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When everyone got back to base Ratchet activated the ground bridge when we got to where Cliff was i saw the warship flying off in the distance and whimpered knowing what had happened and hid my faceplates in Carrier's spark-chamber listening to his spark beat. Dealing with Decepticon Sparklings 35 pages Completed 3 weeks ago Kat Transformers Transformers: Prime au The Transformers (IDW) | OC Megatron Starscream Soundwave . I was again brought out of my thoughts by heavy foot steps coming my way but i didn't stop crying if anything i cried harder the foot steps stopped and i herd muffled voices outside my pod i continued to cry until the pod door was opened and sunlight came in i was still crying but not as hard the voices started talking again but i could barely hear them over my crying. A man is reborn in the world of My Hero Academia and forced to bear the burdens of his predecessors. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Ratchet came over and picked me up and went to grab a energon bottle giving it to me i drank happily as Ratchet watched with a loving smile i was still drinking when he suddenly got a thinking look on his face again he hummed seeming deep in thought.When i finally finished my energon i yawed suddenly sleepy Ratchet took the bottle putting it back with the others then walked down the hall to his berthroom. Now normally i wouldn't cry but because i was having trouble recharging at night when Ratchet isn't in the room i was more then a little grumpy and angry from being woken up.So being only a sparkling now i did the only thing i could think of to get rid of some of that anger cry and i did loud and hard as well as sending the same feelings though the bond i share with Ratchet. Well, at least she has some experience to back her up. How will he survive somewhere so different? And himself, did not say, an ordinary person. Optimus: "Ratchet i'm sorry for interrupting your bonding time with your sparkling old friend but i must ask have you found a name for him yet"he asked with a curious tone while looking at me in Ratchet's arms i smiled at him and he returned it. Meiman: God-level talent, I can have unlimited critical strikes. Yes! Earthspark Continuation. Marvel DC: Call the Zombie Team at the beginning! "And its already 9:45pm its nearly time for him to go into recharge i suggest you do the same Bumblebee"he said looking back at us Bee nodded got up and went to his berthroom. You are right, two brothers in one world, Ah Mang, if I have a bite to eat in the future, you will be indispensable! I don't know if any male inserts have been written (apparently their all Male/Male slash if you do find any) but there was a good one of a male SI who could . Posted at 02:28h in current fishing report: lake havasu by edward guinness wife cerner health reset password Likes Raf passed away years after Jack and Miko and they had lived the dream life. Upon her arrival, her new sire, Soundwave, has found that not all silence is deathly. For more information, please see our Suddenly, a wave hit, and Su Chen suddenly felt that he had lost control of his body, and then, the whole person sank into the sea. After we got back to base everyone went to the top of the base and made a grave for Cliffjumper i was crying into my Carrier's chassis as he held me close rubbing by back in a attempt to calm me down while we all listened to Optimus's speech, Optimus: "We must not allow our anger over the loss of Cliffjumper to impair our judgement. #14 autobots Content Guidelines Report this story You may also like Non-Slash Su Chen took a deep breath, in his previous life, he was not a top boss, but he also accumulated tens of millions of properties. Although he said that he was more optimistic about the mainland in the future, but now that he was in Xiangjiang, he couldnt help but shake his head and said to himself: Forget it, although the future development of the mainland is very good, but now, Xiangjiang is a paradise for capitalists! . So if there are similarities, that is why.). