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Welcome to the Enlisted and Officer Records Work Center where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders, Soldiers, and S1s assigned to Fort Benning. What if I have an emergency while on leave or in transit and need extend my leave? You can update your DIEMS through the HRC website at Family Fishing Nights. 750, Room 123, Form DD 93 - obtained by Soldiers Unit S1 (must be current), SGLV obtained and updated by service member via MilConnect, PERSTEMPO (as applicable, obtained from the Soldiers Unit S1), Finance Checklist DD 214, Separation information Sheet (obtained by Finance Office, Bldg 750, Room 103, during Soldiers one-on-one finance appointment), Official award (DA 638) / decoration or military 40+ hour courses not listed on the DD 214 draft worksheet, DA 31 with all authority signatures and control number, Intake sheet provided at Transition Center filled out, Early return of Dependents (ERD) as applicable, Birth certificate of children born on island (as applicable), Approved Command Sponsorship (as applicable), Copy of the Soldiers most recent end of month leave statement (LES), Both, Commanders and 1SGs military email address and duty phone, PCS orders of Command Sponsored spouse and / or family members arrival to Hawaii (as applicable), Birth certificate of children born on island (if applicable), Early Return of Dependent orders (ERD) if applicable, AR 600-60, Physical Performance Evaluation System, AR 40-400, Patient Administration (Chap 7 & 8), AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness (Chap 3 & 7), AR635-40, Physical Evaluation for Retention, Retirement, or Separation. The Transition Center (TC), generates and issues DD Form 214's (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), Honorable discharge certificates, Retirement Flag and Pin, Spouse Appreciation Certificates, Presidential Certificate of Appreciation and as applicable, submitts request for Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) for Retirees with (30) or more years of creditable service for retired pay. Once the documents are received by the In/out Processing Office; an Installation Clearing Schedule will be forwarded to the S1 via email with the appointment dates and times to begin your out processing. [36], At the start of the Korean War an Airborne Ranger Training Center was established by John G. Van Houten under the direction of J. Lawton Collins.[37]. Point of contact for further information is Larry Parks at 719-524-1888 or email The documents that are needed to get a statement of service are the following: You should update your DD93/SGLV every three years or when changes occur. Military Personnel Division Levy Brief (Reassignments) Levy Brief (Reassignments) Ft Stewart LEVY BRIEF/REASSIGNMENTS Primary: (912) 767-7874 Secondary: (912) 767-5288 BLDG 253 55 Pony. Once you receive your orders contact your Neighborhood Housing Office immediately to schedule your appointments to clear Housing. Via U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office: The DD Form 215 (Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is used to correct errors or make additions to a DD Form 214, in order to assure that the Veteran has accurate discharge documentation. Component Ret Retirement Po Units are responsible for ensuring their assigned Soldier completes the Final Out-Process to ensure issuance of final DD 214 and removal from the units Personnel System, Soldiers who do not conduct Final Out-Processing, clear the Installation and pick-up DD 214 will need to be proxy cleared by the unit, Unit will need to do a Proxy memo for unit representative that will clear Soldier and contact Out-processing for Out-processing procedures, Proxy memo and "pre-cleared" installation clearing papers will need to be presented to Transition Center along with any other requested separation documents, Out-Processing will issue CLEARED, IMCOM Stamp on Installation clearing papers and the Transition Center will mail out Soldiers DD 214 via "Official Mail" to last official documented address on personal record after separation date, **NOTE: If Soldier is not removed from a units Army Personnel System, it may be an indicator that the Unit did not complete all required actions via Proxy on behalf of Soldier. I have officially cleared Fort Benning and my unit, in 5 days total. White Oct 1991 Sept 1994, Major General Carmen J. Cavezza Jun 1990 Oct 1991, Major General Michael F. Spigelmire Sep 1988 Jun 1990, Major General Kenneth C. Leuer Jun 1987 Sep 1988, Major General Edwin H. Burba Jr. Jan 1986 Jun 1987, Major General James J. Lindsay Jul 1983 Mar 1984, Major General RL "Sam" Wetzel Aug 1981 Jul 1983, Major General William J. Livsey Jul 1977 