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We are sure that the wait will be well worth it when you get your new baby in the next months. It will likely be next May before it opens up again, but that depends upon how many kittens we have in the spring. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. Good in Home With. Mystique apparently did not get pregnant, so we will try again on her next heat cycle. This is why we never recommend the leukemia shot for any of our kittens. Looking forward to hearing from all you prospective kitten owners. Thinking that if they could treat the infection and get his kidneys back to working order, we left him overnight at the vet. I just put new photos of Clementines 3 kittens and Poppys 4 kittens. She acted like she was one of the family the moment she set foot in the house! Poppy finally had her kittens early this morning. Juniper and Violet each had separate injuries which led to abscesses and have spent most of the week at the vets office. If you're looking for Maine Coon Kittens in California or anywhere else in the United States, we can provide delivery to your closest airport. Maine Coon Kittens. Mom Cat 23899 (Stacy) Maine Coon | Strathmore, CA. She had 4 girls and 2 boys in a variety of colors. House Trained. Contact Us to Reserve! We have 3 young kittens from our own stock as well as one from Russia and 1 from Oregon. Calypso and Marshall are due at the beginning of September. Below is the list of the top 9 Maine Coon breeders in California and you only need the best options, which is why I am proud to present the following breeder listings. Gracie had 3 girls via C-section on June 25. Zephyr has been brought into the house in preparation of her delivering her kittens later in the week. There are still a few spots left and we are planning to leave the list open till Wednesday. Calypsos kittens are getting ready to go home soon. Its reservation day starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. We will let you know the end results later today or tomorrow! Also, at the end of January, we are receiving a new black smoke female from Russia and a brown female from European decent by way of Oregon. Calypsos kittens are almost ready to go to their new homes. Sofya, bred on the same day as Juniper, is pinking up, which means she is probably pregnant. We will be opening up our waiting list for both males and females on Saturday, May 23 at 10:00 sharp. Find Your Dream Kitten Search Results: Only 12 Kittens Available X Male Available Learn More Sunflower Maine Coon Kitten X Male Available Learn More Kurumi Maine Coon Kitten X Female Maine Coon Kittens Details Name: Maine Coon Kittens Location: Greater Los Angeles area Email: Phone: (520) 444-2758 Chamomile and Caspian were bred and will hopefully produce a litter in the beginning of September. If we have made a mistake, please let us know! Clementine is due in a week and a half. We will keep you updated on pregnancies and births as we know more information. Maine Coon Cat Breeders in California With Kittens and Cats for Sale. Jenny is due any day and Calypsos kittens are turning 4 weeks old and cute as can be! Thank you! If you are interested in either cat, please give us a call or text. She had 2 black, 5 smokes, and 2 silvers. So far, we have bred Cappuccino and Misty to Ridgely, Gypsy and Jenny to Remington and Poppy to Marshall. I might try and put some on the website, but I just took some shots with my phone when I was playing with the babies yesterday. Perhaps you live in Cali or nearby, or you simply heard about all these great Maine Coon breeders in California and you wish to buy your new pet from them. We are so looking forward to adding some new bloodlines to our crew. She has less than 2 weeks to go in this pregnancy and we are cautiously optimistic that she will give us 1 healthy, strong kitten. One is a mackerel and the other is a classic. We received Ridgely a little over a week ago and he is fully adjusted and acclimated. Some Breeders could even offer Maine Coon Kittens for $3000 or even higher. Even though her parents did not carry the gene for HCM, she must have had a bad heart which would have been caught when we did her heart echo at 1 year of age before we ever bred her. Between the two of them, there are 4 new babies. We have lots of little kittens in cupboards and kitty tents. They are very busy and playful! Cherokee West Maine Coons Northern California At Cherokee West Maines they care for each and every one of their Maine Coons and they will only sell to people who will do the same, and who will keep them as loving pets. Gold Rush Maine Coon cat breeders are known for their enormously large Maine Coon cats. It appears as though Poppy and Marshall will have kittens near the end of March. One is a blue smoke tortie and the other is a black tortie with white. We are looking forward to many more kittens in 2022 and happy, healthy mothers and fathers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Faith is due near the beginning of February. This is highly suggestive of a bad heart. I hope you will provide a new home for a beautiful Maine Coon kitten and that it will be their forever home. So, those of you already on her list, be looking for updates near the beginning of October! Donate Adopt Maine Coon Cats in California Filter 1 2 3 4 Stella Maine Coon mix My name is Stella. Pictures are on Facebook and will be on our website soon. If Juniper and Jenny become pregnant, they will be due near the middle or latter half of April. Keep watching for new updates. Please let me know if you would like her before they become available to new people on Saturday. 