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The strange mech called for medics and you found yourself being lifted and carried somewhere you didn't recognize. . They also decide that he won't be able to bring his phone. Optimus: "There is no need to feel embarrassed from not naming him yet old friend you will find the right name for him when the time comes"he said with a smile while patting Ratchet on the shoulder-plate then he walks away and back to what he was doing before coming over here. Carrier started walking and stopped that's when i heard Arcee's quiet no i looked at her only to see Cliffjumper's horn making me whimper again Carrier rubbed my helm lightly trying to calm my whimpers. The relic explodes and leaves behind a cute bundle of joy. Death, most people fear it. Everything goes according to plan, but what happens when this winged Decepticon comes across a strange female bot and starts having these weird feelings in his Spark chamber? A few hours later i was on the floor playing with blocks that Ratchet made with Bee while playing i was starting to get hungry again 'if i remember correctly its been 4 hours since i had an energon bottle'. In this story, Fem-harry is reborn and lives a new life! Please contact the server administrator at Su Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and then, his throat hurt, and he spat out a few mouthfuls of seawater with a wow. Arcee: "Optimus we should get back to base just encase any decepticons show up i know they haven't been seen or heard from in nearly three years but you never know when they will pop up again"she said and looked up from me to Optimus. Primus had only seen fit to grant him one gift. using extra large eggs instead of large in baking; reborn as a sparkling fanfic. But something's wronghe's surrounded by a group of unfamiliar femmes in an unfamiliar place, in a tiny, unfamiliar, robotic body What's going on? Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Seeing them, Reiko was ready to put an end to their fun as he went to crush Mileena's skull with the Wrath Hammer. I know how this fandom is. Scared and confused she ends up on Earth hoping to find her father but instead she finds the Autobots who take her in. If you don't want spoilers, skip the first chapter. Ratchet: "That was for waking up my sparkling with all your noise Bulkhead he needs as much recharge as he can get at this age"he said glaring at him with anger in his voice. I! De-aging, time travel, and form changing Life after Death by Alphinss reviews A little boy with black hair and sparkling green eyes wakes up with no memories in a new and scary world. #arcee #autobots #bulkhead #bumblebee #cliffjumper #decepticons #mechxmech #optimusprime #ratchet #reborn #sparkling #transformers #transformersprime #wheeljack Someone or should I say some little one, come into the medbay while Ratchet works, demanding for her sire. sam is reborn as a sparkling; lots of other Autobots and Decepticons show up; Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Family; Jazz is alive in this fic; No 'sideswipe' on Earth; The motorcycle 'triplets' are not Arcee Chromia and Elita; Mech/femme pairings; eventual mech/mech pairings; eventual femme/femme pairings; Blackout and Grindor are still alive; Lots of . Farm animals (aka Autobots) live in the countryside. Haha, thank me for what! Su Mang scratched his head, and then spoke, Dont you often say, one person and two brothers? Our brothers, blessed and blessed in this life, enjoy the same hardships! Cover by @Hollaugh But when Azura learns the truth, she fails to believe them. Even though I was a transformers fan girl, I really wasn't looking foreward to my new life. I see, this is Xiangjiang! Su Chen made a weak voice, feeling the fragmented memories in his mind. A sparkling. His spark was made immortal, destined to always return to the living realm so that he could fulfill his purpose. tamko building products ownership; 30 Junio, 2022; reborn as a sparkling fanfic . I guess i'm a little weird when ever i read a fan-fiction i get sucked into it and get really emotional when something bad happens to a character but give me a book and i'd be like 'NOPE FRAG THAT SCRAP I'M OUT!'. Sliverwings wakes up on the moon alone. My Sire is Optimus Prime. So when weird things begin to happen to his body, Sam finds himself struggling to appear fine until he can go back home. 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They are half bots half animals, they are either cats or dogs or bunnies. Read Intro because that is basically a description there will most likely be swearing but in Cybertronian. A good brother from a run-down mountain village. Sounds like a FanFiction story doesn't it? 2020 census most common last names / text behind inmate mail / text behind inmate mail By . I dont know, you let me rest first!. Su Chen shook his head and tried hard to recover his physical strength. Some one-shots for ya kiddies After a Decepticon escape pod crash-landed on Earth, a new mystery was beheld. Which had started when 2 sides had come to her h Story of a girl YouTuber who just finished school but when she goes to the store something happened. Second Life on Cybertron by ChronoSeth reviews. Read Intro because that is basically a description there will most likely be swearing but in Cybertronian. Ratchet: "He's most likely hungry its been 4 hours since he's had an energon bottle"he said and looks back at the computers seeing the time his optics go wide and he