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That, thelineman says, is the kind of man his father was. Full speed," says McElroy. Student athletes are not getting the opportunity to play multiple sports during the year, because they are expected to spelize in one sport and focus on it year round, leaving no opportunity to play other sports or do other activities. But others angrily argue that not enough attention is being paid to the victims' ordeals. Terroristicthreats. The conversation easily shifts to a defenseof Coach Mac. For many years, people have been debating about whether sports teams for kids should have selective tryouts. Kevin Minnick | NJ Advance Media for | Dec 7, 2022. The coaches' lawyer and officials for the Bellmore-Merrick School District did not comment on the report's findings or its criticisms. He quotes oneof the boys as saying, I will never trustanyone again. How Tyrel Jackson Williams Brought TikTok Cringe to, Its sort of a newer version of the L.A. actor ride that Kyle is on the first two seasons, but its worse.. I heard the kidliked it.. Vic and Kristina have done The Early Show and20/20. Doyou know who I am?, The freshman, trying to show a little backbone,replied: This is America. When trying to become a professional athlete, one must start playing sports as early as possible (Ferguson 34).Playing sports comes with many sacrifices. Everyone should be so lucky.''. The father died on October 5a daybefore news broke that the lineman may be tried as anadult for some 26 felonies stemming from events thattook place over several late nights in August atMephams football-training camp in Wayne County,Pennsylvania. He was always in troubleat school, but not in football. You may notstart, but youll be on the team.. He gave his son a cellphone. "I had a personal conversation with one of the victims daily, and not once did he indicate to me that anything was wrong," says Cannestro. Hes been introuble before, that kid. And one of the leaders selected joined with two other varsity players to sodomize these children. "The kid who just made the tackle," says Cannestro, identifying one of the players on the tape. The coaches, who supervised the trip, say that they had no idea any of this was happening during the camp. They were carried outover several nights, with several victims, one of whomrequired surgery for his injuries. Privacy Policy and Hugged by his team captain and cheered by supporters, Mepham HSs head football coach was fired last night and his four assistants got the boot, too. Ken Carney, 16, the ringleader of the attacks, was well-known by school administrators as a disciplinary problem. He never brought this incident toMcElroys attention; he must have brought it tothe JV coachs attention. 1999, McAlester High School, Oklahoma: A football player suffered a head injury after he was jumped by older teammates in a locker-room hazing. At 1:21 p.m. last Friday, the Mepham High School football and cheerleading squads should have rushed onto Mepham's field for a But these parents say the risk to their children was greater. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Adds Jesse: Mepham kids say,Youre from Kennedy, and punch us.Theyre the bully school, the physical school.Even in middle school, we knew which kids were goingto Mepham and which to Kennedy.. Terms of Service apply. Four days ago, hisfather died in his sleep. "Did I tell the perpetrators to go and do that to those kids? Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. Everyone in the pews has heard how the father had beendevastated by the criminal charges his son was facing.Aggravated assault. Tryouts are the worst thing about sports, they bring nothing but more stress to your plate. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google "There's nothing anyone else could have done differently," adds Cannestro. Everybody knew I got hazed in the lockerroom, he says. Over the next few days, the broomstick assaults were repeated. Then came the civil suit, settled for apaltry sum, to cover medical bills.Berger got threatening letters: Keep singing,Berger, and youll see.. Most of these scouts are from college teams, and others are from, Every year individuals from all across the United States makes the decision on whether or not they will try out for an interscholastic athletic team. And I can't ever get that back from him," says Patty. We as coaches donot see this incident as hazing, he said,but as a criminal act., Coach Mac has an attorney, Joseph Rosenthal, who isshifting the blame right back to the parents.The coach is a very dedicated, sincereperson, the lawyer says. The boy was a member of the 2007 Charlton County High School junior varsity golf team. Hasan Minhaj Brings His Powerpoints and Power Suits to Independent Spirit Awards. ''Despite these warnings and policies, the players all expected hazing to take place in one form or another at the camp,'' the report