Apr 1979, Major General Willard Latham Aug 1975 Jul 1977, Major General Thomas M. Tarpley Feb 1973 Aug 1975, Major General Orwin C. Talbott Sep 1969 Feb 1973, Major General George I. Forsythe May 1969 Aug 1969, Major General John M. Wright Jr. Jul 1967 May 1969, Major General Robert H. York Jul 1965 Jul 1967, Major General Charles W. G. Rich Feb 1963 Aug 1964, Major General Ben Harrell Aug 1961 Feb 1963, Major General Hugh P. Harris Apr 1960 Jul 1961, Major General Paul L. Freeman May 1958 Apr 1960, Major General George E. Lynch May 1956 Aug 1956, Major General Joseph H. Harper Jun 1954 May 1956, Major General John H. Church Mar 1951 May 1952, Major General Fred L. Walker Jul 1944 Jul 1945, Major General Leven C. Allen Feb 1942 Sep 1943, Brigade General Asa L. Singleton Oct 1936 Aug 1940, Brigade General George H. Estes Sep 1933 Sep 1936, Brigade General G Edgar T. Collins Mar 1926 May 1929, Major General Walter H. Gordon Sep 1920 Nov 1923, Colonel Henry E. Eames Oct 1918 Apr 1919. The promotion work center will notify the promotion authority, in writing, of the suspense date after the Soldiers arrival in the command. [15], In February 1920, Congress voted to declare Camp Benning a permanent military post and appropriated more than $1 million of additional building funds for the Infantry School of Arms, which later became the Infantry School. SSG Daniel Simms. This is an official U.S. Army Website sponsored by U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE), Army Correspondence Course Program @ Army Institute for Professional Development, Redstone Arsenal, AL Education Center, Soldier Records Data Center (SRDC) formerly EREC, Married Army Couples Program Officer/Enlisted,,, Visa and Passport Requirement Information, In / Outprocessing and Replacement Center, Main Page for Army Career and Alumni Program, Scheduling for pre-separation briefings and/or workshops at Benning. Visit complete process. The In/Outprocessing Center focuses oninstallation clearance procedures and individual Soldier readiness verification. Florida, Camp Blanding. If chaptering, ETSing, or retiring: Orders/ with amendments if applicable, DA Form 31 (Leave Form) if applicable, and a copy of DA Form 2648 (ACAP Checklist). Fort Benning building an energy efficient installation of the future December 1, 2022 Fort Benning hosts U.S. Army garrison installation bridge managers and inspectors training December 1, 2022. The Outprocessing Brief begins at 10:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (to exclude Training and Federal Holidays). You MUST clear the Installation BEFORE beginning Transition Leave. The staff selected an infantry brigade number that had been associated with an Organized Reserve division that was no longer in the force. Doughboy Stadium was erected as a memorial by soldiers to their fallen comrades of World War I. Fort Benning supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees and civilian employees on a daily basis. [33] A memorial event was also held during the unveiling of his marker. Soldiers should update their MPFs annually, before deployment, and before promotion board actions. AG operates MPF audits by appointment, but will process changes to DD 93 & SGLV on a walk-in-basis. You are authorized 10 business days to clear. Many foreign countries require a theater and/or country clearance for active duty Soldiers on leave/TDY, and DOD Civilians/Contractors on TDY. All MPFs are maintained by the units (typically at battalion level) for assigned permanent party Soldiers. Permissive TDY is authorized by the Commander only for specific INVOLUNTARY Enlisted Separations per AR 635-200 and INVOLUNTARY Officer Separations per AR 600-8-24. * Lodging for Members without dependents during approved TLE extension period is 100%. 35 Ridgeway Loop, Room 114. There was a church, small houses, domestic residences and office-style buildings. On average, inprocessing can take anywhere from five to 10 days depending on your needs. In the case of a person who completed the service requirements before April 25, 2005, the last six years of qualifying service must have been performed in a Reserve status, but not while a member of a regular component, the Fleet Reserve, or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve. Main Post houses various garrison and smaller FORSCOM units of Fort Benning such as 14th Combat Support Hospital and 11th Engineer Battalion FORSCOM as well as a number of TRADOC-related tenants, e.g. If you are coming down to the wire on your ETS/Terminal Leave, get SFL-TAP done (online preferably), and submit for your ETS orders. Please visit for information on Requesting / Researching for Veteran Service Record. The completed DD Forms 2807-1 and 2808 are requirements for