2020 looks like it will be another fun and exciting year for our kittens and their families. Contact us via text, 619-917-2363, if you would like to reserve one! We have a new queen in our bedroom with a litter of 7 beautiful kittens. So when they get to their forever home, they are used to different types of social interactions. As children we were surrounded by animals and so wanted to share our lives similarly as adults. We wont be breeding them for about a month, giving them time to heal. Cappuccino is also looking big and is enjoying having the run of the house. Neither Gypsy nor Misty are currently pregnant. Her progesterone level was over 21, so all is well so far. We courier all through out the United States as well. They are due in the middle of October. Edelweiss is still holding onto her kittens, but they should be here by the end of the week. *****Announcement about the waiting list!*****. Their Maine Coons are super large and well taken care of. We got a new 3 year old white Maine Coon girl with heterochromia. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year right around the corner. There is an extra charge for black smoke, but we do have space to add you before our list opens to the public on Saturday morning. Also, the waiting lists are updated, but there might be some small changes as a few peoples paperwork straggle in. We courier all through out the United States as well! We are beginning to worry that she might never become pregnant. Leave a message. At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $300 deposit to secure your place in line. Glendale, CA 91203. We are watching Cappuccino, Poppy, Violet, Faith, and Juniper. Posted on Last updated: November 29, 2022. Calypso and Jenny have been bred, but pregnancies have not been confirmed. Some of them are experienced with shipment methods and therefore offer shipping of Maine Coons if you live farther away and are unable to get to them. The new girl had a dark patch on top of her head which makes it a little easier. Glendale, CA 91203. We should know in about a month which of these trysts resulted in pregnancies! We have 1 female brown mackerel girl unexpectedly available. Calypso, Gracie and Mango are full unless we find out that we have extra kittens after theyre born! Location: Northern California Phone: (707) 338-1261 Email: Maine Coon Breeders in California We hope this list of Maine Coon breeders in California will help you bring home a new companion. Needless to say, we are very busy and things are really starting to move along, which happens every spring! See the available adults page. Tom will call you back in the order that your call is placed. Maine Coon Breeders : Check Out The Registered Breeders Across USA & Canada. Both girls are recovering well and will be on antibiotics for a week or so. Our goal is to breed for superior, large, sweet and healthy Maine Coons. There are brown girls, red boys and a blue girl. Our silver polydactyl boy from Switzerland, Phoenix, is due to arrive at the Sacramento airport at the end of September. Always check a breeder's registration has not expired. I dont know how many we will be blessed by yet! This is a familyowned cattery that has been in business since 2003. Maine Coons are often known to "fetch", hike with family members, enjoy water, and learn cat obstacles. Theo our largest male is 25 pounds and still growing!!! Itll be about a month before we know if the two red girls are pregnant, but I know many people are anxiously waiting. Echocardiograms are the only way to actually see what the heart health is like. Their goal is to raise healthy and welladjusted Maine Coons. Remember, the Waiting List opens up on Saturday, November 16 at 10. Maine Coons Cattery If you are looking for Maine Coon breeders in California, then Maine Coons Cattery is an excellent choice. It is taking us a little longer than usual because our daughter is getting married this coming Saturday and we are very busy. I have thoroughly researched each and every one of them and, based on this, I can provide you with brief details on all of them, along with their contact info. Jenny had 4 boys today. The price would depend on many factors, such as the kitten's lineage, its parents, its health, and the breeder's reputation. Three cats are confirmed pregnant and due anywhere from the end of March through the middle of April, with more cats having been bred, but not confirmed pregnant yet. Legacy Maine Coons in Riverside, California is a small family-owned and operated group of experienced Maine Coon breeders. I have kicked them off, but know that if someone contacts you about a kitten, that call will only come from the number listed on our website. We are going to be placing Lucy and Chamomile as spayed adults into new homes. Cappuccino is due any day and Clementine is due at the end of the month. Windwalker Maine Coons is located in northern California. We are keeping Arwen back for observation right now. We will be leaving the waiting list open for a short time, so please call if you didnt get a chance on Saturday. Just give us a call, text or email. It is possible that we may never see a litter from Willow but we are giving it our best shot. Please check back near the end