said. . At Mepham High School on Long Island, the entire football season was canceled after players admitted to sadistically hazing fellow teammates. But the school district, which canceled the football season last fall, has now, after seeing the grand jury report, relieved the coaches of their teaching positions at Mepham. Theyre investigating the possibility that some students were planning to attack their schoolmates. What went wrong? All the negative attention has galvanized them, they said. It is understandable that everyone can not make the team but it is a terrible thing to cut children by telling them they did not have enough room on the team or are not ready to be on it. He called the school boards decision 100 percent unjust.. ''There's no question that they knew hazing had gone on for years, and they allowed it to go on,'' said Robert Kelly, a lawyer for two of the victims. Those individuals who just made the team now deal with a problem that happens mainly from the. ", Are they lying? Dominick Novello #2, Mepham quarterback, throws a pass during a rain-filled Nassau County football Conference II semifinal against Long Beach at Shuart Stadium on Friday, Nov. 11, 2022. The Nassau Conference II showdown between these two unbeatens has . Involuntary deviate sexualintercourse. Touring the world with friends one mile and pub at a time; Imagine your best friends making the school soccer team and you getting cut, because your not ready or there is no room. By the end of three exciting days in Atlantic City, 14 champions will emerge at the NJSIAA/Rothman Orthopaedics State . "We went out. We love our community. We have more wealthy backgrounds, saysDanny. The parishioners sing Make Me aChannel of Your Peace. And then the younglineman, who charged onto the varsity squad hissophomore year at W.C. Mepham High SchoolHomeof the Piratesis in tears. During the recessional, he submits to a seeminglyendless succession of embracesmuch like theones he received from his former teammates last nightat the wake. Thepurported ringleader, according to police, was thelineman. But the victims told their parents they were screaming at the top of their lungs. By Michael Luo. A day later, the three alleged victims are stillhaving broomsticks thrown at them from cars in theparking lot. Thelinemans fathers death on October 5created one delay in moving the case forward; otherdelays have been due to the attorneys effortsto bring the case back to juvenile status, and tonegotiate their clients surrender into custody. With FamousAmos on the squad, the team made the county playoffsall four years. Berger produced the requiredslip of paper. Due to the poormoral character of your children, Kristina saysCaramore told the parents, this investigationis not moving forward. She stood up and askedDidden twice if any child had been threatened beforethe camp incidents. "He was laying in bed with a big butcher knife in his hand 'cause he was scared. The police call what happened in August at thePirates five-day training camp a series ofAbner Louimastyle sex attacks (though,curiously, no student interviewed by police has evenmentioned Louimas name). Should a person get paid just for showing up for there a job and not actually doing anything? "He was waiting for them [the coaches] to come in and save him, but no one came," says Carol's husband, Vinny. (CNN) -- Five football coaches at a Long Island high school lost their jobs Wednesday night in fallout from an alleged . You could just seehe had so much anger in him. Hes dangerous, hes terrifying, hes an extra in, How to Watch the 2023 Oscars Celebrate All 23 Categories Live Again. Its the kind of bar where people stillsmoke and no one cares. Sometimes its hardto tell what bothers the people of Bellmore andMerrick moreallegations of sodomy or the abruptend of football season. No one understands this better thanMark Alter, the lawyer for the alleged ringleader.The fact that its egregious allegationsdoes not necessarily mean its not a juvenilecase, says Alter. The three attackers were charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse after they sodomized the younger players with pine cones, golf balls and a broomstick in August at a football camp in Preston Park, Pa. ", Patty says her son also hasn't recovered from the ordeal: "About a month ago, I had gotten a call from a neighbor. Of course not. He alwayslistened. I want to bepart of the team.. He wrestled instead. But are they really fortunate? Before lastmonth, Mepham High was generally known as anabove-average school with a robust athletic program.Fathers and sons have played for the Mepham Pirates,and Saturday football games are huge social events.The players are the schools heroes: With thepossible exception of Roone Arledge, Mephamsmost famous alumnus has been star Pittsburgh Steelersrunning back Amos Zereoue. Youre old enough to knowwhat youre doing., I had some friends who were older, saysMcDermott. The