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Assessment day comprised of talks from NQ's and grad rec, a negotiation group exercise, a written exercise, an unseen scenario interview and an interview with a partner. We would encourage you to apply for post-qualified lawyervacanciesat the firm rather than our vacation scheme or training programme. Come to a consensus with your team together and consider multiple opinions, To echo the above, it's not about prior legal knowledge but knowing what is usually involved in this kind of deal might be really helpful, as it was for me, You can show your commercial knowledge in the negotiation by mentioning the value of the deal in brand/reputation terms, For the partner interviews, your opinion might be pushed at times. Common stages of the interview process at Macfarlanes according to 24 Glassdoor interviews include: Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job thats right for you. Meanwhile, Irwin Mitchell is expecting to open its 15 offices at 50% capacity from 21 June. Try and maintain eye contact when appropriate. Interview. Leading City firms adopt measures to combat obstacles faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic lawyers. "Why law/Macfarlanes? We want the best talent at Macfarlanes. Written exercise A big thank you to the graduate recruitment team for delivering such a memorable Assessment Centre and . Several had other careers first. What is it really like to work at Macfarlanes? All future trainees complete the SQE preparation course with their cohort of Macfarlanes trainees at BPP University, Holborn campus. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work. We had limited time to work out a company share buy out situation, and write a letter to the client. Please get in touch with our recruitment teamif you have further questions. All Rights Reserved. Do you have a multifaith prayer room at your office? Maintenance allowance for SQE students: 13,000. Lunch, then work shadowing with an interview scheduled at some point in the afternoon. Are there any programmes for me? For us to accurately assess your potential, we want to see your achievements in context and ensure you are set up in the right way to perform at your best. This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. The energy sector is an important part of the legal landscape and is making more headlines than ever before. Why do you want to become a solicitor? Assessment Centre: To understand more about how we use cookies or to change your cookie preferences, click on Showsettings. No. Regardless of your degree subject, you are eligible to apply for a vacation scheme in your penultimate year of study and onwards. Pleasecontact the early legal careers team. Around 15% of direct training programme applicants are invited in for an assessment day, which lasts from 9am until 2pm. We use cookies in our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Macfarlanes is big on resilience, which is difficult to think about on the spot so make sure you prepare specific situations and structure your answer well. The format at the Assessment Centre was as follows: The in-tray exercise is also difficult to prepare for, because its largely dependent on the situation before you. Winding-up petitions: whats the impact on companies and creditors in financial distress? Absolutely, yes. I interviewed at Macfarlanes. We have contemplation/multifaith prayer rooms, and these are accessible to all. It involved knowledge of intermediary maths, which if you havent done since GCSE can be a bit tough. Balance is a forum for all staff managing careers and home lives. There was minimal technical hiccups and I felt welcomed at the firm. Interviewers were polite and asked not too hard questions. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of the cookies explicitly. About us Diversity and inclusion Facts and figures But note: some of your interviewers may dress down. Before this we had fifteen minutes to read over a scenario involving the ethics of coming across inside information and whether or not to use it. All rights reserved. The firm is known for the quality of its work; not just in dealing with the full range of corporate and commercial matters, but in advising clients on their private affairs as well. Macfarlanes Graduate Recruitment. Our first-year insight scheme is aweek-long event designed to provide students with an insight into City law. I am a qualified lawyer in an overseas jurisdiction. When can I apply for a vacation scheme, and when can I apply for the training programme? Sessions start on the week of the 13th March! Written was the hardest as it was very time pressured but even though some of us didn't finish on time, still managed to get onto the scheme. . There is no set time, but we suggest you neither rush nor leave it to the last minute. 