sighs. Most verses based on drawings I've done and posted on tumblr. Then i felt a pair of big servos pick me up and cradle me to a big metal chest i heard the hum of something in there chest they started rocking me to get me to calm down it worked a few minutes later my cry's turned to sniffles.After a bit i started to open my optics it was blurry at first but eventually cleared up i looked up to the being that was holding my small form and was shocked at what no who i saw. {NickelXTarn DJD/Decepticon Parental Figures Eventually}. Cookie Notice I was enjoying being with my Carrier in his vehicle mode and spending time with him alone for a bit but then everything changed Optimus commend for everyone to head back to base to get a ground bridge to Cliffjumper's coordinates. {RatchetXOptimus Autobot Parental Figures Eventually} When Su Chen opened his eyes, he found that he seemed to be on the surface of the sea. Cancelled Check profile for my reasons I do NOT own Transformers or Harry Potter, only my Oc's and story idea. They had relics and gifts in abundance, frames that could do anything they desired, gorgeous and efficient. Fifteen year old Miko Nakadai thought she was invincible. A turn of events caused them to be reborn, right into the world of the Cybertronians. The only time i can be by myself is when i have to go have a nap like the one i'm having right now but like all good things it must come to an end. The last thing she remembers was a really bright light then nothing. Never let Bulkhead & Cliffjumper sparkling sit, Reborn as a Sparkling in Transformers Prime. When they are found by the Autobot Blaster, Soundwave is both relieved and enraged. Harry James Potter being reborn or traveling another world, dimension, or timeline. with that she transformed and drives off. Su Chen couldnt help but let out a helpless voice, the current timeline is 1978, thousands of mainland smugglers jumped into the sea and smuggled into the Xiangjiang. A round of sea breeze blows, filling the surface of the water and sparkling waves. Intro. This is a story about the last shifter of her kind. . Especially to get his claws on the Allspark to himself. After all, what they were saying made zero sense. A guilt from the past that he has never been able to shake, even if the incident at the time was not his fault, and he now has the chance to make up for it. My crying stop after about 2 minuets and i looked up at him beginning to chirp Ratchet gave a smile sending love though our bond nuzzling me for awhile.Then started to walk down the long hallway of the base.It didn't take us long to reach the main room were everyone was Ratchet grabbed a wrench out of nowhere i looked at him to see a somewhat angry expression on his faceplates then he throw it hitting Bulkhead in the back of his helm making a loud CLANG he turned around to face us as i just burst into laughter. reborn as a sparkling fanficmadison county ohio ccw application reborn as a sparkling fanfic. The alarms started to become more loud now which hurt my audio receptors i went to put my servos over them to block out the loud sound only to not be Abel to because i was wrapped tightly in a blanket that i only realise i was in now. Su Chens heart kept complaining, and at the same time, he felt that his body was becoming more and more weak. Great, I knew you didnt die early, scared me to death, really, The man ignored Su Chens words, and shouted loudly in an excited tone: Achen, we have arrived in Xiangjiang, do you know, every day and every meal, there is meat to eat, vegetables to eat, and rice to eat, dont sleep, open your eyes and see! . One night she was running for her life until she made a fatal mistake and drowned. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Sam dies during the battle of Egypt, buthe doesn't wake up. Reiko kicked Mileena down the stairs whilst Topaz began pushing him up the stairs. Carrier said i was still crying and sniffling into his chassis knowing that i'll never see Cliffjumper again Carrier looked down at me shifting me a bit so he could see my faceplates. And she did not know why. A round of sea breeze blows, filling the surface of the water and sparkling waves. The two made an appointment to come to Xiangjiang to join their relatives. The physical strength began to gradually lose its support. 