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Date City Venue Aug 9 Chicago, IL Wrigley Field* Aug 16 Phi Update 01/13/2023: New Greater Palm Springs 2023 Shows Added Harry Styles is adding shows at Acrisure Arena on January 31 and February 1. Every package is different, and each artist will offer their own unique experience. Claim your tickets in the email you received from AXS. If you have tickets you cant use, some events may permit you to transfer, share or even resell your tickets. Here's my takeaway: If you want tickets to a big, highly promoted arena show, whether it's Bruce or Beyonc, set a budget and register for the sale. Need assistance setting your tickets up? A graduate of the University of Florida, Julia has four years of experience in personal finance journalism and specializes in covering money trends. Heres everything you need to know about VIP packages, how to buy one, and why theyre worth the splurge. While you may have sorely missed going to shows during the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably did not miss that extra $50 charge on top of the cost of your seat. Reply anytime to let us know how we can improve. Do you see 'Confirm transfer'? All Dates Go as a VIP! The CEO of Liberty Media, Live Nation's largest shareholder, defended the event promoter against calls that it should be broken up following a storm of glitches and site failures during Ticketmaster presales this week for Taylor Swift's upcoming tour. Sell your tickets now Quick & Easy Sell event tickets from any device in a few steps Massive Audience Over 100 million fans buying 1.3 tickets per second on StubHub Secure We'll help get your tickets to buyers wherever you are Get paid Receive payment from StubHub directly Purchase a VIP package, and you guarantee itll be an unforgettable night. However, you will likely still need their assistance with some things. Our ticketing platform is now powered exclusively by AXS. . Wait for the event to have their general sale first, then attempt to sell your tickets on AXS. Been there, done that. Such rules have been proposed before, unsuccessfully, in Congress and in several state legislatures, Mr. Breyault said. Install the AXS app before your event. We can't guarantee that any Resale tickets will sell, but they will be advertised on Ticketmaster's website alongside all other tickets. Maffei said Ticketmaster sold more than 2 million tickets on Tuesday and demand for Swift "could have filled 900 stadiums." "This exceeded every expectation," he said, explaining that much of. For other combinations, here are the options Ticketmaster presents to buyers: 3 tickets - sold as 1 or 3 4 tickets - sold as 2 or 4 5 tickets - sold as 1, 2, 3, or 5 10. On the night of the event, as the lights dimmed for the show, I could see rows of empty seats mostly in less desirable sections behind the stage, but also sprinkled throughout better areas, including where I was sitting. If your ticket barcodes are rotating, you can only sell the tickets as mobile transfer. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and promotions from Money and its partners. Please take the tickets directly to the box office for a refund. How To Remove Items From Your Credit Report, How To Boost Your Credit Card Approval Odds. And your attendees are expected to pay at least 10% on their end ($2.50). Sure, hosting any event is not all about money, but its a significant factor in why you go through all the promotional headaches. Use the info in the 'Sale info' section of that email to transfer the tickets. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. If the only way to transfer the tickets is through 'Text My Tickets,' see. ticket sales Update 01/13/2023: New Greater Palm Springs 2023 Shows Added Harry Styles is adding shows at Acrisure Arena on January 31 and February 1. I believe the way you do it is to go into your AXS account and "transfer" them to the buyer via the buyer's email address (which is provided on the receipt of the sale on the StubHub account). Log in to view your tickets and manage your account Ticketmaster has been selling tickets to fans since the late 70s. These cookies are set by our 3rd party analytics tool, Segment. HOW TO LIST AND. The artists themselves often have the final say in what they want to provide for their VIP fans. Justin Bieber's remaining concert dates appear to have been canceled on sites like Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Set the hot edge on the corner of the ticket for a few seconds. Edit or remove your listing anytime before the tickets sell. Here are some questions and answers about concert ticketing: The rising star Zach Bryan aims to do that with his current tour. Ads by Money. Dave Matthews Band, the Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga you can take your pick, and open your wallet to buy tickets again. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. First: Hearing Bruce Springsteen live in concert last week was fantastic, and Id buy tickets again. Coupon Codes: Sell mobile tickets faster with promotional deals and discounts. 9. For group sales info, e-mail our Events Manager to learn about special menu options and reserved seating. 1. Third-Party Links. Lets look at some features that make this ticketing platform stand out from the competition. Im glad I didnt. But, for instance, on Thursday morning tickets were plentiful on Ticketmaster for that nights Springsteen show at the Ball Arena in Denver, including $160 before fees on upper levels (less if you sat behind the stage) and $1,150 for the coveted pit area in front of the stage. Got a confidential news tip? Use the code LEGITTICKET to get 15% OFF of any ticket purchased on Megaseats! remembered as you explore the site, as well as assisting in security Mr. Springsteen and his manager have previously defended the pricing, saying the average ticket price was in the mid-$200 range, which, in their view, was fair and affordable. If you cant make the rescheduled date, then youre entitled to a full refund. AXS vs Ticketmaster Home ticket sites comparison AXS vs Ticketmaster Finally! If youve already purchased your ticket, look directly in your Ticketmaster My Account page. Exclusive access to a private pre-show soundcheck, Opportunity to shop for artist merch before doors open to the general public, A private performance or Q&A session with the artist, Before purchasing, youll find a complete list of everything your VIP status will get you. 1. Youve probably visited the Ticketmaster website and left it feeling a little confused and somewhat panicked about how to sell tickets online for your event. AXS -Tel: 0844 8240 300; Ticketmaster - Tel: 08444 775 775; Kaboodle -; Official Ticket and Hotel packages: Event Travel ; . Fans can manage tickets digitally, transfer or sell tickets when needed (if applicable), and remain assured that all tickets are authentic and secure. Ticket News, which covers the ticketing industry (and makes money if you click through links to ticket resellers and make a purchase), reported that dozens of seats for $20 or less were available on a resale site in the days before the Tulsa concert. of ticket! While you dont have to pay a phone operator or a clerk, that doesnt mean that its free.. Enter the recipients first name, last name, and email address. They may be sold on Stubhub and transferred. We know it can be frustrating when there aren't many tickets left, but most people prefer not to sit on their own at a show so if a seat is left on its own, it's very unlikely to sell. The people at TicketsCandy must have been at the receiving end of those calls too many times because they based their entire business model around customer service. AXS Ticketing is our ticketing platform with key features that will enhance the ticket purchasing experience. 2. To sell mobile tickets with Ticketmaster, sellers (you) pay 15% of the tickets face value. To sell mobile tickets with Ticketmaster, sellers (you) pay 15% of the ticket's face value. You can also use your Rodeo Ticket Account to transfer tickets to another party and sell tickets on the RODEOHOUSTON verified secondary market. Learn more about how we make money. Opinions are our own, but compensation and in-depth research determine where and how companies may appear. Pick your exact seats on interactive maps, get more ticket options with AXS Official Resale, and go in style with AXS Premium or VIP offers. If Ticketmaster doesn't allow you to resell your tickets on their site, you may want to consider using a third-party ticket marketplace such as StubHub, Vivid Seats, or SeatGeek. Venues/event organizers will sometimes restrict the ability to transfer until that time to maximize ticket security. These include cookies that allow you to be AXS (pronounced access) is an American ticket outlet for sports and entertainment events, founded in 2011 and owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the world's second largest entertainment promoter behind Live Nation Entertainment. Ticketmaster isn't the only place in town for you to sell those tickets, as Stubhub, SeatGeek, Tick Pick and others are all allowing you to sell those mobile tickets even when Ticketmaste. (Ticketmaster, it's worth noting, has been hit with multiple class-action lawsuits for the company's lack of transparency). When fans have tickets they cant use, they can list them for sale with AXS. "Even our competitors want to come on our platform.". It looks like you go back into your StubHub account to "confirm" the transfer, but what is going to stop the buyer from telling StubHub they never received the tickets to fulfill the transation? Help us improve this article with your feedback. It