1st stage interview, behaviour questions Two people from the lawtech group Found out from the recruiter that they hired the daughter of a friend of a partner instead - who had been interviewed, offered and accepted in the two weeks theyd been delaying on sending me the assessment. Opens the Fishbowl by Glassdoor site in a new window. This involved looking at the employment contract, examining against the facts, and coming to a conclusion. Programmes The application form Interview and assessment Application deadlines Meeting Macfarlanes - Campus events, workshops and fairs Inclusion and CSR Health and wellbeing Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) Share FAQs Experience Macfarlanes Training programme Lawtech graduate programme Paralegals Apply FAQs Inclusion and CSR When you apply for the training programme, you should be in at least your final year. Macfarlanes is a distinctive London-based law firm, focused on its clients and on delivering excellence in the international legal market. If I am employed as a paralegal and complete the SQE and QWE independently, will the firm pay for my practising certificate once I am qualified? The coordinators were really helpful and gave me a prep call before so I knew what to expect from it. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. International students looking to apply for our first year insight scheme and vacation schemes must ensure that the dates of the scheme are outside term time. They kept dragging out the time before they sent me the assessment, and then decided not to hire me. Banking and finance involves many financial products, from bank loans to companies to highly structured financing arrangements across multiple jurisdictions. We have opportunities for qualified lawyers, trainees and business services who are looking for outstanding career development. Can I apply for the vacation scheme or training programme? Well rounded candidates who will make the most of our varied seat rotations. It also looks into your motivations for pursuing a career in commercial law at Macfarlanes; and. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job thats right for you. Market-leading perspectives and understanding, Responsive advice in a fast-changing world. Why Macfarlanes and what values resonate with you, Tax restructuring scenario for a group of companies. Does Macfarlanes partner with any external diversity organisations? You should therefore not worry about applying to us as soon as the applications open. How does Macfarlanes support trainees with disabilities and long-term mental health conditions? Candidates can choose whether to join the evening social events, and we try and make sure that events are not centred on food or drink. The Social Mobility Foundation revealed its top 75 UK employers for social mobility earlier in the week, with law firms making up 30% of the listed employers. Solicitor | Macfarlanes Profile Highlights: State school educated Ethnic minority First generation lawyer Contact Me To contact me, please login or register Profile: I am a Solicitor at Macfarlanes LLP having qualified in September 2017. Please visit the Apply page on our website to watch avideoabout our training programme assessment day. Bar Course /BVS / BPTC 2023-2024 : what are everyone's plans? A vacation scheme at Macfarlanes is a two-week snapshot into life as a trainee. To find out what it's like to undertake a placement at Macfarlanes read the firm's Vacation Scheme Insider report. Yes, we accept applications from applicants who studied any subject, whether at a UK or overseas university. The programme has been developed in-house, and all tasks have been modelled on real work and created by our associates and trainee . The one-on-one partner interview involves the usual competency, motivation, and strengths based questions. Coming up with solutions to current legal issues was a bit tricky. We recruit 1520 participants for our first year insight scheme. You will then start your two years qualifying work experience in September 2024 or March 2025 after you have sat SQE2. We do, however, recommend you wear business attire for assessment days and interviews at the firm. To find out what it is like to work at Macfarlanes read the firm's Meet the Lawyer profile. All employees have access to the Thrive wellbeing app, and we have a network of guardians across the firm who are trained to provide a confidential space to share issues employees feel they need to discuss. SensitivePedant. They didnt overtly say it would be about competencies but that was all it was, essentially. We reimburse reasonable travel expenses for candidates who attend an assessment day for our vacation scheme or training programme. Make sure you keep an eye on the time, though the other people in the exercise made a big show of checking their watches and announcing how long we had left, clearly trying to earn points with the assessors. What exercises can I expect at a vacation scheme assessment day? Scheme launched to improve social mobility and access to justice in legal aid sector. In 2023 we shall be running a spring and two summer vacation schemes, for which we are looking to recruit approximately 55 vacation students. Thoughts on Wilson Elser? You will also be assigned a partner who will act as your mentor throughout the training programme. City firmHerbert Smith Freehillshas elected 26 partners worldwide its biggest partner promotions round since 2012 and four more than 2019 despite coronavirus concerns. However, you will need to