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Thank you so much, and do enjoy the big race a the weekend! This is a fan favourite as youre always guaranteed to see some overtaking action at the tight left / right chicane of Vale. 1) Where do I get the best view in the General Admission ticket category? Silverstone. Lots of threads about this already. 1) The MegaBus option offers a one-way ticket or it is a round-trip? Watching from Copse corner is awesome because you get to see how well the down force works on the modern Formula 1 car. Great to hear you are coming to the British Grand Prix this year. I have viewed tickets on offer and there is Woodcote A block 1 and 2 and Woodcote B block 1 and 2. 22,817 General Admission section row seat Hackey Silverstone Circuit 2013 British Grand Prix turn: Finish Line Hi Simon: And what is this grandstand like. 2) FP3 is 10:00 and F1 Qualifying is 13:00 Just the Sunday race. Thanks a lot for your help. Parcel . Have been to Silverstone before with my Dad and sat at Club, which was great, but I am thinking of going with a friend this year (2015) and so we are on a much tighter budget (we are 17 and 18) and so I am not sure which tickets to buy! i dont mind the money but as a fan would you recommend club corner or international pit straights? General Admission tickets at Silverstone are the cheapest way to get access to the Formula One British Grand Prix. Hi Simon, just about to book the other half some surprise tickets for christmas. I also wonder which is the closest to the big screen I see on the video you have posted on your site with regard Woodcote. General admission tickets also get you full access to all of the off-track activities like the concerts, entertainment zones, fan zones and more. Hi Jo. Just worried row B would be restricted view with fencing. Complete F1 virgin trying to book tickets for my boyfriends 30th birthday! I would recommend Woodcote A Block 1. Oh my, coming from the USA (California) for our first F1 and is my husbands 60th birthday celebration Sooo many options but hes a longtime car/racing fan and would love to pick reserved seats with best view if action but may be limited to 1k for both of us Heard we should get a pit pass but am a novice do not sure how that works so suggestions would be appreciated!!! I wouldnt bet against an accident like this happening again this year. A is at the front so looks like youre 14 rows back. Do you know where they might be located. I have a pass to watch the race from the inside of the track this year, where is the best place to plonk myself? Hi Rose, Also, if money were no object, where on the whole course would YOU go? Have you checked out the maps on the tickets sites to see locations of stands and prices? Take a walk to find the best views and see the cars and their drivers perform under extreme conditions. Enjoy the race and please come back to share you experiences with us! You will need to be up early on race day to make sure you secure the best spots. I appreciate the feedback. Any assistance wold be greatly appreciated That aside my personal choice would be Becketts or Vale. James, I think at a push I could afford 400 per head, but if that will not secure seats at club corner, where would you suggest next being best? I am visiting for the first time this year and have no idea what tickets to buy There will be a few cash machines dotted around the circuit, Sun cream (even if its not sunny it helps stop wind burn), Waterproof everything jacket / trousers / cagoule, even a waterproof rucksack (or cover) can help keep your belongings dry. The good news is there are two pit walks one at 10:00 and one at 15:15 if take a little longer than expected!! -00:0029:26 The 2021 British Grand Prix is nearly upon us. The turn in speed can be over 280 km/h and is mind blowing to watch! Would like to do Pit walk on Thursday, what is the best route from campsite? Just a little further back round the track from Vale, the general admission viewing area at Stowe lets you see the cars as they come down the Hangar Straight towards you at close to 200mph. Weve being recommending the following ticket resellers for over 10 years now. 9,296, The fastest growing F1 community for fans! Id recommend you take a wander to Club Corner, Farm and Becketts. But let me know if you need more help and an idea of your budget would be good. Its positioned between Stowe corner and Club (which Id the last corner). Food you are allowed to bring your own food in to Silverstone. You will still have a view of the Stowe/Vale chicane but not as good as Block 4. Great 40th birthday present! I am a complete F1 novice, but Im seriously thinking of booking some tickets