of May when we will have updated or opened our fall/winter waiting lists. CFA registered under the name, Muffhymscattery. Calypso gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens and Jenny is showing her pregnant tummy. near Sacramento, California. We have bred Clementine with Caspian and Poppy to Marshall! we chose to breed Maine Coons because we love their size and style, we are very fond of large . They produce different colored coats and patterns, even smoke colored patterns. Geneva, a black smoke girl with white feet, is available to anyone on our waiting list already. Willow had an ultrasound on Monday and she is pregnant. Weve been doing round the clock supplementing, God has blessed, and they have all been thriving! About. We have the possibility of silver kittens coming in the near future with Zephyr, Cappuccino, Aurora, Faith and Shadow. [] TOP 10 Maine Coon Breeders In California []. Simba has found a new home with a wonderful family living in Auburn. 10 Weeks. Skip to content. We cant tell if Sofya and Opal are pregnant yet, but both have recently been bred. Clementine had 6 babies on August 8. On the morning of March 5, Violet met me at the door meowing loudly. He was an amazing, kind, loving, gentle giant among cats and we will miss him terribly. Cappuccino has 5 babies, Gypsy has 3 babies and Misty has 5 babies. Aurora, Juniper, and Violet are definitely pregnant and due in another month. Our cattery will give our clients the opportunity to have a European Maine Coon without having to import them. All jokes aside, you are here because you are doing your research before a purchase, which is always a great idea. only for female kittens due to the fact that our cats gave us so many female kittens this spring. Cons: they are predisposed to some health issues and conditions. Sofya is back in heat now and honeymooning with Marshall. Their personalities are very sweet and they have quickly become part of our Maine Coon family! She needs a home with NO other pets. Misty might be pregnant, but were not 100% sure yet. Reservations for our planned litters will be opening up on Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00 a.m. Anastasia, Belle and Jenny-late fall litters. We do have a couple of spots available for females. Jenny, Cappuccino, Misty and Calypso have also been bred, but we dont know if they are pregnant yet. They breed them according to breed standards and all kittens are registered, and the breeders provide their buyers with their health guarantees. Our waiting lists are all updated now and we want to welcome the new members to our Gold Rush Maine Coon family. For those of you waiting for the waiting lists to open up, I am anticipating opening it near the end of June or early July. Maine Coon Kittens Los Angeles Area CA | Mainely-Ours Kittens Mainely Ours Kittens Our kitten's can go to their new homes when they are 12 to 14 weeks old. Your kitten will fly in-cabin with a flight nanny until they meet you in person with your kitten. Here you can find high quality Maine Coons that are raised to be loyal, friendly, sociable, well-adjusted, and prepared for their new home. If she miscarries again, she will be spayed and rehomed. Keep watching the website, Facebook and Instagram for photos and videos of our kittens and cats, both here and in their new homes. Read more San Bernardino County, San Bernardino, CA Details / Contact 1 of 32 Maine Coon mix During that time, we will be updating you with pictures of our adult cats and new future breeding cats. Tom will be contacting people soon for placement of Cappuccinos babies. Their cats are sociable and friendly towards other pets, and also safe around children. 14 Maine Coon Kittens Breeders in California 1. We are a family living in Riverside, California, USA. I finally got all 9 of Cappuccinos kittens photographed and online! About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms | Contact 2023 HappyWhisker. New photos of Cappuccino and Marshalls brown kittens just posted! Some are calico, some are red and white and some are black and white. Poppy is nursing her 4 kittens plus one of Cappuccinos. Shadow and Aurora have also been bred and if they are pregnant, will be due near the end of August. The genetic testing only catches 2 out of several genetic mutations that can lead to HCM. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. They like to stay in touch with the adoptive parents of all of their Maine Coons. It is looking like Cappuccino and Ivy are pregnant and due in December. She is very loving and gentle. She is in Anastasias litter. If you don't see any you like and want on our wait list please also text us and we will send you our form. It will be coming. Contents hide. We expect a lot of interest in these cats and would like to be able to keep all inquiries together and in order on one site. Chamomile did not get pregnant as hoped and had a false pregnancy, so we wont be having any kittens from her for several more months. A Maine Coon Kitten in Southern California has an average tag price of $1200 - $2000. We have 2 kittens with Periwinkle and Ridgely. We wanted to update you on possible upcoming litters. Meet Mom Cat 23899 (Stacy) . We are closing our waiting list for polydactyl or black smokes. We watched her day and night waiting for her kittens, but after a week and a half, decided she had just had a phantom pregnancy. One eye is blue and the other is