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In this section, I want to give you a quick, step-by-step guide to selling baby stuff so that you have the most success! So, you get to keep all of the money that you make from the sale. Youll just need to drop off your stuff with FedEx or USPS. When you come to sell stuff, make sure that you follow these tips: My first tip is a simple one, but its something that many people simply dont do. Not only do you clear out your home of stuff you no longer need (and we all could do with more space, right? Truth be told, it's one of my favorite platforms to list on because it's really simple to list items. Quite often, you dont even get the item back so youre out of money and the item. The good part is they sell pretty quickly! This may help a customer and lead to a sale. First,sign up for Mercari. Join. If you want to get some money for baby clothes, then visit Childrens Orchard. Sounds like a good strategy and I'll try your way out if I make that plunge? Thats why its so important that you take the time to wash or dry clean your items before you list them for sale. Toycycle will pick up your stuff and sell it for you. ), but you can also make some of the money that you originally spent back. Polymailers are usually easiest (13x9). Mercaris algorithm isnt advanced and shows things right when they were posted. The perks of the Mercari Pro Seller Program include: 120. r/Mercari. Use Mercari's pack and ship . Because of this, I decided to write a thorough Mercari review and analyze the pros and cons of the app. Omg. It's free to list toys for sale on there. Drugs. It's a $3 item for context. Learn from my mistakes! The money I earned from selling on Mercari went toward my house savings goal. Designer clothing with tags I sell individual. 3. But you can, of course, take the cash if you want to. This is an auction website like eBay. Kidzen. Mercari is forbidding it (obviously, they wouldnt make money if they did), so people speak in code. $47 $50 6% OFF. So, you could make yourself some extra cash! Many people also include a statement in all of their descriptions that theyre willing to bundle to save the buyer money. My Mercari experience: I have sold on Mercari since 2018, although not as consistently until 2020. You can sell your stuff with the company for free! Like I said, it's not much profit for the time I put into it, but I look at it as more of a hobby. It is one of the best apps for selling clothes. $117 $124 5% OFF. What it is: Mercari is an app that connects buyers to sellers. This is INCREDIBLY HELPFUL AND THOUGHTFUL informative. If you have a lot to sell, look into participating in a pop up consignment sale, like the one Just Between Friends. How to Make Money Blogging: Passive Income Tips, Motherhood & Career: How to Balance Being a Working Mom, How to Start a Profitable Blog: Tips & Tricks, Tips on Selling Clothes Online from a Fashion Marketer, How to Start an Etsy Shop From Experienced Seller, Lifestyle Blog Income Report November 2020 (6 months of blogging! An online portal available in the US and Canada, they buy clothing which includes costumes, dancewear, outer gear, sleepwear and anything else that can be worn! I noticed that for example, kids luxury brand Molo sells on Poshmark quite well. Next we have Varage Sale and it's like an online garage sale where you can sell stuff locally. One of the biggest benefits of Mercari is that you can list your stuff for sale for free on there. These are pretty simple, but effective. Another tip for selling on Mercari is to try out the new Mercari Pro Seller Program that's currently in Beta. Ready to get started? The Basic Seller account is for the casual seller and its free. Whats the danger of taking things off Mercari? Set a neutral background fluffy carpet, wall, photo backdrop. Mercari Local. And dont forget to follow my step-by-step guide for listing baby stuff! Take your stuff to your nearest store, and then an employee will price your items. You can sell lots of other items on the platform too, like kids toys and books. Now, what I like about Shpock is that it doesnt charge you any fees. Maybe you just want to take your baby stuff into a store and get cash right there for it, rather than listing it for sale online or shipping it? Learn More, Where to Sell Baby Stuff for Cash Near Me, Guide for Selling Baby Stuff for the Most Money, 3. 5.0/5. Now, if you want to avoid those fees, youll need to opt for the paid plan, which is called Seller+. List the price again near the end of the ad, even its included in another section because you want to make sure that potential buyers are aware of the price. You want to freshen up whatever it is youre selling. Now, the price of the Seller+ account varies depending on the payment plan that you choose: Another place to put stuff up for sale is with thredUP, which is an online consignment store and thrift store. Mercari is your marketplace for buying and selling preloved items. Youll need to take your stuff into the store and the companys buyers will check it and give you cash for the items that they keep. If you have negative reviews, then it could make it tougher for you to make more sales in the future. THANK YOU so much! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I sell my old clothes easily most of the timejust not my daughter'swhich is what I have a zillion of! You could say that your child has outgrown the item, for example. Kids grow out of their clothes fast, costing you a small fortune, right? The headline is what gets people to click on the listing and it helps people to find your listing. If youre selling used clothes fabric shaver! When your stuff is sold, you do have to pay a fee. You will want to include the brand, the style, the model name, the color, the condition, the fabric, the size (consider adding measurements), whether it is used. Just include the measurement/size chart in the photos if you can. Try to take your photos in a place where theres plenty of natural light. Set the Price: choose the listing price and cost of shipping. It will inspect your items, and if they meet the companys quality standards, your stuff will be photographed, listed, and shipped to customers. You can even sell kids toys on there as well. Then, you get paid. Sadly, they sold on Poshmark a few minutes before the offer was sent (I would have made more with the offer but now that I know they sell well, I'll just list them on Mercari). Ive been selling for about a year, 95 positive 5/5 star reviews, never anything less. Youre charged a flat rate fee of $2.95 for sales that are under $15. Easy and Low-Maintenance Listings. Well, you could make some cash back by selling used kids clothes. So if you are listing something for $20, they will get $2 as payment for using their service. I've been looking at a few very well stocked reseller lots of baby clothes, both on Mercari and on some wholesale sites. ago. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Babies & kids outgrow their clothes and gear as fast as you can buy em new ones! Make sure you include things like the brand, size, color, and condition of the item in the headline. So, this sort of relates to the previous point about responding to customer questions. Good luck! Youll get an offer, and if you accept it, then youre paid cash on the spot for your stuff! Also, if youre planning to ship the item, then you need to factor in the cost when youre setting your price. The best part is that the store pays you on the spot. I actually had it happen to a designer jacket FedEx lost it and I had my money from Mercari in a few days! So, make sure that you respond to customer questions as fast as you can. This way, the buyer knows what to expect from the item. $2 fee for direct deposits under $10. You can sell used baby clothing at Once Upon a Child. Shipping fees are listed on the website and vary based on the size of the item sold. On Poshmark, shipping is easier and cheaper. I mean by way of thrifting, from your own kids if any, or other bundles on Mercari or other similar platforms? My personal opinion is that Poshmark is more of a high fashion app, while Mercari is sell everything for less type of app. Download a measurements/size chart for the brand and include it in the photos, 8. Depending on the brand, eBay may be one of your best options for selling clothes. I'm new to selling baby/toddler clothes too, but from what I've seen so far, Pirate Ship is definitely the way to go for shipping. In this case, choose Other and do a good job with the title and description. I sell it in big bundles, usually 50+ pieces. There are many places online where you can sell your clothing, as well as other items. The store will give you an offer, and if you accept it, then you can get paid in cash or you can get 20% more in trade value. Just take your stuff into your local store so that an employee can appraise it. Its a store where you can get cash for gently used childrens clothes. Also, I've never tried but some people mentioned Kidozi for children clothing. If you dont respond to a customers message about an item for a couple of days, then they may buy a similar item from another seller. You can have a look at what other people are charging for similar items on the site that you plan to use. So this means that there are literally millions of potential customers on there. First, like it by clicking the heart. So there are no upfront costs when selling through the site. Craigslist is a good site to list your stuff for sale since its free and theres no commission charged either. Thats crazy, right? So, you need to make sure that it stands out. SHOP. A full-time entrepreneur, but also a boy mom, cat mom, wife, and traveler. Heres where you can get the Poshmark app: Maybe you want to sell kids clothes near you, rather than online. A way that you can recoup some of the cost of refreshing your childs closet is to sell their old clothes. They were women's t-shirts, which I think resell for less than the men's ones. It's known as one of the best places to sell clothes online for its ease . Listing baby stuff is a breeze on Mercari. You have three options: Buy shipping labels through Mercari at up to 60% off retail. For selling baby clothes, you might want to give Vinted a try. Use natural light to capture the best images of your clothes. This fee depends on what you sell your items for. So, you could end up selling your stuff pretty fast. You can also bundle items to save your buyer on shipping. Dont worry if you cant find a sizing chart as this is just an extra step you can take to improve your listing, but its not a requirement for a good listing. . But, eBid is, in fact, much better reviewed than eBay is on sites like Trustpilot. This is a website where you can sell tons of things including kids clothes! Make sure that you list the next item quickly. With eBid, there are membership levels. The site charges a 10% commission on sales, plus a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10. Now, you can list your stuff for free on there. You can list baby stuff for sale on there. Typically I sell individual items when I think the item is unique enough to stand on its own. Click on Marketplace in the left column. if youre selling baby clothes the chances are that stay-at-home moms are going to be scrolling during the day. 7 expert tips for tackling clutter I cant tell you how many times Ive seen clothing listed online that looks wrinkled or even stained in some cases. When someone buys your baby clothes, you get paid right to your PayPal account or bank account, which is always handy! Selling individual pieces I have the same experience as my small lots. For sales that are more than $15, the site takes a 20% commission, so you keep 80% of the profits. I have a decent amount of designer stuff to sell too, plus more normal day-to-day clothes. This percentage rate is based on the value of each item. You can get money for all sorts of baby stuff, including: In todays post, Ill start out by listing places, sites