for the other half for the race in 2018. What happens on Fridays? Your info above is fantastic, and after many searches of the internet, is one of the most comprehensive, so congratulations on a great source of info! Looking to buy tickets as a Christmas present but dont want to spend much money, are Saturday standing general admission tickets still a good view if you get there early? I cant wait for this years Grand Prix. You wont have a reserved grandstand seat, instead it will be first-come first-served in the stands you have access to. All three options include the general admission perks. There will be numerous bars dotted around throughout the circuit which will be selling alcohol as well. Has anyone got previous experience parking at the circuit? Scroll down to the General Admission tab on the following page and watch the YouTuve video there. How about a hotel at the circuit! Im booking tickets for my husband and his father. I can not find any reviews on this package for the snooze hotel and wandered if anyone can give some advice? Am thinking of Farm Curve for the Sun at 250. Hi Simon, Husband loves both! Take a look at this link from the F1 website which has LAST years British GP timetable: Youll be given an allocated seat for Sunday and roving for Saturday. Hello I am very excited to be going to my first F1 a week today. If on the Sunday you plan to get there for 9am or 10am youll be hard pushed to find a half decent spot, plus youll have missed some of the support race action. 7.00am - 4.00pm: Australian WST Saturday - General Admission Includes access to general admission viewing areas, entertainment zones and concerts Roving access to selected grandstands (Lakeside, Hamilton Straight B, Abbey A, The View, Becketts, Woodcote A, Stowe C, Village A) Children under 11 go free, Children under 16 are half price Sunday - General Admission The atmosphere and all the fans is just brilliant. . I obviously dont know where seats will be in either do all seats offer a reasonably good view? Move freely around the outside of the track; Flexibility to move around some of the best viewing areas of the circuit (with no access to the grandstands) I am booking 2016 tickets as a surprise for my partner, and I was wondering whether to do general admission or covered stand, just for the Sunday. Put it this way, youll be closer to the track than most in that location. Silverstone. Just to also this is a great site and very informative! Some of the most popular general admission spots are outlined below but take time to explore the circuit and find your own favourite spots. If youd like to see the start and finish and have a view of the pits, try The International Pits Straight, although some of the best tickets have sold out already. The F1 Village used to be located behind Woodcote, but is now located on the track itself on the now disused Bridge corner. Simply awesome! If I buy General Admission tickets is there a specific place I can sit or is it standing room only? Hi !.. I was at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago for a club event and set in the Club grandstand. Portable radio with headphones so you can tune in to the 5 Live or Radio Silverstone (87.7FM) coverage of the race (PA system at the track isnt always loud or clear enough). What are the main differences of these areas & is it worth paying just that little bit extra for these areas, especially with the action on the Sun? Block 1 is normally booked up first as for the best row I personally prefer to be near the front but its all pretty good from here! This isnt a defined amount, but again just be sensible. To get the best views Id recommend going on a Saturday too and check out some of the viewing spots. Presumably not the standard general admission tickets! Becketts is a great corner to enjoy the Grand Prix too! This area is absolutely buzzing since the circuit revamp, and tickets always sell out months before the race. It IS expensive at Silverstone for everything!! Read more National Pit Straight or check prices and availability for National Pit Straight Tickets. I would much appreciate your help/advice. You can see videos and images from all of these seats on the Silverstone website. In my opinion, these seats are the best value for money, whats not to love? (Child Under 16). How. Silverstone held a pit walks last year on the Thursday. 