boy, wearing a regulation backward baseball cap,is standing at the schools west entrance. Nassau County Girl Scouts fundraise for victims of quake in Syria, Turkey at Masjid Hamza, Powered by Creative Circle Media Solutions. A minivan with two others whizzes by, music blaring. "He made that statement and from that day on, he's been, his family, harassed by letters and threats," says Carol. Because the National Football League sits on a higher platform, they bring in an exceptional amount of money compared to that, However, whenever hazing involves assaulting the victim, then it goes to another level. Theres no way youcant play me. Kids have come to practice Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday to get better, while their academics are suffering. At least one group of parents has decided they will continue to speak out. We've received your submission. Wesley?Wesley was a nasty rat bastard! He was 40 years old. Conway could have sentenced the three including Phil Sofia, 17, and Ken Carney, 16 to juvenile jail until they turned 21 or he could have given them probation. Anotherparent, Jim Rullo, delivers a prepared statement onbehalf of the victims families. As we mentioned earlier, the freshmans mother mentioned to coach McElroy the fact that the upperclassman was calling her son those insulting names. Youth sports are becoming too intense for young children to keep up with. On October 6, heannounced that that was his intention. I think the kids covered it up to saveCoach Mac and save their season., Tending bar at Docs is Rob McDermott, class of95. The Mepham High School football season was eventually cancelled and the three upperclassman were charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated assault, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, terroristic threats, criminal coercion, simple assault, reckless endangering of another person, ethnic intimidation, and criminal conspiracy. Judge Robert J. Conway chose to try the accused as juveniles. ''Our issue is our children are being blamed,'' said Paule Pachter, one of the parents in the group. He cites essays abouthazing from the Internet, including an academic paperby Elizabeth Allan of the University of Maine thatincludes in a long list of hazing activitiessexual simulation and sexual assault., The conduct took place in a juvenilesetting, Alter argues. Sofia was sentenced to the boot camp and Carney to the detention center both in Pennsylvania. 49 - 18 W. But one kid whogot it in the shitter, hes just like afag., Yeah, he says. "And if you had a broomstick stuck up your rectum, you'd be screaming and fighting forever to make sure that didn't happen, wouldn't you? He taught us not to run away from ourproblems., How old were these kids, 16, 17? saysAndrew Longaro. For me, this challenge helped me develop as a person than will work harder and strive for the best in my academics. The superintendent, while admonishing the team for notcooperating with the investigation, has also putforward a tidy defense of McElroy and the principal,Didden. "He [my son] called several times. Now the . Says one Mepham parent, Werealways in competition with the upper class., The kids on Kennedys football team know theMepham team, and theyre a little afraid of someof them. Anyone can read what you share. All five lost their coaching positions. The way they walked? I went to summerschool with them. The lineman, he says,was always starting fights. That washazing! The coaches are suing to get their jobs back. These individuals hope to be part of something special, whether its achieving individual goals or team goals. display: block; Coaches, the report says, were oblivious to what was occurring. He told Pennsylvaniapolice that he couldnt release informationabout a student without a subpoena. And he stands where the priest stood and speaks,reading from crinkled sheets of paper rapidly, almostinaudibly, in a low monotone. He went to camp but didntstay in the fated cabin. "We're not suggesting anything about injuries. That blond buzzcut, the baby face, the meager beginnings of agoateehes only 16, too young to beburying his father. "They had bags of ice and they were bashing it all over his body until the bags broke. Murdaugh defense team plans to appeal conviction As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Not like Wesley Berger, Vic says.Hes overexposed.. NEW! I ask. The incident angered the victim's mother, who. '', Report Says Hazing Culture Led to Attacks On 3 Athletes, maize high school basketball roster. Also, sleep-away sports camps will no longer be authorized by the school district, Billig said. This was the 94th meeting between the two schools . And coming in, you expect it.Youre ready for it., From what I heard, the guys stuck his head inthe toilet, and that was it. What's more, before camp, parents Victor and Kristina Reichstein say Carney threatened their 13-year-old son. But