charges a service fee that is not consistent instead of having a straight-up price on how much they take per transaction. We accept email Ticketmaster was one of the first ticketing companies to introduce mobile tickets, ending the long run of paper tickets. Music, festivals, theatre, concerts, parties, exhibitions, sporting In September 2019, AEG bought out Outboxs partnership and AXS is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AEG. 7 calle 1, Suite 204 Ticketmaster uses its gateway to process attendee purchases. If the event you have booked is cancelled, rescheduled or has changed location, you are entitled to a refund of at least the face value of the ticket. Weve asked ourselves these questions, and with some digging and investigative work, we were able to demystify how Ticketmaster works for people who want to sell tickets for their events. (There are also no-fee ticket sites like TickPick that are dedicated to selling tickets without fees.). Every VIP Upgrade is different, but, just remember, your ticket is purchased separately. Know how much . How old do you have to be to go to a bad bunny concert? My NCAA AccountManager. What do those fees even go to, anyway? I agree to Money's Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and consent to the processing of my personal information.Sign UpNewsletterSubscribe successful!You will now receive Money's Dollar Scholar newsletter at Reply anytime to let us know how we can improve. Follow these instructions to correctly deliver the Mobile transfer tickets you sold to the buyer, Did you find it helpful? Start Selling Effortless We'll fill in all the necessary info when you upload your tickets. VIP packages will always be at the top and highlighted with a gold star. Then comes the waiting part Youll have to wait until someone sets up your Ticketmaster account, which can take around 3 weeks in some cases. Processing Credit and Debit Cards on Ticketmaster, TicketsCandy Goes All-In on Customer Support, Tips for Choosing the Best Event Ticketing Software. I think people have this misconception that its easy and cheap to sell a ticket on the internet, Goldberg says. There arent any hidden charges for vendor fees, sponsor fees, venue fees, or any other fee that racks up the price of your ticket and kills your profits. Select 'See actions.' AXS Ticketing & Mobile Delivery. SeatGeek Select Accept Tickets in the email you received from SeatGeek. A Division of NBCUniversal. You decided to go with Ticketmaster because its a name you know. On the next page, click the red bar labeled SELL YOUR TICKETS. You can file a complaint with your state attorney generals office or with the Federal Trade Commission. showclix Watch this video for the complete guide and step-by-step process on how to list and sell those tickets on the AXS platform! We had 14 million people hit the site, including bots, which are not supposed to be there. Our Interactive Seat Maps are designed so that you can't leave a single unsold seat on its own. Goldberg gives an analogy: Say you go to Madison Square Garden for a concert. eventzilla Or, if youre in the process of purchasing your ticket, you can add on the VIP Upgrade. On Thursday, it announced that it would split off the Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves into an asset-backed stock. With TicketsCandy, your event tickets are ready for purchase in a matter of minutes, not weeks. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. AXS connects fans with the artists and teams they love. Unless youre allergic to profit, using TicketsCandy is a no-brainer. A VIP Upgrade is the answer. Please do not attempt to transfer money before the event takes place or your transfer request will be cancelled. We may be compensated if you click this ad. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can't go, and more. Liberty also said it would create a new stock called Liberty Live, which will include its stake in Live Nation. TicketsCandy chose Square not only for its low fees but also for its dedicated support team. Tour organizers, Mr. Breyault said, often hold back large blocks of tickets from initial sales for the benefit of groups like fan club members, credit card loyalty program participants and friends of the band. You can also check the ticket list to the right-hand side on desktop, or at the bottom on mobile. Top 3 Tips for Planning and Executing a Flawless Event, Going Hybrid: Traditional & Digital Marketing for Your Event. Rafi Mohammed, a pricing expert who says he has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert about 40 times, wrote in Harvard Business Review that the stars energetic performances have yielded the greatest dollar-for-dollar value in concert history. You can decide if you agree. How do I get my money back from AXS tickets? It depends on the event, ticket price, your