1 Vale corner. Youll have to be up early mind to secure one of the best spots. Went to qualifying last year and sat at Luffield, but the race is a whole different thing, so want a bit of advise on where to see the above. WOB/WDB1/D/0010 Hi Just booked tickets for 2015. we are in the international pit straight IPS3B/K/0238 Watching the cars from the outside, it is very noticeable. My son (14) and I are total novices to F1, but he is a total F1 nerd (his words). Hi Simon Just stumbled across this helpful post. all in all Silverstone is just an awesome track to be at during a Grand Prix. How would row B seats sit, would you advise aiminh higher or lower for the best view? Yep as you say GA tickets are for all areas. First timer GP.. I'm just wondering where's the best view ideally to watch the racing.. we're going to head to hangar straight and becketts.. but expecting it to be very busy. General admission tickets can be over 50% cheaper for a 3-day pass than some of the grandstands at Silverstone, so its likely youll save yourself a heap of money. Copse C and National Pit Straight are very high speed and the cars are blitzing past you. Hi Stacy, Im sorry to say Im a bit biased and would choose F1 over MotoGP. We were thinking of doing park and ride and want to go for a covered grandstand. The park and ride says no tickets available. (Adult) And do you have any other good sugestions that would be fairly cheap but also have a quite good view (obviously we know the best views are more expensive). My wife has booked us some tickets to go to this years race. He is a huge Hamilton fan and I want to get him the best seats possible or area possible . Having looked at your great info on site I have decided to try to obtain tickets in the Woodcote stand. A lot of the other General Admission areas are either gravel, steep or small / cramped. Wife does not walk well. Zeen is a next generation WordPress theme. Sorry again! Just need two tickets and I re read your info on Stowe so will go for that. Luffield and Woodcote are often some of the most underestimated seats on the track. Are you still allowed to take seats in. Weve never been before, and so want to understand the seating options a little more before spending a lot of money. I was looking to go for a seating option but being undercover is not an issue. I was thinking as for us its probably a once in a life time thing, going the whole hog and trying to secure a couple of seats in club corner. Come on Hamilton! The early bird catches the F1 worm! #F1 #bahrainGP. Are these goods seats? The car will drift wide on the exit but youll notice the cars launching themselves to the opposite side of the circuit to set themselves up for The Loop corner which leads onto the essential Wellington Straight. These will come with a small cost. Just use common sense. i have a big ol lens to take some good shots too. So if you could help with the below queries, it would be great. The only exception to this is registered assistance dogs, in which instance you must contact Silverstone beforehand on to make the appropriate arrangements. This is of course the old first corner, so has the potential to see a high-speed crash under braking, and also is an area where cars can benefit from the slipstream so expect a lot of overtaking. Hiya, I have purchased tickets for the British GP weekend G/A, ( my 1st ) camping at Woodlands and was wondering on the best vantage points for the Sunday in your opinion and any screen views available in said areas. The page on the Silverstone website is for 2015 ( and nothing for this year. Since 1950 the former aerodrome has served as the leading racing car track holding host to legendary drivers such as Guiseppe Farina and Lewis Hamilton. Hi Simon, thank you so much for your reply! I would be greatful for your tips! Check out our Woodcote guide for pictures and more information. I was thinking about a whole weekend, is it lot going on on Friday and Saturday ? The event programme will list the last re-entry times for each day. Absolutely buzzing and cant wait for my first ever Grand Prix. Youre correct about roaming for Friday Practice and Saturday qualifying. Sat here you can expect to see the cars lining up on the grid, all the build-up and youll get an excellent view of the Red Arrows display and flypast before the race starts. Check out prices here and you can also get discount on Children tickets. GP3 qualifying is at 8:45 and F1 FP3 is 10:00 aim for one of those, and relax the rest of the day, hopefully in the sunshine. Decided to go for Woodcote and the system offers me the following ticket in Woodcote A, Block 2 WOAWDA2C 0094 is it a good spot or is better to go for Block 1 WOAWDA1F 0003? For 1500 for Sunday only you have a pretty good choice to choose the tickets of your choice, only excluding VIP packages. Thanks Simon! Or would Block 2 B0465 be better for seeing the corner, podium and the pit. Youre brilliant. Have fun. I seem to remember that on practice and Qualy days there were some limited