the grand jury did not find the coaches criminally negligent. The victims didn't tell us. In the bunks, 17-year-old players were assigned to watch over 13-year-old boys. We were afraid they would walk away with probation.. Offscreen, he was one himself. We care about kids. Children have strived for years to make their parents, teachers and coaches proud of them. That kid wassick! says a player named Rob. But then come the off-color jokes about broomsticks and pine cones from his friends. He suggests that broomsticks,golf balls, and pinecones are consistent withtraditional forms of hazing. The group, which calls itself Mepham Parents 4 Change, consists of eight families, but says it is quickly gathering support. Hes well known as abully. But my son says nobody knew he would cross theline., Andys son plays lacrosse. "They couldn't be further from the truth," says Cannestro. I notice when they're injured. These towns lost seventeenpeople in the World Trade Center attacks.Theyre places whose kids go to college locallyand then settle here and raise families. The sexual assaults that occurred last summer among members of a Long Island high school football team sprang from old traditions of violent hazing that coaches and school officials could not curb, according to a report handed up yesterday by a Pennsylvania grand jury. Heresisted, and according to his version of events, heremembers a JV coach telling him to roll with it. What's gonna come out of this is another parent is gonna say, 'Oh, I'm gonna make sure there's no hazing at my school.'" But it really happened., McElroys lawyer vehemently denies almost everyaspect of Bergers story. The emotional impact on him is unbelievable," adds Carol. On a warm night in October,Mary Williams and her boyfriend, Andy Corcoran, bothMepham class of 1980, sit having a drink. Many have lost sight of the fact that baseball players are not the only athletes that face this life threatening addiction. And his youth. According to the report, ''a lack of accountability appears to permeate the entire structure of the administration and running of this camp program.'' ''We don't do it in front of them,'' the teenager said, referring to the victims. On 11/4, the Mepham varsity football team won their home conference game against MacArthur (Levittown, NY) by a score of 14-7. Yet to place responsibilityon any adult, coach or parent, means at leastpartially acquitting the kids; to suggest that someoneshould have stopped them is to believe that they couldhave been stopped. 10/08/2022. He said no," recalls Carol. In practice, theyd put meon the B squad and Id tear up the Asquad. He says he stayed on the team for twoyears but was allowed on the field only once,returning a kickoff 50 yards. And would you let it happen a second and third time? Parents demanded:Shouldnt they have been there to stop theseboys? In my mind, the school made a major error innot suspending these three allegedperpetrators, says Robert Kelly, an attorneyfor two victims. Some parents and athletes believe equal playing time for all sports and activities is deserved all through their middle school and high school careers. Into the locker! Should they also get paid the same amount even if another co-worker is better at their job? Please enter valid email address to continue. "We have a clip of the JV football scrimmage," says McElroy, who believes it proves that there was nothing obviously wrong. The morals, the attitudes, of a Mepham student,are different, suggests another Kennedy player,Danny. And the report provides the most detailed glimpse yet into the weeklong football camp and the assaults that took place in two cabins last summer. Tell us how you did it coach. These words were forced into my face with a camera lens almost resting against my cheeks (page 395). There are the ugly jokes, the signs and buttons declaring neighborhood solidarity, and for some people, new-found activism. Im theprincipal, he said, and Illdecide who can go on the trip. The lineman wasallowed to go to camp. Students ''don't know who to blame,'' said Allie. no.". No. PARLIN, N.J. - The investigation at a New Jersey prep football powerhouse that has led to sex crime charges against seven teens prompted an almost unheard-of . My first reason I believe athletes with bad grades shouldnt play sports, For years, the use of performance-enhancing drugs has haunted all levels of sport, baseball taking the majority of the publicity. They feel a sense of guilt and shame that holds them back from saying anything and we see this is the Mepham High School Football case. Meanwhile, Nassau police on Monday found a found a cache of weapons near the school including baseball bats and golf clubs. Thanks for contacting us. Most high school athletes across America share one common aspiration: play their sport at the next level in college. ''These assaults appear to have grown out of a history of hazing both at the football