selling history, etc. In these situations, we often see the option to transfer becoming available closer to the event date. How Much Does Ticketmaster Charge to Sell Your Mobile Tickets? event planning If shoppers had better information about the number of tickets available to the general public, he said, they could at least make informed guesses about their chances of buying tickets during the initial sale and whether it was worth their time to try. Tips on Buying Tickets the Next Time Your Favorite Singer Is in Town, Tap Sell on the ticket group and set the number of tickets that you want to sell and how they're split. They aim to do it right the first time around so that they dont have to answer your customer service questions since it takes them so long to get to them. You will enter your community username and new password and done! All sales are final. Even Calendar: Customize your calendar, so your attendees can easily select the time and date of their visit. If you have tickets with us you can contact us directly from your order. . Live Nation is sympathetic to fans who couldn't get tickets, Greg Maffei said on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" Thursday. accelevents Hows that work? I believe the way you do it is to go into your AXS account and "transfer" them to the buyer via the buyer's email address (which is provided on the receipt of the sale on the StubHub account). If you have seats from AXS but can't make it, quickly list the tickets for sale from your account and reach tons of potential buyers. brings you inside access to tickets, artist news, and exclusive stories on concerts, tours, sports teams, family events, arts, theater, and festivals nationally and in your town. Click the Sell Tickets button or the Sell button on the app. will only be released to the buyer once we have received payment. Check the box confirming that you have tickets in hand and that you're ready to send them now. The tickets are not for resale on AXS. I. problem selling tickets on ticketmaster Ordered wrong tickets. ticketleap Help? Late last month, according to, tickets to see Mr. Springsteen in New Jersey this fall were available on Ticketmaster for $59. Heres what I learned from the experience. Ever experience deep pangs of jealousy seeing your fellow fans screaming from the front row, donning limited-edition merch, or even partying it up with the artists themselves? Ticketmaster is a platform that will help you sell tickets thats undeniable. On the "Details" page, you can make the listing private through the toggle at the bottom. Dont feel discouraged. Just pull up your tickets in the AXS app, get them scanned at the gate, and head into your event. When I got onto the ticket map, all the tickets were gone besides the lawn for my venue. Preregistered fans had to wait in a queue for the privilege of watching prices surge before their eyes well into the thousands of dollars for prime seats. Finally go back into your Stubhub account and confirm the transfer. AXS Create an AXS account with the same email you used to purchase these tickets on Ticketmaster. event For some reason, this ticket appears to be ineligible for selling directly through AXS so I'd have to do another site. Resale tickets give you more ways to see your favorite artists and teams. TicketsCandy has it all: Ideally, you want a reliable ticket solution that doesnt cost an arm and a leg for using its services. You will then transfer the seats from your AXS/Flashseats account. This way we can ensure that the money is released into your account after the All Rights Reserved. Why Ticket Service Fees Are so Annoyingly High and How to Avoid Them. Youll see these tickets labeled as resale and available for purchase on the seat map or ticket page for events. Learn all about how to make money selling tickets online by selling mobile transfer tickets! Sell Tickets on SeatGeek Upload your tickets, add a price, and get paid. Revenue Control: Receive sale revenue straight to your bank account. Depending on the artist, tour and venue, some packages are limited to a very special few fans. Theres also a delivery fee that helps fund the process of sending out the tickets via email and mail. How much does it cost to sell tickets on AXS? They may also include exclusive backstage access, special souvenirs, a pre-show party invite or a chance to meet your favorite artist in the flesh. ensure that we can accurately measure how our website is used. Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with great new content every single week!#thumbsuprun #tickettipthursday #Ticketmaster Our columnist thought shed gotten a good deal on Bruce Springsteen tickets. TicketsCandy partnered with Square to make sure you can process e-commerce transactions without any surprises or hidden fees.

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