grandstands open to GA ticket holders? Thanks in advance for any guidance , Im sorry to say with a budget of 400 your options are limited. Letters run from A (bottom / front row) up to about N/P/Q depending on the stand. Want a reserved seat for the Sunday with the children but pretty flexible about cost etc. 2020, Catch up with what happened in FP3 as we wait for the first qualifying of the season to begin As close as we'll ever get to a real-life Fast and Furious scene, the Formula One British Grand Prix racing car event takes place in the legendary Silverstone stadium. Did MotoGP in Valencia before children. However, a lot of lap time can be won or lost by the drivers who liken this section to threading the eye of a needle. with a GA ticket will I get a chance to sit down on an actual chair? These corners are one of the most impressive displays of their aero grip anywhere on the circuit. Read more Copse or check prices and availability for Copse Tickets. Dive deep into the motorsport world. How does this band system work, and for seats with a good view would it be much more expensive than is advertised on the official Silverstone website? I have general admin tickets for Saturday and am going with my son (his first GP). We will update the site as soon as we hear back from the operators. You can take your own alcohol in to Silverstone circuit, as long as it is a reasonable amount for your own personal consumption. I watched the 2010 GP from Luffield. Can I buy tickets separately? General Admission tickets at Silverstone are the cheapest way to get access to the Formula One British Grand Prix. Good day we are buying tickets to Becketts Friday-Sunday 2 adult and 1 5 years old child do we have to pay full price or can my son get child ticket for the same zone. . Id recommend taking a look at our Where to Sit section and then check out a couple of the resellers to compare F1 ticket prices. General admission areas do provide good views but the Saturday is almost as busy as Sunday. I see a lot of people talking about stowe, club and pit straight but not seen much about Abbey. Planning to go only on Sunday would you recommend general admission or a specific seat? Hi Lisa, Club is a good choice youll also get a view of Vale which can offer some good overtaking. Buying a Grandstand ticket makes for a more relaxed day as most stands provide numbered seating but it all depends on your budget. Hi Simon, I am looking to book the package available for the 4 nights staying at the Snooze hotel with breakfast and evening meal. Hi my wife has booked us a weekend here this year for the f1 with camping.we have seats reserved in Beckets BKT/BKS4/B/0283+0284 (if that makes sense) .will we be able to wander to different areas during practice and qualifying? Includes access to general admission viewing areas, entertainment zones and concerts Sunday - Grandstands Circuit map Allocated grandstand seat on Sunday Access to general admission viewing areas, entertainment zones and concerts included Child price applicable on selected grandstands / under 2s go free STAY CONNECTED Have you looked at our Silverstone Camping Guide? their drivers perform under extreme conditions. The new Pit and Paddock complex has been built between Club Corner and Abbey and signifies the climax of Silverstones massive development programme to turn the circuit into a world class racing venue. See our article on the Silverstone dress code for detailed information on what to wear. This list is below, as posted ontheir website,and applies to Silverstone general admission ticket holders and every other type of ticket holder. The keenest of the F1 fans know exactly where to go and it will be difficult to beat them to the prime spots!! Sorry me again. Id recommend starting with a budget. Click here for more information on Club and tickets. Club Corner continues to be the fans favourite because you get to see the international straight, Club Corner, Vale the pity entry and the podium. Its roving grandstand seats on Friday only (excluding Club Corner and Club Silverstone grandstands) so youll be able to get a good feel of where to go on Saturday. In 2007 we had General Admission tickets and watched from Club which was brilliant! Which grandstand has the widest seats ( for the bigger person ). Great info. I would like to buy 2 tickets for 3 days for my boyfriend, he absolutely loves formula 1, unfortunately I dont know much about it. 4) Is it easy to reach by public transport? Would love to see some of your pictures if youre happy to share and maybe you could give us an insight to some of the best places infield! Hi, I am planning to take my son to Silverstone this year (Sun). Have you tried Block 3 which is the closest to the corner? The cheapest package for the three-day race weekend was general admission (GA), priced at 279. when do silverstone tickets go on sale 2023. 