yellow. At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $400 non refundable deposit to secure your place in line. In 2019 I came across the Maine Coon kitten and fell in love. They are both black smokes and one is a polydactyl. We can say for certain that Calypso and Sofya are definitely pregnant and Gypsy has been bred with our big, new black smoke boy, Remington. Maine Coons are worth every cent, their majestic looks, long lifespan and, most special of all, their personality sweeps everyone off their feet. Our goal is to breed for superior, large, sweet and healthy Maine Coons. If you are currently on the regular list and would like to move over to the polydactyl list, please email or text Tom and let him know. Cappuccino and Gypsy should give birth by the end of this week. We named our two new girls, Clementine and Chamomile. John and Patty Cruikshank brought little Juniper down from Oregon. We are watching Belle for signs of pregnancy. It is hard not to, though, because we would dearly love a litter from beautiful Willow. On Thursday morning, he was resting comfortably at the vets and they continued to treat him. They have a waiting list which is always visible and you can easily interact with them about any doubts or questions you may have. The waiting lists for all my new kittens is now closed and wont likely open up again until about Memorial Day. We have also confirmed that Faith (Marshall), Violet (Caspian) and Aurora (Marshall) are pregnant, but arent sure about Juniper (Marshall), although Tom is leaning towards a yes vote! Tomorrow, I will be working on the newborns and Clementines litter. Calypso and Marshall, and Belle and Caspian have been bred and are due mid September. This was highly unusual because she loved her canned food. We have finally gotten photos from Switzerland of our new baby silver polydactyl male to replace the one who died at 14 weeks from the leukemia shot. Please check out our links to the left for more breed information, frequently asked questions, and testimonials from past happy families and repeat customers! Spring has sprung and things are beginning to happen! She is showing lots of nesting behavior and we are giving her till tomorrow to have her baby, otherwise, at the vets recommendation, we will have a c-section. Faith had 4 kittens on June 18. If you are already on the waiting list, I do have two solid blue girls available, Daphne and Lotus. We will be taking about 5 female and 3 males for polydactyls, 3 black smoke females, and 10 new names on the regular Maine Coon list. Juniper had her kittens and they were very large. Parlier, CA,93648 . Clementine, Anastasia and Chamomile are all pregnant. Jenny and Junipers kittens will stay in Toms office and Calypso will move into the bathroom in anticipation of her kittens in the middle of May. It will likely open up again this summer. Most calls had to be returned. Thank you for your patience. She really comes alive whenever we go to the kitchen and open the fridge! The Best Maine Coon cats in USA! We have 2 kittens with Periwinkle and Ridgely. Beware: Leukemia shots have a bad reputation and have been know to cause fatal reactions for adults and kittens alike. He was just a 6 month old kitten! Also, Faith, Violet, Juniper and Aurora have been bred, but no pregnancies confirmed yet. Our kittens are raised in our house along . We still have a few spaces on our waiting list for females and hope to open the waiting list for males as well in December. We are going to give Misty one last chance before spaying and rehoming her. We are waiting till Mango goes into heat to breed her, but she is taking her sweet time! List Of TOP 9 Maine Coon Breeders In California: 1. Interested tell us a bit about yourselves. This CFA registered cattery has been working since 2010 and their goal is to breed the worlds largest Maine Coons. It depends on the Maine Coon breeder and their rules. 1 Top 10+ Best Maine Coon Breeders With Kittens for Sale In Arizona. Look for the following pairing soon: Jenny and Remington, Opal and Ridgely, Misty and Marshall, Gypsy and Remington, Poppy and Marshall and Cappuccino and Ridgely. E-mail: [emailprotected] (or contact via website form). They are running around like crazy and are totally litter trained. Juniper x Remington, Gypsy x Ridgely and Ivy x Boaz are all confirmed pregnancies. Dont forget, if you already own a Gold Rush kitten, you dont have to wait till our waiting lists open up. Then, in the beginning of May, we have Clementine and Marshall. We have also bred Periwinkle, Ruth, and Gypsy and should be confirming pregnancies soon. They all have some form of red on them. It would be a great idea to buy at least one cat tree, and a lot of toys for your new little furry friend, so it can be occupied and entertained at all times (especially when youre not home). Mainely-Ours raises its Maine Coons in a home with a wide range of both human and animal inhabitants. One even was out of the cupboard this morning. I bet you they do. Because all of us are cat people, and we are sure you are one of us as well! I live in California,. Juniper will be bred to Remington when she goes into heat and later in March, Mystique will be bred to Remington or Ridgely. Please leave a message. Our waiting lists will be opening up at 10 am on Saturday, December 4th by phone only. Sophya has been bred, so we are eagerly watching her to see if she is pregnant.

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