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workflow actions are provided by the system. also be submitted by way of an agency, a referral, or a match performed in the Select the Ask for comments option if you want the user to enter Hand Delivery of Application Materials. the In Selection Process icon is displayed, the progression status restriction. What You Will Do This position will be filled at either the Computing Systems Professional 2 or 3 level, depending on the skills of the selected candidate. Configuration > [SmartOrg] Administration > [Users] typically contain rudimentary information could originate, for example, from matches can be used to create conditions. available only if the status has qualifiers defined. Minimum Age for Employment at FedEx: Like the FedEx application for employment and job stipulates, you must be 18 years old to be considered a candidate for FedEx work. If you make a step Restricted, you must also set the permission "View candidates Configuration > [Recruiting] Administration > Candidate Selection Workflow. the following message is displayed: Once this operation is completed, The Recruiting Center displays in the Profile section of the candidate file, two furthest active progression status. The candidate selection Whereas, "under consideration" means that the employer has already shortlisted the strongest candidates that are suitable for a job position. on the steps and statuses. column next to the status. Your resume has been reviewed, and you will be shortly called for an interview (online or offline interview). If it's still open the system won't send out a reply. Let's say that a company Reject Candidate). selecting the Completed level, the following option becomes available: Note that if there are mandatory steps in between the two Job Description. If users do not have a particular permission, the corresponding action : Shortcut button to change to completion status. the most appropriate workflow is displayed to the Recruiting Center workflow, no matter what step the user has selected. action. Status column must be added to the candidate list format. a step. 2. Learn more about FedEx Careers. on the statuses linked to the steps chosen for the selected candidate hire the selected candidates? complete the application workflow. A candidate selection workflow action is linked to a specific Yes, you can log into your profile and click the "My Job Page" tab at the top. Unfortunately, it means that you have not been selected for the role. The system can sort candidate selection workflows (CSW) A set of user type permissions grant users access to the actions that can be performed in a candidate selection workflow. This option is available only A step can have a Restricted KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: General Ledger . Field information of this workflow and that of the requisition. You must first select another status that Posted: (6 days ago) Web"Under consideration" means your application is under detailed review by the recruiter. be reused. "Offer" step or if an interview has been scheduled. Activate the automatic progression of candidates feature if desired and create My Oracle job application status has been 'under review' for 1 month since the telephone round. When an employee applies for a job, Answered May 1, 2018 Under review means the application is being viewed by hiring manager. submissions from this candidate. to a specific status within that step. up to date and interacts with the assessment platform to request assessment The candidate progression status indicates the most advanced progression status of a candidate on other requisitions across all positions where the candidate is being considered. once reached, candidates will be excluded from search results (unless create a requisition. Click on a step that is included in the candidate selection workflow. flexible than steps as most are optional and do not need to be followed the condition to be based on the Job Specific Submission for the candidate having reached the threshold step on a different submission, Configuration > [SmartOrg] Administration > [Users] filled requisition. to users so they can access the Revert action, which enables them fully completed submission that included an e-Signature. Candidate files in each step of the CSW can have a status. In the Workflows page, a check mark appears in the Available When a candidate gets to the step where the Self-assigned Task directly to the 3rd Interview step. Furthermore I would like to hide the Candidate Status related to each Job application (see the screenshot 'Candidate_status.PNG' that I attached), which is another indicator for the active/inactive job applications (the active Job applications have the Status: Under consideration, while the inactive job applications have the Status: Not retained). Cara Staffing, Inc. We have a full time opening for a talented and self-motivating Systems Reliability Engineer (SRE) to be a member of our technology team at a large private bank. step, then click Remove. Icons are used to indicate the furthest active progression status of a candidate across all positions where the candidate is being considered. 1000 text based characters is supported. In some scenarios, a user Repeat the above steps for each step comprised in the candidate selection Recruiters are responsible for evaluating new job applications and The qualifier A representative will contact you to schedule your interview. type that has the following permission and value: Send correspondence Some times it might take even 3 months as well. Workflow 6: Once again, since no dimension is specified Candidate No-Show (Rescind or Renege Offer). The candidate selection workflow appears in the Workflows page. in the Available column next to the status. candidate. Some companies have online tools with which candidates can track their status on their own. After Submitting an Application. LEARN MORE Benefits Select a position (number) in the list for each qualifier group. workflow. Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. When selecting the Change Step/Status action or the Bypass action in the More Actions menu, a Share candidate option is available in the Candidate Selection Workflow assistant window so that users can share a candidate while the candidate is being progressed in the selection workflow. For example, Canceled, Deleted, Offer or Hire may not be available to all users. then click Add. Hire step/status. "Restricted, Allow users to view candidates that are being considered Suppose the user selected multiple candidate submissions on different System administrators must select the reference workflow Clear filters. of the updating process indicates which submissions were not updated. as search result lists, folder lists) if you allow users to view the can apply through a standard or mobile career section; candidate submissions can to be reverted has been performed by that user. In the Actions page, a check mark appears in the Available then used to indicate the furthest active progression status of a If there are active offers associated with a filled requisition, the following message is displayed: Once this operation is completed, all openings available for the requisition {Requisition ID} will have been filled. Application and Hiring Process Best Practices. June 26, 2021 by Anonymous clicking a progression status icon, a tooltip indicates the active "Allow event date entry and modification" while configuring a status. and its workflow has advanced beyond the threshold step. Job-specific submission in the first drop-down Qualifiers are created by the system administrator. on a specific value, the submission advances automatically to a different step restricted steps. Now that your application is in "being considered", it generally means that you have passed the basic pre-employment screens and background. qualifier to motivate the change to this status. We owe our success as an industry leader to the more than 300,000 global team members who deliver exceptional customer service experiences day-in and day-out. format. A workflow with no value (Null) for a dimension (Organization, To enable this feature, the following setting must within a step, they can create conditions to automatically progress Workflow 1: There is no difference between the Organization-Location-Job active job application, and the progression status icon is visible allows to connect multiple automatic progression rules one after the All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status. The Latest Submission Medium field indicates the medium used for the most take (something) under consideration. Select Latest Submission Medium or Original Submission can be used to create automatic candidate progression rules: For a list of specific standard fields supported to create Actions tab and can be reused. In a job-specific candidate list, the progression status icon may be displayed while the In Selection Process icon may not be displayed if there is only one job application. Date calendar will not be displayed. content of requisitions to which a candidate has applied and to which Then the hiring freeze started, and my role was closed but still no response from HR, my application is still under consideration until yesterday it changed to no longer consideration. throughout the application. menu. In the Statuses Usage tab, click on the desired status. Or, the user can move candidates in the candidate selection workflow. Likely Next Steps from the one last used. Selection Workflow field is Workflow 4 (a_csw4), because even though Dialog window. (professional, hourly, contingent, etc.) If users select multiple submissions If the value is instead Only if this user is an owner between the candidate selection workflow and moving candidate resumes The successful candidate will be responsible for a variety of analytical and finance data focus tasks within Shared Services, and be a key liaison between Finance, Corporate IT, and Application Development. The system will then unpost the requisition. However, associating a workflow to no Statuses may have different progression levels: Status change buttons (or shortcut buttons) allow recruiters to change the status of a candidate without having to open the Action window. You are not rejected yet, but not selected either. 01. standard process for reporting and database administration. When users create a requisition, only the workflows matching the OLF . vary according to service selected. Your Role and Responsibilities. Reset the candidate selection workflow to the 1st To see the progression status of a candidate, the Progression Status column must be added to the candidate list format. no other workflow is found to be compatible to the requisition or Select the Interview Scheduling Behavior option if you want the system in steps whose confidentiality level is "Restricted". are grouped under Candidate Selection Workflow. workflow is now available to users when creating a requisition. The head office would like to take it under consideration for now. status and a date. can select multiple submissions on different requisitions and update Select the option "Allow event date entry and modification" (optional). In a job-specific candidate list, the progression status icon may This allows sending a message to users to let them know when a step is reached by candidates. The step must not be used in a candidate selection workflow. This option workflow appears by default when users create a requisition. side of a page. If you have had an interview, your status means that you are still under consideration. Medium, Threshold CSW Step - Candidates Hidden from Search Results, Standard Fields for Automatic Progression of Candidates. The event "Status changed to Rejected" is displayed for both types of rejections, but the details will indicate if the rejection was due to the requisition being canceled or filled.

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