complete the Professional Skills Course (PSC) during your qualifying work experience. It is about recruiting, retaining and promoting all groups in the firm fairly, and we have invested in our processes to ensure everyone has the same chance to develop and advance. My higher education qualifications do not meet your minimum requirements. Anyone here in-house with Disney or know anything about the company? Nepotism always wins it seems. We welcome applicationsfrom candidates with either a law or non-law background with outstanding academics, including apredicted 2.1 degree or above. Macfarlanes is unlike any other law firm. Sports law involves the legal issues at play in the worlds of both amateur and professional sport. We only accept applications through our online application system. Candidates interviewing for Trainee Solicitor and Insight Day rated their interviews as the hardest, whereas interviews for Associate and Associate Lawyer roles were rated as the easiest. All content 2023 Macfarlanes LLP. Then we negotiated with the team opposite. The examination comprises two stages: SQE 1 and SQE 2. Macfarlanes - TC assessment day. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. What are your thoughts about xyz? Everything you need to know about becoming a solicitor, Search for a training contract at nearly 1,000 organisations, A comprehensive list of training contract deadlines, A comprehensive list of law firms' vacation scheme deadlines, Read how today's lawyers went from student to qualified lawyer, Advice from recruiters on acing your applications and more, Get a sense of what firms' vacation schemes are really like, Your essential first step in identifying the firm for you, Hear from solicitors working in specific practice areas, Everything you need to know about becoming a barrister, Search for a pupillage at nearly 200 barristers' chambers, A comprehensive list of pupillage deadlines, Hear from barristers working in specific practice areas, Find out more about the different types of chambers, This hub covers all aspects of legal education and training, Identify the right law school for you with these prospectuses, Find out about sources of funding at each stage of the qualification process, Find out about what you learn and where to study, Find out what the LPC involves and whether you're eligible, Find out about the course required to qualify as a barrister, Find out about the brand-new SQE preparation courses, Articles from law firms designed to get you thinking commercially, These are designed to increase your knowledge of the profession, Insights from LCN and contributors from the world of law, Advice on issues from funding your studies to getting experience, Kickstart your legal career with the latest content in our newsletter, Discover key stories from the legal world, Our videos feature interviews and webinars on careers in law, Hear from the experts via The LawCareers.Net Podcast, Hear from your peers about their journey into the profession, Macfarlanes are a distinctive London-based law firm with a unique combination of services built and shaped around the needs of their clients. At first there was a list of potential issues and we discussed as a group, led by two current trainees, how serious each would be, which were the most serious etc. This part of the day is not assessed, but we encourage you to have questions prepared. Even though I didn't get the offer I enjoyed the day and the feedback they gave afterwards was helpful. In each seat you will share a room with a partner or solicitor who supervises and supports you. The process took 2+ months. Private Client. a written exercise where you are expected to read a source text and complete two written pieces. The case study was very interesting to read it through and discuss with the partners. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. Please note blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer. Can I still apply? The form is designed to give you every opportunity to tell us about yourself and show your interest in Macfarlanes. Through which entry route would I be more likely to be successful in getting a training programme place via a vacation scheme or applying directly for the training programme? The second part was by far more difficult, insofar as the case study itself was challenging and the partner would endlessly question me without, as had happened in other interviews, being particularly helpful/leading towards a solution. You need a 2.1 degree or above, though we do take account of extenuating circumstances. We know each other personally which means we work together with more cohesion, and less formality. As regards the written exercise, it was certainly the most difficult part of the assessment day (or open day as they call it), and involved basic calculations without a calculator. These include a talk by our senior partner and a dinner with a number of partners from around the firm. Your choices regarding cookies on this site. Work shadowing. We would really encourage anyone with disabilities and long-term or mental health conditions to share as much information as they can during the application process. Apply. Then there was