size: 16px; } border-top: 1px solid #aaa; padding-left: 20px !important; This is our current best estimate for the outcome of this race. } Operations: Meghann Olshefski Mandy Morris Kelly Rindfleisch border-radius: 50%; Nov. 9, 2022, Alaska has competitive races for both the Senate and the House, neither of which is a straightforward Democrat-versus-Republican affair. Georgias Senate race might culminate in a runoff election on Dec. 6 if no candidate receives 50 percent of the vote. Nov. 17, 2022, The gap between the candidates for Arizona governor narrowed considerably after Nov. 8 as late absentee ballots were tallied, including ones dropped off on Election Day. float: left; if (chevron.hasClass('fa-chevron-up')) { It could be awhile before all votes are counted. ** According to the FEC, a disbursement "is a purchase, payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit or gift of money or anything of value to influence a federal election," plus other kinds of payments not made to influence a federal election. California, Michigan, Kentucky and Montana also have abortion referendums on the ballot. padding: 2px 0; } Nov. 8, 2022, Because of the order in which different types of ballots are counted, early returns can be misleading. The polls just closed in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. .census-table-race-disclaimer { and Pa., competitive state races with consequences for abortion remain too close to call. Faith, Family, and Freedom: Republican Candidate for Florida's Tenth Congressional District, Vennia Francois Pushes the Conservative Message to Oust Val Demings - Tennessee Star Faith, Family, and Freedom: Republican Candidate for Florida's Tenth Congressional District, Vennia Francois Pushes the Conservative Message to Oust Val Demings overflow: hidden; } font-weight: 300; bottom: 2px This section contains data on U.S. House primary election competitiveness in Florida. Candidates are asked three required questions for this survey, but they may answer additional optional questions as well. display: inline-block; } Demings defeated Geraldine Thompson, Bob Poe, and Fatima Fahmy in the Democratic primary on August 30, 2016.[13][14]. background: #f5f5f5; .leg-hnt-border-top { Mass violence has robbed my generation of our childhoods and cut many of our lives short. No Republican candidates ran in the primary. Voters in these counties overall continued to support the Democratic candidate for governor, Beto ORourke. Individual showings of Senate winners varied widely. if (typeof $ != 'undefined') { Maggie Astor .leg-hnt-section-title { Early in my career, I led digital marketing efforts for suicide prevention, mental illness stigma reduction, and healthy nutrition campaigns. Lazaro Gamio if (typeof VoterInfobyState_Toggle === 'undefined') { Instead of competing for resource or compromising on flawed solutions, non-partisan candidates can devote themselves to solving problems for their constituents in a way that benefits all America. If so, was a photo or non-photo ID required? chevron.addClass('fa-chevron-down'); } The 152 candidates who filed to run this year were a decade-high. The polls are now closed in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin and several other states. *** Candidate either did not report any receipts or disbursements to the FEC, or Ballotpedia did not find an FEC candidate ID. , Kim Schrier, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Washingtons Eighth Congressional District. flex-direction: column; color: #888; border-bottom: 1px solid #aaa; document . The presidential election data was compiled by Daily Kos. position: relative; } font-style: italic; chevron.addClass('fa-chevron-down'); 2024 House Interactive Map 2024 Pundit Forecasts 2022 House Polls 2022 House Simulation View Your . display: flex; } Alicia Parlapiano } Lazaro Gamio Was early voting available to all voters? . Twenty-three years of Republican trifectas. margin: 8px auto; The Associated Press has not yet called the race. width: 100% !important; Political predecessor districts are determined primarily based on incumbents and where each chose to seek re-election. .non_result_row { if ($(this).next('.vis_widget_table').is(":hidden")) { display: flex; Tony Evers won a second term as governor of Wisconsin, giving Democrats a foothold in a critical presidential battleground. , Marc Molinaro, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent New Yorks 19th Congressional District. if ($('#vis_xs_indicator').is(':hidden')){ $(this).next('div.vis_widget_table').slideToggle('normal'); Incumbent Val Demings defeated Vennia Francois and Sufiyah Yasmine in the general election for U.S. House Florida District 10 on November 3, 2020. } In short, the legacy I want to leave is knowing I did the greatest good for the most people I could in the life I was given. display: none; Ron DeSantis, a hard-right conservative, is facing Representative Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor who switched parties. My loyalty is to the nation and this state above any political organization. .leg-hnt-district-number { Nov. 9, 2022, More than 210 Republicans who questioned the 2020 election have won seats in the U.S. House and Senate and in state races for governor, secretary of state and attorney general, according to results as of 12 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The table below shows what the vote in the 2020 presidential election would have been in this district. .inner_percentage.CrossFiled { Eagle Scout. Taking control of the governorship and both legislative chambers in these states could ease Democrats ability to pass legislation on an array of issues. Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina, a Trump-backed conservative, beat Cheri Beasley, a Democrat, to capture retiring Senator Richard Burr's seat. } There were 38 contested primaries this year, a decade-high. .race_header.libertarian { .panel-body { All 435 seats in the House are up for election. What role would this power play in your priorities if elected? Incumbent Val Demings defeated Wade Darius in the Democratic primary for U.S. House Florida District 10 on August 28, 2018. In two states, shifts in state power could lead to new restrictions. Source. Nov. 9, 2022, Maryland and Missouri voted to legalize recreational marijuana for people 21 and older, while voters in Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota rejected similar measures. chevron.removeClass . Florida - House District 10 2022 | house Election data and reporting deadlines Candidate financial totals Individual contributions to candidates Independent expenditures Communication costs Electioneering communications About this election Find another election Election data and reporting deadlines Icon of dates and deadlines Dates and deadlines They are Jack Achenbach, Jeffrey Boone, Randolph Bracy, Corrine Brown, Maxwell Frost, Terence Gray, Alan. } . if (chevron.hasClass('fa-chevron-down')) { Florida's 10th congressional district is a congressional district in the U.S. state of Florida.It was reassigned in 2012, effective January 3, 2013, from the Gulf Coast to inland Central Florida.Before 2017, the district included parts of western Orange County, most of Lake County, as well as a northern section of Polk County.The current district is entirely within Orange County, and covers . Whose example would you like to follow, and why? See the full forecast . Dr. Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University: "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party". Doctor should be in charge to do the required tests for the diagnosis and treatment.. "I Heard You! .race_header { color: #fff; , Dina Titus, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Nevadas First Congressional District. One of the tightest governors races in the country is between Gov. This was back when indoor smoking was still legal in Florida, so a lot of my time was spent emptying and cleaning ashtrays. v. t. e. The 2018 United States House of Representatives elections in Florida were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, to elect the 27 U.S. representatives from the state of Florida, one from each of the state's 27 congressional districts. padding-left: 16px; Congressional Representatives Richard H. Cain, Oscar Stanton De Priest, John Mercer Langston, Burgess Owens, Allen West, Byron Donalds, and Mike Waltz. What was the absentee/mail-in ballot request deadline? font-weight: 100; Jason Kao John Fetterman. Wiley Nickel, Democrat, wins U.S. House seat to represent North Carolinas 13th Congressional District. Heres how they performed when compared with the 2020 presidential candidates. Dr. Jains goal is to introduce and pass a Bill in Congress so patients can choose the doctor of their choice across the nation and judges across the nation have to give the reasons for the judgment (not per Curiam) Allow for electronic filing for all self-representing citizens in the Federal court and Supreme Court so small businesses do not risk losing their businesses. vertical-align: top; Vance, the author and venture capitalist who is endorsed by Donald Trump, is competing with Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat. color:white; Nov. 14, 2022, Three Republican House candidates who have supported QAnon underperformed compared with Trump, despite most House Republicans outperforming the former president. } The Democrats need to win roughly twice as many of the most competitive districts as Republicans to keep control of the House. Representatives are legislators who initiate everything from revenue bills, impeach of proven corrupt federal officials, to break an electoral college tie of the President-elect. } The Associated Press has not called New Yorks race for governor but Gov. Nov. 9, 2022, John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate, won by a smaller margin than Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for governor. .inner_percentage.Democratic { Do you believe that it's beneficial for representatives to have previous experience in government or politics? background-color: #f0a236; margin-top: 1em; } @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { Ron DeSantis won re-election in Florida, cementing Republicans power in a state that was once a key battleground. .votebox { They are also used to choose convention delegates and party leaders. } else { State Senator Jennifer McClellan was declared . If we don't take reasonable steps to protect our home, then we risk making it less habitable for humans and other species. Having lived in the Midwest, the South, California, and Florida, I bring a unique sensibility, work ethic, and balanced approach to work and play, fiscal and social responsibilities, and respect for both tradition and progress that makes me particularly well suited in bridging the gaps between political parties. }); It is time to end the era of professional politicians. I must seek to understand the needs of the people that I represent, and communicate that through the legislative process. Asa legislator always emphasized that