and apps to sell clothes your kids no longer use, then Ill list a few places to sell baby stuff near you. Firstly, eBay is an incredibly popular website with more than 182 million shoppers. Let's talk about scents. I tried to be cheap at first and spent a lot on tape because they kept tearing. So, you really can sell pretty much anything on the site. You can negotiate on the message as well. Respond to potential buyers as quickly as you can, 9. You can list lots of different items for sale on there, so if you have quite a lot of things to advertise, then you may want to use Facebook Marketplace to do so. Our Reuse Report: Family Edition probes all of these key statistics and trends . Any suggestions? Selling on Mercari can be a hit or miss and there are lots of things first-time sellers dont realize. Mercari. However, if your stuff sells, then youll be charged a final value fee of 5%. Moreover, you can also sell your unused items here. If someone buys your item, then you get to keep between 15% and 80% of the sale. They are a great way to sell a lot of stuff, as well as bigger things that you can't ship easily. As an individual seller, your first 100 listings are free each month. Its a great mobile marketplace for selling stuff to people nearby. Perhaps yours will be to pay down student debt or save for a vacation. This saves you the hassle of having to list stuff for sale on multiple sites. Founded in 2013, Mercari quickly gained popularity in Japan and expanded to the U.S. in 2014. Its a good platform because you can put stuff up for sale in lots of categories, so if you have a lot of different things to list, then try the site. by Lauren Bennett - Verified & Updated February 5, 2021 (This post may contain affiliate links.). My general rule is to never let it sell for less than $1 a piece (after mercari's cut), and to never buy for more that $0.50 a piece. Nintendo. Now, OfferUp is another one of those great websites and apps where you can buy and sell all sorts of items locally. 2. Step 2: Start the Mercari app and go through its introductions. And, if you plan to list more than 50 items, youll have to pay a listing fee. It's easy to list items. The website actually has membership levels. But, you can just take the cash if you want to. Since people are busy, its best to get straight to the point. You could list furniture, baby blankets, cribs, toys, and whatever else it is that you have to unload, for sale through the platform. None of the items that I buy or sell are fake, either straight from the online store, or I get the items legit checked before I buy/sell them. Review: Is It Trustworthy and Legit? People are busy, so its best to get straight to the point! Plus, you get to keep 100% of the money from the sales you make! It can seem like its a constant battle to keep them in clothes that actually fit! Once youve sold a few items, its important to keep up the momentum. What I like about Poshmark is that it allows you to list your stuff for sale for free. Emily: The vast majority of my sales are items my kids have outgrown; mainly clothes, toys & baby/kid gear. Thanks for asking. I share tips and thoughts on motherhood and parenting, DIY tutorial, career-changing tips, as well as stories about living with autoimmune diseases. Then, the company handles the rest for you. Now, aside from glowing reviews, eBid is also a great site because it offers so many categories where you can list stuff for sale. There's also a $2 fee if a direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank. First things first, you have to create an account. This means that if you have a lot of baby stuff to unload, then it could be the perfect platform for you. Add a description of the clothing you want to sell. Electronics are really a staple on Mercari, and if you browse the marketplace, you see loads of sellers and previous sales for electronics like: Phones. In this section, I want to give you a step-by-step guide that covers some really simple tips that you can use to ensure you have maximum success. The problem with eBay is that if the buyer claims the item is damaged (when its not actually damaged and the person is a scammer) and sends it back, then you have to pay return shipping plus the eBay fees for selling the item. So a lot of the second hand baby clothes are still in great condition AND theyre super cheap at second hand stores (if youre looking to source). The good news is that you can actually sell your kids toys, old clothes and other stuff for cash near you and online. State why youre putting the item up for sale. Founded in Japan in 2013, it came to the United States in 2014. Mercari is a platform to sell new or used products including everything from clothing to video games, collectibles to toys. Go to and click on "Sell on Mercari" [the bright orange button] or the person icon at the top of the page and then select "Sign Up.". Select the category, add your description, add your price, and a photo of your item. Now, when your stuff does sell, you will have to pay a commission fee. Then, thredUP handles the rest for you. So, it really is a win-win! The secondhand kids' and baby item market is forecast to grow 83% by 2030 when it is projected to be valued at $12.8 billion, with 53% of these sales expected to occur online.With American households filled with more than 272.6 million unused kids' and baby items, there's plenty of supply to meet this demand. Next on the list we have Kid to Kid. Step 4: Enter the password and select []. If you find that a customer has asked about something that you think you should have included in the listing, or you keep getting the same or a similar question from customers, then make sure that you update your listing so that other customers can see the response. I have research to do. and by style (onesie; pants, dresses, pjs). When you bought it, what did you like about it? Kate Quinn Organics (bamboo + cotton) Kate Quinn Organics offers boho designs with the best quality on the market if you ask me. I have