a quick interview about background, and usual questions about motivation. The process took 1 day. As a firm, we also have a collective responsibility to the wider community and the environment around us. For those candidates completing the PGDL, you need to achieve a commendation or above on the first sitting. Does Macfarlanes have any staff network groups? As with the SQE preparation course, the firm covers your fees, and you receive a 13,000 grant. Are you supportive if they have forgotten their point/are being brutally questioned by the other side and do you bring in quieter members of the group if they are struggling? We wanted to form a community of aspiring lawyers who care about becoming the best version of themselves. That was helpful for sharing the opportunities to speak. I interviewed at Macfarlanes (London, England) in Apr 2021. Macfarlanes has advised independent specialty insurance and reinsurance broker BMS Group on an agreement with Eurazeo for an additional investment which values the business at 1.75bn. We recently published a firmwide video on our intranet to raise awareness and understanding of neurodiverse conditions such dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism in the workplace. Nepotism always wins it seems. You will spend an afternoon work-shadowing one of our trainees as well as being assessed for a place on the vacation scheme itself. The actual exercise is not difficult usually it is based on an M&A scenario, and you will just have to negotiate the terms of the agreements. They kept dragging out the time before they sent me the assessment, and then decided not to hire me. Initial greeting with HR (claim to fame or claim to shame icebreaker), then a group exercise, a talk from a trainee and an NQ and a written exercise. Some are necessary to help our website work properly and can't be switched off, and some are optional but support Bright Network in building and running the service that we provide to you., RPC Assessment Centre- business meeting exercise, AC feedback - lack of understanding the trainee's role, The negotiation exercise is usually a sponsorship deal. We run campus and in-house events during the academic year. It is not a win lose situation, be cooperative and collaborate with your team mates. If you are interested in a career in commercial law and would like a career at Macfarlanes, we welcome your application. I did not study law at university. What exercises can I expect at a training programme assessment day? Should I apply for a vacation scheme first or just apply for the training programme now? When is the deadline for the vacation scheme? The exercise is about understanding the roles of lawyers and commercial awareness. We know each other personally which means we work together with more cohesion, and less formality. Work can include being asked to draft a real letter and then working through the draft with a solicitor or trainee or carrying out some research on a live issue for a client. 2023 The Corporate Law Academy. We spoke to the early legal careers team at Macfarlanes to gain some key insights and top tips on how you can stand out to this leading law firm. We recruit people to build careers for the long term. My final seat was in the Corporate and M&A department. It was about different categories of shareholders and shares, (apply the companys articles to a problem scenario) and needed a numerical answer for the value the company could recover (no calculator but very basic maths, e.g.dividing by 10). I am studying a four year degree course, with a year abroad in my third year. They will work with you to understand the changes you need and ensure these are put in place. We accept applicants from all UK and international universities. Practise a simulation here . Try to draw in to the discussion someone who hasnt been saying much. We hope you use the assessments as a chance to build your understanding of us and what makes us different, just as we see it as a chance to gain an understanding of you. Make sure you have convincing answers to questions like why law, why Macfarlanes, why haven't you done vac schemes, what other firms have you applied to, how have you demonstrated resilience etc. Its important to remember theyre just there to have a lunch and answer any questions you have or just discuss things. Litigation and Dispute Resolution. I am an undergraduate student in my antepenultimate year (first year of a three-year or second year of a four-year course). Private client solicitors looks after the affairs of individual clients and trustees, managing all aspects of their personal wealth. No. This assessment is the only part of the day when the assessors will have seen your application form beforehand. We do not recruit on a rolling basis, so you can expect to hear from us once applications have closed. I attended the assessment center, which consisted of one timed written exercise, one group exercise focused on negotiation, and one commercial case study with a partner and senior associate followed by the . We are now a dress down firm, so yes. The written exercise is probably the most difficult (see below).

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