camp and at Mepham High School itself,'' the report says. The crime scene evidence that convicted Alex Murdaugh The star lineman towersover most of the other pallbearers. Reichsteins wife,Kristina, then begged Didden to make an example of thelineman. When I was in ninth grade, says Lohman,my father died and my mother wanted to move toFlorida. Treat others with the respect that you wouldlike to receive. Act appropriately. Before the 68 varsity and junior-varsity players left the Long Island communities of Bellmore and Merrick to attend the weeklong camp in Preston Park, Pa., coaches warned the team that hazing would not be tolerated, and spelled out the edict in a note sent home to players' parents. For Carol's son, it doesn't end. Husband of woman murdered with an ax convicted 40 years after her death On 11/4, the Mepham varsity football team won their home playoff game against Elmont Memorial (Elmont, NY) by a score of 14-7. On 11/11, the Mepham varsity football team won their neutral playoff game against Long Beach (NY) by a score of 14-0. Since returning from camp, he has barely slept. "There were no screams. In 1994, Wesley Bergerwas a Mepham freshman, a football player with a shelfof trophiesMVP for the peewee league,fastest-runner and best-tackler awards. According to a local new report, two older students called the boy to the back of the bus and, in addition to the wedgie, punched the 13-year-old in the groin and stomach all as a part of an initiation ritual. Nor did he suspendthe three alleged perpetrators, and as a result, theywere allowed to walk the hallways of Mepham High fornearly two weeks. There's coaches. This is hard tosayI know he was a good coach and a lot of kidsliked him. My sons not. At least 12 dead after winter storm slams South, Midwest, The Saturday Six: Dental device controversy, scientist's bug find and more, Trump speaks at CPAC after winning straw poll, 3 children killed, 2 others wounded at Texas home, Man charged for alleged involvement in 2 transformer explosions, Nikki Haley slams potential GOP contenders, and Trump and George W. Bush, Duo of 81-year-old women plan to see the world in 80 days, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant to "take some time away" from the team after allegedly brandishing a gun in a club, Alex Murdaugh trial: What to know about the double murder case, The crime scene evidence that convicted Alex Murdaugh, How a tragic boating crash is connected to the family of Alex Murdaugh, Murdaugh defense team plans to appeal conviction, Husband of woman murdered with an ax convicted 40 years after her death. The coach wentalong with canceling the season because he knew kidswere not coming forward. "What constitutes a scream?" ''They continue to try to bury this thing and pretend they did everything they could, and that's just not true.''. Was there anything that indicated they were injured or traumatized? "We're not animals. Or as David Woycik, who represents another victim,puts it: Theres bound to be a movie madeabout this., This is not what Isigned on for when I tried to do the rightthing, says Vic Reichstein. Thursday, November 6, 2003 Posted: 1537 GMT (11:37 PM HKT) Story Tools. #inline-recirc-item--id-a617c056-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d, #right-rail-recirc-item--id-a617c056-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d { OK? Which mayexplain why Coach Mac, in his only public statement,has concurred with Caramore. And he told us that they were keeping them up. Both told stories of defending their school when they were teased by students outside the district and cited the ''Mepham Pride'' buttons that they and many classmates have taken to wearing. , 2023-02-08, 18:25:23 How long has it been since you've licked a high school girls pussy daddy? Many parents, especially those with children on the football team, have found it hard adjusting to their new reality in the center of a fishbowl. 18 - 35 L. 10/15/2022. ''It's got to end here. Of course this thing escalated tosodomy, Berger says. He really was.". That hasnt satisfied parents whocomplain about the lost scholarships, the deflatedhomecoming celebration, and the fund-raisers for othersports, all of which depend on football and are nowruined, theyre saying, because of a couple ofmessed-up kids. And my son said, 'They inserted a broomstick.'". Jonathan Anderson gets one of the first qualities of great fashion that it has to feel a bit strange. CNN. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. ''Our parents are being blamed. Some have hired lawyers for their children. ), I knew all those kids, saysanother boy, a JV player. Hasnt hebeen through enough? A captain is anextension of the coaching staff, he says,slipping into present tense to talk about his team.What the coaches dont control, thecaptains control. Half that shit they didisnt even that bad..

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