2 quick questions: 1. Also what location? Both Block 1 and 2 have great views of the Woodcote, Luffield corners. Bottas fan! Have booked a hotel nearby but had to shop round as the majority of the hotels have hiked the prices up for the FI weekend. Hi John, Accuracy is required and a clean exit essential to carry as much speed as possible across the start/finish line, The International Pit Straight is an area of the Silverstone circuit that is seeing constant development year after year. If youre not worried about covered seating take a look at Club A. Sunday only ticket is 199 and Saturday and Sunday ticket is 249. Was looking at either Farm or Vale, but open to suggestions! 2 Adult 2 Children Woodcote Grandstand seats If you get a chance check out our Where to sit guide for more information. Its such a vast area and nicely sloped meaning its perfect for pitching up and relaxing. Hi Diana! Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Formula 1 Qualifying Results Red Bull dominate in Bahrain, Alonso and Aston Martin keep Red Bull at bay in Final Practice. Instead plan to spend another couple of hours enjoying the live music, concerts and after parties. The nearest thing to VIP is Club Silverstone at Becketts. The bus leaves from Silverstone, Car Park West 4 at 17:00 on the Sunday and 16:30 on the Saturday. It is prohibited in any grandstands and enclosed areas. But dont bring a four-wheel carry trolley for your food / drink these are on the prohibited items list (see below). A General Admission access allows you to roam around different track sections and look for the best vantage point. Have you considered Snoozebox? We have a budget of up to 1500.00 for us both, what can i get for that? -EST. Required fields are marked *. That will give you an idea of some of the best spots. many thanks, Hi The National Pit Straight is the half way point of a lap of Silvestone, with the start and end being situated over on the International Pit Straight. Please come back and share your experiences after the race! Thanks. Youll see the cars come down the Wellington Straight which is a DRS zone (designed for overtaking), as well as seeing the cars through Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote and the National Pit Straight. The camp site has its own paths to the circuit, but you need to make your way to Club Corner gates 15 and 16 for entry to the pit walk. all the tickets are same price. Your email address will not be published. What local hotels are there within walking distance from the track. I have been organising a surprise for my hubby 40th since sept was all researched and booked at donnington only for the change of venue to happen!!! Stacy. Enjoy luxury catering and entertainment while soaking up the adrenaline-fuelled atmosphere. But I have a couple of questions: Dont forget the Cut To The Race podcast!! See our article on Vale corner viewing for more info on the view, TV screens and spectating at this spot. Farm and Village A and B is one of my favourite areas this high speed section is a great place for overtaking and also has a great view of the first corner at the start of the race. Phone signal can be patchy so dont rely on being able to get on the 5 Live stream through your phones internet. p.s I would highly highly highly recommend camping in woodlands!! Dentons > The Legal 500 Rankings Corporate and commercial > Corporate tax Tier 1 Dentons calls upon its extensive international footprint to support clients on a broad variety of Bringing your own food is a good way to save some money. As you can see, Free Practice 1 starts at 10am for an hour and a half, and FP2 starts 2pm, again, for an hour and a half. Disabled view from Luffield what is that like? Hi Harry. Its about precision and definitely about bravery! Viewing takes place from a wide range of flat and banked areas surrounding the entire circuit, so you can choose your preferred spot or mix things up by changing your position throughout the weekend. Do people tend to stay in one place or move around in the day? Silverstone. I can tell you first hand that this is an excellent area to sit. Why doesnt Silverstone have seating plans of all grandstands, so that when you make an early bird booking,,,,you can select/request yr seats The popular family festival has announced a spectacular music line-up to mark the launch of its fresh look for 2023 Northamptonshire, UK - 28 Feb 2023: Silverstone is proud to announce McFly .

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