been selling all my kids stuff theyve outgrown and making bundles/lots for a great price for people and its doing REALLY well. Write a great description for your listing, 6. Typically, this includes alabel printer, small shipping scale, mannequin or cute hangers, photo background, and mailers. I would add at least 3-5 if you can. If you want to sell your used kids clothes or baby clothes locally, then consider selling through Facebook Marketplace. The baby clothes look great, just seems too close to retail prices for Mercari buyers. How to List an Item on Poshmark. If you can pull off an artsy photoshoot for the clothes you want to sell, then Tradesy will ensure you get the best and the highest-paying buyers for your items. Safety. eBay, the largest online marketplace for DIY sellers. Most people put minimal effort into taking pictures and writing descriptions, but these days it counts as SEO. Just be up front and disclose absolutely everything, and price accordingly. Its a store that pays you on the spot for used kids clothes. Its such an easy way to make money from selling used kids clothes. This option allows buyers to be alerted when items that they are searching for are posted, so if someone is looking for eg. This is pretty standard for different payment services like PayPal, Venmo, etc. Im usually happy to throw in extras but what in the world. One of the best selling items on Mercari is anything electronic. Now, when meeting up with somebody from Craigslist, or any website really, make sure that you take safety precautions. Be safe when meeting up with buyer in-person. So do keep that in mind when you are listing your stuff for sale. You can list stuff for sale for free. You need to strongly consider selling your clothes on eBay. Dont, unless youre planning on packaging super small yet heavy items. Trust me, not buying a label printer early on was one of the dumbest things I did because I spent a ton on the ink for the printer which was completely unnecessary! It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Why selling on Mercari is a good idea. I've listed 3 and they all sold within a day for very close to my asking price. In fact, there are more than 25,000 categories available to sell in. Next on the list we have OfferUp, which recently merged with another great app for selling stuff, called LetGo. This can save customers the hassle of having to ask things like, Is this true to size?. A great description should give the customer all the details they need to know without being too long or boring. Okay, so next on the list we have eBid. Even in our ever-increasing digital world, there are still times when youll need to make paper copies. I always like sites that allow you to list stuff for free, because it means that if no one purchases your stuff, then you havent wasted any money. How Mercari Works for Sellers. Instead, you can just sell it right from the yard sale. If someone gets in touch to ask a question about something that youre selling and you dont respond for two days, then its likely that theyll buy a similar item from another seller. Since sizes arent universal from brand to brand, sadly, people will appreciate you including a sizing chart. Be honest about the condition of the item. You dont want to short-change yourself, but you also need to make sure that you set a realistic price for the baby stuff that youre advertising. The saved searches option is a huge win for sellers. When it comes to selling used baby clothes online for cash Kidzen is an underrated site/app. List the price: Even if the price is listed in another section, make sure that you list it again near the end of the ad. Selling your clothing and other items on Mercari is a simple process: List Your Item: include pictures and a description. Kid to Kid will purchase your used kids stuff. So take a little time to just freshen up the stuff that you plan to put up for sale. Make sure you mention any marks or damage to the clothing in the description. Next, you should say why youre selling the item. Yes, thats right there are zero fees charged! A Bathing Ape is a Japanese brand of men's, women's, and children's streetwear. Winner: Mercari fees are lower than eBay for most product categories but eBay has lower fees for certain categories. At this time have only listed a very small fraction of what we're selling due to time restraints, but we've sold 96 items and made $2260 selling on Mercari. If possible to get the first class rates unless you have some bigger bundles. You can even sell toys on there as well. Now, the company has three stores. Now that you have an awesome headline to go along with your photos, its time for you to write the description for your listing. Use searchable words and terms: You want buyers to be able to find your listing so use relevant keywords. Just take in your stuff, and the companys buyers will check it and then give you cash for the items it keeps. Mercari has its own rubric for stating the condition of the item, but make sure to use the most common abbreviations describing the condition of the item in a description as well: Indicate if the item has any flaws or defects. Then, youll get an offer and if you like the offer, then youre paid in cash on the spot. They act as tags to allow you to divide your baby clothes in your closet by age, so you can quickly pick out the right size when you need it! So whether its kids clothes, books, or toys, youll be able to list your stuff for sale on 5Miles. If you have kids' books and toys, this is also a good place to sell online. Instead of cash, you can opt for store credit to earn even more money. My general rule is to never let it sell for less than $1 a piece (after mercari's cut), and to never buy for more that $0.50 a piece. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For some categories, it does charge listing fees though. The first and only subreddit for Mercari, a fast growing marketplace for buying and selling online.

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