clearing the installation and must be provided to Transitions during your final-out appointment. Included in this transformation was the move of the Armor School from Fort Knox to Fort Benning. The gaining command must take prompt action to request missing documents from the Soldiers former command. We cannot pay your final pay until your date of separation. For Soldiers assigned to Fort Benning installation clearing papers can be picked up from your unit S1; all others report to the out processing office located in building 35, room, 180, Ridgway Hall. Brown Nov 2010 Jun 2012, Major General Paul D. Eaton Oct 2001 Jun 2003, Major General John M. Le Moyne Sep 1999 Oct 2001, Major General Carl F. Ernst Jul 1996 Sep 1999, Major General John W. Hendrik Sep 1994 Jul 1996, Major General Jerry A. . AGR Soldiers serve full-time on Active Duty in units and organizations of the Army Reserve, or that directly support the Army Reserve. Gov Cell: 254-266-3613. Determine the TLE entitlement by multiply the percentage in the following table by the applicable locality lodging and M&IE rates. Memorandum from COL / CG (as applicable) who is the separation authority with paragraph statement I DIRECT, Type and Characterization of chapter separation must be noted / selected, CDRs Memo: company command MFR with earned awards and ASVAB scores, Soldier Record Brief (SRB) (**most recent**), Enlistment contracts: 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 to include all reenlistment contracts (as applicable), Officers,DA 71, Oath of Office or official orders to active duty, All prior DD 214s, NGB 22, NGB 23, DA Form 1506 or any other official service time document, SGLI,DD93 (Must be current (within past 6 months), Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program document (e-signed form DD 2648), DA 4187- if AWOL, Confinement, Lost time form DA 4187 bringing Soldier back to duty PDY (as applicable), *DA 31 with authoritative signatures and control number, NOTE: **Dishonorable Chapters and Other Than Honorable (OTH) are NOT authorized leave, Command sponsorship paperwork / ERD (if applicable), Transition Chapter counselor will publish separation order for soldier approximately 2-5 working days from chapter packet drop-off (dependent on number of chapters being processed), For the soldiers with an Other than Honorable (OTH) orders are published immediately, Soldiers are counseled on actions that are to be completed and documents required when separation orders are picked up for final clearing and report date to Transition Office, If Soldier is entitled to receive separation pay for any reason the Soldier is responsible to provide source document authorizing monetary entitlement amount to Finance and the Transition Center, If Soldier member requires an escort it will be indicated in their order. Formerly known as a DITY . Fort Benning, home of the U.S. Army Infantry, is adjacent to the city of Columbus in southwest Georgia. Bring a copy of your Housing Clearance or Exception to Policy form with you when you final-out. ***Failure to show or make contact on your report date allows for the initiation and mailing of your FINAL DD 214. Meloy Drive Building #6 Fort Benning, GA, United States 31905. Such links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this DoD Web site. He did not appear at bugle call the next morning, and was declared a deserter nearly a month after his disappearance. Hot Topics. Idaho, Gowen Field. Refer to our briefing schedule page to identify which recruiter to contact about a particular briefing. ONLINE ETS BRIEFING. How ADU Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Army ETS Timeline. After those are submitted you can start clearing with much more ease. No exceptions! Callers will receive a response within two working days. DO NOT schedule any appointments on your Report Date. DA Form 1059 or a document from other branches of service indicating completions). They are used to train paratroopers. A Soldier must ensure his/her Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) is updated prior to adding promotion points. [14]:72 On 26 December 1918, a portion of the Camp Polk (near Raleigh, North Carolina) tank school was transferred to Camp Benning "to work in conjunction with the Infantry school". Email: . U.S. ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND, "We Are the Army's Home - the Officer Candidate School, the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, and the Airborne School. Eisenhower. What is the Date Initially Entered Military Service (DIEMS) date? The 10 business days are counted from the beginning of your Permissive Leave, Transition Leave or Separation date (if no leave is taken).

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