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Alibaba.com. 602-486-1525. sterlingheller07@gmail.com. This is critical. I know it all comes down to profit and loss but if you can, just don't say it cost me $1.00 per lure and I will just charge $3.00 that will cover everything, that's is where you are wrong, I am no CPA but I have been in a printing business for over 25 yrs. I have the bodies in hand and can not find them anywhere. For Fishermen, by fishermen Rigged2016 LLC . This is exactly right. Fusion 360 allows you to design a three dimensional lure and output it in the proper format to print one on the 3D printer. $0.80. Everything that is sold either has shipping built in to the price or has it added on. Copyright 1997-2023 The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide LLC All rights reserved. Free priority shipping on orders of $100 or more (US only), International orders over $100 message for discount code, Your source for premium quality custom lure components and unique custom lures and jigs, Continuing to bring you the same great products previously found at DingerBaits.com. Leviton 37010-701 Outdoor Weatherproof Single Gang Blank PVC Outlet Cover, Grey. When your kids and grandkids can't find a job anymore you can sit and wonder why. } window.status='Loading'; if(window.location.href == "http://www.proluresonline.com/"){ The Manufacturer says: our lure blanks just like the skipping elf underwater. Experiment with hooks and rings for proper sink rate and bait action. $('.addtowish').hide(); I fish for fun, sometimes with kids, relatives, or non-fishing friends. It's one of if not the most frequent question I'm asked across all SM platforms. You complained about China, yet it seems you're unwilling to look at the problem. !00mm jerk bait. 4mm eyes. 4.9 But I also realize that part of the price difference in originals vs. direct from china is owed to the brand marketing, packaging, and store mark-up. d = document.getElementById(name); Being new to the hobby myself, I have ordered blanks from 5 different companies over the past 6 months, including Shelts. Thanks for all the input guys! d = document.all[name]; $2.69. | Country Search We carry all the parts and bodies you need . Jig heads and lure bodies; Lead Molds and Accessories . Sayyou are willing to experiment and buymultiple knockoffs and spendthe time required to test them on the water. My whole point is don't be a lure snob. Of the ones I've fished or my son has fished, everyone (limited sample of 15 or so) has run true without the need for tuning. Peace n hair grease. function getColor(name) { I know you can buy blanks from many outlets and have them painted, put on your own hooks, etc., but if you look at what that costs you are almost back up to the cost of a "big name" manufacturer. Durable fishing tackle box package, convenient for you to carry them everywhere. For the DT series knock offs, well they work too but they aren't even close in action and that is because the DT cranks are balsa and not plastic. China isn't the problem, our Federal government giving them an unfair advantage is the problem. var i,j=0,x,a=MM_swapImage.arguments; document.MM_sr=new Array; for(i=0;i<(a.length-2);i+=3) . One thing I will say about many of the websites I've looked at is they aren't very user friendly to mobile users. Join our email list and receive 10% off your first order! Nothing close to something that works great can work at all. 8.5cm On 1/27/2019 at 8:58 AM, R3Solutions said. Basically, you are betting BIG money on a single roll of the dice. 5mm eyes. FLEXCOAT FLY PIN CLIPS. On page two under the Hardbaits forum, there is a 5 page thread on Shelts baits. Clear editor. Retired now! Just like when you prototyped your original, it may take several prototypes to get it perfect with the new design and materials. Maybe if I did most of my work on a desktop the site would look different and more info would show up. Your previous content has been restored. Wait, it's your lucky lure? I'm pretty sure they all want you to be a satisfied customer and purchase many more of their products. function MM_swapImage() { //v3.0 The knock-off lure blanks work but they aren't the same as the originals. I like buying from vendors that have tested and provide detailed info about the lure with different topcoats, split rings, etc. Best Medium-Heavy Abu Garcia Vengeance I've put the all under water. There are tons of crankbait blanks on the market and . But in the end shipping will be a factor, and here China has an unfair advantage, an advantage we gave them. var htmltag = false; I treat shipping different than most guys, I just don't add it to the lure when I purchase some. Responsiveness to product questions. You're going to pay more buying from Dinger and Predator but in comparison to baits purchased from shelts you will definitely see where the extra dollars were spent. This is done across a lot of manufacturing companiesammuntion companies come to mind. But I hope my fishing success is never that dependent on a specific lure, and 50% or more is a big price to pay for that assurance. Bait weights .66 oz unpainted. var d; var i,x,a=document.MM_sr; for(i=0;a&&i0&&parent.frames.length) { Don't think that just because its a high dollar lure that it will always out perform the cheaper ones. And weve all tried out original baits that turned out to be duds, too. function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0 Tackleunderground.com d = document.getElementById(name); $0.30-$0.60 / piece. Buy on Amazon. Weight: 14.46g unfinished } else { If I really like a knock-off and then lose it, will I be able to find an identical one? I am not praising shelts or any other company. In my neck of the woods the Adam's Custom lures square bills are very popular and they are SK 1.5 knock-offs. However, apart from the lip shape, profile, tow eye position etc, stuff that was under your control, in order to have the mass production lure swim exactly the same as your prototype, ALL the parameters have to be matched. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. If I'm just buying a lure to paint and to use myself, yeah it's not a big deal so just buy here in the US. 2. Great Quality Blanks 2 ballbearing Diving depth: 1-3.5m Lure Painting. return d.innerHTML; I've purchased from Predator, GetBit and Dinger and would recommend all three for the following reasons: I use an iPad and I haven't had any issues with any of these vendors websites, especially related to product info and viewing the lures. Download the 2023 Do-it Molds Catalog - If you're used to fishing high end baits, then your probably not gonna like the quality of shelts lures. Every individual seems to a different idea of what quality is so ideally your best option is to look to different suppliers and find what works best for you. Lure Blanks. Springer 78 & 100 Bodies. You will see a post I put in the Blank Crankbait Body Links that is pinned to the top of the forum page. Lianyungang Fine Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. 5YRS. But I'm not saying I paid $1 for a lure so I'll charge $3 to cover everything. Personally my entire crank box specifically my square bills are 99% knock offs and they catch fish tons of fish. A large part of those sales come because they can ship here for next to nothing. Tmall Taobao World $6.99. if (ie4) { I know kids use their phones for everything these days, but checking out lure blanks, I got view them on something bigger. d = document.getElementById(name); $4.00. Anything else is just a crap shoot. Prep worked needed - how much prep work is required prior to painting; less is more. wLure 10 Blank Topwater Popper Body 2 3/4 Inch Unpainted Fishing Lure UPT605 I airspray and epoxy my own lures also in the winter months. YMMV. It may. Your link has been automatically embedded. Despite what manufacturers would have you believe, lure making doesnt have to be rocket science and bass will bite all kinds of different baits. Maybe, maybe not. Those differences would be the type of plastic, the wall thickness of the plastic as well as the weighting system. Please edit your content to remove the highlighted words below. if ((x=MM_findObj(a[i]))!=null){document.MM_sr[j++]=x; if(!x.oSrc) x.oSrc=x.src; x.src=a[i+2];} I don't particularly like to bash any companies that sell blanks, but in this case You get what you pay for. There's really no way to predict what will work and what won't, and if it has anything to do with manufacture. The only blanks that in my batch maybe was an issue is the panfish swimbait. Price 0.80. Our tax dollars are helping China take business from US businesses. command = 'animateloop(\'' + name + '\', ' + length + ', ' + next + ', ' + delta + ', \'' + col + '\')'; YesI read it. 10.0 pieces (Min Order) CN. - clear and holographic 1.5dd are on the way, - Kanata style jerkbait preorder closed, order placed 2/14, Cannibal spotted bay bass couldn't resist the custom D65 crankbait, Big largemouth in pressured waters fall victim to custom 1.5 silent squarebills, Healthy lmb gorging on shad fooled by the custom lil john md. These blanks come pre-assembled, rattles and hook hangers included, and ready to paint. Over 4 orders, i received everyone in less than 12 days to the U.S. After the initial order, they sent the next 3 orders with free samples. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater, good fishing lures to practice your fishing skills. Over 4 orders, i received everyone in less than 12 days to the U.S. After the initial order, they sent the next 3 orders with free samples. Price $1.89. Source high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from China. There are savings to be had by dodging markups without necessarily meaning a huge sacrifice in quality, and there is also a lot of cheap junk out there to avoid. Weve been talking for weeks but Im not able to tell if these blanks will be quality enough to mass produce and sell. But, each prototype is going to cost you the price of injection tools. I am just trying to make you aware of the problems of moving from one set of materials and design to a completely different set of materials and design. This has a built-in steel ball and it matches stainless steel. Pick your poison there, whichever super hit you want, consistency out of the box from one to the next was not 100%. SHOP NOW. joelhains, October 23, 2016 in Hard Baits. That thread is why I'm having second thoughts about ordering from them. //--> var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array(); Unpainted Lure Blanks. Sale. 12 styles of blank lures have a lifelike profile, textured scale pattern and recessed eye sockets. The key for any bait produced for the mass market is consistency, every bait performs the same way with minimal tweaks. I have a friend who is a bait designer for a very well known mainstream brand. Good thing we never have that happen, I couldn't imagine if my (insert favorite mass producer of lures) bought out (insert smaller lure company that makes great lures) and resold them as the same name, only they don't work as well as the originalor worse, worked better totally ruining my angst against knock offs. Seems decent, no water leaks when you use the blank lures. Its no fun seeing a pike swim off with a $30 japanese topwater, or having a $$$ jerkbait bill smacked off against the outboard by an inexperienced caster. Product Ratings: 28 Compartments Fishing Lures Waterproof Box Spoon Hooks Baits Storage Tackle Case Fishing Individual Tool with String. 1688.com