without trusting relationships, it would be difficult to be effective in other ways, such as passing legislation. The 2023 Virginia's 4th congressional district special election was a special election to the U.S. House of Representatives that was held to fill Virginia's 4th congressional district for the remainder of the 118th United States Congress.The seat became vacant after incumbent Democrat Donald McEachin died on November 28, 2022, of colorectal cancer. , Mike Garcia, Republican, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Californias 27th Congressional District. Follow along here border-right: 1px solid #ddd; As soon as possible sit and eventually chair either the House Special Committee on Aging, House Education and Labor, the House Committees on Veterans' Affairs and the Ways and Means committee. Republicans would need just two tossup seats beyond what they are favored to win. What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office? Were all voters required to present ID at the polls? .census-table-census-item { display: inline; . } Read more If Republicans win all of the races where they are currently leading by two points or more, theyll take control of the House. display: block; With 100 percent of precincts reporting, James had 49 percent of the vote to Marlinga's 48 percent, according to Click on Detroit. . font-size: 0.9em; .leg-hnt-leadership > div { Each race rating indicates if one party is perceived to have an advantage in the race and, if so, the degree of advantage: Race ratings are informed by a number of factors, including polling, candidate quality, and election result history in the race's district or state.[5][6][7]. The table below displays the partisan composition of Delaware's congressional delegation as of November 2022. Two incumbents from different parties filed to run against each other in the 2nd district. Nate Cohn background-color: #db0000; One of the patients says to his doctor doc, you have to keep me alive so I can pay you. . background-color: #ccf; Voters in Kentucky will decide whether to approve an amendment that would reject abortion rights in the State Constitution. Most polls have closed in Alaska, but Alaska doesnt release results until after its last polls close at 1 a.m. Eastern. The lines below show how the reported margin (dashed line) compares with our estimated final margin (solid line surrounded by an estimate of uncertainty). , In Nevadas race for governor, Joe Lombardo, a Trump-backed sheriff, beat Gov. For additional information on candidate ballot access requirements in Florida, click here. width: 350px; } But when time and effort budgets do not permit, compromise is a sometimes necessary fallback. Albert Sun Nov. 9, 2022, With more counties nearly finished counting, things keep looking better for Lt. Gov. , Mike Lawler, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent New Yorks 17th Congressional District. font-style: italic; In Virginia, the performances of Democratic incumbents in the 2nd and 7th districts may offer early indications of how the party will fare in House races overall. letter-spacing: 0.03em; @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { Is there a story that youve heard that you found particularly touching, memorable, or impactful? [2] It does not include information on fundraising before the current campaign cycle or on spending by satellite groups. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { It's difficult to argue against the fact that we know of only one habitable planet within our realistic reach: Earth. One year of a Democratic trifectaTwenty-three years of Republican trifectas .votebox-results-cell--number { Florida has 28 congressional districts. The general election was on November 8, 2022. Lazaro Gamio . Defend Bill of Rights, 1st & 2nd Amendments, voting integrity, stop, illegal activities by closing open borders, protect power grid, plus up funding military and law enforcement, rebuild our economy, infra-structure, reduce taxes, enhance right to life laws for the unborn and elderly to ending health mandates and critical race theory and stand strong with allies like Israel who seek liberty and true peace and prosperity. } Nov. 8, 2022, Its still early, but Fetterman is running ahead of Biden in five Pennsylvania counties that have reported nearly all of their votes. Tonight, our election forecast will show live estimates for which party is favored to win control in the Senate and House. Nov. 8, 2022, Pennsylvania is home to a close Senate race between Lt. Gov. Lauren Boebert, incumbent in Colorados 3rd district, is in an unexpectedly close race in what was considered a safe Republican district. These mirages show that vote margins early in the night can change significantly. padding: 20px; Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 25-year-old activist, has won the Democratic primary in Florida's 10th Congressional District. deadline: July 25 Early voting starts: Aug. 13 Early voting ends: Aug. 20 Poll times: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Among them: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Texas. Well also be watching competitive House races in N.C.-13 and Ohio-9. Is there a book, essay, film, or something else you would recommend to someone who wants to understand your political philosophy? Florida's 23rd Congressional District Jared Evan Moskowitz (D) Candidate Connection Joe Budd (R) Candidate Connection Mark Napier (No Party Affiliation) Christine Scott (No Party.

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