16 Jun June 16, 2022. reborn as a sparkling fanfic. The Thirteenths siblings had power beyond measure, skill greater than the finest craftsman, and wisdom more vast than the stars. Reborn in this 1978, he said that he would make a career in everything. (I DO NOT OWN TFP IN ANY WAY. But, with his legs spread and friends peering between his thighs, he stopped to wonder when did his own life become a sitcom?! And why is the bot, whom Sam is 100% sure is the infamous Elita-One, calling him her 'son'? With a lot of hard work on your hands, when you are in your hometown, there is no problem in hitting ten of them. But when Mikaela reveals that she hasn't seen or been able to contact Sam, the Autobots begin to worry. I ONLY OWN MY OC, SKYLYNX.) Just when Su Chen wanted to make a sound, a terrifying force directly pressed on his lower abdomen, and then, the terrifying power burst out. Topaz sprinted at Reiko, letting out a scream of pure rage. The autobots find a stasis pod but inside of it was a sparkling, Ratchet's Sparkling// Transformers: Prime (Officially Discontinued), Survival means blending in (Transformers prime)(Sparkling reader insert), Little Optics, Big Visions (Transformers : Cybertron x Fem Sparkling Reader). Inside they find a young helpless sparkling, they have no idea who her creators are but she seems quite attached to the grumpy old medic and the young yellow scout. (This story was inspired by Lost and Found written by @_error_1010 on Wattpad. After i finished my bottle he put it back and started nuzzling me again i squealed happily making him smile wider and look into my optics with so much love.Our moment was interrupted when Optimus came over and asked the question i was wondering about as well. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Feeling his physical strength restored, Su Chen couldnt help but glance back at the mainland. I watched him leave then looked back up at Ratchet who had a thinking look on his face. Su Chen felt as if he had walked from hell, and he only felt that his internal organs, heart, lungs and intestines were extremely uncomfortable. Su Chen looked at Su Mang, but a somewhat grateful expression appeared on his face. Ratchet: *smiling* "Thank you Optimus" Carrier said as he started nuzzling me calming my cry's as i nuzzled him back purring. An unlikely mech steps up to care for him. I was rudely awoken from my lovely nap when a loud BANG was heard from somewhere in the base followed by shouting and some laughing. It's now been a full month since i was reborn today started alright i woke up from my recharge Carrier gave me my energon bottle the whole team went to scout for energon i couldn't be left alone at base so Ratchet decided to take me with him. (Y/n) was sure of that even though her visions aren't clear to her or even understandable, she knows that something will happen. Things are about to get interesting for Spike. Copyright 2023 Novels Emperor. Bulkhead: "Hahaha sorry Ratchet didn't mean to wake the little guy from his nap"he said with a small smile as he looked at the somewhat angry medic. When all you got to keep is strong. Who was this strange mech and what did he want with you? REBORN, by 1.4M 58.3K 68 Lauren Carmen believed in many things, from aliens to evolution, yet she didn't think it was possible to wake up one day in the body of a character from one of her favou. . But the Thirteenth? Scared and confused she ends up on Earth hoping to find her father but instead she finds the Autobots who take her in. reborn as a sparkling fanfic. She was terrified when they tell her and using what she knows, she manages to flee from their grasp, much to Optimus's despair. He glanced at the big man with a cheeky smile in front of him. He even wondered if he would drown directly. Work Search: He will find his best friend, gain trust of one of the Primes and face the grimest metallic fear in the whole universe. Move along, move along like I know you do. In fact, crossing is no stranger, the most important thing is that just sunk into the sea, lack of oxygen for a long time, resulting in some inflexible brains, some confusion. Even the worst of the worst. ALSO AVAILABLE ON FANFICTION AND WATTPAD! david attenborough grandchildren age; spongebob boating school quotes; tq 5g edge computing answer key; cold stone german chocolate; reborn as a sparkling fanfic. carey wilson kirkland pilot; curly hair specialist st petersburg, fl; continental apartments bourne, ma The server encountered an internal error or Though the universe has another idea for her and her family. That is, until she meets the autobots. Wild animals (ie decepticon) live in the forest, they are either foxes, wolves, or lynx. Your support enables us to keep the site running! By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I am Su Chen, dust of dust, Su of Suzi?. Thankfully he has a solid quirk and an enchanted gift to see him through. Move along, move along just to make it through. Transformed into a foreign metal body by the Emberstone, our nameless protagonist navigates their new life as the last Seeker created since the War began, with all the trials and stesses that come with it.But Seekers do best among their own kind.

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